tagIncest/TabooYou, Me, & All Our Children Ch. 01

You, Me, & All Our Children Ch. 01


We left the motel just before we would have had to pay for another day. I invited the entire crowd to my old house, the house that my dead wife and I had bought and that I was now seriously considering selling. Jane and Hank looked at us sort of funny as they were getting into their car, but you smiled and winked at Jane and obviously whatever message you had passed on with the wink had been received. Jane was smiling and winked back at you with a very slight nod as she got into the car with her husband.

We hadn't really talked about where we were going to live, but since neither house was full of sentimental value for either us or the children, I was considering asking you how you felt about building a new house with everything in it that we wanted to have.

So we sort of caravanned back home and I unlocked and opened the door on a very empty house. It was getting on towards suppertime and I suggested that since we had been so late getting home that we might all want to go out for supper, the alternative being my favorite--Chinese take-out. We settled for Chinese so Jane and I went to fetch it from the local restaurant.

"Daddy, can I ask you a question?"

"Sure, Pumpkin. What is it?"

"Do you think I'm pretty?"

"What kind of question is that? Of course I think you're pretty."

"Pretty enough to fuck?"

"Fiona's been talking to you, huh?"

"Yeah, she told me about what was going to happen last night. Did it?"

"Did it what?"

"Did you fuck her girls?"

"I fucked Donna. Kathleen gave me a blow job this morning."

"I want you to fuck me tonight."

"Are you sure? You don't have to do this you know."

"I know I don't have to do anything, but I've always wanted to feel your cock deep inside me. Fuck me tonight."

"Hank is OK with this?"

"He's going to get Fiona and fuck the shit out of her ass."

"Literally I hope. Fiona loves to have her shitter fucked."

"Yep. Fiona won't know what hit her rectum when Hank gets done with her!"

"And you, dear girl, how are you going to feel when I spray your insides with the same sperm that made you?"

"We'll find out won't we?"

We got the food and Jane played with my cock all the way back to the house, only stuffing it back under my kilt to let me get out of the car and in the door.

"Fiona! We're going to have a party!"

"I take it Jane asked you and you agreed."

"I did indeed agree."

We all sat down to eat supper, but I noticed that bits and pieces of clothing started coming off until we were all sitting around the table stark naked. The view of four lovely sets of tits had my cock and all the other male appendages standing stiffly at attention and Jane licked her lips in anticipation as she smiled in my direction.

"Jane, come with me." I stood up from the table and led Jane into the master bedroom. Hank winked at me as we passed and Jane blew him an exaggerated kiss. She giggled as I pinched her ass and ran my other hand across her sensitive nipples as we went through the door. I closed it behind us and got down to the serious business of tickling my daughter's exposed body.

"Daddy, stop it! You're tickling me!" I put my arm around her to prevent her from escaping and bent my head towards hers. Our lips met in a tentative kiss and progressed into a much deeper, more passionate one as we entered the bedroom. Jane reached back and grabbed my cock as we landed on the bed side by side.

She gave my cock a few tugs causing the blood to flow in and engorge the head turning it a nice purple color. Then she bent down and took the head into her mouth, teasing the slit with the tip of her very active tongue. Her 38C tits swayed as she bobbed her head up and down.

"God, baby! I'm going to cum. It's building up now. I'm not going to be able to hold it much longer." Jane's only action was to increase the speed of her bobbing head. As she increased the suction on my cock head, I grabbed her head and held her in place.

"Oh, fuck! Here it comes. Eat it all baby girl. Eat your daddy's cum. Suck his cock dry of all that sperm. That's the sperm that made you Pumpkin. Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fffffuuuuuccckkkk!" The cum came in thick, hot spurts of white. Jane swallowed as quickly as she could until my cock started going soft. Then she climbed up on the bed and gave me a deep, passionate kiss letting me taste my cum on her tongue.

"Hmmmmm. That was good Daddy. I hope there's more in there for my pussy."

"Just give me a few minutes and I'll be ready to fuck your pussy raw. Did you really used to dream about this?"

"Yep, and it was always as good as it was just a few minutes ago. Well, maybe not quite that good, but good. I'm glad you and Fiona got married. You needed a steady piece of ass to keep you happy and now you have four of us cunts to fuck you. Daddy, Hank wants to fuck your ass. Is that all right? If it isn't, it won't be a problem, but when we talked about it last night, Hank said he'd never fucked a man before and wanted to find out how it felt."

"Well, he can fuck my ass as long as I get to fuck his in return."

"I think he'll agree. We can ask him when he finishes fucking your new wife."

We both looked over to where you and Hank were writhing on the floor. Sometime during our oral episode the two of you had come into the room and had chosen the floor as your bed. His cock was buried to the hilt in your thrashing pussy and you had cum so many times that the carpet had a large wet spot in the middle of it. The others had paired off with each other's spouses and were fucking like rabbits all over the house. I watched as the pairings changed and then changed again. Every orifice was taken and re-taken over the course of the next hour or so. Watching all this fucking had the natural affect on my cock. Simply put, it erected to its full length and width.

Jane saw my erected state and sat on my lap impaling herself on my fleshy spear. It only penetrated her cunt about halfway on her first down thrust, but went balls deep on the second one.

"Give me your baby, Daddy. Fill me with all your hot sperm and make me preggo."

"Why do you want that?"

"Because I want you as my lover and the father of my next child. I want a part of you to remember forever. I want your baby." With that she started grinding in small circles rubbing her pubic bone against mine, striving to keep contact between my dick and her own clit. I gently chewed and suckled her breasts. Having already filled her mouth, I was in no hurry to end our incestuous coupling. My mind kept replaying what she had said about wanting my child and I swear my cock grew harder and longer the more I thought about it. Soon it felt as if I had passed beyond her cervix and directly into her receptive womb. Her moans became louder until they covered all the other moans coming from the house. Jane's movements became more hurried and spastic and I could tell she was fast approaching her orgasm, and from the sounds of it, it was going to be one monster of an orgasm.

You moved next to me and reached down caressing my balls and rolling them gently in your hands. I smiled at you and saw the shit eating grin on your face as you felt my balls tighten. You knew I was close and stuck your finger up my ass massaging my prostate and putting me over the edge. Just as my cum shot from the piss slit at the end of my dick, Jane screamed her orgasm in my ear.

"God damn it, Daddy! Give me a baby! NOW! Arrrrrrrgghhhh!"

I was beginning to wonder why everybody wanted me to make them pregnant. I'm not that great in the looks department and my sexual measurements, while not small, still leave much to be desired. Maybe with you and Jane I could understand, but fucking for making babies is definitely different than fucking for recreation and pleasure. I was much more interested in the latter, having fathered children during my previous marriage.

We all drifted off to sleep and when I awoke, you and I were alone, naked in each other's arms. We had slept like babies because of all the lovemaking last night. Your warm and tender breast was pressing against my arm as you slowly stirred in your sleep. The nipple hardened, or was it just my imagination?

I gently touched your right breast and bent my lips to the nipple, nibbling on it with just my lips. Softly, gently, not wanting to wake you, I paid homage to your breasts taking my time and causing your skin to flutter from the stimulation. Your nipple hardened even more and elongated as my tongue slowly and gently woke it from its sleep. Your breathing deepened and I looked up to make sure I hadn't woken you. You slept on with a smile on your face.

I slowly inched myself away from your body and started slowly kissing my way down between your breasts, your morning doves. I licked the valley between your two breasts with feathery touches and worked my way to your navel watching the fluttering skin as a slowly traced my way down your torso. I worked my tongue around your navel and, as you awakened, you moaned softly and then you gently pushed my face lower, urging me onward to greater efforts. I knew what you wanted, but I resisted your pushing, maintaining contact with your supersensitive navel, driving you wild with desire for me to get down to your pussy and lap the juices you have stored there just for my ravishing tongue. You started squirming as your passion grew. You pushed my face towards your pussy with even more force than before.

Giving in to your pressure, I traced the line of fine hairs downward from your navel towards the essence of your womanhood. My tongue encountered the first wispy hairs on your pubes and stopped there savoring the smell and taste of last night's lovemaking. My nose encouraged my cock to harden even more, my tongue gave my cock still yet more steel for our near future lovemaking. Slowly, tasting you as I went, I licked further downward deliberately avoiding your pussy lips and your clit. I licked up the insides of both legs. I paid homage to the sensitive areas just below your labia. I slowly and gently licked and nipped your legs as I began to move back upward towards your heavenly pussy, already gleaming with your pussy juices which were leaking and drawing my tongue closer and closer with their musky smell.

You reached down and found my cock hardened with desire and gently tugged it towards you urging me to swing my legs around so you could pleasure me as I was pleasuring you. But I faked resistance knowing that resistance was futile and that you would have you way with me as I was with you. As I continued to lick all around your pussy making you squirm trying to put my lips on your labia, you started to tease the head of my cock, sticking your tongue in the slit in the end, tasting the remnants of last night's fantastic orgasms and of my sperm. I finally licked your lower lips and tasted both of us on them. The smell and the taste only acted to spur me on and I attacked your clit with a fervor that even now I find impossible to describe. You mouth covered the head of my cock and you applied a suction in hopes of eventually drawing my sperm from my balls. I moaned aloud as your lips touched the base of my dick and your tongue gently washed my two sperm laden balls.

Not a word had been said by either of us. We were together in knowing what we wanted and how to get it. We had no need for spoken words. Our only signs of passion were our moans and the sounds of our tongues working on each other.

Abandoning your clit and your pussy, I dropped my head lower and licked your ass rimming it over and over again until your body lifted itself off the bed trying to force my tongue ever deeper into this forbidden hole. By now, the smell and taste of your body had my cock harder than it has ever been before and the head was turning purple as you sucked the blood to the end. I felt the urge to cum in your mouth and started thinking about anything but that feeling, not wanting to end our lovemaking this soon. I had plans for that sperm. It was going to go deep into your womb. Gently I pulled my cock from your mouth and turned you over onto your stomach. I lifted your ass off the bed and positioned my erection at the entrance to your pussy, feeling the hairs tickle the head of my cock, feeling the moisture flowing from between your legs as your body told me that it was ready to be fucked to orgasm after orgasm. Slowing I pushed my purple headed cock deep into your cunt. As I felt you pushing back against me, I pulled back. When you realized that the only way you were going to get my cock balls deep inside your pussy was to let me do the work, you relaxed and let me enter you slowly and gently. My hands held your hips as I gently pushed deeper and deeper into your love canal. I lifted your legs up to your breasts and bottomed out deeper and deeper with each slow stroke. I pushed in until I could not go any further and then slowly withdrew until just the round head of my cock remained inside your cunt lips. Then I slowly entered again.

Soon, all of my cock was buried so deep in your pussy that I could feel your cervix with my cock head and my balls were resting against your very hard, elongated clit. Then I started a slow pumping in and out, pulling out until just the cock head remained between your pussy lips. Then relentlessly pushing deep inside once again pounding you into the mattress and forcing the breath out of you with each penetration . Your pussy felt so hot and wet and yet so tight around my cock that the feelings were unbelievable. Your moans told me that I was hitting all the right spots in all the right ways. I dipped a finger into the juices flowing from your pussy and probed your ass with it adding still more stimulation to this horizontal dance of love.

I picked up the pace. A second finger found its way into your ass hole. Your moans were deeper and lasted longer as I began to pound deeply into your pussy matching my tempo with my fingers. Then, I stopped. You looked at me over your shoulder. As you do, I pushed as hard as I can into your pussy while adding a third finger to your ass hole. You screamed as your orgasm hit you like a ton of bricks. I started pumping once again as fast and as deep as I could go. Your moans turned to screams for a second time before I gave a loud bellow and with one last lunge into the deepest part of your pussy I sprayed my seed deep within you. You wiggled trying to keep my cock hard, knowing that it wouldn't stay the way you wanted it, but you tried. You gently massaged my balls drawing every last precious drop or sperm from the tip of my cock.

Eventually, my cock came out with a soft plop and you quickly covered it with your mouth slurping up both of our juices and trying to put new steel in it. I swung around and tasted my cum oozing from your pussy. I licked like a man possessed gulping down our combined juices as you cleaned my cock. Then I swung around and planted a long, lingering kiss on your mouth. We were both spent from our exertions and laid in the bed in the wonderful afterglow of mutual orgasms.

"Good morning, sweetheart. Did you sleep well?"

"I only dreamed all night about your cock, but it was a nice dream and you fucked me eight days to Sunday--just like you did a few minutes ago."

"Well, my dreams were of your succulent pussy clamped around my tongue and cock. The taste and smell of you drove me wild all night. I knew I had to wake up with a hard-on for you and I knew just what to do with that hard-on, didn't I?"

"Yes, and between your cock and your tongue, you have made me very happy to wake up this morning. Hungry?"

"Only for you."

"We need to eat something. If we don't eat, we can't fuck each other silly." Naked we both walked into the kitchen. You started fixing bacon, hash brown potatoes and eggs while I ground the coffee and put the pot on.

"How many slices of toast? And, what time did the kids leave last night?"

"Only one piece for me please. They all left just after you fucked your daughter and left that huge load of cum inside her pussy. Ian, I don't think I've ever seen as much cum as you left in your little girl."

"It felt like I was losing a gallon when I came."

"How does it feel to have fucked your kids?"

"Well, Fiona, I haven't gotten all of them yet."

"Noooooooo. But I have. I've fucked and sucked all the guys and eaten all the girls--including Jane last night after you passed out--and been eaten by all of them."

"Well, I don't feel any different than I did before last night. I feel horny but I feel satisfied with what I have with me right now, especially after waking up like we did."

"Good. Because, Ian, you and I both know that this cannot be an everyday affair with the kids. We will have more orgies and swapping with them, but it cannot be everyday. We all have some kind of daily routine we have to perform and fucking each other silly is not part of the daily routine. Before I went to California, my kids and I were fucking about once a week or so."

"Good. I don't think I could fuck that much everyday. Once a week sounds about right as long as it doesn't get settled into one specific day of the week. What's today?--It's Friday.--Oh great we're fucking the kids tonight! Besides, you're almost too much for me on a daily basis. "

"Really? I thought that after breakfast we might have a rematch of this morning. And the kids and I had no set day to fuck. I asked them to come over or they invited me over whenever we felt horny. Sometimes it was just three of us and sometimes when we really felt horny we were all there together. They kept me happy and I like to think that I added to their sex lives."

"Hmmmmm. Maybe. It might be arranged. That is with the proper stimulation, it might be arranged. Well, I don't think that even with constant stimulation I could fuck everybody at one time--at least not very often."

"I know I couldn't keep up with their young pussies and cocks at the same time every time we meet. But, I think I can provide that proper stimulation for you this morning. Want some titty with your eggs, big boy?"

"Yummy. How long before you start delivering fresh milk with your titties?"

"Ahhhhh. I don't know. Ouch! That hurt. Be careful how hard you bite! Those boobs are getting sensitive already."

"Sorry" I mumbled as I lifted my mouth from your left tit. "Here, let me lick it all better. Isn't that better now?"

"Mmmmmmm, yes. The milk started fairly early with Donna, about the eighth month, but with Kathleen it didn't start flowing almost until the day she was born. Well, breakfast is ready. Want to help bring it to the table?"

"I'm much more interested in your milk delivery system, but yes, I'll give you a hand." Breakfast was soon a thing of the past and we left the table and went back to bed. But we didn't go to sleep.

The time passed quickly. You and Donna had started to get rather large and ungainly. Your milk started flowing early and copiously, so copiously that you needed my help to rid you of the overflow by sucking your tits three and sometimes four times a day. Your tits were now so sensitive to the touch that wearing a bra was painful. Donna was in much the same situation and her Harry was sucking her milk out as fast as she could produce it.

Only Jane and Kathleen remained not pregnant of the four very fuckable women in my life and of course Hank and Marvin got first dibs on their horny little pussies. Harry and I did get some action from time to time from the girls and we learned that male-to-male bonding via the mouth or rectum was not all that bad, once you got past the social stigma of homosexual sex. And, of course, you and Donna kept our cocks semi-flaccid by using your mouths. If anything you sucked cock better then than before you were pregnant with my child. Now you put a passion in your sucking instead of the pure lust for cum.

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