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You Got The Moves


This story is written by both Dice Casden and Kristi as part of the D&K Universe


In the backstage area of the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut, the dancing and wrestling sensation known as DJ Gabriel is walking from the catering area after getting a small bite to eat. Gabriel is wearing jeans and his favorite black leather jacket, and he's bobbing his head to some music he's listening to on his i-Pod. Gabriel gets completely into the music he's listening to that as he walks he starts to dance. Gabriel prepares to go around a corner and as he then he spins on his left foot just as ECW's Assistant General Manager Tiffany comes around the corner. The two of them collide and DJ Gabriel cringes as he sees whom he bumped into, "Are you alright Tiff?" Gabriel asks as he takes the ear-buds of his i-Pod out of his ears while he helps Tiffany up from the hallway floor.

Tiffany softly laughs as DJ Gabriel helps her up from the floor after being knocked down. Tiffany presses her lips together as she stands up and brushing off her short purple skirt before adjusting her black blouse "You might want to be a bit more careful..." Tiffany says in a sweet tone.

"Sorry..." DJ Gabriel says with an apologetic look on his face, "It's just that when I'm hearing something that has a good beat, I just really get into it..." Gabriel explains, "Are you sure you're all right though?"

Tiffany nods her blonde haired head and places her hands onto her nicely curved hips. "I'm alright..." Tiffany says with a cute laugh before she nods her head in the direction of Gabriel's i-Pod in his left hand "Listening to anything good?":

"Yeah, Maryse's track from the latest WWE The Music album..." Gabriel says, "You know that kinda reminds me, me and Alicia were wondering how come our theme wasn't on the album? It's a great dance track..." Gabriel says.

Tiffany bites down on her bottom lip and shyly lowers her head "I know! Such a bummer..." Tiffany says with a cute laugh "I love the song that you and Alicia dance to..."

"I know why, it's real easy to move too... and I bet you got a lot of real good moves," DJ Gabriel replies with a smile.

Tiffany scrunches her adorable nose up and laughs "I don't know...I probably don't have the moves like you got..." Tiffany says with a cute smile as she playfully locks her beautiful eyes with him.

"Hey everyone has some good moves..." Gabriel smiles, "I would love to see yours..." Gabriel adds.

"Really?" Tiffany asks

"Yeah..." DJ Gabriel nods his head

Tiffany smiles and lightly licks her adorable lips "Well...let's go find out then."

* * *

A short time later in one of locker rooms of the Mohegan Sun Arena, Tiffany is girding her hot body against DJ Gabriel, who is just wearing his jeans, while some techno-dance music plays from a small boombox. Tiffany is facing away from Gabriel and her skirt-covered ass is pressing against his crotch while he reaches around her to unbutton her black blouse while they move to the music. Tiffany bites down on her bottom lip as she glances over her shoulder as she seductively grinds her gorgeous body back against DJ Gabriel, while he unbuttons and removes her black blouse to reveal her gorgeous, tanned and nicely rounded, bare tits. "You got some real good moves..." Gabriel says to Tiffany as he pulls her blouse open enough to where it's hanging on her like a jacket. Gabriel then cups Tiffany's beautiful, round and firm tits with both of his hands and he begins to lightly grope them.

"Ohhhh..." Tiffany softly moans and closes her eyes as she feels his hands groping her tits. Tiffany grinds her nicely shaped, skirt covered ass up and down against the firm crotch of his jeans. Gabriel tilts his head to the right and leans his head down a bit and begins to kiss the right side of Tiffany's neck. He continues to lightly grope her tits as she pushes her ass against his increasingly bulging crotch.

"Ohhhhh....mmm you really got the moves..." Tiffany softly moans as she feels his lips lingering against her tender neck. Gabriel continues to lightly kiss Tiffany's neck as he slides his hands down from her tits and places them on her waist. Gabriel then begins to slowly push Tiffany's skirt down from her waist, exposing her juicy thighs and round perfect ass, which is still grinding against the rough surface of Gabriel's jeans covered crotch. Tiffany lightly grits her teeth together and seductively glances back at DJ Gabriel as the skirt drops of her waist and her incredibly smooth and tanned legs. Tiffany steps out of the skirt and turns around to face the dancer of ECW with her bare, smoothly shaved, hot pussy. Tiffany sweetly licks her lips as she places her hands onto the waist of his tight fitting jeans before she starts to kneels down in front of Gabriel and lightly strokes her hands against his jean covered crotch.

"That's a hot move..." Gabriel says with a smile as Tiffany squeezes his shaft through the material of his jeans. Gabriel rotates his hips a bit as Tiffany cutely unbuttons his jeans following by slowly pulling down the zipper. Tiffany smiles up at DJ Gabriel before she finishes unbuttoning and unzipping his tight fitting jeans and proceeds to lower them from his muscular waist and down his muscular legs. DJ Gabriel's long hard and thick cock bobs a bit after being freed from the jeans and Gabriel raises one leg at a time so that Tiffany can pull his jeans off. Once he's jeans are off, Tiffany wraps one hand around the base of Gabriel's impressive thick shaft while she places the other on Gabriel's muscular waist.

"Mmmm...it's so nice and big!" Tiffany cutely says as she slides her right hand up and down against his long and thick cock. Tiffany presses her lips together as the fingers of her left hand linger against his tanned and impressively muscular abs and stomach.

"Mmmm... glad you like it..." DJ Gabriel says with a moan as Tiffany gently strokes his large cock with her right hand. Gabriel places his hands on his waist as Tiffany traces her left index finger along the easily seen lines of his muscular abs. Tiffany parts of soft, moist lips and opens her mouth to swallow the head of DJ Gabriel's cock. Tiffany wraps her lips around his cock and starts to smoothly bob her blonde haired head up and down on his cock while the fingers of her left hand lightly play against his muscular, tanned abs.

"Mmmmm..." Gabriel moans lightly as Tiffany bobs her head at a nice, smooth pace on his meaty cock while she continues to guide her fingers against his abs. Tiffany's soft and moist lips gently brush back and forth against Gabriel's cock as she continually lifts and lowers her head, taking him gradually deeper into her wet mouth.

"Ahhhh...." Gabriel tilts his head back as Tiffany takes his cock inch by inch into her mouth. Gabriel then closes his eyes when he feels Tiffany's hands on his muscular thighs before she slowly slides them around to his toned ass.

Tiffany lightly digs her fingernails into DJ Gabriel's toned and tanned ass while she starts to bob her head at a quicker pace as she lightly rocks forward on her knees "Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhh!"

"Ohhhhh.... ahhh..." DJ Gabriel moans as he feels Tiffany's fingernails lightly scratching his toned and tanned ass while she bobs her head back and forth on his long, hard shaft.

"Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Tiffany sweetly moans as she bobs her head steadily on DJ Gabriel's cock, sliding her wet tongue against his shaft as she continues to eagerly suck on his cock.

"Ohhhh ahhh you got the moves Tiff..." Gabriel moans as Tiffany twists and turns her blond haired head on his large thick cock.

"Mmmmm...ohhhhh..." Tiffany moans before she slowly lifts her head and smiles up at DJ Gabriel. "Mmmm...Thanks..." Tiffany cutely replies before she kisses the head of his cock with her pouty lips.

"Let me show you some of my moves..." DJ Gabriel smiles before he helps Tiffany up from the floor. Gabriel turns Tiffany around to face away from him. He wraps his right arm around Tiffany's waist and then he uses his left hand to lift her left leg from the ground. While he helps Tiffany keep her balance, DJ Gabriel proceeds to ease his large, thick cock into Tiffany's tight wet pussy.

"Ohhhhhhh mmmmm...." Tiffany pleasantly groans as she feels DJ Gabriel's cock entering her tight pussy. Tiffany closes her eyes as she balancing on her right leg with the help of Gabriel while he starts to swiftly pump his cock into her pussy.

"Mmmm... ahhh..." Gabriel grunts lightly as he pumps his cock at a brisk pace in and out of Tiffany's pussy. Gabriel lifts Tiffany's left leg a bit higher which causes the blond haired beauty to lean downward to where she can almost put her hands on the floor.

"Ohhhhhh! Ohhhh yeah!" Tiffany moans as her fingers graze against the floor as she lightly pushes herself back against DJ Gabriel's muscular body as he pumps his cock deeply into her wet pussy.

"Ahhh... mmmm..." DJ Gabriel moans as he thrusts his cock deeply into Tiffany's pussy. He bends his knees slightly so that Tiffany can put her hands flat on the floor. Gabriel then uses his right hand to take hold of Tiffany's right leg. Now holding both of her legs, Gabriel fucks the amazed blond haired Diva as if he was holding a wheelbarrow.

Tiffany's blonde haired head bobs up and down as her body moves back and forth against DJ Gabriel's deeply thrusting cock and his muscular body. "Ohhhhh! Ohhhh yean..." Tiffany moans as she firmly places her hands onto the floor while Gabriel skillfully pulls Tiffany back against him.

"Ahhhh.. mmmmm... aww..." DJ Gabriel licks his lips as he pumps his cock harder and faster into Tiffany's pussy. Gabriel keeps his knees bent to the point where if Tiffany needs to relax her arms she's more than able too. Gabriel completely lowers himself to the floor and let's go of Tiffany's legs so that she can push herself up onto all fours while he thrusts his large cock firmly into her warm and wet pussy.

Tiffany smiles and glances over her shoulder to look back at DJ Gabriel as she rocks back on her knees, now on all fours on the floor, with her nicely rounded and adorable tanned ass smacking back against his muscular waist. "Ohhhh that feels so good..."

"Ahhhh... mmmm yeah... ahhh you know how to handle some of my big moves..." DJ Gabriel replies as he slides his hands all over Tiffany's waist and lower back while he fucks her pussy from behind.

Tiffany licks her lips and nods her head with a laugh "Ohhhh you bet!" Tiffany moans as she rocks back and forth smoothly on her hands and knees, pushing her gorgeous baby back against his cock. DJ Gabriel speeds up his thrusts as he drills Tiffany from behind. Gabriel leans forward so that his muscular stomach is pressing down on Tiffany's back and he reaches around her to grope her tits once again. "Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh yeah!" Tiffany lustfully moans as she feels his cock ramming deeper and firmer into her tight, wet pussy, as her juicy ass collides with his muscular waist and stomach.

"Ahhhh... mmmmm.... awww..." DJ Gabriel grunts as he thrusts his cock deeply into Tiffany's tight wet pussy. Gabriel's cock begins to throb and pulsate with each of his thrusts and he rams his cock as he can into Tiffany's pussy.

"Mmmmm! Ohhhhh you definitely got the moves!" Tiffany moans as her pussy tightens around his shaft and she begins to cum.

"Ahhhhh... ahhh... awwww!" Gabriel clenches his teeth together as he starts to cum inside of Tiffany's wet pussy as she cums on his cock.

"Mmmmm...ohhhh" Tiffany moans softly as she lays her head down on the cold floor, feeling DJ Gabriel's warm cum flooding her pussy.

"Mmmmm... ahhh..." DJ Gabriel breathes deeply for a few moments as he holds his cock inside of Tiffany's pussy until he's finished cumming. DJ wipes some sweat from his forehead before saying, "Mmmm you should come out dancing with me and Alicia after the show..." Gabriel says.

Tiffany glances over her shoulder and excitedly smiles back at DJ Gabriel "You think I have the move to hang with you guys?"

DJ Gabriel nods his head "Oh yeah.... most positively without a doubt..."


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