tagLesbian SexYou Did Want To Be My...? Ch. 02

You Did Want To Be My...? Ch. 02


You take both our hands, requiring that we release our skirts and covering our matching tails. You lead us out of the suite and to the hotel elevators. Walking oddly at first until my rectum adjusts to the large plug inserted deep in it.

Sarah seems more at ease than I which I attribute to her arriving before me. My jealousy flares up for a moment and I glance at you. You seem to have expected this from me and you meet my questioning eyes with a knowing smile. Oh how you know me, and I regain my confidence and calm my fears.

Another thought strikes me and I lean back and look behind you towards Sarah. Yes, it might be a bit apparent. Oh, definitely. There's no hiding to anyone looking that she has something there. Which means that I will have the same telltale sign.

Again I look to you and you nod, indicating that is part of your plan for the evening. I squeeze your hand, acknowledging it as well. The ding for each passing floor advising that we are nearing the lobby. As the floor numbers go down, my pride at being with you and at being your bitch goes up.

The elevator door opens and we exit, still hand in hand. You steer us towards the front door and the warm spring air refreshes me as we hit the street. I feel eyes on us and a few heads turn. I only smile even as I imagine them discovering the secrets under our skirts.

We stroll down the avenue until we reach the beach. A tug of your hand turning us towards a small beach side bistro. Large open windows face the ocean and candle light flickers among the tables. Inside, its like all sounds are muted, even the crashing ocean waters appear to lose their way through the doorway and windows.

The hostess expects us and shows us to a booth in the front corner. Potted plants adorn the room, granting the patrons a sense of privacy no matter their table's placement. Our front booth occupies a prime location with a marvelous view of the sunset on the ocean along with a sense of being alone, surrounded by the fauna that blocks us from the view of others.

As with our stroll here, I catch several looks of other diners as we pass them to our table. The plug accepted now, my walk much closer to normal but still not quite there. Knowing, while the tails are just hidden by the length of our skirts, the slight budge is not. And I imagine a knowing smile on the hostess' face as she stands to the side to allow us to take our seats.

A bottle of wine starts us off. Its one of "our" wines and it tastes better than ever. Transfixed for a bit by the murmur of the ocean, the dying light of the sunset, the sparkling lights of the candles and the sweetness of the wine, I almost miss your question to me.

"Yes, my love, I did enjoy your surprise. Surprises." And I give Sarah a smile and a nod.

Our waitress appears just as my glass is almost empty. She takes the bottle and replenishes our glasses. Its at that moment that I feel your hand on my knee. Its a sign to me that you like her and, before I turn my attention to her, I notice that both your hands are under the table. Sarah's look informs me that her knee is likewise occupied and we share another smile.

Our waitress is slightly older than me. Dark complexion and thick jet black hair. Eyes with a dreamy look to them and quite full lips. But I know the feature you like and I see that she meets your criteria. The swell of her breasts straining the white starched blouse that serves as half the uniform here.

She asks if we are ready to order. Looking up directly into her eyes, I find myself blushing slightly. Caught in the middle of my inspection, her lips curl sweetly before stating, "I think I will start with you." Your fingers tighten on my knee in silent glee at my predicament and I ask for her recommendations and agree with each one as my order.

She takes Sarah's then your order with each pause involving a glance in my direction. Making sure I'm not again checking her body out or is it making sure that I am?

With your placement in the middle of the booth, you lean forward slightly as you ask again the salad dressings. Your hand moving up my thigh as you do, fingers dancing and searching. As you sit back, I feel a tug as your fingers had found my tail. It causes me to gasp which doesn't go unnoticed by our waitress.

She leaves us then and you whisper to me to quickly go ahead and look. My head swivels and I get one look at her ass and legs before she is gone from sight. Her hips are wide, matching her chest. A runner I think from the look of her legs, the muscles well defined and firm.

Dinner is delicious and we spend much of the time commenting on the food and the creative presentation of each dish. The wine is finished quickly and a second bottle follows.

Each time the waitress returns, you direct me to look and soon I am openly looking at her both at her approach and departure. She meets and anticipates my glances and, long before the time she returns to clear the table for dessert, our looks have long passed flirtatious.

Standing to the left of me, she reaches for the empty plates not knowing that you are reaching under the table, pushing my skirt up and running your hand ever higher up my leg. You ask her the desserts again as your finger finds my sex. Sarah joins in now, her bare foot running up and down my calf. Both of you working to excite me more than I already am, and its working.

Flushed again, I know my nipples are at full alert with my top no match for them. As you hoped, her eyes are drawn to them as she takes my order. I draw it out, asking again about the fresh fruit, so that she may continue her look.

Our play increases as soon as she leaves. Taking full advantage of the hidden corner, your finger enters me. Long, slow movements in and out of my soaked pussy. Sarah scoots closer to you and her hands caress your neck and breast as you turn to kiss her.

"She wants to fuck you but you're my bitch." Said softly but the truth unmistakable. "Perhaps I may allow it but she must know it first." Sarah's head on your shoulder as you speak to me.

"Do you want me to tell her?"

"No. I want you to show her." Your finger is removed and lifted up to my face. I suck it clean as you and Sarah watch.

With your finger in my mouth, you pull my face to yours. Eyes meeting, your voice low but clear. "I want you under the table before she gets back. Show her what a good bitch you are."

I slip off the cushioned seat and duck under the tablecloth. Sarah is helping you lift up your skirt and I move between your legs. Your position in the middle of the booth makes my feet extend back out from under the table.

I pull your panties aside and attack your pussy with my tongue. Licking and sucking, your clit already in a very aroused state, I wrap my lips around it and suck softly. Feeling your hand at the back of my head, I increase my suction and the movement of my lips upon it.

Sliding my hand up Sarah's leg, I reach her pussy and find your finger sliding in and out of her wetness. As my fingers touch your hand, you take hold of it and guide it to her. I press in, her liquid warmth encompassing my probing finger. Your hand still on mine, you direct a second finger into her and I push both in and out as I circle your clit with my tongue.

I can hear you and Sarah kissing. Your fingers playing in my hair as I eat you. The knowledge that I am doing this in a public place with the waitress soon to appear, makes me crazy with lust. Especially as you want her to catch us, to know.

Your hips rising up, pushing your clit back between my lips. Your hand pushing my head back down. Fucking my mouth. I suck and bite softly on your clit, feeling you nearing your climax. Knowing she must be approaching.

You stifle the sounds of your orgasm, not wanting to push the bounds of decency any further. But your orgasm itself is strong and your thighs squeeze my head tight as I try to keep sucking and licking you through it. I'm stopped though as you become too sensitive and push me back.

I know I should come out now but I decide to take advantage while I can. Pulling my fingers from Sarah, I give her several long licks of my tongue. She actually slides forward on the seat, bringing her pussy closer. I grasp her tail as I lick again and again.

I hear the words hissed low and firm. "She can't do that here!"

Leaving Sarah in a state, I move out from under the table. She's facing away, back towards the inside of the restaurant as if standing guard over us. The sound of my movement draws her attention and she glances back disapprovingly at me. Her expression changes suddenly and I realize, that coming out from under the table, she's seen the tail between my legs.

I retake my seat, finding our desserts on the table. She gives us a curt, "I'll be back with the check" before marching off.

Sarah giggles and you break out in a grin. We work on our desserts but our appetites have changed. They're left mostly unfinished when she returns with the check. Placing it on the table, she gives me a long searching look before leaving again.

You hand me your credit card along with the bill. "Go give this to her. See if she still wants to fuck you."

"Oh but I know you want her!"

"Perhaps..." And your voice trails off as you consider adding another pet.

I stand and walk towards the back, seeing her off by the bar. She stares at me as I go to her. I hand her the bill and card and she takes them in silence. Running the card, she hands me the slips and a pen. I don't move but instead remain before her.

We look at each other for several long moments. She tilts her head towards the ladies room. "We've had a few women go at it in there but never right at a table before. Lucky for you its a slow night or someone might have complained and we'd would have had to call it in to the police."

I blush deeply but still remain silent.

"My name's Kara by the way."

"Its nice to meet you Kara. I'm Jenny, would you like to join us?"

"Would I what??? Are you serious?" Her face contorts with expressions of shock before changing to questioning as she considers it.

Reaching a decision, she blurts out, "Well you should go back to your friends now." And leads me back towards the booth. Turning the corner, she freezes and turns to me. "I don't believe this."

Looking over her shoulder, I see you alone at the booth. Well not alone, but the only one visible. Sarah's feet now positioned where mine had been. Your face with eyes closed, hands pressing down at your sides as your hips rock back and forth.

Kara's hand takes mine and she pulls me back towards the kitchen, then the ladies room. Closing the door behind us, she pushed me up against the door. Kissing me as her hands bring mine up above my head. Her body pressing against mine.

I'm sucking her tongue when I feel her hands pulling up my skirt. She rips her tongue from my mouth to ask, "What is this anyway?" Her hand moving around to touch the mane of hair sprouting from my ass.

"Its my tail," and I turn around to show her.

She grips it and pressure builds as she gives it a yank. I moan and she yanks again, pulling harder to draw it out.

I take long deep breaths of air, relaxing as best I can. Feeling as if I'm being ripped open as the wide end of the plug tries to make its appearance. Kara is insistent on seeing and keeps a steady pull.

My face hugging the door, I feel my ring spread and spread and spread until finally the plug moves. Once the fat end is out, the rest slides out easily and just as easily I cum with it.

"Oh my, this IS big." She holds it up so I can see, my knees weak at the sight and the recent orgasm resulting from its removal. Then her hand returns it, pushing it back in, but only about halfway. Her torso at my back, she works it in and out. Fucking my ass with it.

Hot words blown intp my ear, "Do you like a good ass fucking Jenny? Does it make you cum hard? I bet it does."

"Mmmmm, yes Kara. I do. Do you want to fuck my ass?"

The plug moving deeper and deeper in me, I hear Kara laugh. "I AM fucking your ass Jenny." With a strong thrust forward, she buries it back completely.

I'm up on my toes but quickly drawn back flat footed as she again pulls it out, letting it slide out on its own until slamming it back in. She spins me and we kiss. Hot, needful kissing. Her hands squeezing my ass as I squeeze hers.

Our tongues are sliding back and forth when I feel her hands on my shoulders. Pressing me downward, to my knees. I push her skirt up and pull her thong down. Her pussy almost hairless, a small tuff of hair above her sex remaining. A small gold ring dangling in her lip close to her clit.

She lifts a leg up and over my shoulder, giving me better access to her pussy. I lick at her greedily, sucking her ring into my mouth off and on. Pushing my tongue in deep, tasting her hot tight cunt. She grinds on my face using her leg behind me to keep me where she wants me.

My hands caressing her ass as I suck her pussy. Her breathing quickens and I move a finger between her legs. Searching, finding and caressing the tight rosebud there. She grips my hand, pulling it away and up. My finger brought into her mouth then returned, wet, to her ass.

Teasing her tight hole with my finger, my mouth sucking her clit. Feeling her tense up, I work the tip of my finger in as I flick my tongue at her nub.

"Yes, yes, yes...." Kara's fingers tearing at my hair. Supporting herself as she cums.

We straighten up a bit and then return to the booth. Sarah's head back on your shoulder, I find my seat and pass the crumbled paper to you. Amazed I somehow kept it.

With a flourish, you sign the slip and hand it to Kara. "Dinner was wonderful and I hope you found the tip appropriate."

I share a smile with you before doing so with Kara. Now her eyes are on you as we rise together to leave.

"Did Jenny extend our offer?"

Kara nods, "Thank you, yes she did. I think I might like to do that."

"Great, we're in room 1502 at the Mystic. Stop by when you can."

We leave the restaurant and kick off our shoes. Walking in the warm surf along the beach. Arm in arm in arm.

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