tagErotic HorrorYou Have The Right To Remain Silent

You Have The Right To Remain Silent



Why do I constantly set that stupid alarm clock? Because I am a coward to take the day off. Oh by the way good morning I am Montana Jacobs and you'll be assigned to me and my partner Austin Tyler. Warning he isn't too happy that I was assigned as his partner so be prepared for some very hostile remarks towards me. Excuse my night clothes I have had this huge T - shirt since I graduated from the academy it was actually black before the thousands of washings I have given it. Ahhhh coffee thanks you're a life saver. We wear black T - shirts, black slacks, black combat boots just in case I need to kick my way out of a situation, and a black cap that holds this dreadful long hair up. No I am not a true blond in case you're wondering. Alright I am going to go shower and dress for work and we will be on our way.

I hope I didn't keep you waiting to long, one day I hope to get issued a new car, I have had this white one for a while now. A nice little red one would be very nice. It is not a crime to dream. Anyway we are almost there; Austin is very good looking and knows it. He is divorced and has more girlfriends than Carter has Peanuts. Interested in him? Lord no, he likes him self too much for me to even like him a little. He constantly walks around combing his hair which is black and I pray every night he gets one gray hair to totally mess him up. He has great blue eyes, but wears green contacts, he runs everyday, but he is flabby. Boy he would kill me if he heard our conversation. Yeah he's pretty tall six something and thin not really flabby maybe he just has that middle age bulge that men get. How old is he? Um has to be late thirties, early forties? I will be forty two in August, and no I have never been married for a long time; only two men ever made the earth tremble under my feet.

Well we're here, you ready? Here we go, follow me. This is the lobby and that is Tommy Redding and Hannah Tooley at the information desk, they have been on the force for twenty years, anything you need to know they can answer your question. The office to your right belongs to Sheriff Conrad's and three doors down is our office. The tall blond in the sheriff's uniform is my room mate and best friend Ariana Philip. We both wear size seven tall, and have the same problem finding bathing suit tops to fit our well endowed bust. Being top heavy has its draw backs. OK here we are and hopefully he is not here yet. No luck for us today he is here waiting impatiently. I remember the first day I met him, sit down at my desk and I will tell you the story. Would you like some coffee? Great, cream and sugar? Now the story, hold on to your seat tightly.

It was a bright sunny day last summer, and I am excited to be starting a new line of police work. I report to Lieutenant Rydell's office to meet my new partner Austin Tyler his mouth dropped when he saw me and I was flattered until he used it to speak with. "A woman! My partner is a damned woman? Why are you doing this to me?" he asked the Lieutenant.

"Calm down Austin she is very qualified and you won't get a better partner." He told him. The Lieutenant a large man of African descent in his early fifties, his hair graying on the sides with a thick mustache and weighing two hundred fifty pounds on his six foot five frame.

"Really?" he said then tried to grab me in a head lock before I could tell him I was a four time black belt in martial arts I ended up showing him by placing him on the floor with my boot on his throat stretching his arm with my hands. He was beyond angry; it was pure contempt.

We had to go to Port Everglades in Florida the agents had been watching a certain ship and we got word that this was the day they were shipping in over a one billion dollar shipment of cocaine. The ship came out of Brazil. There were over a dozen of us when we raided the ship confiscating their large shipment of cocaine that would have hit the streets of South Florida. As we boarded the ship Austin and I were going through the ship when this huge male Brazilian decided he wasn't going peacefully, he grabbed Austin around the neck holding a gun to his temple. My heart is beating out of my chest now; I held my gun on him. "Let my partner go or I will shoot." I told him as beads of perspiration were forming on my top lip.

The huge giant laughed. "Go to hell bitch and say good bye to your partner." He yelled pulling the trigger back on his gun.

I fired shooting the man between the eyes; he fell on top of Austin knocking them both down to the ground, both laid there silently. I thought Austin was killed, he lay very still and he had a man over six feet and weighed four hundred pounds if not more on top of him.

Austin's hands clenched into two fists and he grunted in almost a whisper. "Don't just stand there get him off of me!" Austin told me while he squinted his eyes from the man's weight on top of him.

I helped to move the large man's body off of him. Austin looked at me with so much hate I thought he was going to shoot me with his hand on his gun.

"Why did you wait so long in firing?" He yelled getting to his feet." He was going to kill me! What are you having a hormonal imbalance and couldn't decide?" he yelled at me.

"He didn't kill you, and I had to give him a chance to drop the gun didn't I?" I asked him feeling this would be pure hell to work with him and I haven't been wrong yet.

Austin's resentment towards me didn't get any better when the other officers were congratulating me on a job well done. For the first time in my twenty years as a law enforcement officer I was actually ashamed of my ability as a woman to be able to protect my partner and wondered if he would protect me as well. I didn't want to cause a ruckus by asking to be replaced with another partner, I was a woman and I would have to prove myself.

Austin had me to do the great part of our job completing the paper work. At least I found something that he was grateful for me being his partner.... I did all the paper work, filing, and listening to his constant complaining.

I had not one bit of desire to ever marry thanks to Austin. Come to think of it I didn't even date after I began working with him.

A week later we were setting up a sting in down town Ft. Lauderdale area off of Broward Boulevard and around Sistrunk. There were five other officers with us, Austin and his fishing buddy Stan drove the truck which was air conditioned while myself, Ariana, her partner Troy, Brad and his partner Dan in the back of the rented U - Haul truck that was not air conditioned and the back door had been left unlocked so that when we heard them saying It's been a pleasure shopping with you, we would jump out of the back of the truck and make our arrest. So we were off all dressed in our black outfits, raiders in white letters across the front of our shirts. I am always nervous just before the first raid after that I am on a pure rush of adrenalin. They made the sell and we flew out of the back of the truck, two black males start running and we're in hot pursuit, we are taking hedges like hurdles in the Olympics. I past Ariana who had one guy down on the ground handcuffing him with Troy. I saw the truck coming around the bend trying to trap the other guy; I was a few feet away from him and dove through the air tackling him to the ground. He was a young kid and was putting up quite a bit of a struggle, Austin flew out of the truck along with Stan and they were able to subdue him and get the handcuffs on him. Stan helped me up off the ground.

"You got a nasty cut on your elbow; you better go have it taken care of." Stan told me looking at my arm as he held it seeing how deep it was.

Austin laughed "Ahhhh did wonder woman get a nasty boo boo?" he asked laughing putting the guy in the other squad car that was waiting.

I pulled my arm away." I am fine." I told him and went to the first aid kit I carry with me, I cleansed my arm and then wrapped it up. God it hurt so bad I wanted to cry, but I refused to let Austin see me weak.

The rest of the day my arm was throbbing, the sweat didn't help any either. I had to chase one female who decided to use my wound against me and grabbed my arm and twisted it, I saw Austin stop and watch her attacking my arm and this infuriated me that I went into my martial arts and was able to handcuff the female assailant.

Austin then approached me and the female.

"Need help wonder woman?" he asked me smugly knowing I had seen him just standing there.

"Not at all Batman." I told him smiling walking past him with the female to the van that was waiting with six other people they were able to take down in this bust.

I sat in the back of the truck and I wanted to cry, no matter what I did he would not give me a chance. Troy looked at me and patted my shoulder.

"You going to be alright?" he asked me.

Why did he have to say those words to me? Why couldn't he just be mean to me like Austin? Tears burnt my eyes and I had to look away from him. "I am just tired." I told him wiping the tears away and knowing he knew I was crying because of Austin. Damn you Austin Tyler! I thought to myself.

I kept up with them and at the end of the day when we were back in the office Troy insisted on checking my arm.

Austin looked at me disgustedly. "Women always have men waiting on them!" he said to Troy.

Troy a very good looking man age forty eight, with crystal blue eyes, he wore his brown hair in the service style cut. He was six feet and weighed one hundred ninety pounds, divorced and did not ever date unless one of the guys fixed him up.

"Lay off of her Austin." He told him looking at him very seriously.

"Sorry if you're sucking up to her to get a piece of that ass." Austin told him.

Troy walked inches from him." shut the fuck up Austin!" he told him through gritted teeth.

I couldn't just stand there, so I turned and left the office walking hurriedly out of the station and running to my car where my room mate was waiting for me.

"I thought you might need a friend." She said holding her arms out to me. I fell into her arms and cried so hard. Not only was my feelings wounded, but my arm hurt so fucking bad!

"Why does he hate me so much?" I cried when I realized Stan was watching what was happening. "Great he'll report back to him that wonder woman cracked!" I cried even harder getting into the car. I'll meet you at the house." I told her and pulled away driving to the emergency room to have my arm bandaged.

I received five stitches to my elbow, but the doctor couldn't stitch up my hurt feelings. I cried on the way home and was shocked to see Troy waiting outside of the house. He was talking with Ariana and her boyfriend Steve.

He opened my car door so I could get out.

"How many?" he asked me.

"Five." I replied knowing what he meant.

"Go out with me tonight?" he asked with a little boys grin.

"I guess it would be okay." I told him getting butterflies in my stomach.

Ariana helped me to dress for my date, she had me wear a pair of white low cut slacks, a pink tank top that showed just a small part of my stomach. I wore my hair up on my head in a tight pony tail with a pink hair scrunchie, a pair of white pearl tear drop earrings, very little make - up with my lips out lined in a dark pink with light pink lip stick. I started laughing as I looked in the mirror.

"Hell I would date me I look so good." I said checking me out in the mirror.

"You crazy bitch your date is waiting." She told me.

We entered the room where the two men were drinking a glass of ice tea. Troy did a double take when he saw me. I felt very sexy and good about myself tonight, not even Austin could change my mood. We went to a cozy little restaurant and we shared a pizza with a beer. We walked down two doors and played a game of pool. He killed me on the first game, it was the second game that counted and I won. He had to wash my car for a month. Troy drove me home and our good night kiss ended us in the bedroom with our tongues exploring each others mouths and he slipped my shirt off of me caressing my breast and sucking the erect nipples. He helped me out of my slacks and white thongs, and I unzipped his pants on my knees with my mouth. I helped him to step out of his pants as he pulled off his shirt and I began to massage his balls and licking his hard erection with my tongue in a slow circular motion around the head and down the shaft. He laid back on my bed and I slowly climbed up his body licking every inch of him going up, I straddled him feeling his erection entering my hot wet juices that were flowing over his erection, I massaged my breast as his hands guided my hips in a slow circular motion, the passion was growing hot with in us both, I grabbed the back of my head board with both hands as our bodies were grinding into each other harder and faster until I screamed out from the orgasm that rocked my world under every inch of me. I fell on top of him laughing and he rolled me over on my back.

"What is so funny?" he asked smiling down at me.

"You made the earth tremble." I told him kissing his mouth softly.

We made love again for hours and fell to sleep in each others arms. It felt good to wake up and fix breakfast for someone besides myself, Ariana and Steve. We sat there eating eggs and waffles laughing over silly stuff our other room mate Sara Jordan came in, she worked the night shift so we hardly saw her unless it was on one of our days off. Sara was a tall red head with green eyes, none of us were petit little creatures, but very much toned and in shape.

She got a huge smile when she saw Troy and I together.

"Damn it I missed the house shaking last night." She said laughing fixing her a plate to eat before going to bed.

"Well I got to go." I said laughing at her. "Another day of doing another sweep this one is in Pompano Beach off Martin Luther King. Again it was the same as yesterday Austin and Stan rode up front, Troy and I kept making eye contact and smiling. The first one was really strange. We went down sixteenth and men were coming up to the truck and in just a few seconds we were chasing down what seemed like the whole street. I was in pursuit of a young black male who was dressed in all black he ran behind a run down motel and as I turned the corner I came to a screeching halt, the young black male wasn't anywhere in sight, standing there waiting was a large black male with gold swirls all over his skin, he was without clothes and blew a huge flame of fire at me. I went from running forward to backwards in one instant flat.

"Woe shit! "Was all I heard myself saying when I ran right smack into Austin almost knocking him down.

"What the fuck!" he yelled looking at this fire breathing thing coming at us. He grabbed his gun; I had mine in my hand. "Halt or we will shoot." He told the thing coming at us.

The thing laughed in a sound that only demons make in a scary movie, but we weren't in a movie we were in reality. It kept coming at us and we kept backing up firing, the others heard our gun shots and came to investigate, people were praying and screaming running away from this demonic monster. We were firing at it, but it kept walking towards us breathing huge flames at us and then just disappeared.

We stood there looking around, our hearts pounding so hard in our chest.

I looked around and the people were still running when the young black male came out from behind the motel all bloodied and burnt, he had fear all over his face crying for his mama. Whatever we stumbled on today was defiantly not from our world. More police units came to the scene; the Governor was flown in and kept in open line to the white house. Today our world as we once knew it was forever gone.

That night Troy and I lay in each others arms after hours of love making, our bodies wanted the other one, his kisses were hot and inviting. As soon as he placed his hand between my thighs he could feel my thick rich juices flowing, his mouth hungrily found my swollen nipples. Oh how he made the earth tremble and my body wanted more of him and I began grinding so hard on his large cock that I felt as if I would suck his entire body into me. He pinned my arms back over my head and began ramming his cock deeper into my soaked pussy that we both exploded into a orgasm that felt like it rocked the entire house.

He kissed me good night and held on to me tightly as we slept through the night. We both were scared for the first time in all of our police work we had faced something that we hadn't a clue how to fight.

Troy woke up very aroused and we made love before getting out of bed, as his body made love to mine he looked deep into my eyes.

"Will you marry me?" he asked me as his body never missed a beat in his love making.

All I could do was smile as tears were burning my eyes.


Austin and I were at a stake out off Marina drive in Light House Point, we were watching a house for two months when tonight we got the break we had been waiting for and made a drug bust of one hundred thousand dollars in the club drug ecstasy that had been killing teenagers, we also netted a street value of ten thousand dollars in marijuana. We were on our way back in when we heard officer down come over the radio, without a word Austin and I were on our way to the scene. I knew when I saw Ariana it was Troy. I ran to where he lay struggling for air as the oxygen wasn't helping. I held him in my arms and he struggled to get something out of his pocket. It was a diamond engagement ring; he placed it on my finger before he took his last breath.

I cried out in pain. "Troy please don't go! Please stay, don't go! I love you.... don't go." I cried rocking back and forth with him.

I heard Ariana telling Austin that thing attacked them; he never had a chance it was on him before he could pull his gun. The monster had struck again two streets from the first time it appeared.

Austin helped me up and held me in his arms for the first time he showed a tender side about him. Austin took me and Ariana home, Sara was waiting for us when we arrived. I looked at Austin as my eyes filled like a lake with tears.

"Austin I never got to tell him I am pregnant. He doesn't know we were going to have a child." I cried into his arms.

"We'll work through this, I promise Montana." He told me holding me close.

For the first time in our relationship he treated me as a human being and he showed me he does have feelings and he can care. I would continue working as long as I was not showing and then Austin would have me at the desk so the child would not be harmed. I actually think he was excited about the birth. One day when I was home turning the den into a nursery he brought over footballs, base ball bats, airplanes he hung from the ceiling and the cutest Miami dolphins warm up suit for the baby he named Ricky to wear home in.

It was nice having a man around during my pregnancy. When I was six months pregnant I was working in the office doing all the paper work when I heard a loud commotion in the hall way. I stuck my head out the door and there was the monster thing that killed Troy. He saw me and kept throwing people all over making his way towards me. I quickly slammed the door, my heart was beating hard, and all I could think about was protecting my child. I was crying trying to open the window so I could escape, but it was stuck and wouldn't open. I heard the office door being smashed behind me, I heard gun fire and I prayed to God for help. He was in the office with me, I turned and saw him charging at me and then a sparkling mist appeared in front of me and it was Troy, the two battled until Troy hit him with a lightening bolt blowing him up.

"Troy....how are you here?" I asked him crying and touching his face.

"I took a better job lets say." He told me kissing my forehead. "You and I will be together one day, just now is not our time. Take care of our child, baby I will always be near when you need me." He told me and vanished into the white sparking mist.

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