tagFetishYou Know What I Want?

You Know What I Want?


"You know what I want?"

It was a question, not a statement.

She was silent. She'd been quiet ever since he got her into position. As if speaking would cause something to happen that she didn't want.

He spoke again, softly into her ear, "You know what I want?"

She was silent still.

She lay on him facing the ceiling, with her legs outside his and her hands resting on her own thighs. He was holding her by her breasts, balancing her on his chest and abdomen. And he had his erection inside her vagina from behind.

Moving gently and slowly, he explored into her body with his erection and he could tell that she was apprehensive by the tension in her ribs and her upper arms as they crossed over his hands. Her biceps were quivering slightly with nervousness.

He asked her a third time, "You know what I want?" But still she said nothing.

He thought to himself, "Time to get some response."

He reached down from her breasts to a knot about her waist and undid it quickly. The knot was in the corset lace and the corset was on the girl. He took the laces out to either side of her body, took a loop round each hand and slowly began to push his hands apart. The lace began to tighten, and then it began to run through the eyelets at the back of the corset, next to him. He could feel the two rows of eyelets moving together ever-so slowly. Almost imperceptibly. But not really imperceptibly because she felt it.

She murmured for the first time since he'd got her installed on his penis and lying on top of him. She didn't speak but he could tell she noticed the tightening of the corset.

"Oh-oh-oh," she groaned softly as her waist shrank an inch or so; and then he tied off the lace again, round at the front of her torso.


Earlier that day, he'd made all the preparations for this evening. For himself, he'd laid out the items he needed for his own pleasure. Then he administered himself an enema; lying on the floor of his bathroom, on the special soft matting he had with the waterproof backing. It was only a small enema by his standards; two quarts, four pints, half a gallon. But it had done its job and he was cleansed.

After a shower, he dried himself carefully and went to the bedside, to take up the long-leg, high-waist panty girdle. It was one he'd kept for some years awaiting this day, and was no longer available in stores or on the Net. It was a white Custom Maid Style 299. It had long legs almost to his knees; a very firm set of panels, long bones at the front and back, a hook-and-zip fastener, and came up almost to his nipples. It took him some time to get into it because it was a waist-size 28 inches and he was 34, but the hips were right on him. "That's what comes of wearing a woman's girdle," he said to himself. When he was installed in it, he surveyed himself in the long mirror. Then he reached down and pulled through the "comfort crotch" his starting erection. Of course, this crotch opening was designed to allow women to pee without taking off the girdle but it served his purpose equally well. "How thoughtful of them," he mused to himself again, and smiled.

She had arrived in the early afternoon. They had known each other for five years, and they both had pleasure from the other. Each time they met in their first few months, he had made a suggestion to her for his pleasure and she's said, "No, please. I don't want that." So he'd stopped asking and started planning.

Today, as usual, he helped her undress and also given her a small enema. This had been part of their routine over the years, and she thought nothing of it any more. Then she showered and he helped her dry with big fluffy towels

But corsetry was new to her and today she'd been intrigued by the garment he wore and also by the one he presented to her. She felt down over his girdled body, and marvelled at the tension and the construction of the garment. Before fitting her corset onto her, he's asked her to wear a blindfold and she'd agreed. So she couldn't see the extreme narrowness of the waist nor the yards and yards of lacing which would need to be pulled through the eyelets to make the corset close.

And so they cuddled and she enjoyed his hands on her and the way he massaged her breasts, and played gently with her labia and clitoris. Slowly, with no apparent haste or tension, they arrived at this position; with her lying on him backwards and him deep inside her. She could feel the strength of his erection, and also the taut fabric of his girdle against the back of her thighs and legs. And the tightening waist of her own corset, of course.


Now, he resumed his hold on her breasts and moved his erection in and out of her a few times. He didn't want to climax yet; not for a long time, but he wanted to remain stiff and "useful" inside her. He could feel the pressure of his own girdle on his skin, pressing on his diaphragm, and squeezing his own legs; and the circle of tense Lycra around his erection.

"You know what I want?" The same question and the same silence.

He massaged her nice breasts and squeezed them, which he knew she liked. She murmured her pleasure this time.

"Aaah," quite a different sound. Definitely not a groan this time and her arms relaxed onto his hands and her own thighs,

"You know what I want?"

More silence and a return of the tension in her arms.

Reaching down to her waist, he undid the corset lace again, took the loops round each hand and started to tighten the corset. He knew all about this corset. It was made to measure and fitted her ribs perfectly and without pressure. Also, it fitted her hips with only a little pressure; say one inch less that her 38 inches. But the waist was a work of genius. By a clever arrangement of gores and positioning of the eyelets, he could reduce her waist to very small proportions indeed. He had asked the corsetiere to make the waist 16 inches; so that the closed measurements would create a woman's figure of 36-16-38 inches. But his woman didn't know that.

So he tightened the laces a little, for the second time and she made the "Oh-oh-oh" sound again. From the feel of her corseted body against his chest, he judged that her waist would be about 24 inches now.

He thought to himself, "A long way to go, lady. You'll answer me soon." As he thought it, he marvelled again at the tension and the smoothness of his own girdle; and the way it allowed him to mover her around without her skin sticking to his.

This time, he moved his hands to her waist and held her between his fingers and thumbs. As he moved into and out of her more times, he squeezed her waist a little and felt that there was a lot of flexibility. Squeezing as hard as he could, he felt the fabric of the corset bunch a little under hands, and knew that his next tightening could be more than the gently nudge of an inch or so.

He moved his hands up and down her body; holding and massaging her breasts and smoothing down to her pubic area, pressing on her mound and into her labia, and then round her sides to hold her hips and press on her buttocks a little. He pressed her buttocks together and then pulled them apart; and repeated this few times. She tensed as he did it and he knew what was in her mind.

"Time to persuade her more to her liking," he thought, and moved his hands from her breasts to her mound.

Smoothly pressing his fingers into the crease either side of her clitoris, he set up a rhythm with his penis inside her and his right hand on her clit. Pressing gently with three fingers and moving them from side to side, he knew the rhythm she liked. Three motions on his fingers to every one of his penis.

He felt her relax on him as her pleasure started to rise. He could feel the mew moisture under his fingers and on his erection. She was building towards an orgasm. "And then, she'll be more amenable," he thought.

Sure enough, she became tense, arched her back as his rhythm continued. He was careful and restrained in his movement and his pressure. After a few minutes, her breathing became deeper and her legs started to tremble; until with a great gulp of air, she came to a massive orgasm.

"Ah. Ah. Oh. Mmmmmm," she murmured.

He held her and stopped his stimulation because he knew from the past that she liked to settle quietly and with only her own hands on her body. She settled onto him and she could feel the girdle fabric next to her skin. And he became even more aware of the girdle as she settled with her warmed skin next to him.

She held her own breasts, and then her abdomen, and let her hands come to rest crossed on her mound; as if protecting herself. Her back stopped arching, legs stopped trembling, and breathing became normal. He let her become totally relaxed again and held her breasts. All was quiet.

"You know what I want?" came the question again, and he thrust his erection into her a little further as if to emphasis the urgency of her answer.

She made no reply and he moved his hands to her waist again, undid the laces and tightened the corset by more than last time. There was a response.

"Ugh. That's tight," she said

"It isn't tight," he corrected her as he tied off the laces into a bow at the front of the corset.

He re-commenced holding her breasts, feeling at her flat abdomen, and squeezing her waist; and all the time moving in and out of her delightful vagina.

And so it went on with the same question and non-response for five more times. And each time, the corset was tightened a little more. After these five intervals, she was beginning to pant for breath and at each tightening made her little murmuring sounds. He knew that her waist was now under 20 inches and he spent most of his time holding her waist, while pumping his erection in an out of her vagina. Almost, he could reach round her waist with his fingers and thumbs; but not quite.

She had tried a few times to place her own hands on her waist to feel its smallness and to gain some comfort but he'd pushed her hands away each time. Now, her arms were outstretched either side of them both and resting on the bed.

"You know what I want?"

Silence and the movement of his hands to the knot; but this time was different. As he made a huge effort to shut down the corset onto her body, she spoke.

"No - more. Please. I - can't -- take -- any - more. No-o-o-o-o. Pleeease," she was gasping out the words.

"You know what I want?"

"Yes - I -- know," she said at last.

"What is it I want?" he asked his second question.

Silence and the undoing of the knot, and the final reduction of her waist; to the smallest he could manage from his recumbent position. But it was enough this time.

"No -- more. No -- more," she gasped and tried again to hold her own waist, which he prevented until he had retied the knot.

Then she put her hands on her own waist and felt the hardness of the corset over her tiny rigid torso. She felt the bones and wrapped her fingers around her waist to any extent she would never have believed possible until then.

"Oh -- my -- god -- what - have -- you -- done -- to -- me?" her voice was rising and she was on the point of a scream; a hysterical scream; as she felt the minute attenuation of her waist.

"What is it I want?" he insisted.

"You -- want -- me -- in -- my -- bottom," she said after five years of the knowledge but never having spoken it before.

"Yes. Be still. Tonight I shall take what I want," he spoke softly into her ear close to his shoulder; not threatening, but the words rang in her head and she knew that resistance would be futile.

"I'm - bursting. You'll - break -- me. Please -- let -- me -- out," she pleaded through her rigidity.

"Soon. As soon as I have what I want. Then you can be free again," he whispered.

He took hold of her waist and lifted her a little off his erection. Then he moved his hands so that he was holding her buttocks as they rested on his thighs, on top of his long girdle legs. Holding her buttocks open slightly, he positioned his erection at her anal opening.

She was well oiled, inside and out, and he pressed his stiff penis into the opening. Her body yielded again and he pressed a little more.

Now he took firm hold on her waist and used that to press her down onto his erection in her pulsing rectum.

"Oh - oh," she groaned, "Oh - no, oh -- my -- Godddddd."

Her eyes were closed and her head arched back against his shoulder. This wasn't the first time she'd had anal experience. She'd worn butt-plugs for her own stimulation. But she'd had bad experience of anal sex many years before and avoided it ever since. And tonight, this man had immobilised her in a corset-prison and had her at his mercy. He was ploughing into her intestines. She had no pain or even discomfort but she had the knowledge of where he was and what he would be feeling, and how high he would reach. She felt used and possessed in a way that hadn't happened before; and it was that knowledge that impressed itself on her imagination and her sensations. Partly, she felt disgusted but also intrigued by what was happening, and the sense that she was doing something unusual. Without actually forming the thought in her mind, she came close to wondering, "How many women have done this. I'm doing something rare and special."

He was now plunging and raging in her rectum, and she was in danger of falling off his body. Her rigidity in the corset prevented her from holding herself in place, balanced on top of him. She tried putting her arms out to each side to gain some stability. When he thrust into her, he was pressing her waist down towards his feet. When he was pulling out of her, he was dragging her waist up towards his head. She was being flung around like a corseted rag doll and felt herself slipping to one side, as if to slide off him. His girdle made him more slippery, and she was aware of the tight fabric rubbing against her thighs and her buttocks.

It was then he took another hold on her body. A more rigorous and restraining grip. He placed his left arm across her waist and took hold of her right hip. His right hand moved up to her throat, took a grip under her chin, and forced her head further back over his shoulder. She was being stretched out, almost as if on the rack, and still he was plunging and bucking under her.

His orgasm began to build up, and his movements became more extreme. Within his tight girdle, he could feel the tensions of his climax developing high up in his girdle-contained waist and progressing down his abdomen. He felt the excitement spreading over his groin and adding to the pressure and the pleasure of the girdle. The squeezing pressure of the open crotch around his engorged penis seemed to enlarge him further and he experienced some more resistance to his movements in and out of her slimy anus. He wanted to move more vigorously, to add more sensation in his nervous system. He just wanted to empty himself into the bowels of this lovely woman in her corset with the tiny waist. He wasn't concerned over her anxiety, or her body discomfort, or the fact that she was being thrown around like a corset-stiffened doll.

For her, these minutes were the worst of her sex-life. She was being squeezed into an impossible shape by the corset, stretched out like a victim of the Inquisition, thrown up and down as if she were on a boat in a storm; and her intestines were under a constant throbbing assault which she could feel high up in her chest. She could only just breathe in time with the movements but she was coming to the end of endurance in these conditions.

"Oh -- oh -- oh," she gasped in time with his thrusts, but began to panic as well.

"Aah -- aah -- eeh -- eeh." She was on the point of screaming again.

And then he came - massively - inside her, with his own exclamation, "Aaaaghh."

She heard it and her panic receded as his movements relaxed, and so he became still. She could feel just the pumping of his juices into her body; the springing of his erection; the movement of his testicles against her buttocks as he tried to press into her as much of his body as possible.

He relaxed his hold on her throat and placed both of his hands on her waist again. He held and squeezed her waist as he withdrew from her rectum. He wanted to hold that waist for hours, until his erection rebuilt itself and he could take her again. But good sense prevailed, and he moved her to one side, and slipped from under her. She lay on the bed, still trussed up like a full sized Barbie doll, with an impossible figure. Except, of course, that it was possible and she was the living proof. He raised himself on one elbow, removed her blindfold, and leaned over to kiss her face. Which was wet with tears and she still gasped for breath.

Raising himself further he kissed over her breasts and down onto the corset; nuzzling and kissing with his lips all the way down the front busk-fastening to her groin and finally pressed his mouth into her mound. She was still and silent but for a gentle residual sob. She felt down to her waist and pressed her fingers around the tightened figure, and the sobbing stopped. Her eyes opened wide, she marvelled at her own figure, and turned to look straight into his eyes.

"That's amazing," she said, "I didn't know I could do that."

He kissed her full on the mouth and they exchanged a closeness with their tongues even as she held her waist and he held one breast.

"That's so exciting. I didn't know," she was discovering new sensations and also new expectations from this man.

He knelt up and undid the knot at the waist, at the front of the corset. Immediately, it began to open at the back, out of his sight, and he could see the relaxation of her waist. He rolled her onto her side and worked to open the corset further at the back lacing. Eventually, perhaps after perhaps two minutes, it was sufficiently open at the back and he rolled her back to face upwards. Then he unclipped the six pins of the busk, and the corset fell open either side of her.

Instinctively, she reached to her waist and began to massage the marked and reddened skin. And he joined her in the massage. He leaned down and kissed the marks and the creases, and she placed her hand on his head. It was a precious gentle and sentimental moment. He lay down facing towards her, and spoke softly into her ear; telling of his love and his appreciation of the excitement she had given him. She knew that he was thankful; and admired her for the strength of her body and the pliability of her figure inside the corset. And so they slumbered a few minutes. She with the corset open either side of her, and him still in the now-soiled tight long-leg panty girdle. He felt at himself in the firm boned and zippered fabric; and she reached over and smoothed her hand over his body also.

"That's nice," she murmured, "fits you will and holds you well. Hmmm."

After a few minutes, he rose from the bed and took off the girdle. Then he bathed her; kneeling on the floor outside the bath as she languished and moved around to let him cleanse her totally. As a last movement, he pressed his fingers gently into her anus and allowed some of the warm soapy water to swill around the opening.

After that they dressed, and made another date. He wanted more. She didn't know what she wanted; except that this man had given her sensations, pleasures and fears that no other had. She wanted more of what he could give her. And if it meant more corseting; well, she was pleased at the knowledge of her tiny waist and the concentration of her erotic sensations.

At least now she could answer "Yes" to his question, "You know what I want?" And next time she could do that with more eagerness.

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