tagExhibitionist & VoyeurYou Fucked Where? Ch. 04 Vol. 01

You Fucked Where? Ch. 04 Vol. 01


If you can't guess from the title, this is the fourth in a series of strange or odd places I've fucked. This started after an internet chat friend and I were discussing unusual places we had had sex, and I thought they needed to be written down. I haven't gotten around to relating any of his stories, but I eventually will.

For those who don't know me, I guess I should mention something about myself. I'm a 50ish, mature, plump, spirited, red headed woman. I'm also married to a man who isn't interested in having sex with me. I deal with that in my own way by having a FWB on the side.

This one takes place during the spring when I was still living in Florida. I was meeting my friend at 7 pm at a tiki bar on the beach. Season was over, so getting a decent seat in a bar was possible. If you don't know, spring in South Florida is an ideal time of the year. Not too hot, and definitely not too cold. (Just like Goldilocks in the three bears, it was just right.) And the snowbirds were gone. (Sorry if you're reading this and you are a snowbird, I don't mean to insult you, but it is so nice when you are all back home.)

I got to the bar before my friend, and chose a table far from the bar and close to the beach. My attire for the evening was a sundress with little straps to show off my tan and just me underneath. (You who have read my stories may be wondering if I was wearing a bra with that sundress. 38DD breasts do usually require one of those. But, no I wasn't wearing one, because my dress had one built in. This made my tits look great with the deep neckline showing off two of my best assets.)

I took a seat, ordered a drink and watched the gulf while I waited for my friend. He showed a few minutes later and he looked good. Wearing shorts that showed off his muscular tanned legs and a Hawaiian shirt. (Yes, I know those are kind of passé, but he could pull that look off and be so sexy.)

He walked to the table and bent to give me a spine tingling kiss. I was already wet with the anticipation of meeting him, and this just added to my juiciness. He sat next to me and said "You look so hot tonight." And began to run his hand up and down the inside of my arm.

There are many places on the body that are erotic to touch, but you might not think the bend of the elbow (in medical terms it's called the anti cubical space) as one of them. But, you'd be wrong. He was caressing the inside of my arm, and gave extra attention to the bend of my arm, and I was melting.

He turned his seat to face me, and his knee was pushing between my knees. One hand on my arm and the other hand on my knee. First rubbing my knee through my dress, then sliding his hand under my dress to touch my skin.

As his hand is sliding up my inner thigh, he's looking me in the eye and talking to me in his low sexy voice. "Baby, I can feel the heat coming from your pussy." His hand slides farther up my thigh. "I bet your cunt is dripping." He purrs in my ear and his hand moves closer to my pussy. "I'm going to make you cum right here, right now. Tell me you want me to make you cum."

I'm breathing heavily, I want to do what will please my man, and I want to cum for him. "Yes baby, make me cum, I want to cum for you."

His hand is nearly to my pussy. I want to feel his fingers on my clit and in my pussy. I'm throbbing and wet with anticipation. Then he starts to tease me. His finger just brushes against my clit and I make a quick gasp for air. He smiles and says, "How much do you want to cum? What will you do for me if I give you an orgasm?"

By now, his finger is caressing my clit. I look around the bar to see if any one is noticing what we are doing. He slides a finger into my pussy, and all of a sudden I don't care where we are. I just know I need to cum.

His fingers slide deeper into my pussy, and he asks, "What will you do for me?" His lips are nuzzling my ear, and he's caressing the back of my neck. Getting the nape of my neck kissed or caressed does make me melt.

"Anything, I'll do anything you want, I need to cum. Don't stop what you're doing" I beg. "I'll suck your cock forever, you can fuck my ass. Anything, I just want you to make me cum now!"

"MMMMMM, anything? I'll keep that in mind." He now manages to have one finger on my clit, and two probing my pussy, and he's near my g spot. I want to move my hips to give him better access to my pussy, but I remembered where we were. "Quite baby, we're in public. You can't make the noises you usually do."

He curls his finger, and oh damn he hits just the right spot. "Yessss, that's just right." I moan, and my pussy starts to quiver and spasm. I remove my hands from the arm of the chair where they've been glued since he started teasing me, and grasp his face in my hands and give him a long PDA. (Public display of affection for those who don't know.)

His hand slowly withdraws from my pussy and out from under my dress. I take his hand in mine and bring it to my mouth. Then proceed to lick my juices from his long fingers until he pulls them away to taste the flavor for himself. I lean back in my seat and take a sip of my drink to steady myself. My breathing is getting back to normal but I'm sure I still have a flush to my cheeks.

My friend settled back into his seat, took a drink and smiled. "OK baby, let's finish our drinks, then we'll take a walk down the beach and talk about this anything you'll do for me."

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