tagFetishYou Greet Me

You Greet Me


You greet me at the door, wearing a smile and the black Chinese silk robe that you know I love so much. As we kiss, my hands are caressing you, feeling your warm naked skin under the robe. I continue to kiss you passionately, as my hands slowly remove the robe from your body, silently dropping it to our feet, so you stand there naked for me. Taking my hand, you led me to the bed, to show me that you have followed my instructions to the letter. The huge four-poster bed, covered in deep red silk sheets, thick pillows propped against the headboard and attached to each post are the soft deerskin cuffs, tastefully laid out onto the sheets. You kneel before me, handing me a glass of wine. As I sip the wine, I watch as your soft hands undress me, until I too am naked in the room.

You have added a few touches of your own, hanging mirrors on the walls and above the bed, so no matter where you look, you will be able to see what I am doing. Candles lit the room, illuminating the two of us as I watch your soft hand slowly stroking my shaft, watching the look in your eyes, as it grows harder still. I set down the glass of wine, and taking you by the hand, lay you down on the bed. I prop you against the pillows, so that you can watch as I prepare to bring you to heights of passion, the likes that you have never felt before. I start by taking each arm, stretching it out to the side, and fasten each into the waiting cuffs. You test the strength of the cuffs and smile up at me, telling me that you are growing even more excited, that the reality is even more exhilarating then the thoughts of it.

I move down the bed, between your legs and complete the securing of your beautiful body, so you lay there completely open to me. I can already see the growing wetness, and as I watch, can see your clit swelling, parting the outer folds of skin. Finally satisfied that you will not be able to break loose, I move to the side of the bed, and pick up the wine glass once more. I hold it to your lips, letting you drink, knowing how excited you are getting, prolonging the moment, building your excitement level even higher. The wine leaks out of the corners of your mouth, moving in rivulets down your pale skin. I use my mouth to clean your skin and suck on your nipples, hearing the first moans of passion as you arch your body upwards. My tongue moves in very slow circles over the hard flesh as I clean off the wine, tasting you and the wine at the same time. I tell you to look in the mirror and see the pure lust in your eyes.

Then you watch as I pick up the feather, a raven's black feather standing out sharply against your white skin. I touch the soft edges over your face, bending down and kissing you at the same time. The sensations you are feeling only add to your excitement and we both look to see the growing puddle of wetness between your legs. You watch, unable to move as I move the feather over your breasts, the firm but soft edge moving back and forth over your nipples. I can see your heart racing now, the ragged breath, the soft moans, the total surrender to me, telling me that you give yourself to me totally. You watch as the feather move downward, slowly but firmly moving down to your clit. The first contact makes you draw in a sharp breath and the tip moves up and down the wet slit, pushing the outer folds of skin further apart, exposing your wet pussy, your swollen clit to my eyes

You can barely arch your body upwards, spread out the way you are, but you try, wanting to feel, no needing my touch. Slowly, softly I use the feather to touch the swollen flesh, using every part of the feather to excite you even more. I watch as the first orgasm racks your body, hearing your soft screams as you find release and the small trickle becomes a flood of your hot cum flowing out of you. I let you catch your breath and you watch as I put the feather back onto the bedside table. Your eyes open wide as you watch me pick up the delicate black riding crop, with its soft wide leather strip on the very tip. You notice that it is a long folded piece of rough side out. Your eyes widen in surprise as you feel the leather dragging over your wet swollen clit, feeling the sensations shooting to your very soul. Watching as I coat the surface with your cum, seeing just how much flowed out of you with the massive orgasm, which only excites you more.

Looking deep into your eyes, I bring the crop with its cum coated tip up to your breasts, letting you feel the rough leather and your smooth cum moving over your nipples. The feelings are exciting you as you watch. Your tongue is licking your lips, your breathing getting heavier, and the excitement building. Your moans are growing louder once again, and you are near the breaking point, begging me to take you. You hear me telling you that I will in good time, but not yet. Your head sinks back onto the pillows, but find that your eyes drawn to the overhead mirror. Fascinated at the sight that greats you, you find that unbelievable as it sounds to you, you can actually see your clit throbbing, your body arching up for the touch to quench the fire I have been building.

You can see how rigid my cock is, inches from your open legs and try to slide down on the bed to no avail. I smile as I watch, then move backwards, hearing your moan of frustration, which turns to a gasp of joy as you watch in the mirror as I bring my mouth to your clit. The mere touch of my tongue on you sends you into another wave of orgasmic pleasure, tossing your head from side to side as you cum. I lap as much of your cum as possible, holding some in my mouth as I slide up your slick body and kiss you. Our mouths open wide as I share your juices with you, tongues fighting each other, as you taste you and me at the same time. As my body covers you, the feeling of the very tip of my cock rubbing over your wet slit is driving you wild, and you break the kiss to beg me to fill you up. I slowly move my body, rubbing the tip gently over you, coating my cock with your cum, before pushing slowly inwards. You can feel the way my cock is stretching inside of you, filling you and the sensations make you cum once more, coating my cock completely.

Slowly, still kissing you with growing passion, I move in and out of you. Slowly pulling out, until just the very tip is still inside of you, then moving back, thrusting myself completely inside of you. You are moaning and moving the best you can under me, your eyes begging me to take you hard and fast. I can feel your hard nipples pressed into my skin as I continue, thrusting harder with each stroke, sending sensations running through your body the likes you have never felt before. To you, it seems like you are cumming with each hard thrust and feel my body crushing your clit as I fill you completely.

You can feel the swelling and trembling of my cock, and smile, knowing that I too will soon cum, and mix my juices with yours. The sudden explosion of my cum hitting deep within you sends you over the edge once again, and as the darkness grows, you feel each spurt of my cum filling you. You keep cumming, wrapping your lips on mine as the excitement overwhelms you and the room dims as you drift off.....was it only a dream or was it for real...

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