tagLoving WivesYou Fucked Where? Ch. 02

You Fucked Where? Ch. 02


I suppose I should do a recap of the story line for those of you who have no clue what Part 1 might contain. In Part 1 an online chat friend and I were discussing odd places where we have experienced sexual encounters, and I thought I should recount some of the more unusual places. Part 1 contained a sex session in the parking lot of the local dog track during opening time. Part 2 is going to recount the tale of another odd rendezvous.

This took place back in my younger days, which I call my "whore days". This was back in the early 80's when (at least in the area I lived) the chance of sexual diseases and HIV was almost nil (well at least HIV, because sexual diseases have been around forever). And I was discovering the fact that I loved to fuck. In my "whore days" I was (if I do say so myself) pretty damn hot. 5'6", 135 pounds, blonde shoulder length curly hair, blue eyes, a 38D chest and I was up for any sexual encounter.

I was just starting out in my nursing career (yes, I really am an RN if you couldn't guess from my name). One of the groups of local doctors had an annual Christmas party and everyone was invited. Nursing staff and doctors knew that this annual party was a good time, open bar, great food and the high chance of getting laid. (That wasn't one of the things the doctors included on the open invitations, but the party was known for it's rendezvous.)

I spent some time choosing the right attire. I wanted to look subtly sexy. (I do like to leave something to the imagination and not show everything right off.) I opted for the "little black dress". My LBD is simple, it molded to my curves (38D chest and hips, yes I had curves), sleeveless, low rounded neckline and it zipped down the front. Underneath I chose a black lace demi bra which barely covered my nipples, black lace thong and thigh high stockings. And to complete the outfit, black "fuck me" stilettos. Ok, maybe it wasn't subtly sexy, there was nothing subtle about me that night.

Arriving at the party it was already in full swing. The doctors held the party in their suite of offices. There was a DJ blasting out tunes, and nearly wall to wall people. I got a drink and began to weave my way through the crowd looking for people I knew or for people I wanted to know better. I could feel eyes roaming over my body and hands groping my curves as I pressed my way through the enthusiastic throng. Looking to my left I spied just who I would like to get to know better. Standing with a couple of other men was a man who immediately turned me on. He was older, (remember this was my younger days so to my 23 years a man in his 40's was older.) tall, dark hair and beard with just a touch of gray and looking at me with a smile on his face.

I began to saunter my way toward him with a playful grin on my lips. He nodded his head and winked. It didn't take long for me to wend my way through the people that were keeping us apart. Reaching his side, I touched his arm and leaned in to speak over the loud music. "Hello" I purred. (Hey, remember I was 23, I hadn't developed any great come on lines, and anyway, this one did the trick.)

"MMMMM, you look good enough to eat." (Yes, it was kind of a cheesy statement, but remember I was young and horny, so this one did the trick too.) Just then the DJ started playing one of my favorite songs Slowride by Foghat. (For those of you who don't know the song, it is pure sex and a such a great song to sex dance to, and a great song to listen to while fucking. You should give it a listen.)

With my hand still on his arm, I began to lightly stroke his bicep and since I had leaned in to say hello, I leaned in a bit more (until my breasts were touching his chest) looked him in the eyes (with a not so subtle look of desire) and asked if he wanted to dance. He replied "I don't think there's much room."

I placed my hands on his shoulders leaned the rest of my body against his and said "I don't think we need much room." I began to slowly undulate my hips against his torso. (Yes I'm using that word again because it perfectly describes what my hip were doing.) And that set about the response I wanted. Rubbing my pelvis against him started his cock growing and my pussy getting wet.

He looked at me with a smirk and said "well, you've got me, now what are you going to do with me?" I certainly had a few things in mind and most of them involved getting him somewhere alone. I took him by the hand and off I went to find some private time with this man I hadn't even been introduced to.

Maneuvering our way through the crowd of people, I headed back toward the off limits exam rooms, (Off limits, of course that doesn't mean us.) and found one of the rooms empty. (Obviously the two of us weren't the only ones looking for a place to be alone.) Inside with the door closed and locked, I have to admit I attacked him. I threw my arms around his neck, plastered my body against his, and planted my lips on his.

And with that I was greeted with a tongue thrusting through my lips to tangle with my own tongue. (I know you're thinking finally, we're getting to the sex part. Well folks you're right, but just look at the beginning of this as foreplay.) His hands were roaming over my curves and moving toward my breasts when he stopped for a moment to unzip my LBD. Much to my surprise when my dress came off and fell to the floor he gave a big moan of pleasure. "Oh baby where have you been hiding?"

Then his hands reached out and grabbed my tits. My nipples were rock hard and jutting out of my demi bra. He took one of my nipples in his mouth and the other in his hand, sucking and pinching. My hands were fumbling with his belt (belts have always given me problems) because I wanted to get my hands on that hardening cock.

He stopped nuzzling my breasts and grabbed my hips and sat me at the end of the exam table, (Remember we were in the off limits exam room.) then laughed and said "you seem to be having a problem with this, mind if I help?" He unbuckled his belt then resumed sucking and pinching my tits. Yeah, I could now get my hands on that hard cock. I unzipped his pants, discovered he was a commando type man and grabbed that rising cock. Moving my fingers and hand over his cock, a drop of pre cum began to appear at the tip. Although he had just positioned me on the exam table I knew I wanted to be on my knees with that cock in my mouth.

Giving him a huge deep kiss, I scrambled off the table and dropped to my knees in front of him. Taking his cock in one hand and his balls in the other, I commenced to stroke and caress that delicious looking cock. Sticking my tongue out I aimed for the enlarging drop of pre cum at the tip of his cock. Flicking my tongue in circles I felt his cock twitch as I took that drop into my mouth. I then began to lick his cock as if it were a popsicle, up, down and around that cock flavored ice pop.

My mouth then engulfed his cock as I began to do one of my favorite things, suck cock. (Since this encounter was in my younger days, I wasn't the pro at sucking cock like I am now, but I was still good.) My mouth was bobbing up and down on his cock licking and sucking. He thrust his hands into my hair and started to move my head up and down on his cock. Pushing his cock deep into my mouth I began to gag a little, (remember I was not as good as I am now) until I relaxed and felt his cock slide down the back of my throat. Which as you might expect made him grab my hair tighter and fuck my mouth harder.

As I said before, I do like sucking cock, but I was a horny young woman and I now wanted that cock in my wet, tight pussy. I gave his cock a final lick and suck and pulled my mouth from him and said (If you remember I believe it's very rude to talk with something in your mouth.) "baby, it's time to fuck me." (I had to call him baby or something like that because as you should remember, we had never been introduced.)

I stood and leaned over the end of the exam table and positioned myself for the onslaught of his big cock. (I feel I should mention here that his cock was at least 8" long and quite thick.) Giving a blow job always gets me aroused so I knew I would be wet and ready for him. He grabbed my ass cheeks and spread me open and impaled his cock into my tight cunt. It felt so good, filling my empty pussy was just what I needed. I pushed my pussy back on his cock to take it all in deeply.

We got into a rhythm of pound nearly pull out and pound in again. His hands reached around me and captured my tits, pinching and pulling on my nipples. I could feel his cock throb in my cunt, and I could feel my pussy start to contract, I knew we were both going to cum soon. "More, more, don't stop, I need more."

When I start to have an orgasm, hard, deep fucking will send me farther into orgasm land. He didn't disappoint me, he stepped up his motion, force and speed. If my tits weren't in his hands, they would be flopping around. (My breasts are real, and they move like real breasts should move.)

His hands started squeezing my tits harder, and I could feel his pulsating cock deep in my cunt, as far in it could possibly go. He was breathing hard (yes, I was too) and I was waiting for him to fill me with his hot cum. His cock continued to assault my pussy and I was loving it. I could feel the orgasm building within me, and I was ready for both his and my release.

"Cum for me baby, cover my cock with your cum!" he groaned. With that, I could feel my pussy start to permeate with his fluid, which just pushed me over the edge. My pussy convulsed in huge spasms, and my body started to jerk and twitch. A warm pleasurable contentment flooded my body. He collapsed onto my back breathing heavily, he was unable to move.

"Oh baby that felt soooo good" I managed to say when I could speak.

After a couple of minutes we remembered where we were and realized we needed to get out of there. He pulled his cock out of my still spasming pussy and I felt his cum run out of my cunt and down my legs. As a favor (that, and the fact that I loved the taste of mixed cum after fucking) I turned to his cock and took it in my mouth and licked it clean.

I then ran my hand up my legs to collect the oozing cum from my pussy, brought it to my mouth and licked my hand clean. He intently watched me sample the cum and said "aren't you going to share any with me?" Oh man my heart began to race with his request. Sharing cum whether it was mine, his or both combined so turned me on, and I hate to waste good cum. I moved toward his mouth and covered his mouth with mine and shared that tasty cum.

After that nearly earth shattering kiss, we scrambled to wash up (we were in an exam room, and of course there was a sink) and dress. As I was zipping my LBD he said "baby this was amazing, and I know I am going to have to have more of you".

I replied "of course, no problem, I'd love that". I kissed him and walked out of the exam room. I knew after that powerful orgasm, and after the couple of drinks I had, I was going to need a nap and went home. When I got home, I realized we never exchanged names, and I thought "oh well, guess I won't have any more of that cock."

Much to my surprise three days later while I was at work I got a call, the man said "Is this Lea?" When I said it was, he replied "this is Tom, the man from the party. You have no idea what I went through trying to find you."

This ends Part 2 of You Fucked Where? I will be writing more and submitting them for your reading pleasure.

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