tagExhibitionist & VoyeurYou Lose. Now... Ch. 03

You Lose. Now... Ch. 03


When I finally did see Shelly again, I did not think the threatened spanking would occur. Karen and I were spending a long weekend at her mother's cottage near the lake, and Shelly and Alan were coming too. I always liked Annie, a fun woman who looked younger than her fifty-two years, but I never imagined that she was into the kind of fun we'd been enjoying.

The accommodations were not conducive either. Annie's place had only two small bedrooms, so one couple would have to use the sofa bed in the main room, which was a combined living room, eating area and kitchen. A deck with a hot tub was just out a sliding door from this room, and it was in view of the one neighbor's cottage, so it too lacked any real privacy.

Because we arrived later than Shelly and Alan, that sofa bed was ours. After a late dinner, Karen and Shelly seemed ready to turn in earlier than I expected, so we all began preparing for bed. Unexpectedly, Karen said, "We can change in here," and ushered me into Shelly and Alan's room.

I was wondering how we'd keep quiet enough not to be heard by Annie. Shelly told Alan to get ready for bed, and Karen told me the same. Neither of us knew what our wives were up to. As if to get us moving, the two of them started to change clothes, stripping down to their underwear. They then made us turn our backs so we couldn't see anything as they finished changing.

When they allowed us to face them again, they told us to hurry up. While Alan and I started to undress, Karen left the room. Again, we didn't know what was up, but we continued taking off our clothes until we were both down to our underpants. Mine were rather skimpy briefs. Alan still favored boxers, so I felt a bit more exposed.

I had no idea how exposed.

Karen returned, saying everything was ready and we should go out into the other room. I figured she meant that the bed was made up, but I was still wondering why we had come in this room in the first place.

Walking out, I was in for a shock. Annie was there on a chair next to the bed, in her nightgown and robe. She looked equally surprised at my state of undress. At a loss for words, I just wanted to get under the sheets, but at the same time I was hesitant to move closer to her. Although she was staring at me, she also looked amused.

Her expression changed again, and I'm sure mine did too, when Shelly snuck up behind me, grabbed my pants by the waistband, and yanked them down. Immediately, I put my hands over my penis, and just as quickly, Shelly slapped my bottom hard.

"You know where those hands go."

Another hard spank and I got the message. My surprise and embarrassment were complete when Shelly had me step out of my pants. I did not feel better about being nude in front of them when Alan was called out of the room and similarly stripped by Karen, except she didn't need to spank him to get his hands up and on his head. Side by side, he and I made quite a show.

Shelly said, "See, mom, we told you these guys were naughty."

"I don't know about naughty, but I see plenty," she laughed. "Did that spank leave a mark?"

"Turn around, pal," Karen told me. I turned to allow Annie to inspect my bottom.

"Yes, I think it does show a little red there. Alan, turn around too so we can see if there's a difference." Annie seemed to get right into the scene and enjoyed it. "Okay, turn again and let us look at those penises again."

"Didn't I tell you they'd like it?" Shelly remarked. "They'll be even bigger after their nightly spankings. Want to do the honor since we're in your home?"

There had been no bets, and I'd never heard about any so-called "nightly" events. Even so, I was excited to have another woman, and an attractive one at that, in on our game.

So I was happy to hear Annie reply, "Sure, I'll take them over my knee." With that, she got up briefly to remove her light robe, and I could see dimly through her gown, the shape of her breasts, her nipples, even a hint of pubic hair in teasing glimpses.

Shelly took hold of my penis to lead me to her, and Annie held it briefly as well before guiding me over her lap and clamping it between her legs. The ten spanks stung only a little. I was concentrating more on the feel of her legs.

As Shelly predicted, my penis was fully erect when I stood again. Annie gave it one more squeeze before Karen led Alan by the penis to her for his spanking, leaving him fully, if not equally, erect. Other than letting us stand there for several minutes, nothing else happened that night while we were together in the room. Left alone when the others retired to their rooms, Karen and I made love wildly. We might have been heard, especially given the fact we could hear similar sounds from Shelly and Alan's room.

The next morning was casual again, which meant that the women came to breakfast in their sleepwear while Alan and I remained nude. At least the three of them seemed unconcerned about gaping necklines. It was not much consolation, though, because any views were very brief and teasing.

For the afternoon, the plan was to go out on the lake. Of course, Alan and I had to dress somewhat normally in order to leave the house, so we were all in swimsuits. That didn't last, though. Annie had a pontoon boat on which we could picnic, lay in the sun, and go swimming. She found a secluded cove for us to anchor in, and announced, "I've been coming to this spot for years, and I can promise you that there's no reason to be shy here."

As she said this, the three women were looking at Alan and me expectantly. We did not take long to understand what was expected and we both pulled off our trunks. "That's better," Annie said. "I think I'll get some sun too."

You might imagine that we were all a little stunned to see Annie untie her top and let it fall. Her breasts were as big as oranges and were heavy enough to sag somewhat on her chest. The evenness of her tan suggested that she had been sunning topless before.

For Alan and me, the reactions caused by the sight of Annie's breasts were the obvious ones that everyone could see. The reactions of Karen and Shelly were something else. They simply gawked and giggled at their mother's bravado as well as at our nudity. The giggling stopped when Annie asked, "What's keeping you two from getting into the spirit of things?" Neither made any move, and Annie continued, "If I understand correctly, these guys have already seen 'em, so get 'em out and get 'em tanned."

Karen went first. She smiled at all of us as she answered her mother's challenge, facing us as she untied her top and slipped it off. A red blush covered her chest, and her dark nipples looked hard.

Shelly had little choice then, but she turned away to remove her top. "I said no reason for shyness," Annie reminded her, and Shelly finally turned to face us. Her chest also showed a blush, but her nipples were warm and wide.

At Annie's suggestion, we all began helping each other with sunscreen. The women took charge of this activity again. Annie helped Shelly ensure that no part of my body was unprotected. I leaned on the rail, as instructed, and Shelly took the opportunity to finish the job by giving my bottom a couple of spanks. Annie then went to help Karen cover Alan in similar fashion, right down to the finishing spanks. Neither of us, however, was allowed to rub lotion onto the other's wife. Annie took a little pity on us and let us put some on her back. Shelly took a picture, and Annie liked the idea of being photographed with two nude attendants.

Our erections settled down while we ate lunch and enjoyed the warm sun. Soon enough, though, the day felt hotter and drove us into the water. I'd never been skinny dipping before, and the sensation was great. Away from the boat a bit, I had the chance to talk with Karen privately, and she squeezed my penis under the water and said excitedly, "I can't believe how much I'm enjoying having you two guys naked around us. I'd forgotten how cool it was when Sheila let me see her boyfriend's body. How you doing, pal? Having a good time?"

I didn't really have to answer her since she could feel how excited I was. Even so, I told her, "I never knew how much fun it could be to let others see me nude."

"Really? I figured you were going to say you were having a good time because Shelly and Mom were showing their breasts."

"Well, I like seeing them too, and to be truthful, I get more excited from seeing your nipples exposed to the others. That and the fact that I'm naked are what makes this day special." She kissed me sweetly before swimming back to the boat.

Alan and I didn't care that much about tanning, so we were in the water more while the women worked on their tans. Talking to him, I found out he felt pretty much the same as I did. "Seeing Karen topless is a dream come true," he said, "but, damn, seeing Shelly take her top off about made me come right there on the boat. And then having Karen and Annie looking at and touching me all over, damn, I about came again."

We were interrupted when a lake patrol boat approached. I thought it was fortunate that the lake was by no means clear and I could safely stay in the water. Karen and Shelly, on the other hand, were scrambling to cover themselves with towels. Annie remained calm. "Don't worry, it's my good friend, Jill."

Sure enough, the patrol boat pulled alongside, and the middle-aged woman in uniform greeted Annie with a hug. Looking at Karen and Shelly, who had relaxed their grip on the towels, she asked, "Are these the two daughters you told me were coming to visit?"

"Yes, that one's Shelly, and Karen's her bigger sister. But I guess I should say her older sister since she certainly ain't bigger. Hard to believe they're mine, isn't it? Oh, well, their husbands seem to love them."

Jill laughed and said, "Don't let her tease you two. At least your nipples are not headed for your waistline like Annie's and mine."

Then Annie called, "Hey, you guys, come meet my good friend and neighbor."

Alan and I swam a little closer to the side of the boat, but Annie came to the ladder with towels, as if she expected us to get out of the water. Karen was smiling at me and wasn't trying to get me off the hook. Shelly was telling Alan to be a gentleman and greet Jill properly. I went first. When I came up the ladder, Annie stepped back so that I could not grab the towel without stepping on the deck. My penis was partially erect, despite the cool water, and Jill looked approvingly and came forward to shake hands before I could reach for that towel. By then, it hardly mattered, so I simply stood there nude while Alan followed me onto the boat. The water had affected his penis more, but Jill and the others made no sign that they didn't enjoy seeing his shriveled penis. And then it didn't stay shriveled for long once it was warmed by the sun

Jill had some tea and talked with us for a while. I thought it was a little strange that all of us except Jill were fully or partially nude, and that sense was only heightened by the fact that she was a taller woman and wearing a uniform. Everyone acted as if nothing was odd, though, and Jill assured us that nudity was okay as long as it was out of sight of the regular tourists. When she left, Annie invited her over to the cottage for that night. "We may be moving this party to the hot tub later, so dress casually."

Jill answered, "I'll be there. And did you say 'undress casually,' or is my hearing going bad?" They laughed, and Jill added, looking at Alan and me, "I'll be seeing you again." Thoughts of the hot tub and Jill undressing made my penis stiffen a bit, as if to wave goodbye to her.

We stayed out a couple hours more. Back at home, we took turns getting in the shower. Annie had the privilege of going first, and she called to Karen when she was done so we could go next. When I followed Karen into the bathroom, I was in for another surprise. Annie was standing next to the shower, putting her towel over the towel bar before getting her robe. Which is to say that she was nude. I saw her from behind only for a couple of seconds until she put on her robe. She didn't seem upset when she turned to leave.

"Enjoy the view?" she giggled, and she paused at the door to pull my trunks off for me. "I'll pretend that these actually got wet and hang them on the line outside," she laughed and then left after giving my bottom a light slap.

Karen laughed once we were alone. "We may not have the same bra size, but we are really mother and daughter in some ways she doesn't realize."

We were together in the shower, and I asked, "What do you mean?"

"That little scene was almost a replay of something I did years ago. I never told you all the details, but that time Sheila brought her boyfriend to our place, he wasn't the only one walking around nude."

"I know. You said Sheila left the bedroom door open and then left the bathroom door open the next morning while they showered."

"Well, pal, I left out the detail about my shower. I had to get to class and couldn't wait until they were finished. They were at the sink, laughing about how brushing their teeth was sexier when naked. I came in with my robe on, trying to act nonchalant and not stare too much. Sheila just watched me in the mirror, but her boyfriend turned to see what I'd do."

She paused. Her hands were washing my erection. "So what did you do?"

"I dropped my robe, looked over my shoulder at the guy and his hard-on, stepped into the shower, and pulled the curtain shut."

"So he saw your bottom?"

"Yes. And I guess that doesn't bother you." She was stroking my penis more.

"No, I like imagining the scene."

"The play wasn't over then. They dawdled so that they were still in the bathroom when I wanted to come out of the shower."

"What did you do then?"

"I peeked around the edge of the curtain. Sheila's expression told me she was daring me to do it. I didn't want to look like a chicken, so I stepped out, grabbed my towel, and dried off as quickly as possible."

"Facing them or turned around?"

"Facing them. Well, sort of. I didn't turn around, but I didn't really face them in the sense of look them in the eyes. But they saw everything, if that's what you mean."

"I don't get it."

"Well, I was bent over while drying my hair, and I was still bending over and keeping my legs tightly together while drying off, so I was kind of hiding behind my big towel. But when I started to dry my back, I stood up straight, and you know how holding the towel that way makes you stretch. Sheila's boyfriend just stared and made some comment about my shaved pussy."

Her story and stroking led me to the edge, and I shot a string of semen over her hands. "Glad to see you enjoyed it as much as Sheila's boyfriend."

"He came right there from looking at you?"

"No, but he had a very stiff hard-on. When I finally put on my robe to leave, Sheila offered to let me spank him for his rude comment, I said 'no thanks' and just hung my towel over his penis as I walked out."

We had to get moving so that Shelly and Alan could get cleaned up before dinner. Without even thinking about it, I left the bathroom and went back to the living room nude. Karen soon followed in shorts and a blouse. Annie looked at us and laughed, "Seems there's some disagreement about whether we're dressing for dinner."

By that time, I guess I didn't mind being nude that much, and with Alan there, I wasn't the only one without my clothes. Even so, dining nude was made a bit more embarrassing by the fact that Jill, who was indeed Annie's next door neighbor, came to eat with us. It was okay while we were seated, but Alan and I had to clear the table and bring coffee and tea, and all the women commented on the "good looking busboys."

After dinner, we moved to the porch. Being outside nude was not a problem there because Jill's house was the only one with a view into Annie's backyard. In fact, Jill said, "It's lucky I bought that place since Annie and I can enjoy the hot tub in private that way. So, didn't I understand that we all would be getting in tonight?"

Both Karen and Shelly said they didn't want the discomfort of putting on wet suits again, and Annie replied, "Who said swimsuits were needed?"

I looked at Karen, and she seemed to be considering the possibility, but Shelly said, "No one said they were needed yet, so I'll say it now."

"But if you won't put on your wet suit, you won't be able to enjoy the warm water and jets. And Jill and I can tell you that the tub feels best without a suit and with a cool drink."

Alan and I were sent to get the drinks, and when we returned, Annie and Jill were in the tub. Their clothes, including underwear, were set neatly on a chair. I couldn't see most of their bodies beneath the water, but Annie's heavy breasts were just at water level, and Jill was seated so that her large breasts were visible. Like Annie's, they were tanned, but hers were firmer, and her nipples were very light pink.

"Set those down here and join us," Jill said.

Alan and I got in the tub, but before we could sit, Annie said, "Karen, get the camera and take a picture of us. Jill and I don't usually have guests in the tub." When Karen came back with the camera, Annie had Alan and I sit on the edge between them. Karen had us turn and bend over as if to be spanked for another picture, and Jill did in fact slap our bottoms a few times.

"Now, what about you two?" Jill asked after the photo op was over. Shelly was still reluctant, and Karen was sort of following her lead. Even when reminded that she had been topless that afternoon, Shelly would not consider getting in the tub. She pointed out that the four of us already in it were taking up all the room it allowed. Karen looked a little disappointed, but she remained seated in her chair on the deck.

As promised, the warm water was indeed relaxing, and the sight of the older women's breasts was stimulating as well. I got out once to refresh some drinks, and everyone could see my erection. More stunning, however, was Jill answering a call on a cell phone that was in one of her pockets. Without any hesitation, she stood up, stepped out of the tub, and talked briefly on the phone while standing over the tub facing us. Her tall, lean body was lovely, and her russet pubic hair was thin enough to allow a clear view of her red labia.

When she finished her conversation, Jill said, "I think I'll call it a night. Annie, you coming over to my place so maybe the girls will have enough room to join their husbands in the tub?"

"Yeah, it's getting to be that time," and Annie started to get out of the tub. Once again I saw her well rounded bottom, but this time, she faced us while drying off, and I could see her dense, dark triangle of pubic hair.

She and Jill dried each other's back, and it seemed that they spent extra time on each other's bottom. Then they faced each other, and Annie started to rub Jill's breasts while Jill ran her towel between Annie's legs. Within moments, they had dropped the towels and were embracing tightly.

Finally turning to us, Annie said, "Didn't mean to shock you. What did you think us two old ladies would be doing all this time without any decent men in these parts? Besides, a body always likes the feel of another's hands. Let me show you."

She reached for me and had me get out and stand next to her, and then she pulled Alan onto the deck next to me as well. Both of us were sporting erections, and Annie surprised us by fondling each. "Feels good, right?"

We both nodded silently. Annie invited Jill to feel us also. "You like that too, don't you?" And we nodded again.

"So now feel each other."

Alan and I didn't move at first. Annie said, "Don't be afraid. You know they don't bite."

I looked to see that Karen and Shelly were watching, dumbstruck but fascinated. Moving slowly, I reached for Alan's penis. Then he reached for mine.

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