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You Little Tease


You Little Tease

You have been teasing me all day.

The teasing started in bed this morning when you woke me up by running your sexy fingernails over my cock until I was rock hard. This brought me from my deep slumber that I was in after the all night incredible fucking that we had last night. I did not believe that my dick would be able to recover from last night but as usual whenever you touched me I was able to respond.

As I came awake from your attention to my dick I was aware that you were also softly breathing your hot breath across my hardening flesh. I touched your face and softly brushed back your hair as you looked up at me and whispered

"Good Morning Lover".

"Oh My God" I said back to you as the incredible feeling that you are creating between my legs started to increase.

"Does this feel good?" you ask as you continue looking at me with the sexiest eyes I have ever seen.

"Please don't stop!" was the only words that I could utter. Just as my voice stopped so did your caresses.

"I don't have time to finish you properly right now. We can finish this later. Get your ass up and get it into the shower."

You quickly jump up off of the bed and stand in front of me and begin to undress. You grab the bottom of your little nightshirt and begin to slowly pull it up over your stomach. As your pussy is exposed I think back to last night and remember we had both tried to wear out your beautiful pussy last night. Your lips are red because of how many times I licked and fucked you last night. The small patch of hair above your lips was the only part of your love-spot that was not bare.

As you continued to bring your shirt up over your body your tits clung to the shirt, I believe that you actually grabbed them as you brought the shirt up and over them. Your tits bounced as they came free of the shirt. Your fingernails graze your nipples and bring them straight out. My God, they are such a beautiful sight. You have gorgeous titties and you really know how to use them to your advantage.

You finally bring your shirt over your head as you long thick hair spills out from the shirt. As you stand completely naked in front of me you slowly take both of your hands towards your breast as you gather them into your palms and start rolling your nipples. You then bring your right hand down over your belly and slide it across your pussy. After you have brought your fingers across your exposed pussy several times you push one of your fingers up into your pussy and let out a gasp. As you continue slipping your finger in and out of your pussy, you slide it over your clit and look at me with lust in your eyes. You plunge your fingers into your pussy as your other hand strokes your clit back and forth. Your eyes roll back, out of sight, as your head slowly falls backward and you start to moan. Your body shakes as you begin to cum and as your finger continues to move over your clit you start to leak your wonderful cum down your thighs.

As I move my hands towards your legs to bring you to me, you quickly turn and move towards the bathroom and as you get to the door you stop and bend forward at the waist and look back at me.

Your ass is staring at me and it is the most beautiful sight of the morning. Your full hips are set off by your waist which curves inward towards your titties as they hang downward. Your nipples are sticking straight out on the end of your titties. My God you are one sexy woman.

"Please don't make me shower alone." you purr to me. "Bring me that hard cock and come wash me."

As I take care of some morning business you began to regulate the shower and step in.

"Hurry the fuck up, my pussy needs some attention." I hear you say from under the water.

As I climb into the shower you throw your arms around my shoulders and began to kiss me. As our tongues explore each other my hands began to roam over your naked body.

You turn from me and take the soap and began to rub yourself. I am not sure if you are trying to bath yourself or if you intend on making me cum on the spot as you rub your ass cheeks onto my raging dick. As you capture my hardness in the crack of your ass, you began to move up and down in slow strokes using the slickness of the soap and the leaking cum from my dick to increase the pleasure I feel on my dick. As I start to pant you turn around and with a grin you hand me a razor blade.

"Will you please shave my legs for me?"

You know that I get turned on by shaving you. It does not matter where I shave you it always has the same result.

I start shaving your right leg at your ankle and continue up over your calf taking more time than it should to get to the top of your thigh and move towards your pussy.

"Not so fast." you tell me. "I have another leg that needs to be shaved as well."

As I give the same treatment to your left leg you move your crotch closer to my face and whisper to me, "You are making my pussy throb inside." You bring your hands down to your lips and spread them as you push your pussy onto my face.

"Eat me sweetie. I need your tongue on my hot pussy right now."

My tongue slowly starts to run up and down into your pussy but you are not interested in a slow tongue fuck.

"Faster!" you snarl as your head tilts back and you push yourself onto my face and began to rub your pussy into my mouth.

You do not last long by doing this and cum hard into my open mouth. Cum drips onto my tongue and I lick you until there is no more.

"Finish shaving me baby." You tell me softly.

I rub the soap around the hole that I just finished licking and can still see some of your cum as it leaks from your pussy. As I start to shave your pussy you turn around and stick your ass in my face.

"Shave this hole also please." I take the soap and lather your asshole just as I did your pussy.

I began to run the razor over your skin and bring it towards your puckered butthole. The razor does the job very nicely as I finish up and look at your newly shaved hole. I am suddenly aware of how hard my dick is as your butt is so close to my face.

"Hurry and clean up my pussy with that thing!"

I began to run the razor along your pussy lips which does not take very long, as you have kept this area in great shape.

"Go get dressed and I will be done shortly." You tell me.

"What about my hard cock?" I ask you.

"Poor baby, I will take care of that thing in awhile"

I groan as I step out of the shower and head to the closet for clothes.

I am sitting on the couch when you come down the hallway. I look up at you and can't help but smile. You are simply ravishing and your face has a glow on it that makes me know this is going to be a great day.

"Will you take me shopping?" you ask

"Where to?"

"I need to buy some panties." You tell me and to make sure that I get the point you slowly raise the short dress that you have on and I see that you do not have any panties on.

"Let's go"

When I open the car door you make an extra effort to flash me your naked ass as you climb into the car. You pull the short dress up and out from under you as I climb into the car. As I watch you do this you look at me and say "I don't want a wet spot on my dress." And you began to slowly stroke yourself as you tell me which store you want to go to first.

Just as we pull into the parking lot of the mall you bring yourself to another orgasm and you pull your fingers out of your pussy and stick them into my mouth.

"I hope you won't let me buy too many panties today." You say as you bring your fingers back out of my mouth.

As we start to browse through the large bin full of all types of panties you reach for a yellow pair that is close to the middle of the bin. As you reach forward your dress comes up onto your legs and your ass cheeks just do peek out from under your dress. You look at me and smile "Come here and cover up my ass." You tell me.

As I lean into your ass I feel your hand grab hold of my pants.

'I don't want to fall in." you tell me.

I hold onto your waist as you continue rummaging through the panty bin with one hand and with your other hand stroking my dick through my shorts.

After what seems like forever you tell me that you have enough panties and we can check out and go home.

As we stand in line you are in front of me and you lean back into me and continue rubbing my hard cock through my shorts.

When we get to the car you again make it a point to spread your legs more than what is necessary and your pussy is on full display for my eyes only.

"You are fucking killing me baby." I tell her as I close the door. When I get into the car I see that you have pulled your dress up and out from under you again.

"I'm horny." You tell me "Take me home." As I started out of the parking lot I heard your pussy squishing as you pulled your fingers in and out of your juicy hole.

"Oh fuck I'm cumming." You shivered as your body is racked with your fourth orgasm of the morning.

"Take me inside." You whisper to me as your eyes are glazed over from the orgasm that is still making your pussy throb and leak your cum juice onto your legs and thighs. As soon as I get you in the house you strip off your dress and walk towards the bedroom.

"Come on." You tell me. As I walk through the door you spin around and start to pull my shorts off but they get stuck on my hard cock. As I maneuver my shorts past the throbbing pole I hear you tell me.

"You can't fuck me. I am to sore."

The look on my face must have been worth a thousand dollars.

You laughed and said, "Don't worry, I have teased you long enough I will take care of you." You kneel down and start to slowly run your tongue along my hard shaft. I close my eyes and completely let you take over. As you continue bathing my dick and balls with your tongue I began to feel my dick becoming harder which tells me that I am about to cum.

"I need to cum." I tell you.

"Just relax and cum whenever you are ready. Just give me a warning right before you shoot off." You continue to lather my cock up and I can tell that I will not last much longer.

"I'm cumming." I said as my cock started to jump. You pull my cock out of your mouth and start to stroke it as fast as you can. You point my cock towards your beautiful two titties and I start to shoot cum all over your titties.

"Oh my god! I can't believe that I shot that much cum onto your tits!" I tell you. You rise up and lay down on the bed with your tits still covered with cum. As I slide onto the bed you take my hand and bring it to your breast.

"Rub it in" you tell me. As I start to massage my cum into your breast you take my head and bring it down to your lips and we began to kiss.

I slowly start to slide down and kiss your titties and suck on your nipples until I hear you panting and breathing hard.

I take my finger and softly run it across your clit and you cum once again.

I roll onto my back and close my eyes and feel you move towards me. Once again I feel your fingernails as you run them over my cock which becomes hard again. I groan as you take me into your mouth again.

I love being teased!

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