You Couldn't Handle Me Ch. 05


But that didn't stop Mom from trying.

Thoughts of Mom from my younger years came to mind cause Mom had seized the opportunity to bust out a family album and show Carmen pictures of me as a kid. Carmen giggled as she saw pictures of me, saying that I was such a cutie. But this maneuver was two-fold for Mom. It was nice for my girlfriend to see pictures of me as a kid on the beach. But these pictures also happened to, totally coincidentally, I'm sure, show off pictures of my younger, twenty-something mother bursting out of her bikini. Yes, I knew these pictures very fondly, and yes, Mom was an absolute fucking babe in her twenties. Mom kept highlighting pictures for Carmen to look at, all of which happened to also have Mom looking super hot or be in proximity to pictures of Mom looking hot and busty. Mom wanted to make sure Carmen knew how hot her boyfriend's mother was.

Mom would also needle Carmen a little bit, or needle me about Carmen. Like wondering why I didn't bring Carmen with me to the gym, insinuating Carmen wasn't as fit as she was. Or saying Carmen should dress better, and asking Carmen's opinion on the flattering outfits she wore.

One little thing my family did near the holidays was play some games. Sometimes it was board games, or another type of game. It might sound a bit childish, but it was fun. And with me, Mom, and even Dad all being competitive, the games could get heated. But Mom took advantage of even this traditional family activity, twisting it to her own ends.

We were playing poker at the kitchen table. Mom was pretty good at poker, as was I, but Carmen wasn't so good. And she admitted as much. As Mom took most of her pot, she spoke up.

"Sorry, guys, I'm guess I'm not so good at this game." Carmen remarked, pushing her chips towards Mom.

"Trust me hon, I know when someone's totally outclassed." Mom said with a laugh. Mom glanced at me, and I glanced at her, letting her know I knew what she was doing, that I didn't like it and I was unaffected by it.

The game came down to me and Mom. I raised the pot and she followed suit. I raised the pot again, confidently, and she went all in. Looking at her, staring at her teasing eyes, her poker face, I stepped up, and went all in as well. And when she put all her cards onto the table I did the same and I did so with a swagger, cause I knew I had her beat.

And as I made of show of pulling all the chips onto my side of the table, Mom spoke up.

"You'd better savor this, Tom. Savor a victory while you can still get one." she said knowingly. I looked at her, knowing the message she was sending. As a response, I simply smiled.

"I've already won." I said, leaning over to kiss the top of Carmen's head. Carmen looked up at me, beaming.


Nothing was sacred to Mom. Even on Christmas day, she didn't take a day off. She spent Christmas morning wearing an almost indecent silk nightie. She was clearly nude under the thin material, judging by how her rack jiggled under it. It was held up by two thin shoulder straps and hung halfway between her knees and her crotch. It was just decent enough to not raise any eyebrows on its own, but a woman with her proportions should know better.

I just kept my focus on Carmen, looking endearingly cute in some loose pants and one of my old shirts. I ignored Mom bending under the tree, pointing her butt at me, leaning towards me, that kind of thing. It wasn't blatant enough to be noticed by anyone but me, but I knew what she was doing. But my focus was on Carmen, and I would not let any thoughts of Mom enter my head. I snuffed them as soon as they came about.

As Mom and Dad got some coffee, I leaned over to whisper to Carmen.

"I got you a few gifts under there, but I'm saving one till we get back to school. Okay?" I told her. She rolled her eyes.

"You're gonna make me wait?" she whined sarcastically. "I hate waiting."

"Trust me. It'll be worth it." I affirmed. She rolled her eyes, amused by my bravado.

"I got you a, uh, secret gift too." she said.

"Oh yeah." I replied.

"Yeah, but you're fucking waiting like I am." she stated. I smiled.

Gift-wise, I got a good haul. A fair amount of good clothes, a new webcam for my computer, some books and movies and stuff. Carmen got me a new Ipod, which was awesome, as mine was still, kinda old and outdated. I gave her a big kiss, flattered at the money she spent on me.

I got Carmen a few classic vinyl albums, as she liked that sort of thing. I got her a couple books she liked as well, but I was holding off on her big gift till later.

I always had trouble buying for Mom, so I usually collaborated with Dad on ideas. Thanks to him, I bought her a nice new camera, which she had been asking about, and some jewelry Dad picked out for her. Mom was genuinely appreciative, but she did make sure to wiggle her chest against me when we hugged. Dad bought her a bottle of her favorite perfume, among other things, so she was appreciative about that. Though, I couldn't help but notice, she didn't give Dad the same treatment she gave me to show her appreciation.

It was my best Christmas ever. I was at peace thanks to Carmen, happier than I had ever been. And plus, the turmoil Mom put me through was over. I was over her, totally. I had detoxed Mom from my system. And I knew that for sure. Cause that night, when I made love to Carmen in my bed, I didn't even look back at the door for the shadow under the door. The shadow I knew would be there, the shadow letting me know someone was listening.


Normally, for Christmas break at school, the dorms and stuff are closed over the Christmas break, and only open up the Saturday before classes start. But since Carmen was an RA she had to go back to school a few days prior and she said it would be okay for me to come back as well since I was her ride and it wasn't worth me making the drive back twice. So we would have the floor to ourselves for a few days, which worked towards my plans.

So with Carmen and Dad's presence, my departure back to college was far different from the last time. Dad shook my hand proudly, and Mom couldn't do anything but give me a platonic, motherly hug and wish me good luck. I knew it ate at her not to be able to do more, but she was limited by the presence of the other two. She gave me a heated look, but I was a wall, unflinching to her whiles. Unlike last time, I was leaving to school happier than I ever had.

When we reached the dorms and I opened up my room, I knew I had to move fast, cause Carmen would be coming over soon once she was unpacked. I got everything in place, then called out to her.

"Hey Carmen!" I called down the hall.

"What?!" she called back.

"I, uh, I think someone left something here at the window." I said.

"What is it?" she said.

"I don't know. You'd better come look." I called back. As I saw her emerge from her room down the hall and come closer, she began talking.

"If someone left some food out, I swear to God..." she began, before catching sight of what I left there. She stood frozen, staring at the window sill, and the item sitting there.

"Are you fucking serious?" she asked. I smiled smugly. "Tom, this is..." she began, but she couldn't find the words. I stepped forward, next to the window, and grabbed the open ring case. Turning to Carmen, I got down to one knee.

"Tom, this is a joke, right?" she asked. I looked up at her and smiled. Overly emotional displays were not her deal, so she didn't know how to react.

"Carmen Tanucci, I know we haven't known each other long, and I know for half the time we knew each other, you hated my guts." I began.

"True." she interjected.

"But in the time we've been together, I have never felt so strong about something. I have never been happier, and nothing has ever felt this right. Carmen, in the place we first bonded, in the building we first met at, at the school we both chose, I'm giving you my Christmas gift. Carmen Tanucci, will you marry me?" I asked. She looked down at me, half touched, half annoyed.

"Tom..." she began, "You're sure you're not joking, right? Like, that ring isn't, like, candy or something?"

"I made sure when the salesman gave it to me. It's all real." I said. Carmen looked around, unsure. For a second, I worried I had misjudged things. After talking with Casey, I caught sight of the jewelry store, and as soon as I saw it, I made up my mind. We had only been officially together two months, but the thought of us being together forever... as soon as I thought about it, it just felt right. I couldn't explain why, but I knew deep down it was true. We get each other. We made each other laugh. We thought the same things at the same time. And our physical connection was amazing. I knew Carmen felt the same intensity of affection as I did for her. We had a connection, and we both knew it. We both felt it. So, why wait? Being with each other felt natural. Sure, both of us had our own hang ups. Carmen could be a bit sarcastic and push people away, and I had, you know, the whole Mom thing. We were very different in a lot of ways. But I truly felt us being together was the best thing for both of us. We brought out the best in each other.

I had worked hard to be a better man. Move on from my obsession with Mom, move on from such a lust-filled existence. Be a better man, a better friend, a better person. What better way to truly cement all these changes than officially move on to the next stage of life with my true love?

Sure, it might be dumb. This might be too fast. But it just felt right, and that's all that mattered.

"Well?" I prompted, looking up at the frozen face of my girlfriend. "You gonna do it?"

"Well..." she began.

"Tanucci! C'mon." I urged. Rolling her eyes, she replied.

"Well, yeah, I suppose so." she said coyly with a small smile. My heart bursting, I leapt up took her in my arms, lifted her off the ground, and kissed her. She responded in kind, meeting my passion with her own. When we parted, and she held out her fingers at me, she smiled at me, tears in her eyes as I slid the ring on her middle finger.

"Wrong finger, idiot." she said with a laugh. I laughed and put the ring on her ring finger. I looked at her, my eyes wet with tears.

"How long you've been planning this?" she asked.

"Only a few weeks. The thought hit me, and it felt right." I replied. "Was I right?" She nodded and I kissed her again.


I booted up the webcam, and gave it a test call to home. A few minutes later, a picture appeared, and Mom and Dad's image appeared, sitting at Dad's laptop.

"Hey!" Dad said. "You guys made it back okay?"

"Yeah, we did." I said, looking at Carmen, seated next to me as I smiled at her coyly. "Oh, I guess I should tell you I did something really stupid when we got back." I began.

"What did you do?" Dad asked, putting on his concerned parent voice. I turned to Carmen and nodded. She smiled, brought her hand up, and held out her fingers to the camera. It took a few moments before they realized what they were seeing. Suddenly, I saw their eyes widen.

"You're kidding?" Dad said excitedly.

"You're kidding?" Mom said, her jaw dropping, the humor absent from her voice.

"We're getting married!" Carmen and I said in unison.

"Holy crap!" Dad said. "Why didn't you tell us you were planning this?"

"I wanted it to be a surprise." I said, my eyes glancing at Mom. As expected, she looked furious.

"Do her parents know?" Dad asked.

"Yeah, I called them." I stated.

"You did?" Carmen asked.

"Of course." I said, looking at her. "They were pretty excited." I added. She looked at me, and her adoring look made her feelings clear: she was in luurrrvee.

"You haven't thought about when this is gonna happen, have you?" Dad asked.

"Oh, who fucking knows?" Carmen said with a laugh. "It'll probably be awhile, but it'll be worth the wait." We smiled at each other and gave each other a kiss.

"Well, I am super happy for you guys. Congrats, son. You've got a great girl." Dad said.

"Thanks." Carmen said.

"C'mon Tanya, talk to your son." Dad urged.

"I'm sorry, I'm just shocked." Mom said, glancing at me. Suddenly, a painted on smile spread across her face. "Congratulations, Tom." she said, in a slightly condescending tone. "I'm really happy for you. For you both."

"Thanks, Mrs. McGee." Carmen said. Mom nodded.

"Well, congratulations guys. We'll let you two lovebirds go." Dad began.

"Okay." I replied, distracted by the happy events in my life.

"Oh, I'm glad the webcam seems to be working." he added.

"It works great." Carmen said.

"You got anything to add, Tanya?" Dad asked. Mom looked lost in thought, but with a jolt, a thought hit her.

"Oh. Yeah!" she began. "Tom, I found a Christmas gift I forgot to give you. It got lost in its hiding spot. I'll mail it up express." Mom said.

"Alright, whatever." I said, not really caring. Nothing could spoil my mood.

"Bye guys." Dad said.

"Bye." Me and Carmen said in unison. The image disappeared and me and Carmen, my fiancée, looked at each other. For a second, we just stared at each other, basking in our love. We pecked at each other a few times, before a thought hit me.

"Oh!" I began. "You said you had a gift for me? Give it up. What is it?" I asked.

"Oh, um, I just bought some sexy underwear. I thought you might enjoy it." she said. "I know it's not much..."

"Well, c'mon Tanucci, put it on!" I said, lust in my eyes. She bit her lip cutely.

"Okay... wait here." she said, skipping off. I leaned back in my chair and waited for my future wife to return. And when she did, when she stood in my doorway, in a tiny, lace thong and matching bra, I had to speak up.

"God, I'm glad I'm marrying you." I said. We fell into each other's arms, ready to cement our love completely.

I had never been happier.


It kinda felt like the story was over. I had overcome the obstacles, got the girl, the love of my life. Academically, it was beginning to feel like I had direction, thanks to Carmen's advice. I was thinking of going into medicine, like her. Maybe not to be a doctor, but something in the field. Nothing was certain, but at least I had direction, and that was the most important thing. It felt like my future was set. Even my first day of classes couldn't get me down. I was floating on air. Things were going my way.

I was caught off guard when the girl at the front desk flagged me down and let me know I had a package. I had practically forgotten that something was on its way from home. I grabbed the small box and took it to my room.

As I walked down the hall, Carmen saw me approaching, and as I walked close to her, she spoke.

"You should come in." she whispered. We weren't telling anyone about our engagement. It probably wasn't a good idea to expose our relationship until the year was over. And besides, as I said before, we both liked sneaking around.

"Let me set this stuff down. Give me five minutes." I told her. She sighed first, but smiled nonetheless.

"Don't keep me waiting." she said as I walked away.

Finding my roommate gone, I let my bag fall to floor. I examined the light box in my hand. Debating whether to open it now or open it later and just go to Carmen's now, the temptation to see what this gift was won out. Finding my letter opener, I cut open the small box in my hand, curious as to see what I would find.

Inside, within some tissue paper, was a small gift box with a bow on it. It looked the size of an earring box. Curious as to what my parents would get me that was this small, I lifted off the lid. Looking inside, I was shocked at what I found.

It was a spy camera. One of those small cameras I had bought a while back to see Mom naked. I held the camera in my fingers a bit, confused. What the hell was this about? Why would Mom give this back to me? Then, with a jolt, I remembered. The memory card. Maybe what she was giving me wasn't the camera, but the contents on the card. I pulled the tiny card from the camera and booted up my laptop without a second thought.

As I searched for the proper slot on the side of my laptop, I stopped myself, card poised at the slot. Should I do this? Mom made a point to send this to me. Knowing how she had been lately, I knew the contents couldn't be good. I could guarantee this wasn't a loving congratulations for my engagement. I debated just tossing the card away and never looking at it, but I was bad with temptation. I had to see what was on it. I had to know. It would eat away at me if I didn't.

Pushing the card into my computer, the window popped up, and sure enough, there was recorded footage on it. Hovering the cursor over the icon, I debated whether or not to pull the trigger for a half-second before double-clicking the movie.

Once I would see what was on the recording, I would wish I hadn't.

As the footage began to play, it took me a minute to figure out what I was seeing. I realized I was staring at the kitchen back home. I racked my brain, trying to remember what I saw when I watched the old footage in the kitchen, until I realized I had completely forgotten it. I had never watched the footage, because in my anger, I had forgotten the camera. So what I was about to see was completely new.

I fast-forwarded the footage, until near the end when I saw Mom wiggle her way on screen. I saw her prepping for dinner, pointing her ear upstairs, listening for movement. Finally, she filled her glass with water to turn and face me as I walked in.

As I watched myself yell at Mom on screen, mad that she had found my cameras, I remembered this day well. I let the video play, and heard her speaking.

"What you want is not gonna happen, especially when your efforts are as clumsy as this. It takes a lot to faze me, Tom. At least put some effort in next time." Mom said, drinking her glass of water and setting it down. "Go get the cameras. Bring them down here and give them to me. Okay?"

I watched myself storm out, stealing her glass in the process. I looked at Mom, nonplussed, bopping her head as she continued working on dinner.

I knew what was coming, and fast-forwarded till I saw myself return. I watched me hand over the five spy cameras, and then, catching her off-guard, slam the glass of my cum onto the counter.

"Is that...?" she said quietly. I heard myself speak up confidently.

"Mom, that is exactly what you think it is. That's about, um, 10 or so hour's worth. I rubbed one out this morning, so it's not quite a full batch. So, I'm gonna leave that right there. It doesn't faze you, right? So, it shouldn't bother you to lift that glass, feel how warm it is. See how full it is. Wonder if I could fill it to the brim with the right stimuli. I mean, it shouldn't faze you in the least to see your lip marks on the glass covered with my cum, right? Knowing where your lips were moments before now covered with your son's jizz. I mean, I'm gonna walk away, and you can do whatever you want with it. But no matter what, you're gonna have to decide whether you're okay with still drinking out of your favorite glass even though you know it's been full of your son's cum." I said. I began to step away confidently. "But, like you said, you can't be fazed by me. I mean, it shouldn't even bother to tip that glass back and just chug that cum down, right? It's gotta be a pretty tempting sight for a woman like you. A glass full of a young guy's cum. I'm surprised you're not drooling."

"Ha ha!" she replied. "Go clean yourself up. You're filthy." I watched myself smile arrogantly, noting how Mom glanced at the glass on the counter. She was left alone in the room, a glass full of my cum in front of her.

Suddenly, with a flash of insight, I knew what I was about to see. Mom wouldn't have sent this if it was anything else. I hovered the cursor over the stop button, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I had to see it. I had to know.

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