tagErotic HorrorYou Left Your Door Open

You Left Your Door Open


Elke Bohanson is one of those kind of girls that once you strip off her nerdy glasses and baggy clothes, she's really hot with her long, straight brown sugar hair, hazel eyes, pale pink bow lips and boobs of a girl who developed early. Ever since she was assigned my lab partner in our senior year, I've had a crush on her. I was her boy forever when she told me that her greatest joy in life is to run naked in a warm summer rain. I've never told her my feelings. I was cool to be in the friend zone as I had a girlfriend until she ghosted me before leaving this small agricultural town to attend college five hundred miles away. Elke and I found ourselves at the same community college where Elke's mom teaches history and we bump into each other from time to time and hang out together between classes.

There's a crispness in the autumn air. The days are becoming shorter and nights are chillier. It was Friday that Halloween eve and I had no plans for the night. I knew of no parties but wanted something to do. Being under the drinking age, with most of my friends gone away, and the closest city with any action more than thirty miles away, my options were limited. After my last class for the day ended, I crossed the campus to grab a slice of pizza from the cafeteria. Standing at the cash register, I looked up to spot Elke, dressed in a baggy sweat shirt and jeans, sitting alone at a table working on some notes while sucking on a big Frappuccino. I sauntered over with my tray.

"Hey, Elke."

"Hey, Brando."

I slung off my backpack and took a seat at the table across from her.

Folding my pizza slice to shove in my mouth, I asked, "You got plans for tonight? Any parties?"

"No. I'm going to stay home and give out candy to trick-or-treaters. You?"

"No," I answered between chews. "I don't have any plans. I was hoping that you'd know of some hot party."

"You guys are all alike."

"What? Why?"

"Guys love Halloween parties because of all the slutty cats and slutty nurses and slutty Girl Scouts walking around in fuck me heels, showing off their titties and all."

"What's wrong with that? I like titties."

She chuckled though she shook her feminist head. She opened her eyes to gaze my way with those hypnotizing eyes. I think she liked what she saw though she did pick a bad time to notice me as I'm shoving pizza in my hole.

She said, "If you want, you can come over and hang with me. We can pass out candy, watch a movie, do some gaming. My mom's out of town."


"Great. I'll text you my address. Be there around seven."

"Cool. Should I bring something?"

"Just your sweet, fine self."

Her comment took me off guard. Was she flirting with me? Am I taking this the wrong way or is it possible, just maybe, she'll give me some nookie? My teeth tore off another bite of pizza as she turned her attention to her phone.

I went home, napped and awoke with a hard-on at the prospect of smashing Elke. I took a shower and groomed like a damned narcissist pretty boy; messing with my gelled dark hair before doing two reps of push-ups. I dressed in a polo shirt and pressed jeans, sprayed a little cologne and headed out to Elke's house.

Elke's house was an old stucco Spanish style bungalow in the low rent side of town though her house was nicer than the others with a fresh coat of paint and trimmed grass and hedges. There were already kids in costumes marauding the streets. The young ones scampered ahead of their parents or were walking in pods as I parked my car outside of Elke's house. Her lit porch light beckoned the kids with a promise of candy. I got out of my car and walked across the small patch of dry grass yard to knock on her door. She answered the door with a bowl of mini chocolate bars cradled in her arm. She was wearing flannel pajama bottoms and a pink string strap tank top with a turquoise bra underneath. It took all of my will not to stare at her boobs and the high shelf, pointy nipples pointing my way.

With a smirk, I said, "Trick or treat."

"Come on in," she said stepping aside. "Take off your shoes, please."

I stepped inside, slipped off my shoes and placed them on a mat by the door. The room was cozy and smelled of freshly microwaved popcorn. It was cluttered with a mishmash of modest furniture. I took a seat on the beige suede sectional, moving aside the accent pillows and throw blanket as I settled in. I pulled my phone from my back pocket and set it on the glass coffee table which held game and remote controls, a bowl of popcorn and a liter of soda and her glass. A movie was blaring from the forty inch TV mounted on the opposite wall.

She closed the door, set down the candy and asked, "You want something to drink?"


She walked into the adjacent galley kitchen and called out, "How about a rum and coke?"

"Sounds good."

She opened the fridge and pulled out a lime and a can of soda. She dropped ice cubes into two tumblers, poured in some cola, pulled a bottle of rum from a cabinet full of booze and fixed our drinks with a twist of lime. She returned and with a toast, we drank up with mischievous smiles. She took my empty glass from my hand and set it on the table.

She plopped down beside me and asked, "So you want to watch a movie or game?"

"I don't care."

We settled upon watching a comic book movie which I believe we'd both seen before. We kicked back together and started the flick. Cozy on her couch, we watched the movie though we were interrupted about every ten minutes from trick-or-treaters ringing the bell. After a half hour, I put my arm around her and pulled her close. She contentedly cuddled into my chest, the countdown was on and three minutes later, I made my move with a gentle kiss. She kissed me back and what started as tentative kissed sparked into all out making out. My hands moving under her top, her tongue wiggling in my mouth, it was hot.

Ding dong!

She reluctantly broke free up, retrieved the bowl of treats and opened the door.

"Trick or treat!" cried the kiddy voices.

I peeked over my shoulder to see a little girl bumble bee and what looked like her brother dressed as The Hulk. Elke dropped a candy bar into each of their bags before they said thank you and were off to plunder their next house.

"Now where were we?" she asked, straddling me as I sat there surprised by her boldness.

Elke is a very good kisser. She loves to kiss. Lost in a curtain of her sweet smelling hair, she caressed my face with soft hands and sighed subtle mews of content. I was lost in her beautiful green eyes clouded with brown and a center of lemony gold. My dick sprang forward when her lips pressed against mine.

Ding dong!

She unstraddled me and picked up the bowl before walking the few paces to the door. I looked down at my swollen bulge in my pants, pressed it down and repositioned myself in an effort to cool down. But it was raging with a mind of its own. The rum and coke was kicking in and I felt loose, comfortable and ready to taste her.

You will never understand how much I suffered, getting worked up only for the doorbell to ring with more trick-or-treaters. But as the hour grew later, the doorbell rings became less and less. Each time she returned to me, she sat on my thighs once more, grinding her open pussy over my bulge as the sounds of exploding bombs on the TV set blasted through the room. I slid my hands past the pajama's elastic waistband, down to her hot little box. Smooth with the smallest bit of soft downy fuzz, I imagined its color as my finger slid between them to her wet, hot pussy lips. I slid my finger back and forth until it was slick with her juices.

I whispered, "You're so wet."

She replied, "You make me this way."

I couldn't stand it anymore. She wrapped her legs around me as I shot up to my feet. I stumbled two paces to the Persian rug in the middle of the floor and gently tumbled her backwards upon it. I stripped her shirt over her head. She didn't fight. She panted and gazed at me with hazy, wanton eyes. I sat up on my knees, unbuckling my belt while staring down at her, watching her chest heave with arousal.

Her fingers felt my bulge. She mouthed, "Fuck me."

Ding dong!


She calmly said, "It's your turn to open the door."

I cursed as I hoisted myself up of the floor, grabbed the bowl from the coffee table and headed to the door. I looked back at Elke in her bra and pajama bottoms with her hands shoved down her pajamas, writhing on the black and red Persian carpet. Standing behind the door to hide the bulge in my pants, so I didn't look like a sex offending pervert, I cracked it open. But instead of the cute kids we'd gotten earlier in the evening, these were teenagers just a few years younger than I.

"Trick or treat," mumbled the poor man's Harley Quinn, green haired Joker and an emo Marilyn Manson.

I threw a bar into each of their bags. They mumbled thanks and left the porch. I shut the door.

"Halloween is over," I said, turning off the porch light.

Elke giggled as she enticed me with outstretched arms. I pounced on her body to slam a kiss on her mouth. She grabbed my hair to break away and nibbled on my neck while I slid my fingers beneath her to grab that peach of an ass. It's time. I sat up on my knees to pull down her pants. She lifted her ass for me to tug them off and I finally got to see that little tuft of honey blonde hair on her pussy lips. Her hands went up to my crotch where she unbuckled my belt, opened my button and slowly unzipped my pants. My dick sprung out at her. I quickly shucked off my jeans, and without uttering a word, guided it to her creamy thighs. She parted them, bringing her knees up and I entered her. She was so tight. Her tits bounced from her bra from my stroking. It all felt so damn good. She was grunting and arching her back under me until she gasped and cried out 'yes!' I balls tightened and felt my dick pulse and throb deep in her pussy.

She murmured, "Don't cum inside me."

I pulled out and she closed her legs together to encase my dick in her warm moist thighs. I jabbed at her asshole as I began to cum. It was a mind blowing orgasm so much so that I felt the ground rumble beneath me. Was that an earthquake or me? I couldn't tell. With my dick spent, I pulled out of between her thighs, I fell over onto the carpet beside her.

Still breathing hard, I asked, "Did you feel that? Was that an earthquake?"

"Yeah, baby," she purred, cuddling up on my chest to kiss my nipple. "I felt that."

I cuddled her in my arms while we laid on the scratchy rug. It was then that I realized how quiet it was. There was no sound coming from the TV. I looked over to the wall to see that it was gone. It was gone! Wires hung from some of the cable box and DVD player on the table underneath, but that big TV was gone.

"Elke?! The TV!"


"The TV! It's gone!"

Elke's head lolled over to see it was gone. Her eyes widened and mouth opened in amazement.

I asked, "Is this a prank?"


She got up as did I. I hopped back into my pants as she stood there bottomless in her bra. We walked over to the wall to where the television once hung and I stood there stupidly touching the spot where it once was. How could someone sneak past us and steal a mounted 40inch TV? Elke cautiously crept into the kitchen.

"Oh my God!"

I ran into the kitchen to see the refrigerator had vanished. We stood there gob smacked until we heard the sound of something crash in the bathroom. We scurried through the living room, down the short hall and jammed into the bathroom to see pieces of a broken ceramic cup on the floor and the bathtub full of shoes.

Peering into the bathroom, I said, "Seriously, Elke, if this is a prank-"

"I'm not playing!"

The crash in her mother's room made me run back into the living room. Elke was right behind me. It was then that she stared at the rug and crusty cum stain we left behind.

"Oh no," she frantically said. "Oh no, oh no, oh no."


She pulled back the rug to reveal a five foot wide pentagram with symbols burnt into the floor as though it'd been put there by a branding iron.

"What the fuck?!" I exclaimed. "Are you a witch?!"

"I'm not, but my mom is a practicing Wiccan. I think we opened up a door."


"On the solstices, the equinox and on Halloween Eve, the veil separating our world from the supernatural world becomes thin. That's why witches do ceremonies on these nights. There's more power in the universe when the doors are open. Our sexual energy or your sperm may've triggered something."

"Are you saying we opened up a portal to another dimension or hell?"

"The supernatural world is vast," she whispered. "We did it on top of this pentagram. This is where mom does her ceremonies when's she hosting her coven."

"Coven?" I said, now regretting that I'd ever met such a weird girl.

I'd laugh if she didn't look terrified.

"Okay, I'm going to go now," I said, backing away from her. "You can come with me or stay, but I'm gone."

I turned to retrieve my phone from the coffee table but the table was gone!

"My phone!"

"Oh my God," she said with her hands covering her mouth, staring at the empty space.

"Fuck the phone," I muttered as I turned to leave.

The door was gone! The windows as well replaced by a perfectly matched painted wall! I walked to where the door once was and helplessly slapped my palms against the solid stucco as my heart pounded madly in my chest. We the lights went out. Elke screamed and I latched onto her. From the kitchen light, spilling into the family room, I could see the lamp which once lit the room, was no longer there. Elke and I scrambled into the kitchen, somehow feeling safe in the light. She flung open a cabinet door and pulled out a box of salt.

"What's that for?"

"Protection. Demons can't cross a ring of salt."


I turned my head back to the faint sound of sizzling and the smell of burning wood coming the dark living room. And when Elke took my hand in hers, the light bulb in the overhead light exploded. We both screamed in pure fear. She took my hand led me out of the kitchen and we dashed to the last light in the house which was in her bedroom. We ran past the pentagram now sizzling like a steak. We ran into her bedroom where we slammed the door and locked it. I looked for a window in her girly room, but where a window once was, a set of blinds hung on a solid plaster wall. She poured a line of salt across the door jamb and around her bed before joining me on her bed. We huddled on her bed, staring at the door.

A red glow emanated from the crack beneath her door before fading away. We could hear high pitched crazy laughter like goblins and squealing pigs. I was about to piss my pants. I'm being pranked! But Elke was shaking so hard, clinging to me as we heard things bump around the house opening drawers and breaking dishes. This is no joke.

I whispered, "Oh, God. Jesus. Jesus."

The door knob turned unencumbered. Elke clutched me tighter as it slowly squeaked open. That's when we saw the demonic hoard no taller than my knee. They looked at us with grotesque faces as Elke and I backed further upon the bed. Raw, translucent fetus-like skin with slime running from their noses and mouths, potbellies and bowed knees; they stood at the line of salt. Then this octopus blob of black tar rounded the wall, skittering over it like a fast moving spider. We screamed as it skittered up to the ceiling and scrambled above us to drop behind us on the bed. It bared its sharp white teeth as it hissed at us. We scrambled up and off the bed and towards the line of salt. That's when the hands reached over the line of salt and grabbed us. We screamed as they dragged us into the dark hallway. I grabbed on to the door jamb, my nails digging into the soft wood, but bony fingers pried them loose to drag me down the hall. Elke was screaming as she crowd surfed down the hall over hundreds of little homunculus creatures that looked like hairless mice with grotesque faces. A couple pounced on top of her to gnaw at her breasts and she screamed bloody murder as she swatted them away. I clawed at the carpet as they dragged me feet first, kicking and screaming as I twisted and turned, but there was no escaping the sticky grasp of their sinewy inhuman hands.

The room had become as hot and humid as a sauna. There, on a throne, sat a she-devil thing. A gaunt woman with saggy breasts, lank black hair with grey skin covered in ash. She had no eye to speak off as black shadows filled her eye sockets. A yellow light glowed beneath her carved black throne and lit the room with a faint yellow glow. They dragged me and Elke to the pentagram where they let go of us. Elke flew into my arms, throwing her trembling arms around me. I held her tight wonder if my thundering heart will seize will and stop from fright. The demon queen leaned forward.

The sinister thing mockingly said, "You left your door open."

Titters of laughter jangled from the darkness. Her long bloody talon fingers rested on the throne. She looked down at the minions of little squealing furless rat things and jabbed out to skewer one which popped it in her mouth. I could hear its bones crunch in her mouth as she chewed. The sound of things skittering about the dark the walls and ceiling threatened to fall upon my shoulder. Two pointy ear demons with spiked teeth fought over a bottle of beer until it burst open and sprayed all over me.

Then the she-beast said, "You, Adam, Eve, entertain us."

"Fornicate!" shrieked a legless grotesque thing dressed only in a tattered pope's hat.

"Yes, fornication," said the she-thing. "Amuse us. We want to see human fornication."

We sat there. I looked at Elke. She looked at me, scared and bewildered. We both looked at the she-beast. It snapped its fingers. The minions, small and large, descended upon us as we screamed. Hands ripped at our clothes, pulling them apart by the seams as we tumbled in a flurry of gnarled fingers. When they retreated, we were naked and marked with little welts and scratches all over our bodies. The queen thing snapped her fingers again. With no will of her own, Elke's mouth descended upon my flaccid dick. Her eyes looked up at me, helpless and scared as she sucked me. My shaft began to stiffen to the cackles of demonic laughter. And when my dick had hardened into a shaft, Elke's mouth popped off of me and she fell back onto her butt.

The she-thing skulked off her throne, approaching us with a sinister look on her face. We sat there paralyzed as the queen thing sniffed at the apex of Elke's thighs. She glanced over with me with a hateful look before shakily returning to her throne.

She rasped out, "Summon Victoria."

A bruised skinned child in a ragged loin cloth with hobbled forward. He looked at us with sad brown eyes before touching the pentagram. The wood began to split and crack before falling into a deep black chasm. Screams and screeches and the sound of a blast furnace and whipping wind emanated from its bottomless darkness. The child reached into the gaping void and tugged at something until it emerged with a fistful of brown hair. The poor, damned child pulled a naked woman from the pit. Her body was amazing with a curvy butt and big boobs. Upon seeing me, she ran to me, throwing her arms around me as she babbled in another language until hands pulled her off by claws. She huddled on the floor with her knees protectively drawn up as she quaked. Her hair was an unkempt nest, her brown eyes huge with fright and the more she jabbered it became recognizable to me that she was speaking Italian. I looked up to see the pentagram was whole again.

The she-demon snarled, "Now fornicate."


I yowled in pain as a whip stung across my back. The girl cowered, hiding her head in her knees. The devilish imp holding the whip got in my face with the smell of vinegar.

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