tagInterracial LoveYou Made Me Trust Again

You Made Me Trust Again


It's been years since I had been made love to, fucked, you know, get laid??

I had enough of the excuses of my ex-white husband when he would tell me that we didn't "do it" anymore because he couldn't "get it up" anymore. He would frequent the strip clubs and the go-go clubs with "the guys" just to relax and have a few beers. Yeah right and get a lap dance and a blow job from one of those skanks.

Getting up enough nerve to get a divorce was difficult for me. I didn't want to lose out on all the money he was left and all the money he would be getting after the sale of his parents' house, cars, furnishings etc. and I took care of them more then he did. I waited until he got all the money put in the bank and then put it under both our names and then I went for the kill. I did wait almost a year so it wouldn't be so obvious but during that year a met a great guy who gave me the ability to trust a man again, but this time my man of choice was black.

I decided to go out one night by myself and see if I could find a man and not have to worry about him beating me up, talking down to me or depriving me of sex. I guess I will admit it, but sex was better for us before we got married. Ran off to the hotels after payday, screwed in my bedroom at my parents' house and the same at his parent's house. He used to enjoy sex with me and my blow jobs. After we were married it was like it didn't exist anymore. When we did, it was like a chore. It usually only happened the day after he had gone out with the guys as maybe he was still a little "horny"??

I got dressed up like a whore that night as I wore a shirt without any panties and wore a blouse without a bra. I was lucky as I was full busted and my tits didn't sag. They were firm 42DDD and my nipples were the size of dimes. Men always stared at my tits and I loved it. I loved when my tits are played with. Love to get them pulled, squeeze, my nipples nibbled on and sucked. I really had a nice set of tits if I say so myself.

I walked into the bar and checked out the men. There were all kinds of men there, tall ones, short ones, thin ones, heavy ones, muscular men, white men, Chinese men, Spanish, Hispanic, Cuban, Turkish, Hindu, you name it, it was there. I zoomed in a few of the black men there. Some of them turned me off with the pants falling off their asses, the big gold chains, the hat on sideways, then there were two pretty decent looking ones sitting a bar stool apart with the empty between them. I decided to ask before I sat and they both seemed to be okay with me sitting there.

I ordered my regular shot of JD with a Bud Light. I drank down my shot right away and took a small sip of my Bud. The sexy black guy next to me was with a white turtleneck with a grey blazer and dark grey slacks and he was slender but not pencil thin. He had a nice smile and sported a diamond in his left ear. The other black guy was muscular, wearing a fairly new pair of blue jeans and white shirt with two buttons undone from the top. He wore a gold chain with a cross and had several piercings in both his ears with small gold hoops and the very top was diamonds. I myself have many holes in my ears and I also had diamond studs in the top of my ears. The one to my left was Jesse and the one to my right was Jim. They both talked to me and asked me to dance and bought me drinks. They weren't together and neither seemed to be upset by the other given me attention, dancing with me or buying me drinks. I didn't pay for a single drink that night.

Jesse was getting up to leave and told me that he had a nice time tonight but had to head home because he had to catch an early flight the next morning and would be going away on business for a week but handed me his business card and listen all his phone numbers and told me to call him sometime and maybe we could go out again. I thanked him for the drinks and told him I would and I kissed him on the cheek and he return the kiss on mine.

Jim was still there and we continued drinking and dancing and talking up a storm. We had a great time. We closed down the place and he invited me to breakfast at the local diner and I accepted. I left my car as he drove us and said we would pick up my car after we ate. I got into his car which was a Mustang and he closed the door after I got in. He got into the driver's seat and asked me if I wanted my seat adjusted and if I was ok and I said I was fine. He noticed my wedding band (I left my engagement ring home as I didn't like wearing it anymore). He asked me if my husband knew I was out and I told him that I didn't care if he did or not that I was on my own and on my way out of the marriage. With that I took of my wedding ring and threw it in my handbag. He turned to me and smiled and we shared our first kiss. What a kiss it was as his lips were so soft and felt so sexy I slipped my tongue between hi lips and he did the same. I love french kissing and it appeared he did too. He explored my mouth and I did his and he taste good. I sucked on his tongue picturing in my mind sucking his cock and how I wonder what that would be like. I also thought about how it would feel to have him inside me as I haven't had a cock in my white shaved pussy in years.

We pulled into the diner and he kissed me again and the reached for my blouse as he started to unbutton it until it was all open and my tits were staring him right in the face. He squeezed one and sucked and nibbled on the other and for the first time in years I could feel myself getting wet and had no panties to suck up the wetness. I could also feel the cold air and his licking and sucking that made my nipples hard as rocks. I reached over and unbuttoned and then unzipped his jeans and pulled out this extra large black cock and could feel his balls being large and full. I ran my hand up and down his black throbbing cock and I got myself in the position to suck and lick it for the pre-cum that formed on the head was calling out my name. He moaned and then we got ourselves together and went inside to get a bite to eat. We sat in the back in a booth next to each other and I played with his cock and I could feel it getting larger and larger. We ate quickly and again he picked up the entire tab and we walked over to his car. We parked in a very dark spot without any lighting and he pushed me against his car and kissed me hard and long and with such passion. I asked him if he liked blow jobs because I enjoyed giving them and he said he loved them. He released his cock and I began to suck and lick and nibble on his huge cock and played with his very large cum filled balls. He then laid me down in the grass as he fucked me right then and right there. I loved the way he eased into my tight pussy lips as they haven't been used in years. He thrust hard into my pussy and I could feel myself leaking all over his cock.

I asked him if I could suck him off as I swallowed and he first fucked me again and then we did it while I was on all fours and he pumped me liked crazy and once I again I came. He stopped as he said he was about to come himself and he positioned himself with his cock at the entrance of my awaiting mouth and dumped his hot load into my mouth and followed by squirting on my big tits. He unloaded and laid on the grass next to me where I was enjoying every drop and taste of his cum and I was floating on a cloud.

We were lucky as no one came around when we were fucking and sucking and just going at it like two wild animals. We got ourselves together and got back into his car. I thanked him for that and he thanked me. We held hands as we headed back to my car. He took my cell and programed in all his numbers and then took all of mine except for my house phone. He said he would call me and expected me to be his white cock sucking bitch from now on and I said I would.

On my ride home he called and thanked me again and said we would have to meet again soon as possible because I suck a mean cock and balls. He told me good night and said he would call me the next day. I drove home feeling like a cheep slut and I loved it. I got home to find my husband' truck home and found the door to be left open and him fast asleep on his recliner with is pants down to his waist along with his underwear and him grabbing his own cock and calling out some girl's name as he stroked his own cock. I went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror as I was smile with cum all over my face. I cleaned up my face but left the crusty cum all over my chest as I enjoyed it being there.

Jim called the next day and we set up meetings on the nights my husband went out with his friends so we could just talk, make love or just do nothing together. I told him all about my abusive marriage and my plans to leave within the year and I would have myself a small fortune that I would be happy to share with him. I found out that my share would be at least a half a million dollars. My deceased in laws had some money in stocks, CD's, IRA, life insurance and the house alone was over $ 500,000. Jim said he also had a nice sum of money as he was an only child and he cares for his very ill dad.

I told him that I had no trust in my husband as he lied to me about why we couldn't have sex and I just didn't trust anyone because they were always out for themselves and didn't give a dam about anyone else. Jim told me that I could trust him and he would never take me for my money. We would sneak around and me every chance we got. He was always buying me gifts and I would buy him some as well.

April 18 was the happiest day in my life as I was granted my divorce and award over $ 750,000. I invested some, bought a condo together with Jim and we had gotten all new things and have a nice some of money on CD's and money markets. We also have money in savings and checking accounts that bear both our names.

I can trust again and I could love again. I will never be alone again and I will always have one on my side who loves me back and treats me with love, respect and trust. Jim is my life and I will never have doubt about him as he is as true to me as I am to him. We plan a wedding for 2013 and hope to start a small family too.

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