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You Like to Play


This is the fourth package in two weeks that He's delivering to your home. You sit on the edge of your seat, the curser on your computer blinking at you, as if it knows what you are contemplating. It should and if it were human it would jump at the chance to join you. The clock reads three o'clock and a smirk rises from your lips. Two hours you tell yourself. Two hours and He'll be here with the present you bought yourself, from your favorite adult online toy store. You have time, you think and shrug your shoulders.

You rise and walk over to the stereo and flick on the music. The sound of jazz fills the room and you remember the story you'd just finished. The hero and the heroine loved, fought and then made up. In the end they had their happy ending. The moisture on your panties is the proof. Licking your lips, you giggle to yourself and head off to the bedroom. You sit on the edge of the bed and open the second drawer on the right of your large dresser. You've now dubbed it as the toy chest. You'd never needed one before, but now you do.

The collection is small, but you know deep in your gut the toys will multiply in number as have your orgasms since using them. You reach out and pick up two. The first is the package he brought the second time. A grin rises and you feel the blush of your cheeks. You fill silly blushing over the toy. You're alone in your house. Realizing that you suddenly feel a bit melancholy. You've been alone a long time haven't you. Another sigh escapes and you push your loneliness away.

The clock calls you, a silent laugh as another minute passes you by. You touch the other toy. The third delivery you recall with a quizzical expression on your face. It looked as if the tape had been pulled and then redone, but you decided you were just looking at it wrong. So you pushed doubt away and opened it. Now that doubt is back and you giggle. "What would he have thought if he'd seen the little massager?" You wonder to yourself before placing it beside the thick, crystal clear, vibrating cock.

Time is slowly creeping by and you slip your clothes off. Your hands move over your nipples and you feel a tightening in your sex. You undress faster and slide under the covers. Excitement thrills you and a new fantasy plays on your mind.

He's there with your package and can see you. You don't notice at first, too lost in the first vibration that touches your right nipple. A shiver and a moan fills the air and you close your eyes. Each nipple is treated to the rolling wheels and your other hand skates down your chest and across your tummy. You can feel the moisture of your sex, threatening to escape and you find yourself longing to have someone with you. One face comes into view and you wistfully sigh.

Reaching out with your free hand you feel around for the vibrator. When you grasp its cool length you pick it up and guide it into your sex, aligning the rabbit end against your clit and then pressing the on buttons that control the individual parts of your toy. A shiver runs through you and another moan escapes as the rabbit ears and paws start to electrify your pussy's hard nub and tender lips. The cock inside you starts to rotate, twisting and turning in a slow steady rhythm, while your clit is thumped hard. Your nipples are aching and you wish someone would suck them, bite them, tease them until you come. Instead you use your massager and increase the speed.

Your fantasy returns and he's there at your side. Guiding the toy in and out of your pink pussy. Your lips surround it, beckoning it to return to you. Shifting from the need to seek the head of your fake dick, your ass lifts and you whimper. The blanket is pushed away as your legs move haphazardly. Your lover chuckles. His voice is the one that tells you to "Have a nice day" and "Thank you for using FedEx." His eyes are the ones that you wish would look at you and be replaced with passion and not politeness. His hands are now on your breasts and you can almost smell him in the room with you.

You want it so bad you can almost taste it. Your eyes are so tight and little shimmering sparks rest behind the lids, threatening to explode at just the right moment. The moment is close, you can feel it so you increase the speed of your vibrator and increase the erotica of your fantasy. The massager, you'd been teasing your nipples with, falls to the side and your free hand clenches the blankets.

He continues driving in and out of you. The toy forcing your sex to throb and pulsate. You can't believe how wonderful it is, to have someone else take over. The movements are more precise, and the awkwardness you sometimes feel is gone. The buttons are pushed again and both the cock and the bunny work together to make you start riding the wave of lust. It is a large wave. You can tell and so you work hard to hold onto it.

Your hips buck up and down as you bite on your lip, trying not to scream. You suddenly realize you can scream. You are single and alone. Your mouth opens and the sound that pours from your lips rockets through the air as your pussy shoots the hot satin of your fantasy from your womb. Your toy continues to fuck you, though your hand is no longer holding it. You ride the vibe, rolling your hips and welcoming the violent shivers it is pressing against your clit and pussy muscles.

Soon it is too much and you scream again. Your back lifts off the bed. Your head falls back and your eyes roll. Forcing yourself to breath you cry out and beg to be released. No one can release you except Him. He's got to pull the toy from your pussy and stop the pleasure and the pain. A pain shoots through your body and every muscle grows tense. "OHHHH Ohhhh my God!" You scream. "Ohhh... ohhh fuck... ohhh God..."

You feel the hot tears fall down your cheeks and you force your hand to reach for the toy. You can't find it and you know it has fallen out. "Who cares?" You ask yourself and keep your eyes closed as your body comes down from the high. It lies between your legs, a slick wet cock that you paid good money for. Eventually you open your eyes and little spots flicker across your pupils.

The scent of your come fills the room and mixes with the scent of His cologne, another part of your fantasy. You like that scent and know He'll be there soon with your package, then He'll leave. When he does, you'll breath in the fragrance and lock it inside for later. There will be another time. You know this. You roll to the side; your eyes grow wide.

"You forgot to lock the door and I knew you'd want this," He tells you, holding a plain white box in one hand and a long glass phallus in the other.

You lay back and wait for Him to deliver your package.

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