tagLesbian SexYou Did Want To Be My...? Ch. 03

You Did Want To Be My...? Ch. 03


The surf fruitlessly washes at the warm grainy sand as each step lifts up. My feet digging into the semi-solid mat that oozes around and between my toes. I do love walking barefoot, especially with the water and sand adding another sensuous element. But my real joy is being on your arm.

No words between us as we wander the crescent of the beach. None are needed or welcome. Our pace is leisurely, each of us absorbing the meeting of the night with the never ending ebb and crash of the ocean. The salt air so refreshing, it draws long strands of our hair before us as if pointing the way.

This stretch of the beach is blocked by a tower of rocks. We stop before it with Sarah and I turning to face you. In the low light, I see your hand at the back of her head pulling her face to yours. Your kiss is soft and loving, ending sooner than she would have liked. Her hand still touching your face as you move back from her.

Moonlight exposes your teeth as you smile at me, my eyes focused there as I'm pulled in the same manner as Sarah before me. Your lips barely touch mine and a sudden crash of disappointment that's immediately sweep away when you pull me again. This kiss served up through a smile, knowing how your teasing initial buss was received.

Like Sarah, its over well before I wish it. Your grin again lighted by the shimmering light tossed by the waves. Fingers of your hand at the back of my neck turn me to the right, where I find Sarah directly before me. Slight pressure and my lips find hers, the two of us brought together by you.

This kiss lasts longer. Fingers dancing along the nape of my neck offering unneeded encouragement. The kiss grows and flowers with both of us kissing for our pleasure and for yours. Knowing that you want this.

"That's enough for now I think." Your words tossed and nearly carried away with the ocean's roar that surrounds us. I can't see Sarah's eyes in the waning light but I suspect they mirror mine.

Arms hooked again, we retrace our steps back up the shore. Silently, unrushed, perhaps bordering on hesitant, we make our way past the restaurant and into the bustle of the town.

Where the sand finally gives way to grass and pavement, you hand us your sandals. Helping each other, we brush the sand from one foot, then the other, before slipping the sandal on. Afterwards, I clean Sarah's feet then my own so we can slip our sandals on.

A tug at my back, you ensure that my less than modest skirt keeps my tail from appearing for all to see. I smile at you, half wishing that you hadn't.

A short walk later, we reach the hotel entrance, pausing there while the doorman awaits us. A moment passes before you tilt your head indicating it was time to go in.

Back in our room, you close the door and lean back up against it. "Take off your tops." Your eyes bright and shifting between the two of us.

Shaking my hair free as my top rises free of my head, I catch the sight of Sarah undoing the last of her buttons. Her lace bra so enticing in how it holds her firm globes. For what seems the first time in ages, I speak. My voice deeper than normal. "Let me do that."

She turns and I unsnap the clasps of her bra. My fingers lingering, moving over the lines left in her back by the material. Following up, I reach the top of her shoulders and I lift the straps forward and down. Over the same shoulders, I see the pointed peaks of her nipples that grace her freed flesh.

"My turn." Facing me, she makes a circling motion with her finger. I spin around and then its her fingers touching my back and undoing my bra. Her breasts press up against my back as her hands come to the front to remove my bra by slipping her fingers under the bottoms of the cups. I can't help it and a low gasp of surprise and lust escapes my lips.

You are beside us with your hands moving up my arm and hers. "Like at the beach." Fingers closing around my upper arm, making me turn back to her. Your hand continuing up until it finds the nape of my neck, "Remember, just how you were then."

We position ourselves as we were in the warm sand and surf. I didn't notice it then, perhaps it was our clothing or maybe we weren't this close, but our breasts touch as we kiss. Along with your eyes on us, my desire soars and I kiss Sarah greedily. Our tongues quick to join in along with the hard nipples poking into each other.

"That's it, oh so beautiful." Your long fingers stroking my neck and, I'm sure, hers. After several minutes, your grasp firms and pulls me slightly to the left. "Don't stop." And we continue to kiss but now with only one breast touching the other.

"Whatever you do, do not stop. Do you hear?" The question in my mind quickly answered as a hard slap greets my uncovered breast. I open my eyes and see your hand raising, then falling across Sarah's breast. Her eyes already open after hearing the first clap upon my flesh.

Our kisses take on a different tempo. Quick rushed kisses before the sting of your fingers on already aching nipples. Moans accompanying tongues in the other's mouth. Your pace quickening and the heat rising from my reddening breast.

We're twisting now with each strike of your hand. Our lips never breaking contact but otherwise separating our bodies. This gives you two more breasts to hit, and you do. Eyes closed as you work up new pink flesh.

Suddenly the blows end. I sense in Sarah's kiss that she is also unsure as to what is to come. I keep my eyes closed until my arms are pulled behind me. Silk cord wraps around my wrists, binding them at my lower back as you run the cord around my waist before tying my hands tight.

Sarah is soon bound in the same manner and lead over to the bed. I watch you finish undressing her, getting my first good look at the tail swinging behind her. I wonder if my ass looks as good.

Then its my turn to be disrobed. For some reason, I blush feeling Sarah's eyes on me. The rush of blood quickens as you lead me over to the bed. You sit me there on the edge before gently lowering my torso to the mattress. Your hands spreading my legs, exposing my soaked pussy with my tail below it.

You move a pillow under my head, raising me up so my vision of the lower half of my body is clear. I can see the rest of the room as well including your hand grasping Sarah's arm and drawing her between my open knees. Your hand on top of her head pushing her down.

Our eyes meet, locking and acknowledging what is to come. What has long been desired.

You keep the hair out of her face as she licks me. My view, and yours, unobscured. Her tongue eager and oh so good. My feet on the floor allow me to lift and grind against her mouth. Doing what I've longed to do. Well, some of what I've longed to do.

"Oh she likes that. And it looks so good." Your fingers helping when her nose brushes the folds partially hiding my clit. You pull them aside so her mouth and tongue have complete access.

I'm so close when your hand wraps up in her hair and jerks her head up. Up on my toes, my ass off the bed, begging you to let her finish. You just smile and tell me to look at her face.

I see Sarah's cheeks and chin shiny with my wetness. Her pink tongue touching her lips as we stare at each other. Then you bend, twisting her head again towards you. Your kiss is long and wet and loud and, in my current state, I am half-crazed watching you.

You pull her head back again and look towards my sex. A hand flies and I see a flash of light behind my eyes as it finds the center of my sex. I look up at the ceiling as the stars appear along with the second and third quick, hard strikes on my clit.

Just as I'm sucking in large gulps of air to calm myself, Sarah's mouth is back upon me. And this sound, the sound of her sucking wetly on my pussy, pushes me over. My thighs gripping her head as I flood her with my cum.

My orgasm is shattering with my legs alternating opening and squeezing at her head. Lifting up my ass before pulling back away. My clit now too sensitive for direct contact, almost painful as I feel it pulsating in the glow of my orgasm.

I look to see you releasing Sarah from your grip. A knowing smile on your face. Sarah falling back onto her haunches, gasping for air. Her need for relief evident.

Just then, a knock at the door...

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