You Left Your Door Open


He growled, "You obey my mistress or I'll scourge your skin from off your body and flay the flesh from your bones."

I remained on knelt knees with my head hanging down. The whip stung across my back and I flinched under its lash. Again and again, but I wouldn't move, even as I felt my blood pool in the cuts until it dripped. They forced the woman onto her hands and knees and held her down with their feet on her hair. She kept bawling in her native tongue as her ass wiggled before me and I stared at her slit that looked like the cleft of a juicy peach. With each lash, my dick got harder until I had a raging hard-on I've never felt before.

"Away crone demon!" cried Elke. "Go back to the depth from whence you came! In the name of the Son, the Father, and the Holy Spirit, in the glorious light of God-"

The queen hissed at her. Then a potbellied thing bounced from the darkness to land on Elke's face. She fell backwards with its pimpled dick shoved down her throat to silence her. Poor Elke gagged and squirmed beneath the beast, her legs flailing as she attempted to push it off. But it shook with laughter, amused by her struggles, as it choked her with its fat dick. And I was still harder than I've ever been. My possessed dick pulled closer to the girl's pussy as though it were a cold snake seeking warmth.

I muttered, "I'm sorry."

I rammed it in as hard as I could. She wailed in pain. I fucked her tight, dry hole which hurt my dick. I grabbed one of the little oily creatures at my knees, getting its mucous on my hand. I slathered the mucous onto my dick and penetrated her again. It was much better for me but not for the girl. I couldn't stop. I was seized in evil lust. I even slapped her ass as I kept pumping. My balls tightened and threatened to shoot my load at any moment. Something's tongue wiggled up my butt like a worm sent me over the age. I slammed it deep inside her, gritted my teeth and groaned as I blasted out cum like a canon. And as I shuddered and collapsed over her sweaty ass, the hairless rat-like minions came up to lick my sticky balls. I swatted at them, shrieking as I pulled my dick from her now gushy cunt.

I don't know how she did it, but Victoria broke free, leaving clumps of her hair under her captors' feet. I watched run for the door which had miraculously appeared. She flung it open and ran out screaming into the night. I struggled to flee, clawing my way to the open door but it shut with a violent slam and I was trapped in this bungalow of hell. I sat back, protecting my dick from the creatures scurrying around me. Then the pentagram began to break apart. The chasm began to grow and things and creature began to fly around the room from the force of a hurricane wind. The chasm grew larger and larger and I backed all the way to the back wall, choking on the smell of rotten eggs as my ears rang from tormented cries. The edge crept closer until there was no more floor and I screamed as I fell into darkness.

I awoke with a start. Sunlight blinded me and I squinted against it as I heard the sound of a key jiggling lock. I was lying face down naked on the carpet. An unconscious Elke was naked beside me. The apartment was a mess with tipped over glasses and open cabinets. Things were out of place but at least everything had returned. A short, hippy woman in cargo shorts and Birkenstocks walked in. I sat up on the wooden floor, covering my privates with my hands and moved to grab the closest item of clothing, my shirt, as I crawled over scattered sea salt to grab my pants off the couch.

"What the hell?" the lady asked she surveyed the disheveled room. "Elke! Elke Lynn, wake up!"

Elke slowly sat up, wrecked and bleary eyed. "Mom."

"What the hell is going on?" asked her mother as she closed the door.

Elke grabbed a nearby throw blanket to cover nakedness. I didn't know what to say. I was glad the sun was shining and that the things had come back. Elke got off the floor to sit on the couch massaging her forehead as she did.

Professor Bohanson looked at me and asked, "Who are you?"

I opened my mouth to speak, but Elke answered, "This is Brando."

"Will someone explain what happened here?"

Elke said, "We did it over the pentagram and something came through. Like a whole bunch of demon things and they terrorized us."

She walked into the kitchen and looked around before returning to the room with the half empty bottle of rum.

"Did you drink this?" she asked, shoving the bottle in Elke's face.

"I made us a rum and coke. Just one."

"This is the rum I use in ceremonies. It's contains concentrated cannabis oil. No wonder you two were tripping."

She looked up at me and said, "I think it's time for you to go home."

"Yes, ma'am," I said, zipping up my pants.

My bare feet crunched over scattered salt. I scooped up my phone from the coffee table made my way to the door.

Picking up my shoes and said, "Nice to meet you."

She glared at me before walking down the hall to her bedroom. I definitely will not be taking history from Professor Bohanson.

She stopped at the bathroom, peered in and said, "What's with all the shoes in the tub?"

I left the house, quietly shutting the door behind me.

The sun felt like a cleansing agent and in the fresh air, the darkness of last night began to fade. I was just tripping balls. But still feeling unsafe, I nearly ran to my car. I climbed in, started the engine, and got the hell out of there. When I got home, my parents were up. Mom was prepping for dinner while dad was reading the news on his tablet over a cup of coffee. They looked up at me, then returned to their diversions. My mom's eyes registered disappointment. I can't take the 'you worried your mother' lecture. Not today.

"Late, night, huh?" my dad said half-angry that I stayed out all night.

"Yeah. I was at a friend's house and decided not to drive."

Mom turned to me with a disapproving face. She was trying to determine if drinking, drugs or sex kept me out last night. All of the above plus demonic hallucinations. I poured a big glass of orange juice and chugged it.

My mom nonchalantly asked my dad, "Is there anymore news about the crazy Italian woman running naked on the freeway?"

My blood chilled. I looked at my parents and watched as my dad brought up the news on his tablet.

I repeated, "Naked Italian woman?"

"Yeah," replied dad. "She was running down the highway median stark naked. No ID. They're asking the public's help to identify her. All they know is that she speaks Italian. They think she's from Italy. They're holding her for observation. I swear these damn druggies are taking over this town."

"Poor woman," mom said, cutting onions for a stew.

It was real! The whole thing was real! I guzzled another glass of orange juice before putting the glass in the dishwasher and making my way to the safety of my room. I went to close the door but stopped, and left it cracked, still scared that some lurking thing beneath my bed will come snapping at my legs here in the light of day. I hope Victoria finds her way home but who knows, she could be from a little Italian town from a thousand years ago. I stripped off my clothes for a daytime sleep but first went to take a piss. I looked at the wall the whole time piss arced from my dick and when I went to shake it dry, I looked down. My mouth dropped in horror. My pubic hair had turned completely snow white!

I'm thirty now. My pubes are still pure white. So are Elke Bohanson-Hall's. We've told our respective spouses that white pubic hair is a genetic trait that runs in the family. My wife accepts that story though she doesn't understand my hatred of Halloween or why I refuse to give out candy to trick-or-treaters. She thinks I hate kids. The one thing I've been able to hide from her is that on the day Halloween eve, under the pretense of doing yard work, I pour a ring of salt outside the perimeter of the house just in case. I can never explain why I won't open any door nor have sex on Halloween night. Some doors are best left closed.

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