tagCelebrities & Fan FictionYou Just Don't Know Me At All

You Just Don't Know Me At All


This story is written by both Dice Casden and Kristi as part of the D&K Universe


Randy Orton walks around backstage after Wrestlemania 22 goes off, dejected that he lost the triple threat match for the World Heavyweight championship. Dressed in his wrestling tights, Randy slams his fists down on top of a equipment trunk, then picks up a back-up video camera and smashes it against a wall over and over again, blowing off his frustration. No one goes near him, feeling that he got what he deserved for how he got into the triple threat match. The only person who does seem to take notice is Raw's ring announcer Lilian Garcia who starts to walk towards him.

Lilian bites down on her bottom lip as she casually approaches Randy "Ummm Randy..." Lilian says as she places her hands on the back of his shoulders trying to calm down the young, cocky Superstar "Vince McMahon is due back from Production any minute...and you don't want to be seen causing any trouble, do you?" Lilian asks as she dressed in a jean skirt and a red nicely fitting tank top.

Randy manages to hurl the camera five feet down the hall way and what's left of it breaks on it impact, "SO FUCKING WHAT! I just got fucked out in front of the world by a fucking Mexican midget and a bald Olympic reject!" Randy yells, clearly upset.

Lilian puts her hands up and gently places them on Randy's chest that is dripping of sweat from his grueling match at WrestleMania 22 "Randy...Randy please just calm down...you know how upset Mr. McMahon gets when someone's acting out of order..."

Randy calms down a little, "I don't care... I told the fucking world that I was going to get the World Heavyweight title... and what happened... they change the match after I earned it... and fucked me over!" Randy appears to go from an extremely angry mood to an extremely depressed one in a matter of moments.

Lilian removes her hands from Randy's chest "Randy it's really ok...I'm sure you'll get another shot at the title...you're still young..."

"No it's not... Vince is putting me on god damn suspension for no good reason..." Randy says as he looks down, "Just because I'm not Mr. Popular backstage..." Randy shakes his head, "It's not fucking fair..."

Lilian pauses and then nods her head "Well...that is somewhat true, you're not very well liked..." Lilian replies with a weak smile.

"So what.... The Rock got all the same breaks I did and he's popular backstage... when he bothers to come back..." Randy folds his arms.

Lilian folds her arms and looks down a bit "You're just being bitter...but what if I made you...feel a bit better?"

Randy looks at Lilian with a raised eyebrow, "And how would you go about doing that?" He asks, feeling a bit better that Lilian seems to care.

Lilian smiles and shrugs her shoulders a bit "Ohhh.... I don't know, just anything that might make all your problems go away..."

"Lilian... thanks... but you singing is not going to make me feel better..." Randy says as he looks at her.

Lilian blushes and laughs a little "I can do more then sing, Randy.." Lilian pauses and smirks slightly "I see...you just don't know me...at all..."

Randy can't help but smile, and then laugh a little at Lilian's reply, "All right Lilian... I'll bite... just... how can you make me feel better than I do right now?"

Lilian unfolds her arms "Well Randy, why don't you follow me and maybe you'll find out..." Lilian replies with a smile.

"All right..." Randy says with a smile, "I'll admit... you got me curious... and I want to find out..." Randy adds as he starts to follow Lilian when she starts to walk.

Lilian looks back at Randy over her shoulder as he follows her "Your locker room nearby?"

"Yeah... the cramped little closet they gave me for tonight is right down there..." Randy points ahead of Lilian in the direction of where the SmackDown superstars get dressed.

Lilian smiles weakly and then shrugs "Ehhh...it'll do, I guess."

Randy raises an eyebrow, "Do for what?" Randy asks as he continues to follow the beautiful ring announcer down the corridor.

Lilian smiles once again over her shoulder as she looks back at him "Randy... you'll see."

"All right..." Randy nods his head, not catching on at all to what Lilian may have in mind. The two of them walk a bit quietly to his locker room, even though a lot of the backstage personal and other WWE wrestlers and divas have already left for the Wrestlemania Post-Party.

Lilian stops at an intersection of the hallway and looks back at Randy "Ok... which one is your's?"

"This one over here..." Randy replies as he points to the door that leads into his locker room.

Lilian smiles as she approaches the locker room "Ohhh...I think this one will do." Lilian says as she pushes the locker room door open.

Randy shrugs, "Well it's cramped... I'm telling you I got the big screw job when it came to locker room assignments... fucking Torrie's dog got a bigger room than I did..."

Lilian laughs a little as she slides her hand against the wall of the darkened locker room and flips on the lights. Lilian looks into the locker room "Ohhh its not so bad..."

"Are you kidding?" Randy laughs a bit, "The couch isn't leather... a small ass table with a bowl of nuts.... and a pathetic TV..." Randy points out the furniture, "And don't get me started on the shower..."

Lilian laughs a little "Randy...just come in and have a seat, you know get a bit comfortable."

Randy nods, "Ok..." Randy replies as he walks into his described cramped locker room, which is rather spacious. He immediately plops down on the couch and appears to relax a bit upon sitting down.

Lilian closes the door and casually locks the door before she walks over to the couch that Randy is sitting on "Why don't you get a bit MORE.... comfortable"

Randy looks at Lilian with a raised eyebrow, "Lilian... if I got any more comfortable... I'd be fucking naked right now..."

Lilian smiles a bit and blushes "Exactly..."

Randy pauses, then he nods his head understanding, "Ohhhh-kay... with that being said..." Randy laughs a little as he begins to push down his wrestling tights from his waist down to his ankles, where he kicks them off. Randy gets stretched out on the couch, letting his twelve-inch cock have some breathing room.

Lilian licks her lips a bit "Mmmm Randy...what you're packing done there... not bad at all..." Lilian says with a laugh as she takes a step close to the self-proclaimed 'Legend Killer'.

Randy smirks a little, "Hey... I'm a lady thriller in my spare time... when I'm not getting screwed over..." Randy replies as he licks his lips.

Lilian smiles as she blushes slightly, she motions her hands down towards Randy's crotch as she slowly lowers herself down onto her knees "May I...."

Randy nods his head slowly as he sees Lilian's hands as she moves them in the direction of his shaft. "Yeah... go ahead... Knock yourself out..."

Lilian laughs a little "I might be the one knocking you out..." Lilian says as she places her soft hands tenderly around Randy's shaft before she starts to guide both of her hands up and down Randy's hard, thick shaft.

Randy moans a bit as Lilian strokes his shaft gently, making it stiffer just by her touch, "You might... we'll find out... won't we?" Randy says as Lilian starts to make him feel better as she pumps his shaft with her lovely hands.

Lilian smiles as she looks up at Randy "I guess we will..." She replies as she moves her left hand down his shaft, while keeping her right hand positioned near the head of his cock.

"Mmmm... well... I see... it's true... if a chick can handle a microphone... she can handle... a hard dick..." Randy groans as Lilian continues to work his twelve inch shaft over. Lilian laughs a little as she flips her blonde hair back and leans her head in towards the head of Randy's cock and places her the tip of her tongue against the head of his cock. Lilian, the beautiful RAW Ring Announcer, begins to circle her wet tongue around the head of Randy's cock before slipping her tongue off of his cockhead and moving her tongue down his shaft. Randy tilts his head back against the couch and moans loudly, "Awww.... fuck... yea..." Randy says as he feels Lilian's warm wet tongue moving over the skin of his shaft. Randy stretches his arms out and put them on top of the back of the couch as he watches Lilian massage his cock with her tongue.

Lilian smiles slightly as she rounds her tongue around his shaft, gently patting her tongue against his shaft as she licks his thick, hard cock. Lilian lifts her soft eyes up and locks her eyes with Randy as she playfully works her tongue back up his shaft. "Ohhh... ahhhh.... Lilian... oh you're right... you're defiantly making me feel better..." Randy moans as he breathes slowly and deeply as he watches the sexy ring announcer bathe his hard cock with her tongue.

Lilian works her tongue back up to the head of Randy's cock and opens her warm mouth, lowering her head down on Randy's stiff cock. Lilian wraps her lips around Randy's shaft and starts to bob her head quickly, right away, on Randy's cock. "Ahhh... ohh yeah.... suck it... suck that dick..." Randy groans as he moves his left hand and puts it on top of Lilian's head. He strokes her blond hair as he scoots forward on the couch so that Lilian can easily get more of his thick shaft past her lips.

Lilian softly moans against Randy's cock as she starts to lap her playful tongue around Randy's shaft as she bobs her head swiftly on his stiff, thick cock. Lilian removes her right hand from around Randy's cock and begins to push down her jean skirt. "Ahhh...mmmmm... fuck... oh yeah... I feel... a LOT better now..." Randy licks his lips and closes his eyes as Lilian blowjob has him completely forgetting his problems. He slips his fingers through her blond hair, flipping it back so her bangs don't hang over her eyes.

Lilian slowly picks her head up from Randy's cock as her warm saliva drips down his shaft; she gently pets the head of Randy's cock with her tongue before lifting her head completely away from his cock "How about...we take things to the next level..."

"Oh... I'm all for that..." Randy smirks as he leans forward on the couch and takes hold of the material of Lilian's red tank top. He pulls it up, exposing Lilian's red lace bra covered chest and hot, slender upper body. "Damn... you're fucking hot..."

Lilian smiles "Thanks...so are you..." Lilian says as she reaches over her shoulder and unlocks her red laced bra and stands up. Raw's beautiful Ring Announcer then peels the bra away from her hot, erect nippled chest.

Randy's eyes go wide as he sees Lilian's stiff nipples, "Ohhhh shit... those are hot fucking tits..." Randy licks his lips as he reaches for Lilian's red lacy panties and he pulls them down her perfectly tanned legs.

Lilian slowly steps out of her red-laced panties as Randy slides them down her smooth, tanned legs to reveal her gloriously shaven, hot pussy. Lilian smiles as she slides her left hand through her soft blond hair "I'm ready for you...Lady Thriller..."

"Yes you fucking are..." Randy licks his lips lustfully as he looks at every inch on Lilian's body. He reaches for and grabs both of Lilian's hands and pulls her onto the couch next to him. Randy makes Lilian lay down on it and he gets on top of her. "Ohhh damn... you're so fucking hot..." Randy says again as he spreads her legs and plunges his cock into Lilian's tight warm waiting pussy.

Lilian tilts her head back and bites down on her bottom lip as she feels Randy's thick, hard cock suddenly thrusted into her tight pussy "Ohhh Randy..." Lilian moans as she reaches up and places her soft hands onto Randy's strong arms.

Randy slides his tongue underneath his top front teeth as he begins to pump his shaft in and out of Lilian. "Ohhh...ahhhh fuck..." Randy moans he fucks Lilian's tight pussy deliberately slow, making her feel every inch of his fat cock move between her soft pussy lips.

Lilian closes her eyes as she grits her teeth, beginning to gently grind her pussy against Randy's cock every time he thrusts his cock into her warm, tight pussy "Ohhhh... Randy... I bet... you didn't know...I was like this..." Lilian moans.

Randy shakes his head, "No... I didn't... I didn't... know you... at all..." Randy grunts as he begins to fuck her wet pussy at a gradually faster pace. Randy lowers his head down and flicks his tongue against both sides of Lilian's skinny neck while giving her stiffer thrusts.

Lilian licks her bottom lip as she feels Randy's cock thrust quicker and deeper into her sweet pussy "Ohhhh...feeling...better...yet?" Lilian moans.

"Ohhh... I am... I defiantly am..." Randy groans as he puts his hand on Lilian's hips. He turns over on the couch so that he's on his back and the beautiful Raw Ring Announcer is on top of him. He continues to buck his hips, thrusting his shaft up into Lilian's pussy which makes her bounce slightly. Lilian grits her teeth gently as places her soft hands on the muscular chest of Randy Orton and begins to gradually rock back and forth on his cock as she rides and bounces on his stiff cock. Randy slides his hands all over the chest, stomach and hips of Lilian body, feeling the small drips of sweat that is on her skin. "Ahhh... ohhh... fuck you're... so... damn fucking... hot..." Randy moans as he moves his right leg so that it's hanging off of the edge of the couch.

Lilian licks her lips as she bounces quicker on his cock while slamming herself down harder on Randy's cock "Ohhhh Randy!"

"Ohhh.... uhhh... fuck Lilian... only... way if this... was better... if I was fucking... that hot... ass of yours..." Randy groans as he rams his cock up into Lilian's hot tight sweet pussy.

Lilian licks her lips "Ohhhh Randy...why don't you..." Lilian moans

Randy smirks a bit, "Cause... you don't... seem like a chick... that gets... fucked in the ass..." Randy answers with a groan as he puts his strong hands on her hips to lift her up off of his throbbing prick.

Lilian laughs a bit as lifts off of Randy's cock "Ohhhh Randy...you don't know me at all!"

Randy laughs a bit as he sits up on the couch, "That's true... how about... I fuck your ass... doggy style..." Randy asks as he moves to kneel on the couch.

Lilian smiles "Ohhh even better!" Lilian laughs as she positions herself in front of Randy and kneels slightly over the arm of the couch.

Randy licks his lips, "This is going to be... awesome..." Randy puts his right hand on Lilian's ass and uses his left hand to guide his fat throbbing cock to Lilian's tight entrance of her ass. With a bit of effort The Legend Killer works his cock into Lilian's asshole and begins to fuck her with stiff but short thrusts.

Lilian grits her teeth "Ohhhh fuck Randy..."

Orton lays both of his sweaty hands on Lilian's lower back and bites his tongue as he slowly fucks her ass with longer and faster stroke. "Ohh... what... a tight... ass....Mmmmm baby..." Randy moans as he slides his hands to the sides of Lilian's body to pull her back towards him.

"Ohhhhh yess Randy...fuck my ass!" Lilian moans as her backside comes crashing back against Randy's stiff cock "Ohhh yesss!"

"Ohhh... uhhhh Christ..." Randy reaches underneath Lilian with his right hand in order to rub her soaking wet pussy with two of his fingers.

Lilian grits her teeth tighter as she feels Randy's cock ram in and out of her tight asshole, while at the same time her fingers her sweet, soaking pussy "Awwww....Randy."

Randy tilts his head back as he fucks Lilian's perfectly shaped ass, drilling her backside with harder and faster thrusts that jolt her forward. "Ahhhhh man... ohhhh baby... mmmmm..." Randy moans as he pumps his two fingers in and out of Lilian's pussy with erotica driven fury.

"Ohhhhh Randy......" Lilian bites down on her bottom lip as she sweats heavily "Ohhhhh fuck yesss!" Lilian grunts.

"Ahhh... shit Lilian.... I'm gonna... fuck that cunt... of yours.... one more... time... Randy groans as sweat pours down his body. He pulls his cock and fingers out of her sexy ring announcer, and then he crashes his cock back into Lilian's pussy with everything he's got.

Lilian tilts her head back as she feels the sudden impact and Randy's cock driving full speed into her cunt "Ohhhhhhh fuck Randy!" Randy wraps both his arms around Lilian's sweat covered body and pulls her up so her back is pressed against his sweat drenched chest. Randy places his left hand on Lilian's left it and dips his right hand down to Lilian's pussy where he rubs the edges up it as he pumps his shaft in and out of her pussy. "Ohhhh no.....Randy...I'm...." Lilian moans as she breaths heavily with sweat dripping off of her body, however before Lilian can warn Randy she begins to cum.

"Ohhh... I know... Lilian..." Randy moans as he feels Lilian hot cum all over his cock as she climaxes. The Legend Killer continues to fuck her tight pussy, using all of his youthful strength and endurance to make sure that Lilian remembers this.

Lilian closes her eyes as her beautiful face drips of sweat "Ohhhhh Randy..."

Randy bites his lip as he grunts, "Uhhh... fuck... Lilian.. I'm gonna... awww shit..." Randy groans deeply as his cock starts to erupt inside of Lilian's pussy, flooding her tight soaking wet cunt with his hot cum.

Lilian grits her teeth "Ohhhh Randy..." Lilian coos as she feels his warm cum flood her pussy.

Randy holds Lilian tightly against him as his cock continues to spurt hot cum into her pussy, "Ohh... ohhh fuck..." Randy moans as he lays down with Lilian on the couch, with his shaft still deep in her pussy.

Lilian licks her lips as she looks over her shoulder and smiles at Randy "So...feeling better?"

Randy nods his head, "Yeah... I am... I never felt better..." Randy says as he caresses her body while still holding her against him.

Lilian smiles "Well...I'm glad I could help a bit..."

"You defiantly helped... more than you know..." Randy smiles back at her, "Any way... I can repay you?"

Lilian laughs a little and shrugs her shoulders "I'll have to think about that...but just remember now you know all about me..."


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