tagAnalYou Mustn't Do That!

You Mustn't Do That!


“You mustn’t! I’m not allowed to!”

“Oh, come on, Fatima…”

“No! I must be a virgin on my wedding night, or I’ll embarrass my whole family!”

“OK, OK…”

Dean sat up, horny and frustrated. Fatima put a hand on his naked shoulder.

“Dean, I love you,” she whispered. “But I must save my virginity until I get married.”

“I thought your family was modern.”

“They are. In some ways. Not in others. They’re all for me going to college and getting a job – but they would just DIE of shame if their future son-in-law would send me back because I wasn’t a virgin. I can’t do that to them. Dean, please, try to understand!”

“I understand. I just don’t like it. I want to make love to you. To make it good for you. To be inside you.”

“You’ve already made it good for me. Your hands… your mouth….”

She pulled him back in bed, and crawled down between his legs, taking his dick in her mouth. He had gone soft, but she quickly teased him back to an erection with her swift little tongue. His cock fascinated her. Since he wasn’t circumcised, the skin of the head of his dick was very sensitive, and she had learned that he’d be her slave if she licked on that special, extra-sensitive spot just under the head… She let the very tip of her tongue vibrate over the string of skin, and he tossed his head back and whimpered.

“Dean, there is one way you could come inside me,” she whispered.


“You could come inside my butt.”

He hesitated.

“I don’t know,” he said. “I’ve never done that before.”

“I want to be really close to you,” she said. I want to have you inside me, to feel that I’m giving you pleasure – but without losing my virginity.”

“I’m afraid I’m gonna hurt you.”

“As if taking my virginity wouldn’t hurt? You can use lubricant.”

He couldn’t deny that he found the idea tempting. He knew a lot of guys who would die to get to come inside a girl’s ass. Fatima sucked him some more, and took his balls in her free hand, caressed them, played with them. Her tongue hit his sensitive spot again, she sucked on the skin, and he felt dizzy with desire. He just HAD to come inside her!

“OK,” he said. “We’ll do it your way.”

“Do you have any lubricant?”

“No… I’ve got some skin care lotion, do you think that will work? It’s without perfume…”

“We can try.”

He got the lotion from the bathroom. Fatima stood on her hands and knees, with her well-shaped butt in the air, inviting him. He got on his knees behind her. He smeared a large glob of lotion over his hard dick, and poured some on the crack in her ass as well.

“Oh, it’s cold!” she gasped.

“Sorry, sweetheart.”

He spread her buttcheeks apart, and inserted an index ginger into her tight anus.

“Ooooh, that feels strange!”

“Does it hurt?”


He moved his finger in and out a couple of times, added his middle finger, then his ring finger. He was stretching out her opening now. Fatima breathed deeply, and tried to relax herring muscle, that instinctively wanted to tense up against the intrusion.



Dean pulled his fingers out, and put the head of his dick to her gaping asshole. He eased the head in, slow and careful, to let her get used to him.

“It hurts a little,” said Fatima. “Be gentle!”

He paused, pushed in another inch, paused again… Finally, he was buried all the way in, and he bent down and kissed her neck before he slowly pulled out of her. He stopped before the head was all the way out, then sank back into her. She groaned.

“It feels so strange,” she whispered. “It hurts a little, but it feels really SEXY!”

“You’re incredibly tight,” said Dean, and dropped some more lotion on his dick, until it slid easily in and out of Fatima’s ass with a slopping sound. He held on to her firm buttcheeks, and moved in and out of her, faster, faster. She groaned, and bucked back against him; finally, he got to fuck her! He pulled out abruptly and jerked off, his breath a mere wheezing, and then he shot his load over her ass, smeared it out with his dick. Fatima fell down on the bed on her stomach, moaning.

“I won’t be able to sit for a week!” she said.

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