tagLesbian SexYou Did Want To Be My...?

You Did Want To Be My...?


Blackness envelopes me as you finish fastening the blindfold. Smiling as your voice floats behind me, your fingertips trailing along my shoulder and arms. Our fingers wrap together as you lead me down the hall and into the bedroom.

My thighs make first contact with the mattress and I stop, waiting for your instruction. Fingers parting, your lips breeze through my hair to my ear. "Get on the bed."

"Shouldn't I undress first?" But your finger on my lips indicates I should leave that to you. And I mount the bed, your hands directing that I crawl up and remain on all fours.

A long moment passes and my ears strain for signs of your movements. A drawer scrapes open, followed by the dull shuffle of items being moved, and I think chosen. The drawer signals it's return and the room is silent again.

My skirt is raised with the material collected on my lower back. Exposed, but still covered, to you. One, no maybe two, fingers trace from the back of my knee upwards. Retreating before they reach mid-thigh.

Now another sensation along my calf's: Strings? Braids? No, too soft and wispy. Then it hits me, hair.

Picturing you using your hair, your head tilted to the side, as you kneel behind me. But you speak and I know its not your hair as your voice is much too high for your face to be at my legs. "Have you guessed yet? Can you place it?" And my mind churns, what could it be?

The light feathered touch ends but I still haven't solved the mystery. A touch along the leg opening of my panties draws my attention away from it. Not a finger, something firmer. Solid. Rubber or latex perhaps.

This new enticement is suddenly rejoined by the caress of the hair. A turn and twist and it dawns on me that both sensations arise from a single item. A sudden recognition and flash of excitement as I now suspect what your surprise is for me. And my face breaks out with the insight.

"Yes, you remember it now don't you?" Your voice playful and pleased. Another turn in your hand and the length of it is against my leg. The long tapered shaft with its longer explosion of hair. "You did want to be my pony-girl didn't you?"

I don't answer, my mouth dry and thoughts racing. Remembering it in the display and my disappointment when we didn't leave with it. But you had other ideas for that evening and you know how I love your surprises.

A shifting on the bed accompanies the removal of the toy. You must have set it down as your fingers hook into the crotch of my panties. I think you mean to pull them down but I'm met with another surprise. Your fingers meet midway and I feel the fabric pull and stretch until finally a ripping.

With the crotch torn open, your fingers depart but soon to return. Again, moments pass then the shredded opening is widened. Cold wetness announces the lube you place into my ass crack. One hand pulling me open so you can paint my rosebud.

Your forefinger presses forward. Slick. Familiar. Confident. Opening and readying me. You push it deep inside me, working it left and right, up and down, in and out.

It withdraws and I await its return, most likely with a second finger. I'm not disappointed when seconds later I feel two press back. But I am surprised by the hands that take hold on my head. Startled further when my face is lifted and my lips met with a kiss.

The kiss familiar but not yours. Lips soft and welcoming. I return the kiss, kisses. They distract me as the fingers continue their work. Its not until the kisses end that I realize that the fingers are now three.

The probing of the fingers stop then agonizingly removed. I suck in gulps of air in anticipation and this time the wait is short. The hard round blunt end of the toy slips into my spread opening. So cold and impersonal after the warmth and pliability of your fingers.

A steady pushing, my ass opens wider. Another flash of memory as I recall its length and girth. The girth a little frightening, tapering from the width of a thumb to several inches before becoming a tight ring before the base. The base then sprouting a thick mane of flowing hair, my soon to be tail.

I'm stretched now but I know that more is to come. My breathing is rapid and I'm having trouble relaxing even though I know that will make it even harder if I can't. Its then that I'm startled again by the hands and lips.

I'm being kissed again. The same lips and mouth I'm sure but somehow different. Oh, yes! Its the taste, she tastes different now.

Your voice behind with another instruction. "Just the tongue. Let her have your tongue."

Her tongue extends and I suck it greedily. Pulling it into my mouth. Relishing the taste of your pussy on her tongue.

The plug presses forward. And I suck her tongue so hard in response. Both of us whimpering as a result. Just as I'm about to scream out, my ass closes down around the thin ring before the base.

You must have signaled her. As soon as the plug was in place, she pulled away again and I'm left alone. Only the plug, with my ass throbbing around it, with me on the bed. I hear sounds but I'm too lost in the fullness emanating from deep inside me to pay them any attention. My head lays on the bed as my rear sways and, with a rush, I feel the soft mane brush one leg, then the other.

I don't know how long I stayed in that position. My butt waving in the air, sure that my tail is being watched, hoping that it pleases you. Its not until the hands pull me up that I wonder what had become of you and her.

Anticipating what's next, I purse my lips for the kiss. But no kiss this time, instead her tongue touches my lips. I open my mouth for it and it slides between my lips. I suck it softly at first, then harder as your flavor fills my mouth. The bitter musk shared between us in a deepening kiss.

After a few minutes, you touch my cheek, and I'm sure hers as well. "Come now my pets. We have reservations." Our kiss ends and I sit up. My skirt falling down over my ass and tail as I do.

The blindfold is removed and I blink over and over to clear and focus my eyes. Smiling as I see my companion who has been kissing me. "Hi Sarah."

She smiles in return standing a couple of feet from me. Your hand takes mine and you kiss my lips softly before you turn back to her.

"Show her."

Sarah reaches down and lifts the hem of her skirt. Just an inch or two. But enough for me to see the dark beginnings hanging between her legs. Then looking down and lifting my skirt, I see the matching mane between mine.

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