tagIncest/TabooYou Know I Can See You, Right?

You Know I Can See You, Right?


Technology is a wonderful thing. It has created an entire virtual world of passionate sexual activity. I have indulged this new and thrilling virtual existence in many ways. I just never dreamed it might include my mother.

I married and was quickly left by a girl I met straight out of college. She was cute but a bit flighty. My mother first loved her when I met and married and hated her when she up and left, a scant 2 years later. My mother has always considered me "her baby", as the youngest of 3 kids. When my wife Sam went out the door, Mom was the first to call me home for a week to get my head back on straight.

It was easier said than done. I had fallen very hard for Sam, and her leaving me was a bigger blow than even I suspected. It began to unravel my life in many ways. As a coping mechanism I took a position in France with a financial firm that had recruited me hard just out of school. I hadn't originally thought of taking a position with them, due to the likelihood of extended travel. Now it seemed like the perfect thing.

The firm had a large office in Paris with smaller branches around France and Europe. I worked in the Paris office for 6 months before deciding to move to the Nice office. Quieter, near the ocean, it was heaven as soon as I arrived. Growing up in Southern California had always been about the beach, surfing, sailing, swimming were the ways my family spent much of its free time. My oldest sibling, David, owned a successful construction company in Santa Barbara. Jackie, my sister, was only 3 years older than me, owned a string of boutique shops up and down the Southern California coast.

Dad was an attorney, married more to the firm than to my mother, had moved in with a paralegal from his office who was 2 years younger than Jackie. This had left the 3 of us to care for my mother for the past 6 years. David was married, with 2 young kids and Jackie was single, and I suspected a lesbian. She had many girl friends, some of which were decidedly out of the closet. I had been asked to squire her to a number of functions, where she needed a date, but had no one that she really wanted to accompany her.

Mom was happy in her condo in Marina Del Rey in L.A. She had gotten it in the divorce, along with a sizable settlement buy out. Dad was not interested in paying her support for endless years, so he simply gave her a huge sum and was done with it. Mom was very bright with money and had doubled it, before decided that the markets were out of control, and liquidated most of her portfolio right before the big market crash of recent years. It was a stellar decision, which protected her assets amazingly.

Once in France I had taken to using Skype as my primary means of communicating with the family. I had been the techie in the family, so had set up everyone with the connections and trained them in the use of what is really a pretty basic technology. It made connecting that much easier once I got to France. I was now 9 hours ahead of everyone at home which required some goofy timing to be able to reach people when it was convenient. At 4 in the afternoon when I was just getting off work, I could reach the family at 7:00 AM their time. If I was willing to wake up at 3:00 AM, I could reach them at their 6:00 PM and chat before their dinner.

Skype became our lifeline for keeping touch and far better than the normal phone as we could see each other's smiling faces, and it was way cheaper! Mom and I developed a ritual where she would be enjoying her morning coffee when I would call. She would sometime take her laptop to the porch of her bedroom and sit in the morning sun while we chatted.

Life was good, things were busy, I was getting to know the city and meet some cute girls. Business was good and keeping close touch with home made it easier to bear the separation.

I had been living in Nice for about 4 months, when Mom's challenges with technology began to surface. From a distance I was trying to teach her Powerpoint. She was in a group of friends that did charity functions and fundraisers and she had been asked to give a presentation on the need to care for the homeless people that congregated in many of the beach communities. We had arranged for me to Skype her at 6:00 one morning to give her advice on her presentation.

I have a beautiful office with a view of the marina and live in a great apartment just below the Chateau cemetery, at the top of the Rue Rosetti, and up the stairs. I have to walk a bit from my private parking spot but it affords me a beautiful view of the ocean and the Promenade des Anglais. I have many times taken my computer to my little balcony and shown family and friends my view of Nice.

It took me some time to teach Mom how to use Skype, finding the icon, how to adjust sound and video. She learned slowly, and continued to struggle with getting her camera in the correct spot, but came along bit by bit.

I rang her one Saturday a bit early. Skype rang and rang and just as I was about to hang up she answered. When her picture came up the room was empty.

"Hi sweetie." She said. "Hang on a sec. You woke me up and I need to turn off my camera." I could just make out her arm reaching in the work the mouse. "I'm not dressed." I got a sudden jolt from the thought of my mother answering Skype in the nude.

"There we go, that's better." She said. My screen still showed her bedroom. Nothing had changed. I was about to say so when she stepped in front of her computer and sat down. I was jolted again, harder, by the fact that I could see first the bottom half and then the top half of her completely nude body. My mind was seared with the unforgettable sight of her closely cropped light brown pussy hair and full lips and then her gorgeous, full, nude breasts. "Couldn't very well have you seeing me sitting here nude now." She said smiling, (she thought), to herself.

I was at a complete loss for words. She frowned. "Are you still there? Did I hang up on you?"

"N - no," I stammered, "I'm still here." (Still here and staring at your bare breasts), I thought to myself. I almost blurted out that she had hit the wrong button and simply hid her own picture from herself, but the words simply would not form. Her tits were magnificent!! Perfect! Easily C cups with hard pink nipples, placed high on each breast, aiming slightly to the outside; total Playboy tits!!! On my mother no less!!

"So sweetie, how are you. It's good to hear from you. I was hoping we'd chat Thursday, but I had an early morning with the girls." She blathered on for a bit about what she'd been doing recently, as she began to take her gorgeous blond hair and put it up into a loose knot. Her arms working her hair made her perfect tits bob and weave incredibly!! "Are you tired, honey? You're so quiet this morning, well, your evening."

"No - no," I stammered again, "I'm fine, but ..." again I was about to tell her that I could see her, but she got there first.

"Hang on one sec, baby, let me go put the kettle on. I need some coffee. I'll be right back." She pushed back a bit and then stood, showing me again that perfect little pussy, then turned to give me a shot of her tight bottom, which jiggled just a bit and she moved. (What a fucking body!!!) my brain screamed at me. She left the room and I sat there realizing that I was sporting a heavy and growing erection. Mom was what, I had to calculate in my head, 46, 47? Holy shit! She was incredible! All that jogging around the marina was really keeping her tight and fit.

From off screen I heard, "Hang on sweetie. I'm coming." I watched as she crossed the room, tits swaying gently, and got a tiny silk robe from the closet. She threw it on, but didn't close it, the ties hanging loosely. Walking back to her desk, I was afforded an even sexier view of her completely nude front, top to bottom, framed by a flowing gold silky robe. I was now completely hard!

"There we go, I'm back now. I had to throw on my robe." Again her gorgeous pussy flashed in front of me as she sat, and then her tits were right there for me to stare at and ogle. "So how are you sweetie?"

"I'm, ... well, ... fine." I told her.

"Work is good?"

"Everything is, ... Great!" I said enthusiastically! She returned to fussing with her hair, making her breasts perform for me again.

"Did you meet that girl? The one from the Boulangerie? You were going to have lunch yesterday?"

"I did. Her name is Marianne. It was great!" we chatted a bit longer, before she scooted back and stood again, moving to her dresser to get a bottle of lotion. Our chat was warm but perfunctory, as I watched her begin to apply lotion to her legs. We chatted about the rain that had drowned us a few days before, as each foot in turn came into view, placed on the edge of the desk as she applied lotion to her calves and thighs. Her pussy was just out of camera range, and I was surprised to find myself wanting to see it. (This was my mother!) I thought to myself.

She was describing her dinner out with friends, as she shrugged the robe off her shoulders and began lotioning her shoulders and arms. I completely lost track of the discussion when she applied lotion to her throat, her chest, and then, with a generous dollop in her hands began to apply it to her big breasts. It was such a matter-of-fact activity for her, but was making me crazy to watch her milking each big tit, covering it in lotion, starting at the bottom and working it towards the nipple. Her nipples were rock hard!!!

She finished with her tummy and then pulled the robe back up over her and closed it. I almost asked her to stop, but caught myself.

"There. Now I'm dressed." She said and leaned in and worked the mouse again. Nothing changed for me but she could now see herself. "There we go. Now you're allowed to see me. It wouldn't do to have you see me before. Frightening!" she giggled. I almost corrected her totally wrong assumption.

"What? To see you in the nude?" I asked in mock horror. "Agh! My eyes!" we both laughed. "This might sound odd coming from your son, but I bet you're gorgeous in the nude."

"Yeah, well, maybe 'used to be'." She said.

"What are you talking about? You are a beautiful woman!"

"Thank you sweetie, but you're no judge. At least not of me." She smiled in that lovely mother way. It had a very different look to me now.

I felt that I needed to tell her about her mistake. What if she did that with anyone else? "Well answering Skype in the nude is a risky proposition with anyone. But with me, who would care? Even if it did turn me to a pillar of salt." We both laughed again.

"Truly horrifying." She offered.

"I feel absolutely sure that you are not!" I countered. "I'm pretty sure you're spectacular!"

"Well," she said with finality, "Here's a subject we can get off of."

We chatted a bit longer, then I had to eat and she had to get dressed. I fumbled around a bit longer, not wanting this conversation to end. Finally it did. She bleeped off and I sat there with my hand squeezing my hard cock through my pants. "Holy Fucking SHIT!" I said aloud to myself.

The following Monday night I had dinner with Marianne, from the bakery. She was petit and sexy, loved to practice her English as I practiced my French. During dinner I got a text from my mom with a question about her Powerpoint presentation. I texted back that I would help her on line in the morning, 'my morning'. She responded by stating that 'only I could help her'.

That familiar "Boop Bee Boop" of the Skype program woke me before the sun was up. Marianne had taken me to a small club and we had overindulged, drinking Pernod. My head was not right as I looked at the clock. 4:45! "Jesus!" I said as I threw back the covers and sat up, my head swimming a bit. I was nude and sporting a bit of wood. I immediately thought of my last Skype with mom. A brief thought of turning the tables flicked through the back of my mind, made a quick turn and embedded itself in the front of my mind. I wondered what she would say. Did I dare?

I turned on my bedside lamp and, walking to the desk, turned on the desk lamp. I hesitated for a second and then stepped aside.

"Hey! Good morning." I said to her from off camera. "Now you caught me too early."

"Oh sweetie, I'm sorry. Shall I call back?"

"No, it's fine. Let me turn off my camera though. Keep you from turning into a pillar of salt."

I leaned my face in and fiddled a bit. "There we go." I said, pretending that I had done something. I watched her expression as she was forming the words to tell me that I was still on her screen. "Keep you safe from the horrors of seeing something you shouldn't." I was waiting for her to say something. I knew she could still see me. I could see her trying to form the words. Finally I walked out in front of the camera, acting as if it was really off, casually bouncing my erect cock in full view of my mother.

"How are you this morning?" I asked her as I moved around a bit as if looking for some shorts, making sure to show off my cock for her. There was no response. Now I frowned, repeating her move from the other day. "Are you still there? Did I hang up on you?"

"No," she stammered, "I'm still here." (Still here and staring at my son's hard cock) I imagined her thinking.

"Oh good. I can never tell if I've hung up on someone by accident." I stood hands on hips pointing my cock in her general direction. "So, you need help and only I can give it to you, eh?"

I watched a comical response from my mother, where her hand flew to her mouth, her eyes never leaving the screen. "So, what can I do for you this morning?" I watched her searching for words, as I moved closer and closer to the computer and eventually sat down, bringing my face into full view.

"Ummm, ... you remember ... ummm ... how you set the, ... umm, ... oh you know, the um custom animation for the transitions?" she finally stammered out.

"Yeah?" This was truly comical. I would have laughed out loud, if it wasn't such an incredible turn on! I was showing my hard cock to my mother, under false pretenses, and she was not telling me that she could see it. She was doing the very same thing I had done. I briefly wondered if her screw-up had really been on purpose.

"Timing!" she finally blurted. "I can't remember how to change the timing."

"You know what? I have that tutorial right here ..." I looked around as if searching for something. "I think it's right ..." I stood up, placing my raging erection right in front of the camera. It was bobbing and bouncing, in extreme close-up for my mom. I moved this way and that posing my cock so she could view it from every angle. It had not been this hard in years! Every vein was pulsing and the skin was painfully tight around it. She said nothing.

I placed a hand on my hip as if considering something. "I know I had it right here somewhere." I said from off screen. I reached down and gently scratched myself, right above the root of my cock, knowing that she would be watching it; almost touching myself for her.

I sat down into my chair and saw the most amazingly confused, aroused, discombobulated look on my mother's face. "I can't find it." I told her. "Let me walk you through it though. " I told her. "Hold your hand and guide you to it, as it were." She was just staring. "Let me just throw something on." She looked like she was about to protest, but said nothing. "Hang on one sec."

I stood again, slowly, posing a bit one more time, and then turned and in full view of her, picked up some jeans and pulled them on commando-style, exaggerating the tucking of my cock into the left leg, handling it and stroking it for her. It bulged obscenely in my pants. You could make out the ridge of the head of my cock. As I moved back towards her I stroked it up and down a few times, leaving the jeans unbuttoned, flayed open. I sat down again and then pretended to fumble a bit with the computer.

"There! How's that. Can you see me now?"

"Oh!" she said, as she seemed to come out of her trance-like state. "There you are. Good morning sweetie." She was actually panting a bit. "There's my handsome boy." I smiled; more like beamed.

"Such flattery. Only a mother can get away with such thoughts." She looked positively moist. "So open Powerpoint." I said, all business now, though I was stroking my cock still, off camera. She did. I could watch her now focused on something else. I knew that when she opened the program it would open in front of Skype. She would no longer see herself or me. "Is it open?"

I walked her through the animation portion of the program, as I threw in little jokes about us both being caught 'unprepared' lately. I joked about early morning Skypes carrying the risk of being embarrassed. I told my mother, "Well at least the embarrassment would stay between us." Can you imagine though ...? 'Whoops!' " She laughed nervously.

"Well at least you're a handsome young man. I'm, ... well, ... I'm, ..."

"What? A hot and beautiful older woman? Trust me there are worse things. In fact, there are probably very few better things!" I laughed. She didn't, but smiled nervously.

I continued the brief lesson, which was made harder by her lack of concentration. We finally finished and after some loving words, signed off. I immediately stripped off my pants and laid back in bed and masturbated to an immediate orgasm.

Our 'unprepared' method of Skype didn't happen again for a while, but we began to wake each other earlier and earlier. About 3 weeks later she answered in the same gold robe that she had worn that fateful morning when this all started. Her nipples were again nice and erect. They danced inside the paper thin material as she did her hair again.

"Is it chilly there?" I blurted before I could catch myself.

"A bit. Why?" She asked before realizing why I had asked. She looked down and quickly pulled the material away from her skin. "Oh! Goodness! Sorry."

"Don't be." I countered quickly. She looked up at me with a funny look. "I mean it's quite a nice look. I mean, ... well, ..." Busted!

A frown slowly grew on her face. "What I mean is, ... here in France, you see that a lot. Women are less, ... well, more, ... I mean it's no big deal here."

"Maybe." She finally said, "but not your mother, that's gross."

"Gross?!!" I asked her. "What's gross? It's not gross. It doesn't begin to be gross!" Her frown stayed. "It's beautiful! It is a beautiful look, I think." The frown stayed. "It's a beautiful look on you. I'm just sayin'." Her look was unreadable. "What? Like you don't know that your breasts are beautiful?"

"Andy," she finally said carefully, "what are you saying?"

"I'm just sayin'. I'm, ..." She waited. "Your, ... well, ... nipples, showing through clothing, is a beautiful look, natural, sexy, confident." This last word caught her attention.


"Yeah. Confident. As if you know they look sexy, and you don't care. 'This is me' you're saying to the world. 'Deal with it'." She didn't look convinced. There was a long pause. My heart was pounding! "Relax." I finally said. "Relax. Show me." She gave me a look as if to say, 'Show you?'. I simply nodded.

After a long moment, where I was unsure what would happen, she finally released the silky material and it moved right back to clinging to her shape. Her nipples were even harder than before. "See? Beautiful!" She was hunched over looking at them herself. "Sit up straight." I told her. Her eyes came up to mine, doubtful, then her chin then she slowly sat up arrow straight, pushing her breasts against the thin material, they were perfect!! As she did the material gaped in front, exposing skin to her navel.

"Wow!" was all I could thin to say. I watched her hair swish back and forth and see leaned down to check herself. "You see? Perfect!"

"Well this robe is something no one else should ever see." She said smiling.

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