tagExhibitionist & VoyeurYou Fucked Where? Ch. 05

You Fucked Where? Ch. 05


This is installment #5 of a series of stories about odd or strange places I've fucked. The stories started after an internet chat friend and I were discussing (or rather trying to top each others stories) the unusual places we'd had sex. So far all the places I've written about have been mine, but I will get to his stories sometime. Like when I run out of my own.

Let's set this up this encounter. I'm a nurse. (Like you couldn't tell that from my name.) At this time I was working the 3-11 shift. My friend didn't, but he was able to sneak out of his house at night after every one was asleep. So, we would arrange our rendezvous for after my work. It was up to him to find a place for us to meet.

I'd like to tell you something about my FWB. To start with he's good looking. (I'm not complaining, but I do seem to have great looking men attracted to me.) Dark short hair, but not too short. Green eyes, with very long eyelashes. (Why do men seem to have the long lashes I'm always trying to get?) Hard athletic body, and a great ass that just fits into my hands.

This was during the summertime in NoWhere Indiana. So it was a lovely night. (Isn't that a nice word, kind of light and airy. And it's an excellent word to describe that night. A warm, clear, starry night with a full moon. Not like any of that really matters, I was just trying to set the mood.) My friend and I would text to set up details, and to let him know when I was close to his home. Then he would leave his house.

I actually have no clue where he lived, but I did know the street. I would drive down his street, and he would meet me some where along there. Because it was a dark street, finding him was some times difficult. I drove very slow, and he would appear out of nowhere and get in my car.

NoWhere Indiana is a small town, and by midnight there was not a person around. He got into my car, and gave me a big kiss, then started giving me directions to where we were meeting. After a few turns, I realized we were going to a local riverside park. Big trees and soft grass along the river, and at that time of night, no other people.

I stopped, we got out and I removed a blanket from the back of my car. Then we strolled to big maple tree by the river. We spread the blanket on the ground, sat down and got comfy. He reached for the back of my neck and pulled me close for a kiss. If you've read my stories, you know I love kissing and foreplay.

We spent a few minutes kissing and caressing. Our hands roving over each others body touching and caressing, along with pulling off clothing. Finally we're down to skin on skin. Lips moving over hot skin, tasting and licking.

His hands and lips are moving from my breasts down toward my pussy. Trailing his lips and tongue over my abdomen, leaving a wet trail to my now dripping cunt. Being naked and anticipating having my pussy eaten in the great outdoors is so turning me on, I'm even more juicy than I normally am.

His tongue finally reaches my clit. (That trail from my breasts down to my pussy seemed to take forever. But then, I might have just been impatient.) I can feel his tongue move over and around my clit, then his fingers start probing my pussy. I raise my hips for him to get better access to me. Fingers delving into my slippery pussy are bent just right to hit my g spot which initiates the start of my first orgasm.

The excitement of sex in public (even though it is night, in a deserted park) has me so aroused that I do something I rarely do. I spew out warm ,clear liquid. He has made me squirt. His tongue eagerly laps at my flowing pussy and runs his face around my cunt and thighs. I now pull his head from between my thighs and bring his face up to me to share my juices.

I lick his lips, chin, cheeks and forehead to taste as much of myself that I can. I love tasting me. And I can say that I do taste very good. While I'm licking and tasting his face, he is sliding his cock into my well lubed pussy. He knows I love this. After cumming from oral or toys, I want a hard cock in me immediately. He doesn't disappoint me.

His hard cock rams into my still quivering pussy and my orgasm continues. I wrap my legs around him and my cunt squeezes his cock tight. He pushes his cock in as deep as he can. I can feel his cock hit the top of my pussy. We stay in that position for a few moments. His cock throbbing in me, and my pussy muscles clenched around his cock. But, of course I want more. I start to rock my hips, so his cock starts to move in me.

I'm moving my pelvis up, then pushing down on his cock over and over again. My clit is rubbing on his groin, and I'm on fire. He pushes down while I push up. I reach to grab his ass, and take his firm behind in my hands and squeeze. Then I pull him to me. "Fuck me hard baby" I beg.

"Tell me how much you want my cock. Are you my slut? Are you my cock slut?" he growls in my ear.

I wanted his cock so much I'd say anything to get more. "Yes baby, I want your cock. I need your cock deep in my pussy." My hands are still on his ass, I try to pull him deeper into my cunt. But, he's being stubborn.

"No more till you say it." He starts to pull his cock out of my wet, tight cunt. Oh no, I can't have that, I still want more. I figure he's bluffing because I know he wants my pussy as much as I want his cock. It's kind of a game we play.

He makes me beg for his cock. I sometimes do, I sometimes don't. It's not a big deal, but I'm just as stubborn as he can be. He has before denied me his cock because I won't say what he wants to hear. Tonight I'm not going to take the chance I won't get more, so I say it.

"Yes baby, yes I'm your cock slut! I want your cock. Fuck me now! Hard and deep, I need you to make me cum more." He's pleased, he won tonight. He will give me what I want.

I believe his cock has gotten harder since I've said what he wants. Which is really to my advantage. He pulls his cock nearly out, and then slams hard and deep into my pussy. "Oh yes, that's good, I want more just like that." He pumps into me, again and again.

"Get on your hands and knees slut, I want to fuck you from behind. You want a hard fuck, I'll give you what you want." Yes, I think, that's exactly what I want.

I unwrap my legs from around him and get on my hands and knees with my ass in the air. "Ok, baby, give me what I want." Bam, he pounds his cock deep in my pussy and I push back against him to take him all in. "Yes baby, that's just what I need."

He bends over my back and grabs my swinging tits roughly pinching my nipples. I can feel his cock throb deep within my pussy while he drives his cock home. I'm sure he can feel my pussy tight on his cock. I know I'm going to cum soon.

"Are you going to cum all over my cock?" He asks as I'm starting to explode. He says he can feel my pussy convulse on his cock when I'm ready to cum. He knows then it's time for the hard fast pumps.

"Yes! Yes! I'm cumming! Don't stop! It's time for you to cum in me!" I feel his cock pulsate in my cunt. He groans loudly. Then I feel his hot cum filling my pussy. And, I explode. Waves of pleasure flood over me. My body starts to shake. My pussy clamps down on his cock while it palpates deep in me. "OOOOOHHHHHHH YYYEEESSSSSSS!" I moan.

He collapses on my back. "You are a good cock slut," he says. He pulls his semi flaccid cock out of my still quivering pussy and falls back on the blanket.

In my mind, I'm thinking "You only think you won. I got exactly what I wanted." We scramble to get our clothes on because we see a car turn into the park. And nonchalantly walk to my car as the town cop drives by.

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