tagExhibitionist & VoyeurYou Lose. Now... Ch. 02

You Lose. Now... Ch. 02


Once we became lovers, we did not make bets as often, so the spankings decreased also. We no longer needed an excuse to get each other naked, but neither of us forgot the embarrassment and the thrill that came from having to strip completely in front of the other who remained fully dressed. And after getting married and being together for several years, that memory of such excitement gained even more prominence as our sex life became more routine.

That routine changed when Karen's sister came to visit. Shelly was a couple of years younger than Karen and was similarly slim, although her breasts appeared to stick out at least a little.

The second night she was staying with us, Karen asked me if I wanted to bet on the ballgame. It was a playoff between the Red Sox and Yankees, the Yanks already ahead in the series 3-0. I readily agreed to take the Yanks, although I was not sure how we would arrange the spanking penalty with Shelly there. It turned out that it was not my decision to make: everyone now knows how the Red Sox came back in that series.

As the game was ending, Shelly wanted to know, "So, he has to take you out to some nice restaurant soon? Or do you get to go on a spree at the mall?"

"Nothing like that," said Karen. "Payment is always immediate."

"Well, don't be so mysterious. What is it?"

I was thinking of how Sheila had been told of our wagers, and I was wondering how Karen was going to explain it all to her sister. Even more, I was wondering how I would be able to make a graceful exit if Shelly knew I was going to our bedroom to get a nude spanking.

"When one of us loses a bet, the winner gets to give the loser a spanking."

"Oh, wow, that's cool. Or maybe I should say that's hot. So, am I in the way here?"

"No, you're fine where you are." As she said this, she was getting up, so I got up too and started for our room, until I heard Karen say, "Just a second there, pal. Who told you to go anywhere?" And she quickly got a chair from the kitchen and set it in the middle of the room.

I got a strange feeling as I realized what Karen was planning. She used to say that she regretted not letting Sheila actually see me get spanked, and I at times said it might have been exciting, but that was just fantasy, I thought.

Shelly got up and said, "Hold on a moment," and she went out and came back with her digital camera. "You mind?"

Karen replied, "I don't mind at all. A record of this payment might be fun to keep." Then she turned to me. "Okay, pal, over by the chair. You know what you're supposed to do."

I could tell that arguing would not help, and either way, Shelly was going to know what happened whether she witnessed it or not. For me, it was the same embarrassment, only more so. Next to the chair, then, I kicked off my sandals and began unbuttoning my shirt.

When Karen sat next to her sister to watch, Shelly said, "Oh, I figured you'd sit on the chair and take him over your knee."

"That's not how it works," Karen said as both watched me set my shirt aside. I hesitated a moment, and Karen told me, "You lose, so take off those clothes. The shorts too."

Shelly looked a little stunned, but as I turned to face away from her, I saw her get ready to take a picture. While I was unzipping my shorts and easing them down and off, I heard a couple clicks of her camera, but otherwise there was no sound.

I stood there for a moment in my black low rise briefs (Karen had long since replaced my plain white ones) until Shelly asked, "Now what?"

"He has to lean over the chair and hold on while I spank him ten times."

She didn't tell me to take my pants off, and I was wondering if I was to be spared at least that bit of embarrassment. As if to encourage her mercy, I bent over and held the chair. And I hoped that the next thing I'd feel would be Karen's hand slapping my bottom.

I heard another click of the camera, and then Shelly asked, "So, is he ready now?"

Karen didn't answer. She got up and moved next to me, taking her time, letting me wonder what would come next. "Well, maybe not quite. In the past, I've always spanked him on the bare bottom."

"I don't want you to change anything on my account," Shelly said with mock seriousness. "Please act like I'm not even here."

Karen leaned over and asked me, "What do you say, pal?" She was running her hand over my back, across my bottom, and briefly inside my pants. "You want me to pull these pants down in the back so I can spank your bare bottom?"

I was unable to look up at her, much less look over at Shelly, feeling too embarrassed in my present position. Even so, Karen had me going along with her scene. "Yes."

"You want Shelly to see your bottom and take pictures?"

"Yes," I said softly.

Karen took hold of the waistband of my pants and slowly lowered them in back to around my upper thighs. I heard the camera click, and then I felt the first slap, and then another.

She paused and leaned over again. "You want to let Shelly see you get a real spanking?"

I knew what she meant. "Yes."

"You want her to take pictures of you in the nude while you get your spanking?"

"Yes," I whispered.

Kneeling beside me, Karen grasped my pants again and gradually lowered them more until they were loose enough to fall to my feet and I could step out of them. She tossed them aside and stood to look at me. Shelly said only, "Wow," and kept taking pictures.

Karen nudged my feet apart and resumed spanking me. After several slaps, Shelly noted, "His bottom is getting pretty red, isn't it?"

"That's not the only change," Karen replied, and she pushed the chair around a bit so that Shelly was looking at me more from the side. I didn't look over at her, but I'm sure my penis was sticking out far enough to be seen. And to be photographed.

After ten slaps, she let me stand, and I turned away a bit. Shelly took another picture and asked, "Now what?"

Karen went and sat in a chair opposite her sister and said, "He has to stay naked for the rest of the evening and show us his red bottom." Then turning to me, she said, "Come over here so Shelly can get a closer look."

I moved in their direction, trying not to face Shelly as I followed Karen's directions. Along the way, I let my hands down to cover myself a bit, and when I was finally standing between them, Karen told me, "Hey, pal, you know where your hands are supposed to be." I was facing Karen, so I put them on my head. From behind me, I could hear Shelly take another picture.

"Nice bottom," she said. "It sure is red."

"Let me see, pal," Karen ordered.

Of course, if I turned to show Karen my bottom, I'd be facing Shelly. I was too far into this scene to quit, though, and only hesitated before I slowly began to turn. Shelly's eyes widened a bit as I faced her with an erection that was sticking up and out right in front of her.

"It's red on this side too," Shelly finally said after a moment. The two of them laughed, and Shelly took a picture of my penis. "That should make a nice close-up, but I can't get both of you into the picture from this close. How about having him kneel next to you so I can see both of you in the frame?"

"You heard her, pal." So I knelt facing Karen and heard the camera click again.

"Now another, but turn around for this one." Facing the camera this time, I was photographed again. I'd always thought I'd it would be fun to get a digital camera so I could take nude pictures of Karen, and now here I was the one posing nude. Even after that picture, I wasn't finished. Karen took the camera so I could pose next to Shelly. While kneeling in front of Shelly, I noticed that her eyes were on my penis, and I wondered exactly where these pictures were going to wind up and who would be seeing them.

Finally, they let me stand again, although I had to stay nude for the rest of the evening until we all went to bed.

Karen and I enjoyed a very passionate night. I think we were each surprised at how much the other was turned on by what we had done in front of Shelly. Tearing her clothes off quickly, Karen pushed me down on the bed and took my penis in her mouth before straddling me. "That was so hot," she gasped as she rode me. "I've wanted to do something like this ever since I saw Sheila getting off with her boyfriend that one time." When I rolled her over on her back, she locked her legs behind me and grasped my bottom tightly with her hands, pulling me harder into her, talking a lot about how exciting it was to let her sister watch our game.

And the excitement was not over.

In the morning, Karen showered first, and then I went. Our townhouse had only the one full bath between the two bedrooms, and when I hurried to get into the bathroom (I was still nude), I was relieved that Shelly's door was still shut.

Coming out of the shower was another story. Karen had come in to dry and brush her hair, and she left the door open. When I pushed the shower curtain aside, both sisters were there to greet me. And see me, of course. Shelly exclaimed, "So that's what it looks like when it isn't hard."

I pulled the curtain shut again, but Shelly just said, "Oh, c'mon, don't be shy. It's not like I haven't seen a nude man before. In fact, just last night, there was a nude man in the living room whose penis looked something like yours."

Karen laughed with her and pulled the curtain aside, handing me a towel. "Here you go, pal. No running to the bedroom and dripping all over the carpet."

Shelly's attention, along with the fact that her t-shirt did not cover her panties, meant that my penis would not remain soft for long, and they both noticed that change too. They made no move to leave, though, so I just dried off as quickly as I could. As I bent over to dry my feet, Shelly noted, "His bottom didn't stay red long. You sure you're spanking hard enough?"

Karen gave me a mild slap on the bottom and said, "He's paying his debts alright."

When I was finally leaving, Shelly bent over the tub to run a bath for herself. I got a better look at her red string bikini panties and her cute bottom, and I thought I might get an even better look when she grasped her t-shirt as if to pull it up and off. She paused, though, looked at me, giggled at my erection, and said, "Just teasing. Now go and let me take my bath."

Perhaps Karen noticed that I was looking a bit disappointed. She said only, "You know, pal, there's another game tonight." The prospect of another bet, and of winning this time, filled the day with sexy anticipation for me. Time passed slowly, and I had to endure looks from Shelly that suggested she could still imagine me without my clothes. I just tried to recall how she looked in her panties and hoped that I'd be seeing her without them that night.

Unfortunately, betting on the Yankees turned out to be a bad idea again, and my hopes were not fulfilled. Which meant that I had another kind of fun that evening.

The fun actually began before the game was decided. In keeping with our casual morning, the two sisters watched the game in their sleepwear: Karen in a light nightgown that I could see through in the right light, and Shelly in her t-shirt and panties.

After the last out, Shelly spoke up first. "Same routine as last night?"

"Well," Karen said, "you were in on this bet, so you get to help collect the payment."

That sent a jolt through me, and I was taking off my shirt and jeans without even being told. Down to my briefs, though, Shelly ordered me to get in position over the chair. She was going to strip my underpants off for me, I realized. Before that, she ran her hands over my bottom and then inside my pants, pinching my flesh. Moments later, she was grasping the waistband of my briefs and slowly pulling them down. My erection caught inside of them, and when she peeled the elastic away from it, she held it in her other hand.

Once I was nude, Shelly turned to Karen. "May I?"

"Please, you're our guest, so go first."

Shelly didn't waste any time in giving me five spanks, hard ones. Bending over to look me in the eye, she stated, "That should last a little longer." I turned my head toward her and was surprised to see down her shirt. Her breasts were indeed bigger than Karen's, although still smaller than average, and her nipples were large and pink. The glimpse lasted only a second or two, but it was enough to guarantee that my erection was not going to fade soon.

Karen came next, leaning over to ask, "Ready for more, pal?" She too was giving me a look down her nightgown, but I think she was doing it on purpose. I hardly felt the next five spanks as I tried to fix the memory of those breasts in my mind.

They noticed my excitement, of course, but also wondered why my erection remained so hard for so long as I had to stand in front of them afterwards. "Isn't that dangerous?" Shelly wondered. "Those commercials always warn about erections that last too long."

"I think we can cure him without a trip to the doctor," Karen replied. "Why don't you lie down, pal? You must be getting a little light headed."

So I stretched out a bit shyly on my stomach on the floor. Karen knelt alongside of me and beckoned Shelly to join her. Turning my head toward Karen, curious to know what was coming next, I saw she had gotten a bottle of lotion from the bathroom and was pouring some into her hand. She handed the bottle to Shelly and proceeded to gently rub the cool lotion into my back, my legs, and mostly my bottom.

"Hey, sis, you going to help or not?" Then Shelly poured some of the lotion into her hands and joined Karen in massaging my backside. Both of them gave extra attention to my bottom.

Eventually, Shelly asked, "Do you really think this is going to make his hard-on go away?"

"Let's see," Karen said, and she nudged me to turn over. "Guess not," she laughed as my erection came into view again. "But we're not done with the treatment."

She poured more lotion into her hands and poured more into Shelly's hands too. This time, both of them began rubbing the cool liquid into my body together right away. They covered my chest, stomach, and legs at first. When they had scooted down and were rubbing my legs, each moved her hands up my thigh far enough to gently brush against my balls. I had been enjoying the sensations with my eyes closed, but looked at them as they began to get closer to my penis.

That's when the so-called treatment became even more exciting for me. Looking down, I could see both of them near my feet, leaning toward my mid-section. Their postures gave me a clear view down the tops of both. Karen's gown was well away from her slim chest, and I noted how hard her nipples appeared. Shelly's t-shirt was loose enough to afford an unobstructed view of both breasts, and her nipples were equally excited. She seemed unaware of the show she was giving me, but Karen smiled at me when I turned to look at her again.

With their breasts so clearly in sight, when Karen finally grasped my penis and began rubbing it as well, I was in ecstasy. But Karen pushed me even higher when she told Shelly, "Your turn. Complete the treatment, sis."

Shelly used both hands, one on my penis and the other cradling my balls, as she stroked me. Karen had picked up Shelly's camera and was taking pictures, but I was only dimly aware of the camera's flashes. I was looking down her shirt, memorizing every detail of her small, conical breasts and nipples, and when I saw how they quivered from her movements, my penis shot a rope of semen that grazed her chin and landed on my chest.

We were all quiet for a moment until Shelly said, "Looks like there couldn't be anything left inside of it, so I guess it'll go down now." They both giggled at this, and while Karen went to get a wash cloth and towel, Shelly held my penis in her hand as indeed it softened. While Karen was still out of the room, Shelly commented, "Your penis is so big. Thanks for letting me play with it."

Once I was cleaned up, we did not stay up much longer, and Karen, like the night before, was all over me when we were alone in our room. Despite the massage, I was more than able to get hard again thanks to her hands and mouth.

She was quite vocal again, admitting though that she expected to lose the bet and let me get even with her and Shelly. Just the possibility made me even harder. I turned her over and lifted her onto her knees, pushing into her from behind. I gave her bottom a light spank as I asked, "So you knew I could see down her shirt?"

"Yeah, and I saw you looking at my nips too, pal. I wanted to make you excited and let you win just a little." I was moving in and out of her faster and faster now, slapping her bottom, and when our orgasms hit, she was saying, "Oh, god! Feels like I'm winning again."

Shelly was leaving early the next morning, and she was up, bathed, and dressed before I awoke. She saw me walk nude to the shower, and when I came out, it was time for her to go. I remained nude as I went to the door with them and kissed her goodbye. She gave my penis a little hug and then slapped my bottom one more time. Looking at my penis, which was getting bigger, she said, "As the saying goes, one to grow on."

Our betting games did not continue after those couple of nights. It wasn't necessary. The memories, not to mention the pictures that Shelly emailed us, inflamed our sex lives for quite awhile. A few months later, we got another exciting memory to relive.

Karen went to see Shelly and her husband, Alan. It was only an overnight visit, but Karen returned with lots to tell.

"Was there a bet?" I asked when she was settled home on the sofa.

"See for yourself," and she handed me her laptop and told me to open the file dated yesterday.

It was a slide show, the first picture of which showed Alan pulling his shirt off over his head. As the pictures progressed, he undressed more until he was pulling his boxers down. His erection was about five inches long, sticking straight out, and he was somewhat heavier, making his bottom a bigger target once the pictures showed him in the position for his spanking.

"How did you get him to strip? What was the bet?"

"It was a sure thing. We bet him that we had stripped and spanked you, and Shelly's pictures were our proof. And by the way, Shelly noticed how her shirt was hanging open and told me to tell you that you deserve another spanking for that."

"Was Alan upset that the pictures of you weren't as revealing?"

"Keep going and you'll see."

The next pictures showed Shelly in a lace teddy as she spanked her husband, and then there were some of Karen, dressed in a satiny camisole and matching panties, spanking him also. Once his bottom was good and red, they made him stand in a corner where he had to pose for a few pictures with his hands on his head.

"He get a massage after that?"

"I said keep going, pal, you'll see."

Instead of a massage, the next pictures showed Alan in a bubble bath. He was sitting in the tub as Shelly washed his hair and chest and back, but he was standing for the pictures of Karen, seated on the tub rim, as she washed his legs, bottom, and penis. Reaching to wash him, she was letting one of the spaghetti straps of her camisole fall off her shoulder, and in a few pictures, it has dropped far enough to bare one of her nipples completely. The last of those pictures showed him looking down at her breast as she stroked his soapy hard-on.

"He came right after that one," she said, and she reached to feel the reaction in my pants. "Feels like you like the view too, pal."

There were only a few more pictures, two of Karen drying him off next to the tub, and one more of him at the door of their house when she was leaving. He's nude, and his penis looks like a little bird hiding in its nest. Even so, she smiling as she stands beside him, one arm around his slightly chubby waist, and leaning over to look below his tummy at his exposed penis.

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