tagRomanceYou Gave Me a Mountain Ch. 03

You Gave Me a Mountain Ch. 03

byDG Hear©

This is the third and final chapter of this story. You may want to read the previous chapters before reading this one. Thank you to my editors LadyCibelle and Techsan for their editing.


My life has done a complete turn around. Our farm business has been growing. My grandfather and I have thought of expanding. He told me that I was doing such a good job that he couldn't be prouder of me. Nothing could have made me feel better.

Grandpa told me the Brady farm next to his was going up for sale. He said old Jack Brady was just getting tired and was ready to sit back and relax. He owned three hundred and eighty acres of land. Gramps said he thought it would be the perfect home for me. We could put the farms together, hire some more help and I would have a place to live and still be on the farm.

"Grandpa, are you telling me I have to move?"

He laughed. "Josh, you and that lady friend need a place of your own. Her kids love it out here and she would make a mighty fine wife."

"We haven't talked marriage yet, Grandpa. I love her but I don't know if she would want to be the wife of a farmer."

"Why the hell not? This is a great life and the outdoors are great for kids..."

"Don't get mad, Grandpa. Sherry's the most wonderful woman I've ever known. It's just that maybe her plans don't include living on a farm. I wouldn't want her to marry me and then regret living out here. We both know that farming isn't for everyone; it's got to be in your blood. Just like me and you, Grandpa."

"Well, you better get to asking her. You should consider buying the Brady farm anyway. We sure could use the extra acreage. We can sell all the corn and hay we can grow, plus we can get some more livestock and it takes grain to feed them also. You have the makings of being a big-time farmer, Josh. One day I will want to sit back and watch you make this farm grow even bigger. Grandma and I will just sit back, relax and get a paycheck."

"I'll go look at the place, Grandpa. Even if I don't get married, the acreage would still be needed if we were to get any bigger. The Brady property would be perfect for us."

I had talked to the Bradys the next day. They told me they wanted out as soon as possible and were moving to a retirement home in Florida. They asked their kids if they wanted the farm but none wanted to continue with farming. I got the figures and would go talk to the bank and see if I could qualify for the loan. We came up with two figures: one just for the house, property, and another for all its equipment.

He set a nice price for the house and land. He was selling his equipment dirt-cheap. We really didn't need it but Grandpa was a pretty shrewd old farmer. He figured we could buy the equipment and take it down to the farmers' auction and sell whatever we didn't need. Grandpa knew his equipment and we would have money to reinvest from the sale of the excess equipment.

I wanted to show Sherry the old house. It was a big old two-story with lots of bedrooms. It needed some work but it could be fixed up. If she didn't want any part of the farm life, I didn't know what I would do. Maybe date her for the rest of my life and rent out the house.

I didn't have to wait too long for an answer. On Sunday, Sherry came over with the kids. While we all sat on the porch and watched the kids chase the chickens, my grandpa asked Sherry a few questions.

"Sherry, do you like it out here in the country?"

"Yes, Grandpa, I do." She always called my grandparents Grandpa and Grandma; so did the kids.

"Do you think you could be married to a farmer the rest of your life?"

"Grandpa, what are you doing?" I asked.

"Asking the questions you're afraid to ask. Go ahead and answer, Sherry. We just need to know."

"Well, yes, I could marry a farmer if I loved him," she said as she looked over at me.

"So, do you love my grandson, here? In case you didn't know he's in love with you."

She was blushing. "Yes, I love him and, yes, I would marry him if he ever asks me," said Sherry with tears in her eyes.

"Well, Josh!" said Grandpa. "I did all the hard work. Do you need to get hit by a Mack truck? Get on you knee and propose."

I was totally dumbfounded. I didn't notice but during the conversation between Sherry and Grandpa, my grandmother had disappeared and returned. "Did I miss anything?" said Grandma.

"Not yet," said Grandpa. "We're waiting on Josh to propose."

I was so embarrassed but happy as well listening to Sherry's answers. I got up and walked over to where she was sitting on the porch and kneeled on one knee. Mikey and Molly saw me and came up on the porch. Sherry put a finger to her lips to show the kids to be quiet. They just stood there and watched me.

The words finally came out. "Sherry, I've loved you most of my life. I know you know that. Since Grandpa did the hard part, I would like to ask you to be my wife. To love, honor and cherish for the rest of my life. I don't have a ring to give you since..."

"Josh," my Grandma interrupted me. "Here, take this, it was your mother's wedding ring. She gave it to me before she died and asked me to give it to you if I ever thought you met the right girl. I know that your mom would have loved Sherry."

Grandma was crying, Sherry was crying, and I had some big tears in my eyes as I continued. "In the presence of my grandparents, your children who I hope to be my children, and in the presence of the Almighty God will you marry me?"

We were now both crying when she said, "Of course I'll marry you. What took you so long to ask me?" as I slipped my mother's ring, which I had never seen before, onto Sherry's finger. It was the perfect fit. That in itself was something.

"I was afraid you wouldn't want to be married to a farmer. I guess I was too scared to ask. You see, farming is my life and it's all I know. I could never give it up."

"Mommy, is Josh going to be our daddy? Are we going to live on the farm and be farmers like Josh? This is so awesome," smiled Mikey. Then he turned around and began to explain it all to Molly. He never even waited for an answer.

Sherry and I kissed and I asked her to go for a walk with me. I picked up Molly and took Josh by the hand as we headed down the road to check out the Brady House.

"Sherry, Grandpa and I talked about buying this house and the acreage that goes with it. We're going to adjoin the two farms together and hire some more help and build on our investment. If you approve, this can be our house. It's not the newest and needs some work, but I believe it would make a great home for us and the kids."


Everything went great with the Brady property. We, that's grandpa, Sherry and me, went to the bank and bought the property and equipment. It was the first time that Sherry found out that my inheritance was two-hundred thousand dollars. I've only spent fifteen thousand when I first got out of prison to get me some clothes and my used truck. I gave Grandma five thousand for good will. I wanted them to know that I was sincere in my efforts to help work the farm.

Of course, we borrowed money using my inheritance as collateral and had already paid some of it back. The Bradys promised to be out in a month. We knew we would be busy getting the farms in order and Sherry was planning a small wedding.

I did go see her parents and ask for her hand in marriage. Her dad smiled and her mom cried, out of joy, I hope. Her dad and I got along a lot better now. We were from different backgrounds with him being an attorney and me a farmer. We had one thing in common; we both loved Sherry and the kids and wanted the best for them. I promised him that I would give my all to taking care of them.

We were married a month later. We actually got married on our flat bed trailer on the farm among the hay barrels. Sherry said if she was going to be a farmer's wife she was going all the way. We did dress up and she looked beautiful in her gown. I rented a tuxedo and looked like a penguin, at least that's how I felt.

We had mostly Sherry's friends and relatives and, of course, Grandma and Grandpa invited the area neighbors. They were all really good people and mostly small town farmers. Jed brought his family and we had a nice talk after the wedding. We told him about our expansion and that we were going to hire some more farm workers and he would be the head foreman.

He was a good man and started looking for men who he thought would be good workers. He asked if he could hire a few family members that were thinking of moving to our area. We told him as long as they were as good workers as he was. Just a small point here. We did hire two of Jed's brother's and their families moved to our state. They both turned out to be good workers and good family men.

Back to the wedding. Sherry's Aunt Ruth catered the wedding. She wanted to do it for nothing but we couldn't accept that. We did however accept a discount. Aunt Ruth asked if she could invite some of her best customers who liked Sherry. I wasn't too sure about it but I had to get over the hang-up of my jealousy. I told her she had to go over the list with Sherry. I didn't want to be having to fight anyone at my own wedding, I told her.

We had a local band play at the wedding. Everything was great. I asked Sherry about some of the customers that her aunt had invited seeing I really didn't know any of them. She told me most were married and brought their wives. A few were single and, yes, they had asked her out but were refused.

"Josh, I love you with all my heart. I would never jeopardize our relationship for anyone."

We danced a lot that night. She danced with other men that night but no-one more than once, except for her dad and my grandpa. I did dance with her best friend Sandra a couple of times. She told me that she had never seen Sherry happier than she had been lately. It was almost enough for me to tear up. I knew that I had never been happier either.

We couldn't go on a honeymoon due to getting the farm and house in order. Besides I was a daddy now and wasn't about to leave my kids for long. A few people chipped in and got us the Honeymoon Suite at the Sheridan Inn for the weekend.

We said our goodbyes to everyone and left for our weekend romantic short but great honeymoon. The kids were staying with Sherry's mom and Jed said he would see that the place was cleaned up and the animals were fed over the weekend.

When we got to our room, I told Sherry that I intended to make love to her all weekend. If she got hungry, she could call room service. She laughed and told me she had no intentions of leaving the room either.

I don't want to bore you with a lot of our lovemaking but I have to give you an example of how good it was.

As soon as we got to our suite, we wasted no time in disrobing each other. We poured a glass of complimentary champagne that was sent up, and sipped it as we climbed on the king size bed. We set our glasses down and started kissing. She was so soft and warm and I could not get enough of her.

I took my Champagne and poured some on her belly, and started licking it off. She was laughing as I kept doing it. I poured some on her breasts and taut nipples and sucked away on them also. I put my fingers inside my glass and got them all wet with champagne, and kept rubbing them on her trimmed mound and pussy.

I got between her legs and was doing my best licking it up, until she took her glass and poured it lightly over her mound and down into the valley of her pussy. I was lapping and she was laughing, at the same time we were both getting very turned-on. It wasn't long before I entered her and started with a slow in and out motion and then speeded up.

She kept telling me how good it felt when I released my first spurts of my cum into her. I held my cock tight against her till I felt her spasms subside. I lay on top of her until we could both regain our breath. We got up and got into the hot tub, and relaxed till she started teasing me by grabbing my cock. She even went under the water and sucked my cock for a few seconds. It wasn't long before we had our first of many hot tub sexcapades. Thank God, this tub had a good filter system.

Our weekend went on and on like this. We did each other orally, and she let me have her butt one time. It hurt her some and that was the last thing I wanted to do but we did say we were going to try everything two people could do together.

The biggest turn-on for me was turning her on orally and her asking me, no, make that pleading with me to make love to her. The sex was super but I do believe it's because we loved each other so much and had that kind of trust knowing we were there for each other.

Our weekend ended way too soon. Of course, we knew we could make love at home but we had to be a lot more quiet and careful. We decided that every once in a while, we would come back to the motel to really let ourselves go again.

We were glad to get back and see the kids. Jed stopped by and let us know that everything was fine at the farm and that his two brothers would be there the next afternoon to be interviewed by me and Grandpa.

Sherry was taking the next few days off from her job. She wasn't sure how long she was going to work. She thought she would play it by ear. Once we got underway with the adjoining of the farms, we would need a good bookkeeper and Sherry said it was right up her alley. It's what she had her degree in and did at the insurance office.

I had often talked with Mikey on what it took to be a farmer. Every time I saw him, he told me he wanted to be a farmer just like me. I explained to him that you had to love animals and getting your hands dirty. One of the hardest things to do was getting up in the wee hours of the morning, even before the sun came up. We had to take care of the animals and see that they were fed and gather any eggs that the chickens had laid. There were other duties also which I had explained to him.

I explained that it was hard getting out of a warm bed and go outside in the dead of winter, but that's what a farmer had to do. It didn't knock his desire. Sherry said he was a strong-willed little boy. I had to love him; he often brought back the thought of Jarrold. I always wondered how he was doing.

Our first night at home we played with the kids and rested from our weekend. After putting the kids to bed, we went to bed ourselves. It wasn't but a few minutes before I was making love to Sherry. She laughed and told me I had to be quiet with the kids in the rooms next to ours. I woke up in the middle of the night to take a piss and when I returned I saw Sherry's butt right there all uncovered. She was fast asleep but I slid up behind her and started rubbing my cock against her pussy from behind.

It woke her up. "Don't you ever sleep?" she asked, and laughed at the same time.

She didn't deny me; instead she raised her leg so I could enter her. It didn't take long before we both came. "Now, get some sleep; you have a farm to run in the morning," laughed Sherry.

When the alarm when off I was dead tired. I had three choices. Go back to sleep, make love to the fine looking ass that was still there in front of me, or get up and go do my job. Unfortunately, the work had to be done. I got up and patted the beautiful ass, and started getting dressed.

As I was getting dressed I looked up and there was little Mikey wiping his eyes.

"What's the matter fella? Having trouble sleeping?" I asked.

"No, I heard the alarm go off and I'm a farmer now and have to go to work," said Mikey.

I swear it brought tears to my eyes. The little guy was determined to be a farmer. I wanted to tell him he could go back to bed but I knew he was determined.

"Okay, go get your jeans and boots on. You might want to put a jacket on over your shirt. It gets pretty cool even on these summer mornings."

I watched him go to his room to get dressed. I looked over and saw Sherry smiling at me. She pulled the covers up around her neck. She had no intention of getting up. After getting dressed, I went to get Mikey and he was in Molly's room. I stood back and listened to them talk.

"Get up, Molly, we're farmers now. We have chores to do," said Mikey.

"I don't want to get up," said Molly. "I'm tired and want to sleep. I'll be a farmer later."

Mikey was a little mad at her and uncovered her and she grabbed her doll and walked into our room and got in bed with a smiling Sherry. I turned off the light and Mikey and I headed outside.

"Well, Mikey, you tried. Let's go take a walk and check out the animals," I smiled.

When we got to the back door, I picked Mikey up and gave him a ride on my shoulders. It was funny how the morning air woke you up. Mikey and I fed the animals together and went and got on the tractor, and rode it up to the house.

Jed had just gotten there and would finish what we started. The sun was coming up and it looked like it was going to be a beautiful day. I told Mikey we would go eat some breakfast. When we went into the house, Sherry was sitting at the table drinking a cup of coffee. I glanced at the clock; Mikey and I had been outside for an hour and a half.

"Hi, Mom, breakfast ready? Josh, I mean Dad said it's time for breakfast."

"You tell your dad that if he wants me to have his breakfast ready in the morning that he will have to see that I get a full night of beauty sleep," smiled Sherry.

Mikey had no idea what she was talking about, thank God. I told Mikey to go watch some TV and I'd make us some pancakes. He got up and went into the TV room. Molly must have heard the TV on and went and lay on the couch, and watched it with Mikey.

I sat down and poured a cup of coffee and when we looked into the TV room, both kids were asleep. It made both Sherry and me smile. In the following days, I told Mikey that we hired more help on the farm so he wouldn't have to get up early every morning. If he liked, he could get up on Sundays and help me with the animals. Our farm hands had Sundays off.

Life was going great and about three months into our marriage, Sherry told me she was expecting. She said she stopped taking birth control the day I proposed. I bet I was the happiest man on the planet. Sherry said that she was going to work for a couple of more months so her aunt could find a decent replacement.

One afternoon I had to go to the feed store and stopped off to see Sherry. She didn't see me enter the cafe. She was busy arguing with a man.

"Please leave me alone. I've told you a thousand times I'm married and have no interest in you. I love my husband." She was saying it somewhat low but I could hear her.

Sandy saw me come in but didn't say anything.

The man said, "A woman like you needs a real man. What your husband doesn't know won't hurt him," he laughed.

"You're disgusting, you pig. Get out of the restaurant. We don't need customers like you," said Sherry.

The guy responded, "And who's going to put me out little lady? Your husband?" he laughed.

I had heard enough and walked across the cafe and Sherry noticed me. "Josh, what are you going to do? No, Honey, please."

"It's okay, Sherry. I have my senses. I'm just answering this gentleman's question."

Walking up to the table, I looked down on the bastard. "Look, you worthless piece of shit. You wanted to know who's going to throw your sorry ass out. Me, her husband, just like you said. We can do this one of two ways. You can get up, leave a healthy tip and get your fat ass out of here, or there's the other way where I kick your fucking ass till you stop breathing.

"I'm sure enough patrons in here heard you proposition my wife. By the way her father is a lawyer. You have ten seconds to make your choice. The clock is ticking."

The jerk quickly got up to leave until I stepped in front of him. "Where's the healthy tip for putting up with your sorry ass?"

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