tagGroup SexYou Get What You Need 02

You Get What You Need 02


This two-part series includes characters from The Lake House Lessons/Dana's Side series and although it probably stands alone, I think you may enjoy it better if you read at least one of those series, if not both. You should definitely read part 1, though. This series takes place when Jack Davis, the narrator of The Lake House Lessons, is in college.

Later that day

After an hour of focusing on her Civil War paper and not on Jack, she was interrupted by someone sitting at her table. It was a blond, male student, not bad looking, but kind of young.

"Mind if I sit here?" he asked tentatively.

"No, go ahead," Sally replied, curtly, before returning to her paper. She got up to get a book, and when she returned, she noticed the blond guy checking her out.

"Did you get a good look?" she asked, a bit flattered, but not wanting to admit it.

Busted, the other student blushed and looked down at the table. "Sorry," he said.

Sally felt a little bad about embarrassing him. She dressed the way she dressed because it made her feel good, and because she generally liked being the object of her fellow students' desire. "It's O.K. I guess I should be flattered." She noticed for the first time that he was actually kind of cute. "I'm Sally," she said, extending her hand."

"Ralph," he replied, taking her hand and giving it a shake. "What year are you?"

"Junior," Sally said. You?

"Freshman," he replied.

That's why he looked so young, Sally thought to herself. "So, Ralph, what are you working on?"

"I'm taking Intro US History, and I'm working on a paper on World War I," he replied.

"With Professor Jackson?"

Ralph nodded.

"Yeah, he's great. I'm taking his Civil War class now, and working on a paper."

They discussed his topic, and Sally gave him a few pointers and ideas that he enthusiastically wrote down. She realized that even though she felt like she had been pursuing Jack, with someone like Ralph, she could probably have him eating out of her hand pretty quickly. The question was, did she want to? She wasn't sure when she would see Jack again, at least see him naked, and she realized that she was horny.

She turned to Ralph and began to flirt with him, and she could tell that she had him hooked. They worked and talked on and off for a few hours, and by the time that Sally was ready to go for dinner, she was pretty sure that Ralph would do pretty much anything she wanted. Sally stood up and said, "I'm going to dinner then back to my room to read. I usually take a break about 10 if you want to come by, Small Hall, room 219." Based on the look on his face, he seemed to get Sally's message.

After dinner, Sally returned to her room and worked on her sociology reading. About 9:30, she took a quick shower, put on black, lacy panties under skimpy shorts, and a tight t-shirt with no bra, popped open a beer and turned on the TV. Precisely at 10, there was a knock at the door.

"Ralph?" she said.

"Yes," he said.

"Come on in," Sally replied.

He entered the room, wearing the same clothing she left him in, with a backpack slung over his shoulder. He looked a little nervous, but was staring at Sally's unrestrained breasts.

"So, how's the research coming?" she asked, smiling.

He forced himself to look at her eyes and said, "Pretty good. I found something interesting in the rare book collection and I ended up staying in the library late."

Sally was impressed by his initiative for a freshman, and she decided to reward him, and to satisfy her Jack Davis caused lust. "Have a seat," she said, patting the bed next to her.

He put down his backpack and awkwardly sat next to Sally on the bed.

"I should have offered you a beer—why don't you share with me?" she asked, offering him her sweating bottle.

"Uh, sure," he said, grabbing the bottle and taking a big slug before returning it to Sally, who took a small sip before putting the beer down, turning toward the freshman, and leaning in for a kiss.

Ralph was surprised, to say the least, but decided to take advantage of his unexpected good luck. He was not a virgin, technically, if you counted the quick and relatively unsatisfying post-prom event with Vanessa Farley in his father's car, (which he did). He was able to get his cock inside her, briefly, before she passed out and being a gentleman, he pulled out, and drove her home. And he hadn't had any luck at college, mostly, he believed, because he worked too hard. But now, a very sexy upperclassman was coming on to him, on her bed. He kissed her back, and felt her tongue playing against his, sending shockwaves down to his underused member.

Sally pulled Ralph toward her and he began to rub her back first over her t-shirt, then under. From the way his hands groped around, she could tell that he was surprised that she was braless, even though he had taken a pretty long look at her tits. Sally wiggled her torso to make it clear that Ralph should remove her shirt, and he finally figured out what she wanted. He pulled back to get a look at her and smiled. Sally arched her back, displaying her apple sized breasts tipped by pale areolas and dark, pink nipples, to Ralph, and, mercifully, he bent his head down and began to kiss and suck them. Sally pressed his head against her breasts, and reveled in his attention. She reached into his lap and felt his stiff rod. It wasn't nearly Jack Davis quality, but she expected it would do.

She pulled up Ralph's shirt and he leaned back and removed it. He was kind of scrawny and pale, but Sally was horny so she leaned forward and pressed her chest against his and pushed so that he was flat on his back and she was on top of him. Normally, Sally loved long, leisurely foreplay, but not now. She wanted to be fucked, soon and hard. Sally stood up on the bed, straddling the surprised freshman and removed her shorts. He gasped when he saw her panties and began to breathe heavily when she removed them, giving him a view of her pussy.

Sally waited for Ralph to remove his pants, but he had a deer in the headlights look and appeared paralyzed. So, she knelt down between his legs and undid his shorts and removed them and his boxer, allowing his erection to breathe. Sally could see that that he was twitching and would probably come the second that she touched him, which would not satisfy her needs. So, instead, she plunged her mouth onto his rod, causing Ralph to moan loudly and cum immediately. Sally swallowed his load, then looked at his sheepish face.

"You have done this before?" she asked in an understanding voice.

"Yeah, sort of, yeah," he replied, "but not kinda for a while."

"That's O.K." she replied and returned to sucking his cock. Between her talents and Ralph's horniness, it was not long before he was hard again, and Sally guided him into her slick pussy. She enjoyed seeing the look of pleasure on Ralph's face as she slid down his rod. Being on top and in control, her plan was to start slowly, and end hard, so she took a deliberate pace as she bobbed up and down. Ralph was in ecstasy as he watched this beautiful woman have her way with him. After his first orgasm, he felt like he could last longer, and he tried to control himself. And as long as Sally moved slowly, all he felt was pleasure.

Sally began to speed up her motions and Ralph reached out, finally, to first touch, then cup then knead her breasts, which caused Sally to begin to move faster. Ralph felt his hips begin to move of their own accord, meeting Sally, who began to rub her own clit. Ralph noticed that, and reached out to take over the task. Sally began to move faster and faster and Ralph met her pace and increased the speed at which rubbed her clit until the two of them were pounding each other hard. Sally's head was back and her tits were bouncing wildly until she screamed out. Ralph realized that he had made this beautiful woman orgasm, and that caused him to explode inside of her. Sally fell onto his chest, her breasts pressing against his hairless chest, and he was as happy as he ever had been.

Sally felt good. The sexual tension that had built up inside her since Jack had left her room was gone, for now, and she also felt like she had given Ralph a sexual experience that he wouldn't describe as "sort of." She thought he was a sweet kid.

"Was that O.K. for you?" she asked.

"That was great. Awesome," he replied, smiling. He started to stroke her naked back gently.

Sally could feel his cock stiffening again, and she figured, why not, and said, "Get on top of me."

They rolled over until Ralph was on top and his cock was pressing against Sally's dripping pussy. He kissed her, then moved to her tits and explored them with his hands and mouth, making Sally writhe underneath him. She reached down and guided his cock into her and wrapped her legs around Ralph's legs so that he was buried deep inside. He began to pump, and Sally loosened her grip to allow him to move. He moved faster and faster and gave Sally the hard, hot fucking that she needed.

"Harder, faster," she grunted in Ralph's ear, and he tried to comply, until he was pistoning into her as hard and fast as he physically could go. He had never felt this way before, had never felt this much power, this much pleasure in his life. He looked down at Sally, who was sweating and moaning, and the sight of her face contorted with pleasure and her tits bouncing was too much for his inexperience, and he came, hard, into her, causing Sally to scream out again and begin to laugh. She pulled him toward her and he lay on top of her soft beautiful body as she wrapped her arms around his back and he listened to her breathe.

After a while, she made it clear that she needed to get up, and Ralph reluctantly got off the bed. Sally stood up and he could see his cum dripping down her thigh. She grabbed two towels and tossed one to him, using the other to clean herself up.

"Was that alright, Sally?" he said, using her name for the first time.

"Yes, it was exactly what I needed. Thanks," she replied, smiling at him.

"Um, can I see you again?" he asked, awkwardly.

"Maybe," she replied. "Let's see how things go."

Seeing his disappointment, Sally said, "It isn't personal. You're a nice guy. And you should find someone in your own class, anyway."

"I've never been good at that," he said, sheepishly.

"I can't imagine why not," Sally said. "You are good looking, smart, nice, and just fucked the hell out of me. You should have girls lining up to go out with you. Just talk to them, treat them well in and out of bed, and you will do fine."

"Do you think so?" He asked, hopefully.

"I do." Still naked, she gave him a hug and began to put on her clothing. Ralph took the hint, got dressed and picked up his backpack. As he walked to the door, Sally grabbed his arm and kissed him goodbye. "See you in the library," she said as he left her room.

Sally thought to herself that would help keep her mind off of Jack for the time being. She stripped her bed, put on new sheets, grabbed her towel and went to take a shower before going to bed.

Friday, a week and a half later

Sally woke up and saw that the clock read 11:12. Since her session with Ralph, she had been working so hard, that she hadn't been with anyone, and barely had the energy to bring herself off. When she decided to come to this school, she understood that there would be times like this, when the sheer volume of schoolwork made having a social life impossible, but she smiled to herself when she realized that she had powered through it, had handed in the papers, done the readings and now could enjoy the weekend.

Of course, Sally wasn't the only student who had been working hard; pretty much everyone had a bad couple of weeks. She had seen Jack only twice, and in passing, and hadn't had time to even speak with him. She had seen Ralph, once, in the library, and was pleased to see him studying with a pretty girl, and from their body language, and the big smile that Ralph gave her as she walked by, it was clear that they were into each other.

She had no plans for the day. No classes, nothing due, but she felt lousy from the lack of sleep, excessive consumption of caffeine and too much junk food. Trying to be virtuous, she dressed for the gym and trotted slowly toward its medieval looking machinery. Even at that hour, the gym was quiet as her fellow students recovered from the academic grind, so she was able to do a fast circuit of the weight machines and ride the stationary bike for a while. Sweaty and feeling invigorated, she toweled off and walked to the dining hall for coffee and breakfast.

It took an effort for her to pass by the eggs and bacon, but she overcame her baser desires and got some cottage cheese and fruit and coffee and went off to eat. Kate was eating alone, looking at her iPad, dressed in a baggy t-shirt and yoga pants. She looked up when Sally put her plate and mug down.

"Looking healthy," Kate offered.

"Yeah, after the last two weeks of hell, I needed a workout," Sally replied.

Kate gave her a sly look, and Sally said, "I could use that, too, but it's been crazy,"

"I know," replied Kate. "This campus has been buttoned up so tight recently."

"Thank god, it's over," Sally replied.

"Until next time," Kate said, with resignation in her voice.

They ate in silence for a while before Kate said, "You know what we need to do?"

"I think so," Sally said, smiling.

"Let's get the old gang together, go out, get roaring drunk, pick up random men and fuck the crap out of them," Kate said, with gusto.

"Like the old days," Sally said, laughing.

They agreed on who would text who, and decided on Tommy's, a bar that wasn't well known on campus, but where they had met some hot guys when they were freshmen.

Sally spent the rest of the day cleaning up her room, doing laundry and watching television, with a little masturbation thrown in to keep things interesting. When it was time for her to get ready to go out, she put on a push up bra, a tight black top that revealed a significant expanse of her enhanced cleavage and jeans that were almost painted on. She put on her sexiest heels and a bit more makeup than usual. Appraising herself in the mirror, she believed that she would have no problem finding a good looking guy to bring home. She grabbed a small purse, made sure that she had her wallet, some condoms, a toothbrush, hairbrush and extra panties, and headed for town.

Kate, Emily, Zara and Brooke were waiting for her at a table, all dressed up and looking great. Sally was always amazed at the transformation that Kate, especially, had from her usual t-shirt and sweats look to bombshell, when she made the effort. Soon after she arrived, the waitress took their drink orders, and they started reminiscing about their prior adventures at Tommy's. Brooke won the unofficial competition when she admitted, for the first time, that she had sex with two of the bartenders in the kitchen when the bar was still open.

After another drink, conversation shifted to more current issues, including their school work, summer plans and, after another drink, their sex lives. They had all heard about Sally's night with Jack, and she was disappointed to report that it hadn't happened again. While her friends were commiserating with her, Kate clapped her hand over her mouth and pointed. Sally turned her head to the door and saw Jack entering the bar with a gorgeous skinny blonde who looked a little older than him. They were laughing and touching like old friends, or lovers, and they took a booth on the other side of the bar and sat down.

Jack saw Sally from across the room and waved, and she waved back, before taking a long drink from her cocktail.

"Holy crap, did you see her?" she exclaimed, a little drunkenly.

"Yeah," Zara replied. "Who is that?"

"Another one of Jack's fuck bunnies?" Emily asked, then realizing what she said, looked at Sally and said, "Sorry, I didn't mean anything."

Sally smiled and said, "No, I guess I'm just one of them, too." The smile quickly left her face and she grabbed her glass and took a slug.

At that point, a very tall, attractive man, who looked to be in his mid- to late 20's approached their table and leaned over and whispered into Emily's ear. She smiled, put her hand on his forearm and stood, a little unsteadily, and followed him toward a table. She looked back and winked at her friends before returning to speaking with the man.

"Emily goes first," Zara said, as was traditional for them, and they touched the rims of their glasses in her honor. The friends continued to chat and drink. A few minutes later, their waitress brought each of them another round, which wasn't ordered, and she pointed toward a table of well dressed guys about their age who waved them over. There were only three of them, so Sally said, "you guys go, I'm not really in the mood anymore."

"Are you sure?" Kate asked.

"Yeah," she said and hugged each of her friends as she prepared to head home, unsatisfied. She knew that she could sit there alone, or go to the bar, but that would look too desperate and attract losers. As she was leaving, she saw Jack waving her to come to his table. Although the last thing she wanted to do was to horn in on his date with the supermodel looking woman, her curiosity got the best of her and she went over. Jack slid over and patted the booth next to him, so, against her better judgment, she sat down.

"Sally, this is a friend of mine from home, Cara. Cara, this is Sally, a classmate and good friend. Sally looked at Cara, and up close she was as beautiful as she seemed from a distance. There was a look of danger in her eyes, and she definitely had more of an edge than any of the other women that she knew Jack was involved with.

"Nice to meet you, Sally," she said.

"Nice to meet you, too," Sally replied.

There was an awkward silence which Jack filled. "Cara is on the road with a band that is playing in the city this weekend, so she decided to come down to visit."

Sally was confused. It was Friday night, and if she was with a band, wouldn't they be on stage, she thought. Being a little drunk, she said, "What instrument do you play?"

She looked at Jack and they smiled at each other. "I'm not technically in the band," she said. "I'm more like a friend of the band," she continued, giving Sally a look that made it clear that her role probably included sex and drugs, and not rock and roll. Before she could say anything, Cara continued, "But I couldn't resist visiting Jack and seeing how college was treating him."

The situation was getting a little uncomfortable for Sally, who stood up to leave.

"We were just leaving, too," Jack said, putting his hand on hers. "I know it isn't far, but would you like a ride back to campus?"

"Sure, why not?" Sally said. The three of them left the bar. Cara, in her heels was the same height as Jack, who hailed a cab when they got to the street.

When they got in, Cara turned to Sally and said, "Jack and I have a room at the Hilton, why don't you come back and have a drink with us."

"Yeah, Sally, why don't you join us?" Jack said.

Sally just nodded yes, feeling as if she was drawn to them, and the cab sped off to the Hilton that was about a mile away, and where parents mostly stayed when they visited. The three of them took the elevator up to the 6th floor, walked down the corridor and stopped at room 634. Jack took out a key card out of his pocket, and they entered the room. Sally could smell the unmistakable odor of sex, and the bed confirmed her suspicions—it was a wreck, with the blankets on the floor and the sheets balled up. Men and women's clothing were strewn on the floor and other furniture. But Cara and Jack said nothing. Instead, Jack opened a bottle of red wine, poured three water glasses full and handed one each to Sally and Cara.

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