tagBDSMYou Have Been a Bad Girl

You Have Been a Bad Girl

byBlushing Bottom©

With your hands at your sides you wait. You are dressed as he requested in a see through white lace body stocking which is more like a top with gartered lace stockings, short-pleated skirt...no bra or panties and in high heels. On the overstuffed chair next to the table you have placed the required items...nipple clamps...hairbrush...digital camera and crop. The porno video he requested is playing and you are so into the action on the screen you don't hear him enter and jump when his voice comes across the room to you,

"Such a naughty girl you are...almost drooling and I'll bet your pussy is already wet. Well we'll check that later...much later. First there is the matter of your punishment to attend to. Stand and tell me why you are to be punished" he says. Your heart is pounding in your chest and you're sure he can hear it when he smiles that knowing smile. You stand slowly so that you will present as pleasing to him and not clumsy. He says nothing as he stands, still in the doorway praising your manner of presentation.

"Good" he says, "...now remove your shoes and stand up on the table." You gracefully remove your heels and get up on the table and then stand, feeling strange looking down from this height. He moves to the chair and picks up the crop. Walking to you he walks around the table slowly, tapping the crop on your thigh, then your bottom...your belly and on your breasts. He stops next to you and appears to be watching the video. He then turns to you and asks,

"Can you tell me why I'm going to forgo my pleasure with you today my pet?" You shake you head up and down to affirm that you are aware and jump when the crop bites into your left thigh

"I can't hear you my dear" he barked.

Quickly you respond,

"Yes sir I can. You are going to punish me for failure to complete an assigned task and for my rude behavior on the phone the other day."

"Good girl" he crooned but made no move toward you nor did he lift the crop again. He just stood and watched the video which was now showing a pretty blonde woman mouth full of cock having her shaved pussy slapped from behind by another man.

"God how hot" you thought and blushed when he laughed and asked,

"I'll bet you wish that was you in that position don't you my little pet? Wouldn't you like a cock in your mouth and one in you pussy or better yet your ass?"

You decided that no answer was perhaps the best answer and kept your mouth shut. A good choice as he said nothing further until he looked up at you and asked,

"Will you lift your skirt for me precious one?"

And of course you lift it high for him and again he walks around you...tap...tap...tap with the crop but never with any force.

He smiled up at you again and said,

"Ok girl time to start with your punishment so let me outline it for you so that you'll know what to expect. You're going to come down from the table and I'm going to sit on it and you will drape your ass over my lap. I will then lift your skirt and hand spank your bare bottom for 20 minutes. I will then take up the hairbrush and paddle your blushing bottom for another 20 minutes. You will then get up from my lap...no bottom rubbing or you'll be sorry. I'll stand and you'll get back up on the table but this time on your hands and knees. I will then give your now quite sore bottom 40 lashes with the crop and you will count down each one backwards. You will rise from your whipping gracefully, kneel and kiss the hand and then the rod that corrects you, apologize, promise to do better and ask forgiveness. Do you understand my naughty girl?

You were so shocked by the severity of the punishment all you could say was all the was required,

Yes Sir."

"Good, down please" he said.

He lifted his hand to assist you getting down from the table and then he hiked his pants up and sat where you had just stood. He pointed to his lap and over you went, face down knowing you wouldn't sit comfortably for days.

"Now remember my dear this is not erotic spanking. This is punishment there will be no caressing, bottom rubbing, wetness checking. Just pure and simple ass whipping, understand?"

"Yes Sir" you almost had time to get out of your mouth before he yanked up your skirt and rained down upon your tender bottom a shower of hard, loud spanks. He spanked and spanked and spanked...harder and harder as he went. At first you wiggled and then you bounced trying to move away from the spanks but he held you tight and there was no getting away.

"So my pet doesn't think her assignments are important enough to complete" he growled. His hand rose and fell...rose and fell..rose and fell, first one cheek then the other, covering her entire ass from top to bottom with a bright pink glow.

"Tell me my pet will you fail to complete your assignment again...will you...will you" he called out as he continued to pepper hr ass with hard spanks. You continued to wiggle and squirm but he just held on and spanked all the harder.

Then it stopped and you felt him lean and knew he was picking up the hairbrush. You cringed knowing what damage he would do with that and knew your bottom would be a mass of bruises before he finished with you. The thoughts and others went through your head until he brought the first stroke down and you nearly leaped off his lap.

"Ah that got your attention...yes my dear. Good because there's more where that came from" he chuckled as he let the hairbrush fly. He had chosen the hairbrush because he knows she dislikes it so. He lay into her now very red ass with powerful, punishing strokes knowing that soon she would be in tears and begging him to stop...and right he was. She tried to hold back the tears but the damn hairbrush reduced her to tears every time and just ten minutes into her paddling she was crying openly and begging him to stop.

"Oh not yet my pretty. You still have 5 minutes left" he said but did let up some on the power he put behind the strokes knowing that if he didn't he would never get to the cropping portion of this session and he so wanted to see her down on all fours on the tabletop taking a good cropping. Then just as with the spanking, the paddling stopped. She lay there sobbing and hitching willing her hands to stay away from her very sore bottom knowing if she rubbed there would be hell to pay. He let her lay like this for a few minutes without touching or saying a word to her.

Once she had calmed he barked,

"Up my pretty bitch." She stood, eyes down and waited his command. A minute passed and the two before he said,

"Well you know what to do." She sighed having thought he was going to forego the rest of the punishment seeing he took so long to direct her on to the table. She felt the cold of the marble as she settled on all fours up on the table. She shuddered when he walked behind her and lifted her skirt. She heard him draw a sharp breath and knew he was appraising his handiwork and when he spoke next she remembered why she loved him so.

"Well my precious one" he said "... it would appear that your poor bottom is quite raw and bruised so rather that the 40 lashes I had promised you, I'll be giving you 10 only, but you will still be required to count them. Are you ready my dear?"

"Yes Sir" fell from your trembling lips and you waited for the first stroke to fall but instead you felt him pulling at you top...pulling it down your arms and chest lifting first one and the the other slipping you out of it. He pinched first one nipple and the the other and before she knew what he was about he had clamped her right nipple and was moving to the left. Now with her nipples clamped and bare ass in the air she made a beautiful picture and he told her so. She then heard the whir of the digital camera and knew he had photographed her bottom and blushed deeply as the first stroke fell.

"Ten" you whispered.

"louder dear" he said as he struck again with a woosh and a crack.

"Nine" you managed a bit louder this time.


"Eight" your knees nearly buckling.






"Now my pet tell me how advantageous it was to be so rude to me. Do you enjoy being rude? Is the consequence more that you bargained for my pet" he asked in a hiss.

'Five" until at long last the final woosh... hit your bottom wth a crack that sounded like a gun shot.

"Done Sir" you whispered.

"Good girl...my very good girl. Now down and complete the punishment.

You got down to the floor with his helping hand...lowered yourself to your knees, kissed his hand and then the crop he had just whipped you with saying

"Thank-you Sir. I am sorry I failed you Sir. I will do better in the future Sir and I am sorry you had to forego your pleasure to punish this naughty girl."

"Very good my pet. Now come with me."

He lead you to your bedroom and stood you in front of the cheval mirror, turning you so that you could look over your shoulder at your slaughtered bottom. Your breath hissed over you teeth but before you had time to touch or even think he said

"Now go freshen up and we'll go out for lunch. Your punishment has ended. I will not use you for pleasure today but the next time we meet know you will be used and used hard."

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