tagLoving WivesYou Fucked Where? Ch. 01

You Fucked Where? Ch. 01


A while back a friend and I were chatting online, and we got to comparing stories of the most unusual places we had fucked. Some of them were odd places and the stories that went with them were rather erotic and worth retelling. So, that's what I'm doing. These are stories of his and my experiences . Both of us are in our late 40's and we've had many sexual encounters to compare, (although I do have to say that the some of the most bizarre of them are mine). I feel I should say that the two of us have never had sex together, we're just online friends and enjoy some very erotic chats together. I guess to start I should just jump into an adventure.

One late afternoon I was meeting a friend for some playtime. We met at a local coffee shop for something to drink and discuss where we were going to play. Here you may be thinking why not just go to your house and fuck? Well, that was kind of a problem. You see, we're married, but not to each other. (Right here I want to add, I don't want any moralistic feedback sent to me. You're reading this, so you must have some interest in sexual adventure, so don't even go there.) You also might ask why not go to a motel? The answer to that is we were horny, but we were broke.

After a few minutes of discussion we were even hornier, but frustrated because we couldn't come up with a place. (Too crowded, too many people, too much chance of getting caught.) Then my friend came up with an idea. (Yeah! we could finally fuck.) My friend said "today is Wednesday and the dog track (obviously we live near a greyhound track) is closed on Wednesdays so why don't we go to the parking lot."

I'm always up for a bit of adventure so I said "Why not?"

So we jumped into his explorer (plenty of room for some fun) and headed to the dog track. There was not a car in sight, just right for some quick sex. We climbed into the back and started to get comfortable. Of course we initiated with some passionate kissing. Our lips together, and tongues starting to explore. His tongue slipped in my mouth and I began to flick my tongue around his and suck on his tongue just as if it were a cock. While we were doing that, our clothing started to come off, (it was summertime so neither of us were wearing much), so that was easy. (I'm sure you were wondering about now, when we were going to get to some sex?)

We continued to kiss, but skin to skin this time. Then he slid his mouth from my lips to work his way down my naked body stopping first at my 38DD breasts. His hands began to grope and squeeze at my tits. His lips were on my nipples just sucking at first, then starting to nip and bite at them. He knows I love to have my tits squeezed and abused. Leaving marks on my breasts makes me so hot. (Because later, seeing those marks can make me cum again just looking at them.)

I held my tits out for him to attend to and he didn't disappoint me. Sucking on the sides of my breasts, biting them, moving from one breast to the other. Pinching one nipple while he sucked and bit on the other. I was moaning so loud from pleasure it was a good thing the parking lot was empty.

While he was giving attention to my tits, my hands were reaching for his cock. I managed to get one hand on him and started to stroke and milk his cock, and as you would imagine, it grew long and hard in my hand. I needed to taste that hard cock and wanted to feel his mouth and hands on my pussy. I turned my head and body toward his cock for some 69.

I took his hard cock in my hands and began to flick my tongue over the tip to taste that pre cum oozing out. Now, when I moved into that 69 position I forgot that my friend has a bit of a problem when he gets his cock sucked (especially by me, because I have been told that I am the best cocksucker on the planet). He totally forgets what he's doing and can't concentrate. Which meant that my now dripping pussy got a few licks and a couple of fingers then he spaced out into cock pleasure. I didn't really mind, because I quite enjoy giving a blow job, and get really aroused watching the pleasure I'm giving.

Licking my tongue up, down and around his cock and my hands caressing his balls I heard a long moan as a reward. Taking his cock in my mouth I began to suck and take it deep in my mouth. While I sucked, my tongue twirled around his throbbing cock and teased at the tip. I put my hand at the base of his cock and gripped firmly, my hand moving up as my mouth moved up to the tip. Then my hand stroking down and my mouth moved down to the base of his cock. I continued to stroke and bob my head up and down on him.

My hands went back to his scrotum and I sucked his cock deep in my mouth, sliding it down the back of my throat. My teeth began to lightly bite at his cock while my tongue worked it's way around the tip and the sides. I removed a hand from his sac and brought a finger to my mouth to wet and lubricate it. I then moved my finger to below his balls and started to press at his asshole. Continuing to lick, suck and nip at his cock I began to push my finger into his tight ass. Moving it in little by little, matching the rhythm of my mouth moving on his cock.

He moaned and said "oh baby if you keep this up I'm going to cum, and I need to fuck you first."

I replied (after removing his cock from my mouth, because it's so rude to talk with your mouth full) "no problem baby I want your cum in my pussy anyway."

I turned around, straddled him and slid that hard cock in my waiting, wet pussy. Oh it felt so good, that throbbing cock filling every inch of my cunt. I began to rock my hips on his cock while he raised his to push in deeper. My tits swinging in his face, he took a nipple in his mouth and began to suck. I put a finger on my clit and started to massage. I say again here ooohhh it felt so good. Faster and harder we went at it, my cunt gripping his pulsating cock.

I knew both of us were going to cum soon. My hips undulating (I like this word and it describes exactly what my hips were doing. To move in a sinuous or wavelike motion.), he met me stroke for stroke. My pussy started to spasm and I knew one more pump and I would be in orgasm land, and he didn't disappointment me. One more hard push and I exploded, "Oh baby I'm cumming, don't stop!", and he didn't. He continued to thrust into my convulsing pussy. Then I could feel that hot sensation of his cum shooting into my cunt which made my orgasm so much harder.

I collapsed onto his chest and he said "baby that was great", and I certainly had to agree. I think at that time that we had totally forgotten we were in the parking lot at the dog track. Raising my head up I looked out the window at our surroundings.

Yes, we were still in the parking lot of the dog track, but it wasn't empty any longer. Cars were streaming in and parking in the front of the lot. Since we were parked in the back of the lot, cars were driving by us to the entrance of the track. I exclaimed "I thought they were closed today!"

My friend hesitated for a quick moment and then said "I knew all along they were open today, but I thought you would get off more on the excitement of being in the lot and the chance of getting caught." I couldn't be mad at him because he knew me so well and that was entirely true. We scrambled to get our clothes on, (it wasn't too difficult, remember we weren't wearing too many) and drove back to the coffee shop to go home.

This is the first installment of You Fucked Where?, and there will be more to follow soon.

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