tagLoving WivesYou Lose Some, You Win Some

You Lose Some, You Win Some


Authors' Note: No sex scenes in this one; just another story about a 'Loving Wife' and a husband's reaction to betrayal.


Maddie Walters peered into the darkened den and saw her husband sitting inside.

"What are you doing?" she asked Jerry Walters.

"Trying to untangle these power cords; I wonder if anyone will ever discover how cords in a box get tangled up all on their own. There has to be a Nobel Prize waiting for the genius that solves that mystery."

"You always come up with the strangest ideas, Jerry."

"That wasn't all I was thinking. I was wondering what I've done to make you show such disrespect toward me."

Maddie stiffened at Jerry's words, but decided to play innocent. "What are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about you and Harry Davis."

Still not certain how much Jerry knew, Maddie continued her innocent act. "I still don't know what you're implying."

Jerry did his best to remain cool and focused. He knew losing his temper would change the dynamics of their altercation. So, Jerry kept his voice steady and low as he replied. "See, there you go again; treating me like an idiot. But maybe I deserve it. I don't know how long you've been fucking around on me. Maybe your treating me this way is to be expected.

"Last week you and your fuck buddy were seen at the park. A friend of mine saw you; said it was obvious you two had a thing going on, the way you were oblivious to anyone nearby as your tongues searched for each other's tonsils. He asked when we had broken up. Imagine my embarrassment having to admit we were still married.

"It ended up being pretty simple, Monday I placed a small recorder in your car and waited; didn't have to wait long."

Jerry punched the 'play' button on the recorder and listened to Harry's comments as Maddie sucked Harry's cock, including their arrangement to meet earlier this evening at the Holiday Inn.

Maddie's reaction was just what Jerry expected, Maddie was big on privacy rights. Jerry's respect of Maddie's privacy is probably why she thought she could cuckold him.

"You had no right to invade my privacy like that, Jerry."

"Actually, I checked with my attorney first and I do have that right in this state, Maddie. The car is titled under both our names and I'm allowed to record what goes on inside it. Nice try, though."

Maddie heard the words, "my attorney" and started to worry even more now. She didn't have to wait long.

"Here are the divorce papers, Maddie. Get yourself an attorney and look them over with him or her. I tried to be fair; but let me warn you; if you try to be a shit about this, the recording I have will magically get sent out to your friends, family and co-workers."

"Are you threatening me?"

Jerry was still trying to hold it together; it was against his nature to call anyone, even his cheating soon to be ex-wife, foul names; it just wasn't how he was raised. "Take it any way you want. I already said I tried to be fair. Don't piss me off."

Maddie looked at Jerry, his eyes colder than she'd seen them in the five years they'd been together; it shook her up. This was not the sweet man she knew.

"I can't believe you can sit there and not shed a tear. You're ending our marriage and it's as if you don't care!"

Jerry was incredulous at Maddie's statement "First off - you ended this marriage, not me. Second, do you really think I'm going to sit here and ball my eyes out in front of you, then you and your fuck-buddy can have a laugh over it?"

"I never laughed at you, Jerry."

"Well, at least not during this recording, Maddie. Let me see if I remember it correctly. You were giving him head and he said something like, "Take it, bitch - swallow it all and go home to your wimp husband and give him a great big kiss after I cum in your mouth." Then your buddy started to laugh; you didn't laugh, it's true, but - then again - your mouth was crammed full of his cock and cum at the time. So, no dear, you didn't laugh at me then."

Maddie thought back to Tuesday night and remembered the moment. Harry could be such an ass at times. But Maddie also remembered coming home that same night and trying to give Jerry a kiss. Jerry had avoided Maddie, which made her mad at the time. Maddie tried to remember the last time she and Jerry had kissed or shown each other any outward affection; she realized it had been over a week ago. Probably just after Jerry's friend saw them at the park.

Now Maddie felt shame in addition to the fear in her heart.

"Are you moving out?" Maddie asked.

"No, I'm not. All my things are in the spare bedroom. The divorce papers you're holding spell out that we'll sell the house as soon as possible. My attorney claims this is an excellent time to sell, it's a seller's market. But you can move out if you want. Maybe Harry and Mrs. Davis have a room for you; or maybe Mrs. Davis won't mind sharing their bed with you."

Maddie froze once again when Jerry said, "Mrs. Davis"; she wondered if Jerry had shared the news with Harry's wife.

"Have you told her about Harry and me?"

"Not yet, but don't think that asshole is going to walk away from this unscathed." Jerry had plans to visit the Davis household tomorrow; but wasn't about to share that fact with Maddie.

Maddie was crying hard now. Jerry wondered if the sobbing was for the death of their marriage or because Maddie worried there would be further repercussions if Harry's wife became involved. Jerry didn't care at the moment; there was one more question he needed to ask.

"The things he called you. I heard him use your mouth and call you a bitch. Why did you allow that? I always treat you with respect, never forced you to do anything, never called you foul names. Why did you let him do that to you?"

Maddie looked away from her husband to avoid seeing the pain she caused. Her eyes landed on the frame sitting on the bookcase, the frame used to hold their wedding photo, but now it was empty. Hanging off the frame was the gold chain and crucifix Maddie had given Jerry when they got engaged; Jerry's wedding ring was hanging on the chain.

Tears started to fall from her eyes and then more tears as she realized this was the first time she ever cried in Jerry's presence that he didn't wrap her up in his arms. She tried to find a way to answer Jerry's question, but she couldn't because she didn't know. After two or three minutes of silence, Jerry got up from the table and walked back to his new bedroom. "Tell me when you figure it out, I really want to know. "

Maddie was wrong about Jerry's lack of emotion, of course. She had been too wrapped up in her own world to notice how shaken Jerry was over the past week. She didn't know about the phone calls Jerry made to his sister to get her help and advice. She hadn't seen him earlier this evening when he shed tears as he watched her enter the motel with Harry Davis.

When Maddie finally stopped crying and went upstairs, she passed the guest room door on the way to the master bedroom, she saw the new deadbolt lock on Jerry's door. As it is in so many cases of adultery, the adulterer sat and wondered where and when things fell off the rails. Maddie was a bright person, successful in school and at work, but why hadn't she used her intelligence to fix the little things bothering her about their marriage instead of listening to Harry's line of snake-oil bullshit?


Two days later Maddie was sitting with Harry in a restaurant having lunch; Harry was absolutely livid. "That son of a bitch, cock-sucking asshole husband of yours gave my wife the recording of us in your car! What the fuck, Maddie; can't you control your man?"

Maddie looked at Harry while trying her best to control her temper in this public place. As a result, she just kept quiet and Harry took this as a sign to just keep ranting.

"Damn, some day I'm going to make him pay for this shit." As Harry spoke the words he already had an idea of how Maddie would pay for it. It would never occur to Harry that his own actions had anything to do with the trouble his marriage was facing; Harry never encountered an obstacle he couldn't blame on someone else.

"Well, as long as both our spouses are pissed at us, let's go out and do the town tomorrow night. What do you say?"

Maddie thought it over and figured, "what the hell" before nodding her head in agreement. Just one more mistake in a long line of stupid decisions she made lately. Harry grinned at her acquiescence.

Saturday night Maddie got ready for her date with Harry. She tried not to overdo it but still looked sexy in the little black dress and four inch CFM heels. Her attempt to sneak out of the house without Jerry seeing her failed; she had called an Uber to pick her up and the doofus honked when he pulled in the drive instead of texting her. As a result, they both ended up at the front door at the same time. Jerry didn't say a word, his face said it all.

When Maddie walked into the bar, Harry was already there waiting, a smirk on his face as he watched Maddie move toward him. Damn, this woman was hot! He couldn't help but notice how almost every man's eyes in the bar followed her as she leaned into him for a kiss. It almost made him regret what he had planned for her later this evening.

Maddie didn't help her situation as she quickly downed two Manhattans before they moved into the dining room for their dinner. They split a bottle of wine with dinner and moved back to the bar for an after dinner drink.

Within minutes they were approached by a man. Harry acted as if he was surprised, but quickly introduced Maddie to Ramon, then invited Ramon to join them. Ramon sat on the other side of Maddie and leaned across the bar as Harry and Ramon talked about the prospects of a decent season for the local NFL team.

Maddie decided this was a good time to use the lady's room and excused herself. When she returned there was another Manhattan sitting on the bar and Ramon got up from his barstool to help Maddie sit down on her stool.

Now the two men included her in the conversation. Ramon was quite the gentleman, asking her about her job and other interests. Harry had his hand on her back, gently caressing the bare area between her shoulder blades. Maddie was feeling warm inside and was beginning to wonder when she and Harry would leave the bar and head to the room he had reserved.

Instead, Harry's phone rang and Harry took the call, talked for a few minutes, then hung up.

"Sorry, babe, that was my mother. Her kitchen sink sprung a leak and I need to go over there ASAP. Why don't you and Ramon stay and I'll join you at the club? Ramon, you don't mind, do you?"

The liquor Maddie had consumed and the drugs in her drink which were now coursing through her body left her stupefied by the change in plans. She had been hoping to have Harry alone in a hotel tonight, now she would be clubbing with some strange man until Harry returned; and the drugs effectively prevented her from protesting. After Harry left the bar Maddie felt Ramon's hand replace Harry's on her back. Harry walked out laughing to himself as he headed to the bar where his friend was waiting; the friend that made the phony emergency call.

Maddie and Ramon finished their drinks while continuing to engage in small talk before leaving. Ramon's car was parked nearby; he held the door for her and strapped her into the seatbelt. Maddie's condition continued to deteriorate as they drove; she was conscious; but seeing and hearing things through a sexual fog.

The car pulled up to a four flat style building; Maddie had no idea where they were, Ramon said they needed to stop here to get his cash for the club's cover charge.

"Come on up for a minute, I don't want to leave you in the car by yourself. This can be a rough neighborhood." Ramon helped Maddie out of the car and up the front steps to the house.

When they entered the apartment, Maddie was surprised to see there were three others in the room. At this point Maddie knew coming here with Ramon was the worst mistake in a life filled with bad mistakes. Maddie tried to move, but the man standing behind her had his arms around her waist and Maddie didn't have the strength to fight him.

The reality hit her. "I've been drugged." That also explained the wetness she was feeling as the man moved his hands up from her waist and started to play with her nipples.

What began as gang rape turned especially violent and life threatening when two more men showed up an hour after the crime commenced. These two sadists performed unspeakable acts until they lost interest in the quivering shell that once was a woman. Ramon and his accomplices had left hours ago, even they were sickened by how the woman was being abused.


Jerry sat in the hospital room chair reading a book. Every few minutes he'd look up from the book to see if Maddie was awake. The call came in to his cell at five-thirty this morning; a woman was found in an alleyway downtown, she was naked and barely conscious; she was able to state her name and Jerry's phone number before passing out again. When Jerry took the call he forced himself not to hang up the phone, but the police sergeant explained Maddie's condition, so Jerry got dressed and headed down to the hospital.

When Jerry realized the extent of Maddie's injuries he immediately called Maddie's sister Beth. Beth was shocked and promised to call their mom and grab the first flight out of Houston. Jerry decided to stay with Maddie until they arrived.

The hours slowly passed while Jerry's thoughts turned to how they ended up this way. Damn, he thought they had a decent marriage. But, the more he thought about it, the more it made some sense. Maddie told him he was the first 'nice' guy she ever dated; before Jerry, she always dated the 'bad boy' types. Maddie told him this, not to upset him, but to let him know how he was different from her previous lovers and to tell him how happy she was with their relationship.

Another thought struck Jerry as he sat in the hospital room - he never considered it before - it occurred to him that Maddie never ordered the same meal at any of their favorite restaurants. Even if Maddie raved about a particular dish, the next time they went into that establishment, Maddie would order something different. Was there something in her nature that needed variety? Did the combination of Maddie's fixation on bad boys and her constant need for variety doom their marriage from the start? Is this something he should have recognized and anticipated? If he had, would he still have married her?

These thoughts swirled inside Jerry's head as he looked at the woman he loved with all his heart until just last week. Now he looked at her with sympathy; no one deserved what happened to her. Maddie's vocal chords were damaged, both her vagina and anus had been torn and required stitches. These were the obvious physical injuries, one could only guess at what mental problems Maddie faced after her body healed.

When Maddie's mother walked into the hospital room and saw her daughter, the first words out of her mouth were, "How could you let this happen to my daughter?"

Jerry stood stunned; then realized Maddie hadn't told her mother about the separation. Jerry looked at Beth. Did she know? But Beth had the same expression of confusion on her face. Jerry's relationship with Maddie's mother was always strained; she wanted Maddie to marry one of Maddie's ex-bad boys, a rich lawyer, even though the asshole had blackened one of Maddie's eyes.

Jerry decided the best course of action was to get the hell out of the hospital room before he exploded. He turned away from the old hag and walked out the door. He was half way down the corridor toward the elevator when he heard Beth call his name.

"Jerry, wait a minute." Beth grabbed his arm and forced him to face her. "Please, tell me what's going on. I know you better than this, you'd never turn your back on my sister."

"Beth, I'm not going to bad mouth your sister; but you need to know, we're separated. We may still be sharing the same house right now; but it's only until we can get the paperwork completed for the divorce."

Beth was stunned; this was the first she heard her sister and brother-in-law were having problems. Jerry filled in the blanks.

"Your sister has a boyfriend; has had one for a while. She was out on a date with him Saturday night. If you and your mother want answers to what happened that night, I suggest you find her boyfriend Harry Davis and ask him. Maddie's been seeing him; no, let's call it like it is, Maddie has been fucking Harry Davis now for some time, well before the separation; you need to ask him why Maddie's lying in that hospital bed."

Jerry could see his words had a terrible effect on Beth; but once again, he needed to get away from the whole crazy family; he turned back toward the elevator and got the hell out of there. Now all Jerry wanted was to leave this chapter of his life behind. Once back home, he started to pack his belongings in boxes and heavy-duty plastic bags. It took him two days, but with everything packed he got the hell out of that house.

The second day after her family arrived Maddie woke up. The doctors and nurses shooed Beth and Elizabeth (Maddie's mom) out of the room. An hour later they were allowed to re-enter.

"Where's Jerry?" were her first words.

Elizabeth answered with venom. "That bastard left the moment we walked in and hasn't been back to see you since. Why you married that bastard is still beyond me."

Beth gave her mother a look that told the old woman to shut the hell up. "Jerry was here with you the entire 36 hours it took Mom and I to get here. He left shortly after we arrived. I can't imagine why." Beth looked at their mother as she said the last words. Maddie understood.

"I really fucked up this time, Beth. I don't think Jerry and I will be married much longer."

After Beth's rebuke, Elizabeth just stood there as the sisters talked. What Elizabeth couldn't understand is why both her daughters treated her with such disrespect.

Beth had to ask, "Is this about Harry Davis?"

"Why, has Harry come to see me?"

"No, it's the name Jerry mentioned when Mom blamed him for what happened to you. Jerry said you were dating a man named Harry Davis."

"We were on a date; but his mother called with an emergency. He left me at the bar with some guy he knew; Harry was supposed to meet us at a club, but I never made it to the club. He must be wondering what happened. Is my phone around? I need to check for messages."

"Here; Jerry dropped it off this morning with some clothes and toiletries. Before he even got to the door Mother started in on him again. He left and hasn't answered my calls since."

Maddie checked her messages and was surprised there weren't any from Harry. She thought he'd call when he made it to the club and didn't find her there; or at least a call over the past three days she's been in the hospital. There were calls from work and a few other friends, but nothing from Harry.


Harry spent much his free time since Saturday night trying to make up with his wife. Harry didn't like the bitch; but he was still paying alimony and child support to his first wife and the last thing he needed was to pay a second cunt for the privilege of marrying and divorcing him. Now, it was the full court press on wife number two - please forgive me, I was seduced, blah, blah, blah. So far, it seemed to be working; the flowers, dinners, etc. were doing the trick. 'Trick' was the right word, because as soon as she settled down, Harry would be back to his old ways; there was just too much pussy out there and Harry wanted it all.

Harry also spent time thinking of how to get revenge on Jerry Walters for sharing that damn tape with his wife. Eduardo 'Ramon' Gonzales, one of the dealership's service managers, made certain Maddie paid for her sins, although from what he heard, Ramon and company went a little overboard; they were only supposed to use her, not put her in the hospital. Ramon blamed Harry, said he shouldn't have let those two cretins from the detail section in on what was planned. Harry had to bite his tongue before lashing out loud what was on his mind, "Just like a damn Greaser to try and blame me for his fuck-up; letting those guys in the apartment, then leaving Maddie alone with them."

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