tagIncest/TabooYou Know I Can See You, Right? Ch. 08

You Know I Can See You, Right? Ch. 08


Mom was laying back in the pillows, leaning back on her elbows. I stood and gazed at her sexy loveliness; prefect body, sexy and nude, my mother. Lying there in the soft glow of the candlelight she looked like a classic Playboy centerfold, come to life; perfect.

"So," she finally smiled seductively at me, "Is my handsome, studly son ready to actually fuck his own mother's juicy, wet pussy?" she grinned wickedly, her eyes dropping to my hard cock, bouncing with eager anticipation.

"Oh you naughty Mom! You are going to get it now!" I growled at her.

"Oh yeah? Stud?" She whispered softly as she casually raised one knee and began waved it back and forth, slowly revealing, hiding, and then revealing her swollen pussy lips to me again and again. She noticed me watching this intently and then gently laid her leg wide open.

"Do you like this?" she asked me, indicating her pussy. "Is that a nice view, sweetheart?" I nodded dumbly. She slowly moved her other leg apart, causing her pussy lips to gently part, wetly, revealing the gorgeous pink inner lips. "Am I totally naughty for showing my naked pussy to my son?" she asked, smiling a bit.

"Yes you are." I told her hungrily. "You are a very naughty mother, for showing your son your beautiful naked pussy." I told her. "Am I a naughty son for standing here, naked and erect, loving the sight of my own mother's pussy?" Her thumb came up and she slipped it into her mouth, smiling a bit. She nodded. "Yeah? I'm a naughty son for wanting to feel your pussy? For wanting to taste my own mother's sweet pussy?" She kept nodding, her smile growing and her hungry look intensifying. "Am I a naughty son for wanting to push my hard cock into the vagina that I was born from, my own mother's wet, warm vagina that gave birth to me all those years ago?" Her eyes rolled closed for a moment at the thought.

My cock was aching; actually painful it was so hard.

"Well, ... you are a naughty boy, my son." She purred at me. "Just look at you. My own son, standing there, beautifully nude, with the hardest, biggest, most beautiful cock I've ever laid eyes on, ..." She licked her lips again. "...that I've ever laid my lips on, just standing there, watching his mother, nude in bed, in my most private, intimate moment, and you stand there watching me, like a peeping tom."

Her right hand slowly moved up to cup her gorgeous breast. She squeezed and released, and teased the nipple.

"Here I am, enjoying my private moments, touching myself, pleasuring myself, and you stand there all erect and horny, as you spy on me playing with myself." Her fingers trickled downward over her tummy across her swollen mound and gently worked back and forth over her clit.

"Mmmmm." She moaned as she toyed with her clit. "I was so naughty to let you lick me, lick my pussy. My own son, down between my legs, licking and sucking me, tasting my very wet pussy. The very same one that gave you life. Now look at me. Laying here, nude before you, playing with my pussy and dying to have you back in me, especially that part of you." She nodded towards my aching cock.

"I want that part in me, sweetie. I don't care if I'm wicked, or evil, or perverted beyond belief. With all that's happened to us, I just ... don't ... care anymore. I want your sweet cock, Andy. I want to let you fuck me! Fuck my pussy with that fat cock." Her lustful eyes came up to mine smiling. "We've both had all the time we need to consider our actions. We know what we want and who we are to each other. Let's finally make that fantasy a reality."

I smiled wide at this and slowly moved to kneel on the bed. I noticed that she was shaking a bit, trembling that 'this was it'. I moved to kneel between her wide-spread thighs and then sat back on my heels.

"I want you to know how much I love you and always have; always will!!" I told her softly. "I want you. I want you so bad. I want you forever." She smiled at me in the most gorgeous, loving, angelic way. She nodded her agreement.

I scooted forward, taking her legs and raising them around me, moving closer and closer until my painful cock came to rest on top of her clit. I gathered some saliva and swirled it onto my hard shaft and slowly began to stroke over her pussy.

"Oh Andy, yes!" Mom moaned aloud. "Oh my sweetheart, darling. You feel so hard, so heavy." I kept slowly working my hips, stroking my cock over her pussy. "You feel so wonderful!" She leaned up so she could watch the show of my thick penis slipping over her.

I leaned forward, continuing to stroke over her, and we came nose to nose, gazing deeply into each other's eyes. My hips moved as her rose up off the bed to meet me. We kissed long and deep, as we ground against each other. Her hands came up and cupped my face as she pulled me back for a soulful look.

"It's time, darling, darling, Andy." She whispered softly. "Take me, sweetheart. I need to be filled completely with you."

I pushed back up onto my knees and gazed down at the vision of my cock slipping wetly over my mother's swollen, gorgeous pussy lips. I reached down and gently toyed with her perfect nipples for a moment, giving her full breasts the slightest shake. I stroked my hands down her ribs, over her tummy, along the length of her fit, sensuous legs, and took both ankles in my hands.

I lifted and opened her legs even wider, giving me a lewdest, sexiest view of my naked mother, laying there waiting for her own loving son to penetrate her wet pussy with his hard cock for the very first time; hopefully the first time of many; the rest of our lives.

"I love you Mom." I told her with a smile. "Take me back inside you."

I drew back my hips, slowly, dragging my hard, heavy cock back across her clit. It gently dipped down until the head smoothed through the open flower petals of her lips, and came to rest against the opening to her vagina. She was visibly trembling now. Her lower lip firmly caught in her teeth. She tried to remain still, but was vibrating under me. I gently pushed forward until the head of my cock was inside of her.

"Oh Andy!" Mom groaned as her eyes rolled back. "My sweet, loving son! Fuck your mother, darling."

"Yes, mother. My mother. My sexy, gorgeous, nude, loving mother! Let me push up into your body. Take my cock, Mom."

I slowly, gently pushed, then withdrew, pushed and withdrew, each time easing just the tiniest bit more of my cock into her. Her hands came to my hips and just held me. She didn't push or pull, just held me, as I worked slowly in and out. It took a while before I had even reached halfway in. Her pussy was literally drooling around my cock, which shone wetly in the candlelight.

"Oh Fuck, Andy! Do it! Fuck me! Give me all of your cock!" She was now raising her hips trying to speed my progress. "Don't tease me! I need it baby! I need your cock so bad! Fuck me!" I withdrew to the point where her lips where just touching the tip of my cock, and then pushed it hard, all the way in! Mom grunted with surprise and shock at the depth that I suddenly reached in her. "Ooooohhhhhhh!" she groaned aloud. "Ooooohhhhhhh, Fffuuuuccckkkk!!!" she howled.

I rammed it in again, having drawn all the way out again. "Ooooohhhhhhh, Fffuuuuccckkkk!!!" she repeated. "Ooooohhhhhhh, Fffuuuuccckkkk!!! Oh Andy! Oh Andy! Oh Andy! Oh fuck, you are so deep!" Her head was rolling around, back and forth. Her fingernails were digging into my hips as she held on for dear life. "Yes, baby! Yes! My sweet baby! My sweet baby man!

I found a long slow rhythm, withdrawing my cock, drawing her sweet wet pussy walls with me, and then ramming the whole thing back into her. I drove the air from her lungs with each forceful thrust. I could clearly feel the depth of her vagina, as I seemed to hit her soft, squishy bottom on each thrust. She looked like she was supporting her entire weight on her hips, resting in my lap and the top of her head, which was thrown back as far as it would go; her back was arched off the bed, her tits pushed up in the air. The veins on her neck stood out as she held her breath, every muscle taught.

"Oh my god, Mom!" I hissed, realizing that all my muscles were equally taught. "Oh fuck, yeah! Take my cock! Take my cock in you!" I rammed it and rammed it and rammed it, reveling in how tight she really was. When her breath finally did escape, it did so with a loud howl that certainly was heard by everyone in the neighborhood. She completely un-sprung at that moment, collapsing heavily on the bed. I continued to pummel her pussy, but her body was limp and her eyes were closed. She flopped a bit with every hard thrust, her beautiful breasts gently swaying as I fucked her. Her entire body was coated with a sheen of sweat.

"Oh yeah Mom, take it! Take that cock! Let me fuck that pussy with my cock!" I was thrusting just as deep, but even faster now. "Take your son's hot cock in your pussy. I love your pussy!" I watched for a bit as she lay there, flaccid; rocking gently as I fucked her pussy. "Mom?" I finally questioned. No response. "Mom?" I asked again, my thrusts slowing. She was out like a light. "Mom? You okay?" I asked, coming to a complete stop, a bit alarmed. There was no movement.

Slowly, she came to, her eyes fluttering, then opened slowly. They seemed to adjust and then rolled up to meet mine. We stared at each other for a second, then a slow slight smile came to her lips. "You okay?" I repeated. She smiled for a bit and then told me,

"Oh Andy. Oh my goodness, sweetheart. Wow!" Her smile became a huge grin. "Holy fuck sweetie, you are, ..." her head shook a bit. "I have never in my life, ..." She reached up and cupped my cheeks in her hands. "You fucked my lights out. My beautiful boy. My wonderful, wonderful, loving son. You're incredible!"

I told her that she had freaked me out a bit, that I had thought something was really wrong. She just smiled and shook her head in wonder, her thumbing going back into her mouth in that sexy way of hers.

"I have never cum like that, before. Never even thought it was possible. You fucked my lights out!" I stared in disbelief. I was kneeling there, not moving, still holding her ankles, legs wide apart, lewdly displayed, with my cock hallway in her. "Don't stop, my loving son, don't stop fucking me. Don't ever stop fucking me." That horny gleam returned to her eyes. "You are such an incredible ... mother fucker. I love fucking my son!"

I began to move again, which caused her eyes to roll back a bit.

"Oh yes! That's it! Oh Andy, Give your mother your amazing cock! Fuck your mother's wet pussy with that amazing, gorgeous dick!" Her hands came to her breasts and she took hold of her nipples roughly. "Oh fuck me, baby" Her jaw was clenched and she was leaning down to watch me in her. "Oh that cock! My baby boy's beautiful cock! My son is in my pussy! I'm being fucked by my son!" she said to the ceiling. She looked back to me. "I love you Andy!"

I was back to ramming her deep and hard. I kept looking down the view the incredible sight of my penis disappearing into my mother's vagina. It was a surreal, thrilling sight.

"Oh yeah, Mom! Take that cock. Take my cock. Take your son's cock into you. Take it so deep! Yeah! Feel how deep I am in you!"

"Oh you are, sweetie. So fucking deep! I love it! I love your cock! Fuck me baby! Oooof! So deep! Ooof! So fucking deep in me. You can't get any deeper! You cock is so fucking big, it's hitting me so deeply! Ooof!

"Oh Mom! I'm gonna cum!" I whispered. I was frantically fucking her now. Her whole body was shaking and bouncing with the strength of my thrusting. She moaned that she wanted it. "Can I cum in you?" I begged. "Can I shoot my cum in you?" she was nodding and gasping, simply holding on as I destroyed her tight little mother pussy. "Yeah? Yeah? Oh get ready for the flood, then. Get ready! I am going to fill my mother's sweet pussy with cum. I'm going to give you all my sperm!"

"Oh yes baby! Yes, my sweet baby! Shoot in me. Fill me! Flood me!!"

Our movements were frantic and wild, but our voices fell silent as we both climbed the wave to our orgasms. We held our breath and held onto each other, and then the crash came!!

Mom repeated her howl from moments before. I emitted one long 'Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhh!!!" as my penis burst forth with a spew of cum that left me flailing in a delicious agony of release, my balls ached as they emptied inside my mother's womb, my early home. My mother's sweet, tight, hot, little pussy was overcome with the deluge of my seed, forcing it out around the shaft of my cock and running out and down her bottom. I gathered a huge breath and expelled another long groan of agonizing pleasure. It had never been this wonderfully painful before to ejaculate, but the volume left the sensation of the actual flow of my cream through my penis. It ached.

"My God! Andy!" My mother gasped and giggled a bit. "Holy shit, sweetheart!" She was panting as she realized the degree to which she really was flooded. "Oh my sweet boy, are you okay? My goodness what a cum!!" Her fingers dipped into the flow that was still escaping her vagina, drawing a tight clamp over the shaft of my still spewing cock. "Jesus! I've never in my life, ...."

I opened my eyes to find her staring at me with a slightly alarmed gaze. Slowly a smile broke onto my lips; hers did as well.

"Wow!" was all I could think to say. We smiled at each other.

"Wow!" Mom repeated. I realized that I was still thrusting in and out, my cock not as painful, but still completely erect. Our smiles burst into outright laughter at the ludicrous level of our arousal and the height of our orgasmic pleasure. We were giddy, even as I continued to fuck her. She was sloppy wet with cum and so slick and smooth, I glided in and out effortlessly.

"Not done, I take it?" Mom finally questioned. I was still holding her legs wide apart and my hips hadn't slowed a bit.

"I guess not." I told her cheekily.

"My turn." She said, as she pushed me off her and laid me on my back. "Your loving mother wants her turn at riding her son's spectacular penis." She straddled me and stood there on her knees, hovering above my cock, warm cum dripping onto my stomach. "Oooh, how gooey." She cooed, "How wonderfully gooey, we are." She leaned down and licked the droplets of our mixed fluids, from my stomach.

"You are incredibly beautiful." I told her, stroking her hips, once she had raised up again.

"So are you, Andy. My son, my beautiful, nude, hard, sexy son." Her hips moved gently side to side, as she absent-mindedly cupped and squeezed her perfect tits. "Your cum is so tasty sweetie."

"Dance for me." I told her as she continued to move above me. She realized how she was moving, and made an effort to make it even sexier, like a lap dance.

"You don't mind your own mother, dancing naked for you?" she teased. My grin told her, without doubt, that I didn't mind a bit.

She moved and stroked her body, in the sexiest display I have ever seen. She cupped her breasts for me, squeezing and kneading the pliant flesh, tugging her nipples so hard it made me hurt for her; she loved it! She ran her fingers through the sloppy mess of her pussy juice and my cum that continued to ease from her pussy and brought it to her mouth, then to mine. The taste was exotic and erotic.

Mom leaned down and gently swabbed her lips over mine. My hands came up and cupped her perfect tits.

"Would you mind sweetie, ..." She whispered in my ear. "If your naughty mother has some more of your luscious big penis?" I shook my head smiling. "Yeah? That would be okay? You wouldn't mind letting me be so bad? Mmmm I want to be naughty again, I want to be the slut mother who takes her son's hard, big, beautiful cock and shoves it up her cunt." We were nose to nose again as she grinned down at me, while reaching back to take a hold on my cock.

"I, ... Ohhh sweetheart, darling, Andy! You're still so hard, baby. Mmmmmm" she moaned never taking her eyes from mine.

"It is a little different for me darling. I can remember every moment of your life. You were born out of my pussy, this pussy. Mmmm. I nursed you with these breasts." She moved a bit giving me a view of her breasts, hanging just above me. "You used to suck on these nipples for hours. Drinking your fill of my milk and turning me on at the same time. I could barely admit to myself that it turned me on to have your beautiful little mouth and tongue coaxing the sweet milk out of my tits, but it did. Oh how it did!" This last comment she made gazing into my eyes, inches from me. She kissed me softly.

"I used to care for you when you were tiny and helpless, cleaning you, washing you. Washing your adorable little penis, wondering to myself what it would become when you grew up. You were so naughty then. I would open your diaper and you would instantly pee." She giggled at the memory. "Stream of pee going everywhere. I learned to cover you with my hand as soon as I undid your diaper. I can remember the feel of your tiny penis in my hand, when I did." Her hand slipped down to squeeze my cock. Her eyes rolled closed at the feel.

"Oh sweetheart!" She moaned softly. "I never dreamed it would become this!" She squeezed the thick shaft. "I never dreamed it would pleasure me as it does. My son's penis has become my prized treasure. I love the feel of you. I love the feel of you in my mouth." Her gaze turned intense. "I ADORE the feel of this magnificent cock in my pussy, deep in my body, working in and out." She began to stroke the head over her clit. "Mmmm yes baby. Over my clit. Your cock is so hard, so big, so beautiful!"

Her eyes came to mine again.

"I want you in me again. Is that okay?" I nodded smiling back." Yeah? Oh sweetheart, thank you. Thank you for loving me and letting me be such a naughty slut mom."

"You could never be a slut, Mom. You are sexy and wild and free with your body, but never a 'slut'. Not to me."

"Oh baby. You are so sweet to me. I am naughty though. What mother let's her son, ... or makes her son, ... use his fingers and tongue and penis to pleasure her sexual needs? What sort of mother fucks her own loving son, just to get off?"

"The most beautiful, wonderful, loving and well-deserving mother in the world!" I told her. "You are so deeply loved by me. I adore you so thoroughly that making love to you is the perfect way for me to express it. The fact that we both love the fucking we give each other is proof of our tender devotion to each other, for life." Her eyes were misty as she gazed into mine. I think mine may have been too. "I want to fuck you so badly. I want to feel your exquisite body taking me into your loving core. Fuck me mommy!"

She raised herself just a bit, aligned my cock, and slid it gently, slowly, firmly into the depths of her pussy. She waggled her hips a bit to make the entry complete.

"You mean like that?" she grinned. I grinned back and nodded. "Mmmmm God sweetie. Your cock is heaven!" She pushed herself up, hands on my chest until she was sitting up straight. "Oh, holy fuck!" she moaned loudly. "You are so fucking big, Andy! Oh your cock is so fucking big in me!" She sounded breathless. I was so deep in her that it was slightly uncomfortable, being jammed into her depths. She was unbelievably tight around me.

Mom would work her hips back and forth, stirring my cock around inside and then she would begin an up and down motion, drawing me out and jamming me back in, bouncing her breasts in front of me. I took them in my hands and just held their beauty. Her fingers were digging into my chest as she rode me; back and forth, up and down. Her eyes were tightly shut as she came and then came again, drenching my entire crotch with her wetness.

I was holding her perfect tits, my thumbs touching in the middle, where I could feel her heartbeat; it was racing and pounding as she came again. She was panting in shallow little breaths as she fucked me and fucked me. After her 6th orgasm she finally gave out completely, falling off me to the side and gasping for breath. It was the sexiest thing I have ever witnessed!!

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