You Jackass!


"You jackass!" She yelled from the back porch as I backed out of the garage headed for work.

I waved as if I hadn't heard her words and kept going. Donna was my wife of twenty years, standing on the back porch of our modest home at the edge of town. She was wearing a pair of "big girl" panties and nothing else. Her double D or bigger breasts were exposed and looking great. I didn't have to ask why she called me a jackass. I knew.

I had given her a hickey.

We had had sex the night before. She had consumed three glasses of wine at the party we attended and wine gets her "in the mood." Her mood convinced her to invite me to bed as soon as we got home from the party. Actually, her invitation began at the party. After a glass with dinner she was ready to dance and laugh. The music started and we danced to whatever played. The person running the stereo took a break and Donna had glass number two. The hostess put on a CD of love songs and Donna wrapped herself around me. She molded her body against mine and as we danced she finished off the second glass of red wine. I was glad no one under thirty was at the party, we danced as if we were screwing standing up, without a care for who might be watching.

When the faster music resumed, Donna drank glass number three in between tunes and we danced until I was worried about exhaustion or a stroke. When she realized she was in danger of falling down she said, "Take me to bed or lose me forever." It had been her favorite line from "Top Gun" until about two years before.

I took her home and took her to bed. She played with my cock all the way home and got naked in the truck. We almost didn't get to the bed. Without wine Donna doesn't like sex anymore. With enough wine she needs it, wants it and doesn't care who watches. I don't need or want wine. I might have one beer at a party. There is a bottle of beer in our fridge that has been there since New Year's Eve... two years ago.

To use a phrase my wife uses, "I was born in the mood. No alcohol needed." The phrase I'd use about her is, "She was born in the mood, something changed and alcohol is now needed."

I got her on our bed and we started doggy style. She begged me to do her hard and fast. I gave her what she asked for. The mirror on our closet doors allows me to watch her big titties move as I thrust into her from behind. She watches my face in the mirror as I watch her big titties.

She changed positions and I got between her legs and could watch my shaft diving into her very big hairy bush. I hadn't seen her slit in years, since our youngest was born and she's almost eighteen. In that position I could still watch her tits move with every thrust and I could reach them.

I had learned years before that when Donna gets close to her orgasm pinching her nipples drives her crazy and intensifies the orgasm. I positioned myself so every time I hit bottom I also hit her clit. When she shook and her head went back I knew it was time. I thrust harder and pinched both of her nipples. God, she screamed. I was glad Tina was off on a camping trip. Our older daughter lived in Cheyenne and even Donna couldn't scream that loud.

Her orgasm triggered mine and I did my best to fill her with cream. As she started down from her peak she pulled me down to her face and we kissed. I didn't pull out, I just stopped thrusting. We kissed some more and then I moved down and started kissing her tits.

In her condition, drunk, she loves having her tits kissed and sucked. Sober she hates her tits. In cold weather she complains about them being cold and hates that her big nipples get hard and show. Nipples almost an inch long are hard to hide. In hot weather she complains about the sweat underneath her boobs and says they are heavy and uncomfortable. Every summer she complains about an itchy rash that develops under both breasts.

She held my head to her breast and begged me to suck her like a baby. She breast-fed both Heidi and Tina when they were babies and even then she complained about her breasts. She had been a "D" cup when we married. Her first pregnancy pumped her up to "DD" until her milk came in and then she moved up to an "F". When she stopped breast feeding they did go back to "DD" but it took a while and then, Bam! She got pregnant again. I sympathized with her problem but there was nothing I thought of to fix things.

Once while I was sucking her after sex and she was still feeling the wine she admitted that sometimes when she fed Heidi or Tina she would get really turned on and had even cum a few times. When I mentioned it later she said I was crazy and denied the whole thing.

As I drove to work I thought about how she had begged me to suck harder and harder the night before and that's how she got the hickey. I also knew she would deny having ever asked me to suck her titties.

When I got to work my boss was waiting in the parking lot for me. Jack is a good boss. I've worked for him fifteen years and he's always been straight with me, fair and honest. He walked to my truck and stood so close that if I opened the door I'd knock him down. So, I rolled the window down.

"I have news for both of us, Pete. Headquarters is closing down our operation here. We both still have jobs, if we want them, but we'll have to move to Denver."

"Denver? Same pay?"

"They're sending us a package with all the details. So far what I know is we put our houses on the market. You and I go to Denver at the end of the month and when our houses sell our wives and Tina move. Moving expenses will be paid by the company. We'll live in furnished apartments in Denver paid for by the company during the transition. The other thing I know is we get a ten percent pay bump starting today."

"I like it. I can't think of a single reason to say no."

"I can't either. In this economy I hate the thought of being out of work."

"Yeah. Ok, I'm in. What's next?"

"Go home. Start getting things ready to put your house on the market. I'm closing the shop for the week. Next week we start packing everything to ship to Denver. We get paid our regular salary from now until the first of the month so as soon as we get everything from here shipped we get paid for packing our homes."

I shook his hand through the window and restarted the truck. As I drove home I thought: 'Denver. Alamogordo to Denver is about five-hundred-fifty miles. Denver is about ten times as populated as Alamogordo and about a thousand feet higher. Hmmmm. This could be fun.'

I pulled into the driveway at home less than an hour after I had left. Donna's car was gone. She works at the local propane company so I didn't think anything about her being gone. I went inside and immediately to my computer. My thoughts had been correct, the drive to Denver was about five-fifty and Denver was almost a thousand feet higher than Alamogordo. I picked up the phone and called my sister the realtor.

Kathy answered professionally and I said, "Wanna make some money?"

"You know I do! What do you want me to do for it?" There was laughter in her voice.

"Sell my house."

"Wait! Who is this?" She asked.

"Your Big Brother, Pete. I'm being transferred to Denver."

"Oh my God, you're serious!" Her voice had shifted and it sounded both sad and fearful.

"Yup! Get over here and put your sign up in my yard. Then, we need to talk money."

"Will you be at home? It's a work day."

"I'll be home all week. Tell you what, bring lunch and I'll pay for it. Donna's at work right now, but I'm going to call her to come home. We have plans to make. So you better bring lunch for three. I haven't told her anything yet."

"Is she going to be happy or pissed?"

"Heidi lives in Cheyenne. We'll be almost six hundred miles closer to her when we move. Why would she be pissed?"

"Pardon me for saying it, but because she's Donna."

"Yeah, there is that. Well, nothing to do about that. Come on over."

I called Donna and had to leave a message. Sue told me she was on the phone with a customer and had two others on hold. My message was, "Call me on my cell or at home."

I went back outside and started looking at things from the standpoint of what goes and what gets tossed. With my cell I called Willie, a friend from way back in high school and said, "Willie, I need a dumpster and lots of boxes. I'm really cleaning this time and lots of crap is going away forever."

"Oh, you want one with a lid or is open Ok?"

"Why would I need a lid?"

"If you're throwing away things animals might want to eat or if you're throwing Donna in there, you need a lid." He laughed a little. He and Donna were not best friends. For years she thought that he was the one who hired the strippers for my bachelor party. He wasn't.

"Willie, I'm not throwing Donna away. No lid."

"Ok. I'll have one of my guys bring one to you in about an hour. You want it beside the garage or between the house and the garage?"

"Between. Thanks Willie."

One of his guys was there in fifteen minutes. I was in the house taking a leak and when I went back outside I saw a dumpster by the garage and another parked near our back door. A stack of boxes were beside the dumpster by the garage. I smiled. It's good to have long time friends. Them, I would miss.

I started in the garage. After I'd made ten trips to the dumpster, my sister arrived. A guy with a pick up parked and unloaded a posthole digger. In less than five minutes he had the hole dug and the For Sale sign up. Kathy was dressed for work; peach pant suit that showed just a couple inches of her cleavage and from behind drew my eyes to her incredible butt. Ever since she hit puberty I'd been reminding myself she was my sister.

Kathy and I watched the sign go up and she said, "It feels strange thinking you're moving away."

"Yeah. I've lived here my whole life, except for college."

We went inside. She carried our lunches and I carried her briefcase. We sat at the kitchen table and went right to work. When Donna and I bought the house, fifteen years before, Kathy had been the realtor. It had been her first unshared commission. She had the file with her so we knew all the details. We talked about changes Donna and I had made and she made notes. We both jumped when my cell rang. The little window read, "Donna."

I answered, "Hi. Things have changed for us. Can you come home?"

"You know I can't. Just tell me what big thing has happened." She said the word big like she was being sarcastic. No, she was being sarcastic. She didn't believe I had ever had BIG news.

"Ok. Headquarters is closing the Alamogordo facility. Jack and I still have jobs and they're in Denver. I'm at home and until the first of the month I have two jobs; put this house on the market and pack."

"What if I don't want to move?" I knew that tone. She thought someone was trying to tell her what she had to do. I reminded myself, 'Don't go there.'

"You don't have to move. I do. I want to. I think we should sit down and talk the options through, don't you?"

"How long have you known they were shutting you down?"

"One hour and twenty-three minutes." She hesitated before responding.

"Why did you wait to call me?"

"I called you a while ago. Sue said you were on the phone with calls stacked up waiting for you."

"I was. Ok, we need to talk. Tonight, not now. I need to go." I heard the click.

While I talked to Donna, Kathy used her laptop and checked on property prices in the area. After Donna hung up, we settled on an asking price about midway between the low for the area and high asking price for the area. We did a walk through and she gave me a few ideas about things we could do to get the house to sell quicker.

It was just after two when Kathy left. I watched her drive away thinking about not having her nearby. She was my little sister. When Mom and Dad brought her home I was about five or six and she was still a baby. Not a newborn. We went to court with her when I was six and I still remember the judge telling me that my job, as her big brother was to love and protect her.

I went back into the house and spent some time packing clothes and things I knew I wouldn't need for months. My things, not Donna's or Tina's.

At four Donna called and let me know she was staying late at work. I didn't ask why, just asked when she would be home and if she wanted me to handle dinner. She did want me to handle dinner and would be home about seven. I wondered what she could be doing at work until seven, but she'd been so touchy and irritable lately I counted my blessings and kept working.

At a little after six Tina carried her backpack through the door and plopped on the couch. I got her a diet Coke and delivered it to her on the couch.

One long drink later she said, "Thanks Dad! You're the best."

"Honey, we need to talk."

She looked hard at me and said, "Am I in trouble?"

"No, but maybe I am." I explained about the transfer, needing to move and as much of the dynamics of all that as I knew.

She asked, "I'll graduate in Denver, not here?" I nodded.

"What does Mom think?"

"Mom's been too busy to discuss it. I'm guessing she'll have lots to say when she gets home. Speaking of her coming home, can I get your help making dinner? Donna will be home at seven."

"Sure." Tina liked the idea of living in Denver. She also liked being closer to her sister. We got dinner started and then Tina called Heidi. They stayed on the phone together until we heard Donna's car in the driveway. I stayed at my computer when she came home. I listened and followed her progress by the noises she made. The back door opened and closed. The fridge opened and closed. A beverage can opened. Her purse landed on the table and her heel clacked in the hallway. When it didn't clack twice I knew Donna was standing in the doorway to my office. I looked up and smiled.

"Welcome home. Busy day?"

"Dumb question. They're always busy. So, fill me in so I know what's going on."

"Ok. Have a seat. Or, would you rather we ate and discussed at the same time? Dinner can be on the table in five minutes."

"Did you cook?"

"Tina and I made dinner together."

"Ok, let's eat." She went to our bedroom and kicked off her heels. I called Tina and we got dinner on the table.

From the moment the discussion started I sensed that Donna was against moving. When I'd told her everything I knew she said, "So, you got Kathy to put the house on the market before we even talked. What if I don't want to live in Denver?"

"Then we have a problem. Denver is too far to commute. You can't afford this house on your own and I'm both unwilling and unable to support two homes."

"You could come home on weekends."

"No, I couldn't. The drive is ten or eleven hours each way, except in winter when it's closer to fourteen hours each way. Between getting off work Friday afternoon and being back in Denver Monday morning ready for work... that's sixty-two hours. Take twenty hours driving and it leaves forty-two. Eight hours sleep for Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday night which leaves me with eighteen hours total to be home."

"Eighteen hours is a lot!"

"My truck gets sixteen miles to the gallon. It would cost us over two hundred dollars a week for gas to drive here. I need a place to sleep in Denver. That's more money. It just isn't practical to live in two places."

"And of course your job is more important."

"No, it isn't. It just pays more. If you want to stay, find a way to buy me out of my half of the house. Then get a roommate who can help pay the mortgage, utilities and such. I am going to Denver."

"How much is half?"

"Kathy and I looked at our bank statements and the asking price for the house. We have a hundred and six thousand in equity. Your half is fifty-three thousand."

"Where do you expect me to get that much money?"

"I don't. I expect you to move to Denver with us. I expect you to see if the propane company can transfer you to Denver or help you find a job if they can. I expect you to acknowledge that in an economy with twelve percent unemployment, I've still got a job and just got a raise."

"You come home, disrupt our lives completely and expect us to be happy about it? Get over yourself!" She got up and left the dining room.

I looked at Tina and softly said, "Well, that went well."

She gave me a weak smile. We cleaned up dinner and Tina went to her room. I went back to my computer. I looked at housing in Denver. I saw some places I liked and realized, I'm easy. A bed, a bathroom and a place for my stuff and I'm Ok. Donna has other expectations. I stopped looking. On my desktop I noticed an icon I hadn't used in quite a while.

When Heidi started using our computers I installed a monitor so I could see what anyone using the computers in the house was doing. I was proud of both girls. Every time I had checked on them they were using the computers for homework and emailing friends about boys, school and sports. When I saw the icon I realized it had been months since I checked.

"Click." I opened the monitor and saw that Tina had not been doing much on the computers. Basically just emails with five close friends. Then I noticed that Donna had a new email account with the name, "desertflower36". I opened it and started reading from the beginning. The first email she sent was to "bigbuck". It read, "Here's my new email account. I like your screen name, especially the big part."

The more I read the more it was clear that Donna and bigbuck were more than cyber friends. Just about a year ago he proposed they meet one afternoon. His email said he would be at a cabin up near Cloudcroft up in the hills east of Alamogordo. He gave directions to the cabin.

Her next email was short and to the point: "I want more! When can we meet again?"

For months the emails were very short. They were like this one: He sent: "April 16th. I'll be there at noon." He sent it April 12th. On the 17th he sent, "UR wonderful! April 20th, noon." I saw a pattern. As long as he met her two times a week she didn't post an email. If he went more than five days she sent, "Miss me yet?"

The drive from our house to Cloudcroft is forty minutes. Somehow Donna was able to miss four hours work twice a week for over a year. I backtracked through the emails and found that he had only used the cabin three times. Then they moved their meeting place to an apartment building in La Luz, fifteen minutes from Donna's office.

I read all the emails. I wrote down the address of the apartment. I turned on a music site and thought about the implications. No wonder she didn't want to go to Denver. No wonder her personality had changed her from mildly grumpy to bitchy. She wanted to spend more time fucking "big" than me. I remembered reading about the word for a man who has a wife fucking other men. He's a cuckold. I realized I knew the word and I knew I was one. The question was, "What do I do now?"

When I went to bed Donna was already asleep. In the morning she was up and gone early. I made breakfast for Tina and me and Tina went off to hang with friends. I spent the day doing all the things I needed to do to get ready to move. One of those things was to hire a lawyer. He hired a PI and the next day I had pictures of them engaged in acts that are against the law in New Mexico.

The house had not sold by the end of the month. I loaded the back of my truck with clothes, personal items and tools. Tina contributed two boxes of her clothes so when she came to visit she would have things in Denver. Donna didn't send anything of hers with me.

I moved into a small company owned apartment and started work. Jack and I were very busy. We worked seventy-five hour weeks. Seven in the morning until ten at night was pretty common. I called home two or three times a week on my breaks. Tina seemed upset after the second week but wouldn't talk about it. To talk to Donna I had to call her at work where she was almost never available and usually called me back using her cell. I talked to Kathy on Mondays and Thursdays. We had some nibbles on the house, but the hook wasn't set, yet.

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