tagGroup SexYou, Me & She

You, Me & She


(This was a great dream, but it seemed to start in the middle, if you know what I mean. There doesn't seem to be a beginning. I have no explanation for who this woman was or why we were at your place at the same time. It seemed like she was someone you already knew and you planned this.)

I had just gotten out of the shower at your apartment. I was standing in front of the bathroom mirror putting lotion on my body.

She stepped up behind me and pressed her naked body against mine. Her hard nipples pressed against my back. She put her arms around me and cupped my breasts in her hands, kneading them gently. She pressed her lips against my neck. She ran her hand down my stomach and slid it between my legs. With her middle finger, she began to slowly massage my wet pink lips.

"Mmmmm..." I moaned softly.

"Feels good, doesn't it?" she whispered in my ear.

"Yes..." I responded.

"He tells me you've never been with a woman before." She said.

"No, never." I replied.

"Well then," she said. "I'm about to take your virginity."

She put her hands on my shoulders and gently turned me around to face her. I saw you standing in the doorway. You were naked, hard as a rock, and smiling. I could see that you wanted me to be with her; and you wanted to watch.

I looked at her. She put her finger to her lips and tasted my sweet juice.

"Mmmm... I want more of this." She said.

"Me too." You said, smiling.

You came in and stood between us, putting an arm around each of our waists. You turned to her and kissed her. You turned to me and kissed me. You looked into my eyes and asked if I was ready for this. I could see how badly you wanted this. I wanted to please you. Besides, I had always wanted to make love with a woman, but had always been afraid to pursue it. Now here was the opportunity staring me in the face. I couldn't pass it up.

"Yes." I said, barely louder than a whisper.

You stepped back and pushed us gently together.

She touched my face and pressed her lips against mine. I opened my mouth and she slid her tongue in slowly. Our kiss grew more and more passionate.

"Come on. Let's get more comfortable." She said. And she took my hand and led me to the bed.

We lay down on our sides, facing each other. You lay down behind me. She and I kissed and caressed each other for a long time; exploring each others bodies with our fingers, lips and tongues.

"Lay back, baby." She whispered.

I laid on my back. She licked and sucked my nipples and rubbed my pussy. She slid a finger inside me and fucked me with it slowly. I moaned softly and looked over at you. You were watching her fingers work and stroking your hard cock. She kissed and licked her way down my body and knelt on the bed between my thighs. She pushed my legs farther apart and ran her tongue slowly up the inside of my thighs. She began to lick my hot, wet pussy. You leaned in close to me and kissed me passionately, then watched with fascination as she ate my pussy. It was different than when you did it; not better, just different, softer somehow.

Her tongue was so hot and she pushed it inside me as she sucked my clit softly. She turned her body around so that her hot pussy was right over my face. I looked up at it. It was so beautiful. The soft pink folds were glistening with her juices. I thought about how much I liked the taste of my own. She smelled so good... I had to taste her. I put my hands on her ass and pulled her down closer to me. I licked her the way you licked me; tracing circles around her hot pink lips with my tongue, then licking up and down, and finally plunging my tongue into her and sucking her hard clit. She tasted so good! Her sweet silky juices coated my tongue as I lapped them up hungrily.

We were both moaning. I could sense that we were both close to cumming. The closer we got, the more desperately we sucked each other. The wave swept over us and we both moaned loudly, grinding against each other's greedy mouths. After our orgasms subsided, we continued to softly lick each other's pussy, lapping up the sweet cum.

She rolled over onto her back and lay there quietly for a moment, catching her breath. I looked over at you and smiled. You were so turned on! She looked up at you; she saw it too.

"Go on, baby, fuck her." She said, laughing.

You knelt between my thighs and licked my steaming pussy.

"Roll over." You said to me.

I rolled over onto my stomach and pulled my knees up under me. You entered me from behind and stroked me, slow and easy. You put a hand under me and rubbed my swollen clit.

"God damn, it's so fuckin' wet." You groaned. "It feels so damn good. Do you like it like this, girl?"

"Yes, baby." I moaned as you ran your hot tongue up my spine.

After a while, you pulled out of me and said, "Lay down."

I rolled over onto my back and you lay down on top of me. I spread my legs wide for you. You pushed your hard cock into me all at once. You kissed me passionately as you began to stroke my pussy.

"Did you like it, baby?" you asked. "Did you like tasting her?"

"Yes..." I answered.

"Did it feel good; the way she ate your pussy?"

"Yes..." I replied.

You were taking your time; shoving your cock in hard, then pulling it out slowly. It was different from the way you had fucked me before, but I liked it.

She was sitting on the end of the bed watching us. I heard her say, "Fuck her good, baby, she deserves it. Nobody ever ate my pussy so good..."

"Oh yeah, I'm gonna fuck her good..." you said, shoving your cock into my dripping wet pussy again.

You pulled my legs up roughly and said, "Open it up for me, girl" as you continued stroking me hard and slow.

I wrapped my legs around your waist and held on.

"I'm gonna fuck your hot wet cunt like it's never been fucked before." you groaned. "I'm gonna fuck you like a whore, girl, 'cause this fuckin' pussy belongs to me, doesn't it?"

Your forceful words, and the way you were fucking me, were making me hotter. I moaned loudly, unable to answer.

"Tell me it belongs to me." you demanded. You put my arms over my head and held them down, still shoving your cock in hard.

"It's yours, baby..." I moaned.

You kissed me deeply, your hot tongue probing every corner of my mouth, and picked up the pace of your stroke.

"Your cock feels so good inside me..." I moaned.

"You like it like this, don't you?" you asked. "You like it rough, don't you?"

"Yes, fuck me hard... give it to me... you fuck me so good, baby!" I moaned.

When my orgasm hit me, it was like none I had ever experienced before. You groaned as my pussy began to squeeze your cock.

"Oh, fuck, yes." I heard you whisper.

My whole body felt like it was on fire. I moaned and whimpered, as you continued to fuck me hard and fast.

I closed my eyes and threw my head back. I clung to you and cried out your name as wave after wave washed over me. I was quivering all over. Every fiber of my body seemed to be shuddering, vibrating; experiencing this all-consuming orgasm. I held tightly to you and ran my fingernails across your back.

You groaned and grunted loudly as your hot cum shot inside me. Your cock throbbed inside me for a long time.

When both of our orgasms subsided, you looked into my eyes. You kissed me. It was hard, passionate, penetrating; the way people kiss in the heat of passion.

I had just experienced an overwhelming, whole-body orgasm and yet, if you wanted me, I was more than willing to give myself to you again – right now.

We were both breathing hard and our passionate kiss went on and on. At last, you pulled back and looked at me.

"You'd give it to me again, right now, if I wanted it – wouldn't you?"

"Yes..." I whispered.

I held your cock inside me as we rolled over so that I was on top of you. I lifted off of you slowly. I kissed and sucked your nipples and licked my way down your hot body. I went down on you, licking my sweet juices off of your cock. I kept licking and sucking you until you were hard again. Then I straddled you and pushed my hot pussy down onto your cock. You closed your eyes and groaned as I slowly rode up and down on it.

"Oh Jesus..." you whispered.

I kissed, licked and sucked your neck, your ear lobes.

"Spank me, baby." I whispered in your ear.

On the downstroke, I squeezed you with my pussy. On the upstroke, you slapped my ass – not too hard; just hard enough to let me know you were in charge.

"Fuck me, girl." You demanded. "Ride my cock."

She was sitting on a chair in the corner now; masturbating as she watched us. Knowing that she was watching made us both even hotter.

When I came, it was so intense. I continued to ride your hard cock slowly until my orgasm passed, moaning and whimpering all the time.

You held me tight and we rolled over again. You put my legs over your shoulders and fucked me hard and fast until your orgasm exploded inside me.

"God, yes..." I moaned. "Your cum is so hot inside me. Mmmm...baby that feels so good."

When it was over, I pulled my legs down. We rolled to our sides, your cock still inside me. We kissed, tenderly now, and drifted off to sleep.

When we awakened, she was gone, but the memory of that afternoon would linger on...

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