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You Make Me Feel Beautiful



Note from the author:

This story is a very special one for me.

There is no explicit sex in the story.

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In the dead of the night, my cell phone buzzed, breaking into my much beloved sleep and annoying me no end. I picked the damn phone, noting the time (which was well past midnight), seeing the unknown number on the screen I wondered who would be calling me at this hour.

"Hello," I said, very annoyed, and very rude.

"Hi," said the voice on the other side. Even at that time it struck me with how manly it was and at the same time, how sweet. Still, I being me had to be annoyed at something, though I was forgetting exactly what it was I had to be annoyed at.

"Who are you and what the hell do you want?" I shrieked into the phone hoping that the caller would think I was crazy and disconnect. I could have done that myself, but lately I seemed to have lost the ability to hang up on someone. So I was hoping that he would do it. At that time I didn't realize how much I wanted him to keep talking to me. The simple 'hi' seemed to have taken my sleep away.

"Wanna be friends?"

And that casual statement took my breath away.

But being the kind of moron I am, I ended up saying... "Don't bother me, I have to sleep."



'Call ended -- 00:00:32'

I couldn't imagine that he had actually hung up. It wasn't possible to feel what I was feeling, not after a phone call that had lasted 32 seconds. I mean, just 32 seconds. I decided that I was sleepy and that is why my mind wasn't working. I decided to forget the whole episode of the phone call that lasted 32 seconds and go back to sleep. So I slept, or tried to anyway.

Very hard.

The next day at school was a blur for me. I was very sleepy having lost my sleep the night before, thanks to Mr. 32 second caller. I still hadn't been able to make up my mind about whether to call him or not.

The day passed, night came. But instead of sleeping, I kept tossing and turning in bed waiting for his call. And finally, after one hour of this tossing and turning business I decided to call him. I dialed the number and waited for him to pick up the phone...

'No answer', flashed on my screen. Disappointed, I went to sleep with the phone in my hand.

I dreamed of the night before and the only change in the whole scenario was that that he hadn't hung up, I hadn't been so rude. I could not imagine the extent to which I was becoming involved. The extent to which this caller had affected my life was terrifying.

I woke up with jumbled thoughts to the ringing of my phone. I glanced at the screen and for the first time I remember, I was grateful for someone breaking into my sleep.

"Hello," I said almost breathless with gratitude and excitement.

"Hi. You called up?" the voice was still the same. The only difference was that I wasn't annoyed and I wasn't going to pretend to be.

"Yeah... I was wondering...sorry about last night...I mean for being rude...I was a little... you know... I was sleeping and you called," I couldn't believe that I was fumbling, tripping on my words. No one had ever brought that out in me before, I am still not sure if that's good or bad.

"It's okay. Relax. I shouldn't have called you at that time. It was my fault. And yeah you still haven't answered my question."

"What question?"

"About being friends, I asked you last night... but I think you were too annoyed to answer," I couldn't imagine why was he being so patient with me, but I was happy anyway.

"Oh, yeah... sure, what's your name?"

"Samuel, you can call me Sam... now don't ask me how I got your number."

"Okay, how did you get my number?"

"I got it from Google."

"You expect me to believe that?"


"I'm sure I do," that's the way I started talking to him. We finally hung up at four that night. Still, I lay awake in bed, thinking of him.

We talked mostly about nothing. I found out that he was twenty four, six years elder to me, and worked as a trainer in a BPO, which was cool by my standards.

He told me that I was beautiful and on his strict instructions I did not ask him where he had seen me. He told me that I had an amazing voice, though I could not tell him that I thought the same about his. I just couldn't get the right words at that moment. There was something so vital about him. I just couldn't understand how I had lived without that all these years. There was something very profound, some underlying depth, even with his casual statements. He made me realize that most of the guys I had dated were 'guys'. He was a man.

And I would make him my man.

I simply couldn't understand how it was possible, but I had fallen head first in love. No, 'dived' would be a perhaps a better word.

Even with barely three hours of sleep under my arm, I was feeling energized the next day. I was not at all sleepy as I stormed through my classes all day, a warm glow flowing through me, a newfound energy surging through my whole being.

I didn't know how tired I was until I hit the bed that night, blissfully exhausted. I went to sleep...thinking of him.

I knew the phone would ring, and when it did that night, it didn't startle me... it only gave me a sense of familiarity. I seriously didn't understand why I was feeling what I was, but I suppose you aren't supposed to understand or question emotions, you are supposed to take them as they come, and enjoy them.

That's exactly what I did.

My mistake.


"Hi", he said with an ease that's a little difficult to come across at two in the morning.

"So, how was your day?" I asked.

"Bad...my boss is a menacing monster...there is nothing she loves more than tormenting me..." he said feeling sorry for himself.

"So, why don't you charm her...like you did me?"

"Would you rather that I did?"

"No Sam, it was a joke...I don't need anyone else losing her heart over you,"

"Anyone else? Do you know someone who did?" he asked mocking me.

"Why do you like to irritate me so much?"

"Why don't you clearly tell me anything?" he said, still pretending... God! This man was impossible. So I finally decided to be 'clear enough'.

"I want to tell you something. If you don't like what I'm saying, hang up... but for heaven's sake Sam, don't laugh," I said in a serious tone.

"Okay, go ahead", he said solemnly.

"Sam... I don't know how it happened but... I think I'm in love with you"

"I'm sorry?" he pretended not to have heard. I knew better. I decided to repeat myself, loud and clear.

"I love you, Sam." I said, more confidently than the last time.

"I'm sorry?" his voice merely a whisper. His was making me a little light headed.

"I love you," my voice was too had turned to a lowly moan.

"I'm sorry?" his breathing was labored.

"I love you," I moaned into the phone.

"I'm sorry?" he breathed. I decided to end it, because if we didn't, then both of us would want something that we couldn't have at this hour of the night, since we were not together.

"Stop it. I know you heard me Sam. Now, be a good boy and tell me you love me." I scolded.

"Okay... Amber, I love you"

"I'm sorry?" I laughed.

So we were settled.

From that day on we were inseparable. 'I'm sorry?' became equivalent to 'I love you too'.

We talked every night. Soon, I realized that we couldn't keep continuing on phone. We had to meet. But taking that step wasn't easy for me. There were so many fears in my head. And I was too ashamed to discuss them with Sam. Questions like 'What if I don't like him?' and 'What if he's ugly?' kept nagging me.

I decided that it didn't matter if was ugly, or huge, or anything because I loved him. So I called him. We decided to meet the next day.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I was strolling around in the market where we were supposed to meet. I had reached before time and was waiting for him. It was already time and he hadn't yet shown up. He was late and, he was going to have it from me.

I got myself a coke as I walked around, waiting for him. Finally, I decided to call him. He picked up on the second ring.

"Hello," he said, very sweetly.

"Where are you? Am I supposed to wait here all day?" I screamed into the phone.

"I'm on my way baby, I'd be there in two minutes... meanwhile, why don't you buy some flowers for me?"

"What? Aren't you the one who's supposed to be doing that?" He was driving me mad.

"I'm supposed to give them to you. You buy them for me so I can give them to you." He said, quite matter-of-factly, making me laugh. This guy was completely crazy, and he was adding me to that lot too.

Surprisingly, I found myself buying half a dozen roses, yellow, because they were my favorite.

I saw a car pull up in front of the florist shop, and the guy on the driver's seat smiled at me. I knew instinctively that he was the one, all my fears vanished. He was not a Greek god but he wasn't ugly or huge... there was something in his appearance that comforted you.

I paid for the flowers and went outside to meet him. He was still in the car. Apparently, this guy had no manners.

"Hop in; we're going for a drive," he commanded. Yes, sir.


I 'hopped in' and sat beside him on the passenger's seat.

"These are for you," I handed him the flowers.

"Isn't that my dialogue?"

"Says who?"

"You know...I don't know," he laughed.

We roamed around in his car for about three hours, stopping once for fuel. We never ran out of stuff to talk about. I was constantly looking at him. Luckily for me, he was driving and couldn't steal many glances at me.

I had found him comfortable at first, but now I wondered if I had lost my mind that time. Everything about him was insanely sexy and abrupt. He was sweet one moment, arrogant the next, childish and so on. Everything in his appearance shouted out ego and arrogance. How could a guy, who looked so cocky, be so sweet and charming?

My thoughts were interrupted by something he said.

"I'm sorry, what were you saying?"

"Do you want something to eat or drink?"

"No, I'm not hungry, I have to go now... or I'll be late for my music class,"

"Okay, I'll drop you,"

Finally, it was time to depart. He stopped the car and I hoped that he'd kiss me. Well, the 'kiss' turned out to be a light peck in my right cheek, disappointing me.

"It was a very nice meeting you," he said, very impersonally. I wondered what was wrong. Nevertheless, I played along.

"You too... see you tomorrow," I said as I got out of the car.

After that day, we started meeting everyday. We wanted to spend every moment together. Sometimes, he would act distant towards me. At first I used to ask him what was wrong, but then I got used to it. One more problem with the relationship was that he never gave me more than a peck on my cheek. We had been together for more that six months but still he had never kissed me once my lips. It was high time now.

"Why do you never kiss me Sam?" I asked him in desperation one night.

"When the first time I kiss you, I want it to be very special. I want us to remember it forever." He said calmly.

"So it will be," I didn't understand what he was saying. Our first kiss would always be special.

"No, not that way, I want it to be in a special place...okay, I know a special place, I mean that place is very special to me...It's just outside the city. Let's go there tomorrow, get along a change of clothes. You'll love it there."

"Okay," I said smiling. Finally we would have our first kiss...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

We drove down to the 'special place' the next day. It was an hour from the city. He stopped the car in the middle of nowhere.

"So, this is 'the place'?" I said mocking him.

"No, silly... we'll have to trek down a bit..." he explained, pointing to the wilderness on the other side of the street. Apparently, he was very excited about it.

"Okay," I started stepping out of the car.

"Wait!" he said as he got out of the car, came to my side of the car, opened the car door and got down on his knees. I was wondering what this was all about.

"May I have the pleasure of your company, Madame?" he said holding out a hand.

I smiled as I held out my hand, pulling him up and pulled him into a bear hug. God, this man was making me feel like a queen.

We walked for about fifteen minutes. The path was very beautiful, there were trees on either side of us and I could hear birds chirping. I had no idea there was a place like this so close to home. Since we both had stuff to carry (clothes, food, water) we were getting a little tired. Just when I was about to ask him how much longer we would be walking, I heard the sound of water flowing.

"What is that?" I asked, looking at him.

He just gave me a smile. By now I was very curious. We walked for another two minutes and then I saw a beautiful sight.

In front of me was a clearing, with a pool of crystal clear water. The sides of the pool were banked with rocks, not very steep, just enough for a good dive. From one side, water was flowing. It wasn't very deep, just deep enough for a good swim. I was falling in love with this place.

"Close your mouth, baby," he laughed. I realized I had been gawking.

"This is... great," I said as I hugged him again.

"I usually come here for camping... you know, when I want to be alone." He whispered into my ear, still holding me tightly.

Just when I thought he was going to kiss me, he slowly let go of me, leaving me disappointed.

We set up our little picnic on the grass beside the pool. I was still waiting for that kiss.

I was standing beside the pool, looking into the water when I felt a movement just behind me and before I had a whiff of what was happening, he had picked me up in his arms.

"What are you doing?" I couldn't help laughing.

"Going for a swim," he laughed as he walked into the water, with me still in his arms. The water was cool, soothing to the skin. We started splashing water on each other, and in the midst of all the fun he gave an intense look. I don't know what happened after that but my blurred memory tells me that he took out two rings from his pocket and asked me to marry him. One ring had a blue sapphire encased in platinum and the other was a gold band with some inscription.

I gave him a puzzled look when I saw two rings.

"It's that way because; I want to marry you now, if you will take me... so I brought a ring for myself as well." He explained innocently.

"Now?" I was surprised and scared and very happy. Yet, I was unsure.

"I mean not officially...it'd be a secret ceremony, just between the two of us,"

"Okay...let's do it," I exclaimed as I jumped into his arms, knocking him back into the water.

We took our vows, standing right in the water. He spoke the lines that I would never forget in my life.

I love you not only for what you are,
But for what I am when I am with you
I love you not only for what you have made of yourself
But for what you are making me
I love you for the part of me that you bring out.
I love you for passing over all my foolish and weak traits,
That you can't help but see
I love you for drawing out into the light my beauty,
That no one else had looked quite far enough to din
I love you.

These were the best verses that I had ever heard in my life and they brought tears to my eyes.

He slipped the ring on my finger and I slipped the ring he gave me on his.

"You may now kiss the bride," I laughed with tears in my eyes.

He kissed my eyes first, and then moved to my ears, licking the water off my skin and making his way to my lips. When finally his lips came to mine, I could taste the fresh water on his. He kissed me with a passion that had never been evident in his pecks on the cheek.

"Which threshold are you going to carry me over now, husband?" I laughed into his ear.

"I'll carry you out of the water," he was breathing as heavily as I was.

He carried my to the ground, never taking his lips off mine. He looked into my eyes as he made love to me. We made love on the grass, on the rocks, in the water, and his lips were always on mine when I sobbed out his name. Every time we made love, the emotional exchange always dwarfed our orgasms. Our lovemaking showed that we were compatible in every way. We fit in together like lock and key.

To keep matters simple, we decided to wear the rings in our right hands. I remembered the inscription that had been on his ring so one day I looked with a magnifying glass. It said 'You make me feel beautiful'. I was shocked. I had said the words only once to him, and that was exactly what I felt for him. When I said as much to him, he just laughed and kissed the top my head, calling me a 'silly little girl'.

I wish I could say we lived happily ever after...

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