tagFirst TimeYou Haven't Fucked Me Yet

You Haven't Fucked Me Yet


If you are reading this, then this would be my first story, that got approved. I am obliged to thank Euphoria_ for all the time that she had spent in editing this.

Arun was your typical Indian geek: that slightly shy guy you see in any normal TV series. As he walked along the pavement he looked up, glancing at the clock tower: 8:32 AM. He silently cursed himself for being late and started pacing up toward his class. It was uncommon for him to be late.

He crossed a series of glass paneled doors and paused to look at himself. At 20, dressed in a long-sleeved button up shirt and neatly pressed trousers, he looked more like a tutor rather than a student and, to add to this, his short stature clearly differentiated him from the rest. Momentarily he wondered what the girls from his class thought of him. He rushed toward his class to find that the lecture hadn't quite started yet, though Mr. Sharma was already in his place arranging his notes and ready to start. Arun excused himself as he walked into class. His favorite seat at the front was already taken, as were most of the other seats up front. He had to grudgingly head to the last row of seats and took the desk in the corner, so that no one would disturb him. Mr. Sharma started off with the nuclear physics section he had promised to complete from the previous lecture. Fifteen minutes into the lecture, when Arun was beginning to enjoy the concepts that fascinated Einstein, the class door opened slowly and a girl emerged in the doorway. After what looked like a short snap from Mr. Sharma, she was let inside.

Entering the room, Arun was able to get a clearer view of her face: it was Ramya, dressed in baggy trousers and a tight fitting t-shirt. She was quite a trouble maker, or that was how she was known to Arun. She strolled through the class, making sure she wasted as much lecture time as possible, and finally took the seat next to Arun. As she sat down she gave him a puzzled look, as if asking, "What are you doing back here?"

Ramya was as tall as Arun, around 5'6", which was quite normal for a girl in India. She was the exact opposite of Arun, unconventional and least interested in studies. As Mr. Sharma resumed his lecture, Arun snuck glimpses at Ramya: he was always fascinated by her boldness, but up close she looked more than intimidating.

Her t-shirt was so tight that the outline of her bra was clearly visible. He looked down at the bottom of her t-shirt, which was a couple of inches above her waist line, revealing her hips. He shifted a little to the front of his chair to get a view of her navel, when Mr. Sharma's voice, screeching, reminded the class of their final assignments, halted him. Instantly the hall was filled with "boo"s from the students. Arun, on the other hand, was glad that he had already submitted the assignment. He arranged his stuff in his bag and stood up to leave when Ramya pulled him down by his pants. He was shocked by her move and just fell back to his seat. She turned toward him and, with a puppy-dog-like expression, asked him, "Hey, Arun, can you help me out with my assignment? I am sure you have submitted yours already".

He didn't know how to respond. He looked around the classroom and watched the others filing out the door, then back around, into those puppy-dog-eyes, and instantly he agreed.

"Thank you very much," said Ramya, her voice was filled with excitement and relief. "Well then, I'll take you to my place this evening, after classes." Later that evening, as Arun was walking with Ramya to her house, she told him how glad she was that he agreed to help her with the assignment. Outside Ramya's house, a lady in her early fifties opened the door and Ramya introduced her as her mother. Ramya introduced Arun to her father and brother, also inside the house, and, after the formalities were over, Ramya's family left the house to attend a marriage reception in a nearby city. They informed that they will back by late night. Arun was relieved to be alone with Ramya. Ramya took him to her study and asked him to get comfortable, and retreated into the kitchen. He looked around the room; her study was attached to her bedroom and the thought of him sitting alone, in a girl's bedroom, made him twitch. A few minutes later she returned with a bowl of crackers and some juice. She gave him the bowl and the juice and then went up to her dresser, extracting some clothes and left for the bathroom. The thought of her merely changing clothes in the next room made him get a full erection. He adjusted himself, so as not to get into trouble, when she returned came out dressed in a tight fitting, navel exposing baby blue tank top and pink, tight, short boy-cut shorts, that sat high on her thighs and exposed more of her body than Arun could have fantasized. He tried to hide his awe-struck face as she arranged the books needed for the assignment. He noticed that she was not wearing her bra anymore; the tank top was so light that her nipples were seen clearly projecting outward. As she bent forward to get the books he leaned forward, trying to get a view of her nipples from the top. Suddenly, the doorbell rang; and she stood up and left the room to answer the door and the thought of her parents returning so early made him feel cheated. He quickly rose from his chair and went into the main room, to have a look at the unwelcome caller, his erection already gone. He wondered if it was all over before it even started. He hoped that it was just a post man or someone insignificant. Luckily, it wasn't her parents, but a lady in her late twenties dressed in sari, he inferred that she must be a maid servant. He breathed a sigh of relief when he realized he was right, and Ramya informed Sheela what her work was, for that day, and headed back to her room. Arun rushed back to his seat, trying to pretend nothing happened, when he accidentally spilled the juice all over his pants and the floor. As soon as she entered the room, he apologized to her for the spill. She said, "It's ok, I'll have Sheela clean this up, meanwhile you can change into some of my brothers clothes. His room is right across the hall." She turned toward the kitchen and yelled, "Sheela, please come here and clean this up!" He changed into some boxing shorts and jersey tank, the only dress of her brother's that could fit him. When he entered Ramya's room, once again, carrying his soiled dress in his hands, she was sitting on the bed with books spread around her and a spot next to her for him to sit. Near the study table was Sheela, bending down and scrubbing the floor. Her sari hardly covered her voluptuous breasts hanging freely, bouncing with each arm movement. He was straining his underwear, the outline clearly visible through his thin shorts.

Ramya asked him to leave the dress on the table so that Sheela could wash it for him. He laid his dress on the table and toddled to the bed, sitting next to her. He couldn't concentrate at all with Sheela's clothes in such a precarious state as she cleaned the floor; he kept twitching and adjusting. Once Sheela left the room he turned to Ramya, who was chewing down the back of her pencil as she struggled with her assignment. He took the pencil from her and started guiding her on how to go about with the work. Once the assignment was finished Ramya let out a huge sigh of relief and fell back on the bed. She was lying with her eyes closed, her hands above her head. Her tank top rode up very high revealing her ribs and her shorts were too small to cover her thighs, much less the crevice between her upper thigh and butt. Arun's hard on was back and his hands started to tremble as she laid there right in front of him. With her eyes closed, she asked him, "How do you feel?" He did not know what to answer, so he remained silent. She opened her eyes, looked directly into his, and asked him, barely audible, "You wanna touch me?" Arun started to panic and got up to leave; Ramya grabbed him by the shorts, this time pulling them down. He was standing there in his underwear, his completely erect cock straining the fabric. He felt embarrassed and sat down on the bed. He was about to say something, anything, when, she slid down the side of the bed, to her knees and moved closer to him.

With one hand she grabbed his cock and, with the other, pulled his head toward her, kissing him near his ears and whispered, "Don't worry I'll take care of it for you."

He was helpless; though he was dreaming of such a situation all along, he could not react. She started caressing his cock gently, and moved closer to him. Her breasts were rubbing against his chest and he closed his eyes and put his hands on her hips beneath tops. She paused for a moment and he wondered if he made a mistake.

"Sorry, this is my first time. Did I do something wrong?"

Her eyes gleamed with surprise and a mischievous smile spread across her face. She pushed him back on the bed, leaned forward and whispered, in a seductive tone, "Do you want Sheela to join us?"

His heart skipped a beat as he realized that she had noticed him looking at the maid... and the idea turned her on! His cock, about to burst at this thought, twitched in her hand. She brought her face closer to his and gave him a brief kiss on his lips and added, " I'll make your first worth cherishing." She stood up and said, "Just do as I say." ***

Sheela was in the bathroom cleaning Arun's clothes, when suddenly she heard someone join her. Ramya stood behind her, a towel in her hand. Ramya asked her to get some hot water and help her take an oil bath. She was a little confused at the request, but obliged. She put Arun's clothes in the dryer and returned to the bathroom with oil and shampoo. Ramya was draped in the towel, her hands holding it near her breasts, and asked Sheela not to close the door. When she hesitated, Ramya assured that Arun was busy with the assignment and will not even notice. She put the shampoo near the sink and checked the water. Ramya removed the towel, putting it on the hanger beside the door, and stood naked. Though Sheela had been working at the house for over three years, this was the first time she saw Ramya naked. Ramya sat down on a stool and asked her to pour the oil on her and massage her back. She poured the oil carefully on Ramya's body, as it flowed down over her breasts, across her flat stomach and between her thighs, she felt a funny twitch in her groins. She put some oil on her hands and started massaging Ramya's shoulders and slowly moved to down to her back. She savored every touch and felt a tingling sensation in her stomach. Ramya made some unrecognizable noises and asked Sheela to spread the oil all over her body. The feeling of Ramya's smooth skin under the slippery layer of the oil made her pussy wet. She felt the urge to touch Ramya's breasts and play with them. She spread the oil all over Ramya's legs and thighs. Suddenly Ramya turned and lifted her hands high up in the air and said "Why don't you massage my breasts as well?"

She sounded so casual that Sheela couldn't refuse, not that she wanted to. Enchanted by her beauty, Sheela caressed her breasts and nipples, slowly and carefully. She poured extra oil on her breasts and watched it drip down from her nipples onto her thigh and disappear between her legs. As she worked with her breasts and nipples, Ramya closed her eyes and started to let out soft moans. Slowly, Ramya started to remove Sheela's sari. Sheela did not protest, instead she let one of her hands trail down to Ramya's oily, wet pussy. She fondled her pussy lips and Ramya's moaning got louder. Ramya hugged Sheela and started removing her blouse and unstrapping her bra. Ramya's oil-wet hands lingered across Sheela's breasts and pulled on her nipples. As a reaction to her touch, Sheela pulled Ramya closer to her body. Ramya's face was now only inches away from her nipples. Ramya opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue, and licked around her nipples. Ramya's hands moved down to Sheela's waist and attempted to pull her petticoat down. Her petticoat was tied snuggly and Ramya found it difficult to budge, when another pair of hands joined suddenly, and began helping to untie the coat.

Sheela was startled to see Arun standing behind her wearing only his underpants. When she began to struggle, Ramya sucked on her nipples and hugged her tightly. All Sheela was able to do was let out a huge moan, as the last piece of her clothing fell down. She felt something pushing up against her from the back. Arun's cock, hard and long, was pushing up against her butt. She lost all her inhibitions and pushed Ramya away from her breasts, turned around and, with her oily hands, groped his cock.

Ramya stood up on the stool and poured oil all over the three of them. She could feel the oil flow from her head down her breasts and then her waist and trickle down her legs. Now the three of them were completely naked and oil-wet. Arun hugged Sheela tightly and fondled with her nipples, Ramya started rubbing her body all over the other two. Sheela massaged his cock very carefully and gradually went down on her knees and started licking his erect cock, massaging the head under her tongue. She licked off the pre-cum that had oozed out. He started to moan as her tongue continued to caress his cock. Ramya, too, got down on her knees and both the girls started taking turns licking his cock. They started to suck and lick his cock, excitedly, as if it was their favorite lolly.

He grabbed Ramya by her hand and made her sit on the stool; he kissed her passionately as Sheela continued sucking. He whispered "thank you" into Ramya's ear and pulled her legs apart. Her pussy was dripping with juice and oil. He went down on his knees and Sheela readjusted, lying down on the wet tiled floor, and continued licking. He could feel the strong scent of Ramya's juices as he moved his head between her legs. He licked around her pussy lips, feeling their softness, and kissed her clit. He inserted his tongue into her pussy and sucked her, hard. The entire house was filled with Ramya's moaning. Sheela got up from the floor and started rubbing her nipples all over his back. She hugged him tight from behind, her large breasts squeezed between them. She stretched her head and joined him in licking Ramya's cunt. After a few minutes Sheela stood up, pushed Arun and Ramya into the bath tub, both of them giving her a perplexed look. With a tone of authority she said, "Look how dirty you are. Now clean up this mess!" As she uttered the words she poured shampoo all over them and some onto herself, as well. They rubbed each other till they were covered with foam. Ramya poured some more shampoo on Arun's cock and stroked it carefully. He started to moan and felt his cock was about to burst. Noticing this, Ramya stopped stroking and turned toward Sheela, winking at her. Sheela smiled in response, got into the tub and sat on Arun's hard cock. Ramya turned on the shower and laid herself next to Arun. She kissed his ears and whispered, "You'll never forget this." Sheela started riding on his cock slowly, gradually increasing the pace. As Sheela fucked Arun, Ramya played with her nipples and fingered herself slowly. Arun was nearing his first ever orgasm inside a sexy woman's pussy, all the while watching another gorgeous girl fingering herself, surely he'll not forget this. Arun and Ramya came at the same time. They all got dressed and Sheela served dinner as if nothing had happened. As Sheela served the dinner, she kept playing with Arun's hair. Once the dinner was over, she washed the dishes and, when she was about to leave, she turned to him and said with a mischievous smile, "If you want a maid, anytime, just call me." Arun just smiled back and gathered his books. The telephone rang, then, and Ramya answered. Her mother: she had called to inform her that they would not be able to make it home till the next morning.

A wide smile appeared across Ramya's face as she put the telephone down. As Arun was about to leave, with his hand on the doorknob, Ramya grabbed him by his pants and told him, "You haven't fucked me yet."

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