tagMatureYou Fucked Where? Ch. 08

You Fucked Where? Ch. 08


This is another installment in the strange places I've fucked in my life. Many people might think that this is not such a strange place, but there's a few things about me that I've never told you all. So, that information makes this a very strange place for me. This was back in my younger days prior to my marriage. In what I fondly call my whore days.

For starters, I am not, nor ever was an outdoors type person. I do like taking walks outside and have on occasion had a sexual encounter out of doors. But, I am not a real nature lover. I don't do gardening, I'm not a bird watcher and roughing it for me is a hotel that does not have an attached restaurant.

This encounter took place on a camping trip. (The one and only time I've gone camping in my life.) It was mid September in northern Indiana. That time of the year in Indiana can be a wonderful time of the year.

Remember, I am not a nature person. But I was coerced into the trip with a promise of good company, good food, good booze and good sex. In addition some great pot was thrown into the promise. Plus I was assured that I wouldn't have to work on the trip. No paddling, no pitching tents or cooking. All I had to do was enjoy.

We started the day with canoeing. It was fairly nice when we started. The sun was shining, and it was somewhere in the mid 70's, which is a good temperature in September when the sun is shining. We had a party of 6, two couples and a pair of single men. We lashed the canoes together and began our trip.

We floated down the river (creek, river what ever it was). The women just laying back in the canoes catching some rays, drinking beer and occasionally taking a toke off some great pot. (So far that part of the promise was kept.)

After a while (I had no clue how long it took, you know how time flies when you're smoking pot.) we came upon the spot we were going to camp. The men were very gracious, they first unloaded chairs for us women to relax . (Like we had worked so much on the canoe trip.) And we just sat back and watched while the men set up the camp.

I'm sure about this time you're wondering when the sex is going to start. Be patient, it's coming. (Just like I did.) Merely look at this beginning as foreplay, and remember this is written by a woman, and we do (or at least I do) like a lot of foreplay.

With the camp arranged, a fire started and the tents up, the men finally sat down to chill out with the women. By now, the sun had started to set, and we smoked some more, and watched the show.

They prepared a decent meal (Actually a damn fine one considering none of the men cooked at home.) of steak and baked potatoes. After the meal we all enjoyed some apple jack before we called it a night and retired to our respective tents. (Ok, the sex in now going to commence.)

When the sun went down, it had gotten a bit cool. Of course the best way to stay warm is skin to skin contact. (And the best way to fuck also.) While I was stripping off my clothing, my friend was zipping two sleeping bags together. You all know that I love lingerie, but I didn't wear anything sexy that day while communing with nature. Just a halter top, shorts and a sweatshirt over that when it started getting cool.

Naked, I dove into the sleeping bags and then watched while he got undressed. I do love watching a man taking off his clothes, I love looking at a mans body. He took his time disrobing, knowing I was watching. Then he slid into the sleeping bag beside me.

I was quite chilled by that time, and he pulled me close, wrapped his arms and legs around me and gave me a big kiss. I do have to say that he was a very good kisser. I believe you all know my theory about kissing. If a man is a good kisser, then he is good at making love. I don't think I've ever been wrong with my hypothesis.

The kissing and the skin to skin contact was beginning to warm my blood, and his too. He was definitely rising to the occasion. He knew he had to get me warm, because I wasn't going to suck his cock if I was freezing. And he loved me sucking his cock. (In fact when I moved to Florida he said if I ever needed a reference on blow jobs, he could give me one. And that was before I got really good.)

It was getting warm in those sleeping bags, and he unzipped them so we could get some air. With that, I got on my knees, straddled one of his legs and took his cock in my hands. (You might remember, that I do like some stimulation on my clit while I'm sucking a cock.)

Flicking my tongue around the tip of his cock he began to moan. When I took his cock in my mouth and began to lick, he was moaning loudly. And when I started to lick, suck, move my head up and down on his cock and twirl my tongue around it, his moans were resonating off the tent walls. I was seriously engrossed in giving him my best blow job ever.

I didn't notice while his cock was in my mouth and I was rubbing my pussy on his leg, that the tent flap had opened and the two single men had come into our tent. (I know you're thinking how could I not have noticed that, but my reply is I was mostly drunk and totally stoned and I was really into that blow job.)

In fact, I didn't notice anything until I felt a pair of hands on my hips, and a cock starting to plunge into my pussy. I raised my eyes and looked at my friend, and he shrugged his shoulders and said "might as well go for it."

Normally when I give a blow job, I swallow the cum, but that night I decided to put on a little show. I had continued to suck and lick on my friends cock when the other men came into the tent, and I could feel his cock throb in my mouth. Knowing my friend, I knew he was going to cum soon. While man behind me was ramming his cock into my wet pussy, I raised my head from his cock and began to stroke it with my hands.

I continued to brush my tongue over the tip of his cock while I stroked with one hand and caressed his balls with the other. Within a minute or so, he started to erupt. Warm, thick cum shot from his cock, and I aimed his cock so it would shoot on my breasts and face.

I began to caress my breasts and slather his cum over my tits. Licking the cum off my fingers, I said "All right guys, I'm in the mood for an adventure, who's going to be next?"

The other man stepped to me and commented "I want to find out if you really give the best blow job in town."

As I'm taking his cock in my mouth I say, "Not the best blow job in town, but the best blow job on this planet." (Hey, I admit I was in an altered state of being at that point in time, but I believe I was only stating the obvious.)

I presume you all remember that I still had a hard cock pounding my pussy while I was getting ready to suck this cock. My pussy was tingling, and since I didn't have a cock in my mouth yet, I could concentrate on having a hard cock driving into my cunt. I pushed back on his cock and managed to squeeze my vaginal muscles around his cock. I can feel him throb in my pussy. I'm was certain a few more hard pumps from his cock and I would go over the edge.

As I took the other mans cock in my mouth, the tingling in my pussy increased to a convulsion and then I shatted. That feeling of such pleasure erupted over my entire body. I wanted more! I wanted to scream "Don't stop, keep on fucking me hard", but my mouth was now full with the other cock.

I sensed the cock in my pussy was letting go of his cum, and that was another stimulus for me to orgasm again. But, it was time for me to concentrate on the cock in my mouth. My tongue surrounded his cock and I licked it top to bottom. I sucked it, and took it deep in my mouth. My head moved up and down on his hardening cock and my teeth lightly grazed it while I suck.

Meanwhile, my friend has recovered from his blow job, and was he ready to fuck me. I love having his cock in my pussy because it's curved upward and hits my g spot every time he pushes in. I felt his cock slide into my dripping pussy. The other mans cum trickled out of my cunt, and I was exceptionally wet on my own. He slowly started to drill into my me, and I could feel him get near my g spot.

He increased his speed, and I began to work out a rhythm with his cock in my pussy and the other cock in my mouth. Push back, push forward. One cock was deep in my pussy and the other one was down my throat. My tongue swirled around the cock, then his cock glided almost out of my mouth as I thrust back on my friends cock. My g spot was hit every time, and I began to tingle again. I knew I was on my way to orgasm land.

Both the cock in my pussy and the one in my mouth started to throb. Both of them were going to cum very soon. I heightened my suction on his cock and increased the pressure of my tongue while his cock moved in and out of my mouth. With the cock in my pussy I began to tighten and release my pussy muscles.

I know that I'm going to cum soon, and by the feel of the two cocks in me I know they will too. I looked over at the third man and saw that he was stroking his cock while watching me suck and get fucked. That did it for me, I love being watched and putting on a show. I exploded. Pleasure exuded all over my body.

My two partners as if on cue, began to fill me with cum. This time I didn't waste any cum, although some trickled out of my mouth and down my chin. I felt my friends cum ooze out of my pussy, and when he pulled out, it ran down my inner thighs.

After I swallowed all that cum, I looked at the guy, and he said "Yep, you were right, probably the best on the planet."

We all sat down, and I snuggled close to my friend. We lit up another joint, had a shot of Jack and all mellowed out. I managed to doze off to sleep and didn't wake up until the morning.

When I woke, my friend and I were together covered by the sleeping bag. The other two men were asleep on the tent floor too and covered by sleeping bags. My friend and I were the only ones awake, so we decided to do a morning quickie.

We were in a spoon position, so he wrapped his arms around me and caressed my breasts while he slid his cock in my waiting pussy. It was to be a smooth quiet fuck so the other men wouldn't wake. But, when we changed positions so I could ride his cock, I noticed both set of eyes peeked open, then pretend to be asleep. Of course with them watching I was turned on even more so it was somewhat longer than a quickie. We both were quietly satisfied. And then, the morning started.

I quickly dressed and was first out of the tent. I needed to find the bathroom bush. The other couple were all ready up and sitting by the renewed fire drinking coffee. They looked knowingly at me, smiled then said "How was your night, did you sleep well?"

As I scurried by them, I replied "We had a great night, how bout you?"

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