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You Need


It finally became too much to bear. Your fingers tremble as they glide across the glowing display of your phone. "Master. I need." Is all you write but something inside of you roars with glee. That itch that becomes need and slowly starts to rage inside you until there is no option but to yield. An ember burns inside you, always present, always searing at you in ways that make it impossible to ignore. That ember smolders, it waits with a patience that knows no limits and it feeds on the dark side of your desires because it is aware of its power.

You need.

Hours pass with no reply and with each passing minute you get more and more anxious. Pacing like a caged animal your mind reels at the possibilities. It's been three hours and still no word. Has it been to long? Has he found a new Pet? Those thoughts drive panic in your actions. You pick up the phone again. You know you are not allowed to text more. Master has been clear. One message, and wait like a good Slave, but what if he didn't get it? What if his number changed?

You need!

"Master... Please!!" and Send.

The reply is immediate. "Know your place!"

It's been a long time and your body reminds you what your memory forgets. You set the phone down and walk slowly to your room, head lowered and eyes prostate to the floor. you know what was wrong... what you did wrong. A shudder covers your body because the punishment for your sin will be severe. A small drawer in your dresser slides open and buried beneath hair clips and ties and other innocuous, everyday woman items are your toys, Your instruments that play to this dark desire inside you. You strip the house clothes you had been wearing and pull out your uniform. A corset all leather and brass. You hate it for the confinement, for the discomfort, but for those very reasons you cinch down each eyelet until it leaves you uncomfortable but looking in the mirror you see your breasts pushed up high and proud, your waist accented.

With a mind of their own your fingers and hands trace your curves and stop on your exposed nipples. You remember Master buying this for you at the Renaissance Festival. The look the mature lady dressed in medieval garb gave us as we carefully picked through each corset looking for the perfect one. The gleam in her eye as she came over to help guide us in or selection. You kept looking at her cotton frock, bunched up around her breasts, held up abnormally high by her own corset and she giggled a little at your obvious distraction. Settling on this black corset your slipping into now the wench stressed how important it was to try on your new garment to make sure it is what you want. Looking at me you defer, and I agree with our new partner in crime. "Perhaps a showing would be nice. Any chance you could help my Slave with her fitting?" You cringe at the use of your title out loud but an excitement seeps into you knowing your Master has marked you as his.

"Of course, my good Sir." She replies with a knowing smile and a curtsey, taking you by the hand. "We have a private room just to the back for these occasions."

You demur and she leads you by the hand just behind the register and through a plank door that has gaps between each board and little to offer for privacy. hanging our leather purchase on the wall she turns to me and bowing her head asks "My Good Lord. May I fit your Slave to assure the corset is to your liking?"

She reached for your shirt and as she unbuttons it your eyes are wide with fear looking at the shadows walking past or standing at the register. How can people not see inside! Panis grips you and you start to cover yourself.

"Remember Your Place!" I growl

Hands drop and your head. She smiles at me and exposes your breasts lingering on your nipples she touches each and rotates them in her fingers. Cupping each breast in her hands she massages you exciting you in so many delicious ways. A moan escapes your lips and you see me smile barely hearing me tell our new friend, "Her breasts are very sensitive, but she has not been given permission to enjoy herself today." A knowing smile passes between the wench and me.

She releases your tits leaving you feeling a need for more attention, more pleasure. "Well it is very important that the breasts be properly stimulated to reach their maximum fullness. The corset must fit..." looking into your eyes..."even when your slave is aroused." She takes a cotton shirt and drapes it over your shoulders. The cotton is light and seems only to amplify each draft blowing through the "fitting room". Tracing her hands across your back and over your left shoulder she moves to the front of you and grasping each side of the cover pulls it roughly out and down exposing each shoulder and your bare chest. Standing back with an appraising eye she shakes her head and asks your Master "Something is not right?"

I stand up from the half barrel where I was watching my Pet dressed and walk to you. I reach to your face and cup your cheek with my hand. Looking you in the eyes, " I know just the thing." Dropping my hands to the blouse just between your aroused breasts I play with each by running the back of my fingers over them. The fingernails scraping against your skin send chills over your body. "She has wonderful breasts, doesn't she?" I state more then ask

The wench appears beside you and lifts your left tit in her hand. "Yes, My Lord. She is a picture." whispers in your ear. Your eyes close. Your nipples harden to points as solid as limestone. Her lips press to your neck kissing you softly, gently, so tenderly that sometimes you think your imagining them. "A picture indeed."


You gasp as I tear the blouse about three inches down the center. Turning away from you and your tormenter I return to my seat. "Then it seems a shame to not share them with the world."

Her hand slips inside and against the nakedness of your full tit she twists a nipple hard enough to make you catch your breath and laughing says. "Yes, it does My Lord! These should be shared with all!"

Now, looking in the mirror, admiring your form in the leather and metal you know what you are and what you will do to prove it today. Shame darkens your cheeks as your pussy gets moist thinking about all the times before. You should walk away but instead your slip lacey panties over your womanhood and walk to the front door. Unlocking the door and kneeling on the cold tile of the front vestibule your type, "Your Slut is ready Master." Instantly you hear footsteps on the stop and your heart skips a flutters. Your breath catches in your throat, there is no turning back and your body reacts with a memory all its own. A muscle memory of pleasure and pain, of passion and shame.

The door opens and your Master shakes his head disapprovingly at you. "How quickly you forget the rules Pet." I raise your face to look at me. "You don't remember how to greet your Master?"

"I'm sorry Master. In my excitement I forgot I should be here for you." A sting settles on your cheek.

"That isn't how a worthless Slut talks either!" I strike the other cheek just hard enough to turn it red.

Tears well up in your eyes and you repeat what you said, but this time like a good Slave. "Your Slave is sorry Master. She forgot her place was here waiting for you always. Your Slave will not disappoint again.

Walking past you, leaving you kneeling and bowing, I walk to your room and dig into our drawer. You hear me rummaging through it and then in your closet. Your knees are aching, but you relish in the pain knowing it is in service. "Stand up Whore. Come to the living room."

Quickly you get to your feet, joints popping, and hurry to the couch where I'm standing. I pull out some nipple rings. "We are going for a drive." I say as each detailed ring of metal is stretched and then released around each nipple. They are decorative and designed to keep pressure on your nipples to keep them aroused. Placing the other one I ask, "You do remember the rule?"

Watching my hands work their magic on you, you reply, "Of course Master. Your Pet will obey all your commands without hesitation. Your Pet will never speak unless permission is given. Your Pet will not cum without your permission." Your body glows as you say the words and you transform at that moment into Master Slut. You know that you will do whatever he desires because the result... the reward... is the pleasure that only he can give you. The only thing that can satiate the fire inside that screams...

You Need!

I reach beside you and pick up a leather collar studded in jewels, slipping it around your neck. "I have a new piece for you to wear My Pet, and with it a new rule. When I put this on, it may not come off until I remove it. This collar shows the world you are a Pet... that you are MY Pet." This scares you. What bout work? What about shopping, and friends, and family? You can't wear it constantly! I kneel in front of you. "I gave this to you because I am proud of my Pet. I am proud of her and what she has become."

The words are comforting.

I stand and unzipping my pants command you. "Take my cock, Slave, and show me how thankful you are. Your hands are instantly in my boxers and fishing out my hard cock. Your mouth is watering and hands trembling even before the smooth head presses between your lips. You want to please your Master! In one thrust you sink my entire cock into your throat pulling a groan from me and building a sense of real pride in yourself that you can elicit such a response. holding me in the back of your throat, not able to breath, your swallow against me showing me just how skillful you are at this. You beam as I moan "God! What a cocksucker you have become." I don't last long. There is no way to resist your talents and soon you feel me swelling in your mouth. I allow you one last breath and grabbing the sides of your head fuck my hard shaft deep into your willing throat. "Take it your little Slut!" I yell and pulling back a little I ram it back again, over and over until my hot cum explodes into your throat. You swallow every bit enjoying the feel of warmth as it settles into your stomach.

Sated I release you. "Clean me up Pet."

You lean forward and lick me. your tongue washing every inch of this cock you worship. You hold it in your hands and lift so you can get the underside and run your tongue around the ridge just below the cap.

Stopping you I help you to your feet, circling you and admiring. "You are such a sexy little whore, but one thing is missing. You need a tail today. Run and get your plug Slave."

"Yes Master" you beam and trot off to our drawer coming back with your butt plug.

"Bend over and open yourself to me Pet." turning your back to me and bending at the waist you spread your ass for me. I take the plug and run it between your pussy seeing how wet is already is from the playing we have done. "What kind of woman gets excites from giving a blowjob?" I ask

You know you should be embarrassed... but instead the plug running between your lips, and your Master touching you has you all twisted inside. All the things that should offend now excite. "A slut, Master!" you whisper.

I press the plug deeper, almost inside you, and brush it against your clit. "I didn't hear you."

"A Slut, Master." This time barely above the last.

Pulling away the plug I send my hand against your taught cheek making a slapping sound that echoes through the whole house. SLAP! I do it again and you cry out in pain. SLAP! Again, I spank your bare bottom. The pain is intense, and tears form in each eye. Three more times the punishment comes until through your sobs you feel the plug press against you and I ask again. "What kind of Woman gets this excited acting like you do?"

The plug is against your clit rotating in small circles around her and my other hand is caressing your stinging ass. You scream out "A SLUT, MASTER!" The plug presses into you and slowly starts to fuck your wet pussy. "YOUR SLUT, MASTER!" You scream unbidden and as a reward the plug drives deeper and faster. Your hands fall to the floor to hold yourself up and still the plug assaults your open hole.

Reaching under you a grab your nipple and twist it. you yelp in surprise, but your hips start grinding back against my thrusts. "Look at you Slut. I hurt you, cause you pain and you get off on it."

Your body is betraying you now. Each time I tweak your breast I fuck you just a little harder and you get closer to Cumming. Words don't come from your mouth anymore, just a long series of syllables. Each time I up the pain you somehow get closer to cumming and you can't believe how much you need this; your body needs this pleasure. The words echo in your head... YOUR SLUT, MASTER!

There is no holding back anymore, you are going to cum. Each word croaks out of your parched throat. "Please... unghhhh... please Massss... Please Master I'm going to... going to CUMMMM!"

Relentlessly I fuck you on the plug. "CUM! Cum for me you Dirty little slut!" I tell you. "Show me what kind of woman you are."

The words are too much. You explode for your Master. "UNGHHHHHHHHHHH" you yell as every fiber of your body explodes. your vision narrows into a tunnel of light and the only thing you can see is the pleasure in your loins at that moment. Wave after wave washes through you and back again. Each time you get close to the edge to maybe stopping another jolt sends you spiraling into the abyss again. "FUCK ME!" you yell over and over. "FUCK ME" Your legs collapse, and I lower you to the ground but don't stop fucking you. "YES MASTERRRRRRRRR" is the last thing you scream before you black out.

Slowly you start to come back to our reality, but for just a moment you float in that spot between dreaming and wake where you are ethereal, you are part of your passion. You feel every muscle as it responds to the need you feel. You feel every nerve as it fires from your orgasm. You are every random thought, so dirty and degrading, but so erotic in the same time.

You Need!

Finally, the light starts to come on behind your eyes and I pick you up in my arms and carry you to your bed. "Just breath Pet." soft comforting words whispered as your laid on the soft comforter. "Lay back Pet, we still have to get your tail in before we leave for your appointment."

You're not sure how you can stand after that orgasm, let alone make any appointment but you lay back and trust your Master as you have learned. Willingly, anxiously, your body spreads open to me and I take your plug running it through your still soaked pussy sending ripples of aftershocks quivering across your body. "Ohhhhhh" slips past your lips and I smile at your closed eyes.

"You are so insatiable Pet. Such a wonderful little slut for your Master." Fingers dip into your pussy pulling your excitement with them and then tracing your to long ignored anus. "take your knees in your hands Pet. Open yourself to me." and without thought you bend your knees and pull them back to your chest.

"Unghhhhh" I press the plug against you and keep a constant pressure until you start to open for me. "Yessss Master. please take Your Slaves ass." you moan as the plug finally pops inside your hungry ass. Laying back your hands idly go to your breasts and your pussy playing without thinking and I smile, quietly walking to the bathroom to draw a warm bath.

Entering the room, I stop and marvel at the site you are. Naked as the day you were born, laying on your back with your full breasts sagging so perfectly to the side, your hands are in constant motion looking for more stimulation, more pleasure. You touch each part of you but always come back t your wet pussy, the center of your being now.

"UP Pet." I command and without hesitation you stand at the edge of the bed. taking you by the hand I lead you to the bath, striping you, and lowering you into the warm water. For the next 30 minutes I spend time making sure my Pet is pampered. I tell you how sexy you are, how beautiful your naked body is. I lather you from head to toe and whisper to you while I kiss your neck and lips that you are meant to be naked, that a real woman like my Pet is a treasure.

Soon you are dressed in thigh high stockings held up by a lacy garter belt. We cover it with a skirt just long enough to cover the tops of the stockings, but I don't let you wear any panties underneath. And lastly a white button up shirt unbuttoned to the middle of your breasts that we hold at bay on a half cup, lace black bra that is way too dark for this shirt. standing back I have you spin for me.

Leaving the house, your embarrassed to walk out to my car. You are so sure the neighbors will see how your dressed and talk. Each step your tits bounce seductively barely contained in your outfit and as we get my car you open the door for me, and I slide into the driver's seat. You walk around to the passenger seat and soon we are on the highway heading into town.

Instinctively you reach over and start stroking my shaft through my slacks. already Your dirty pussy is getting wet and excited with just the touch of Master cock. Your fingers deftly start to undo my belt. "Master, may your Slut suck on your cock?" In response I undo your seat belt and move my seat back.

Your mouth is watering. "How can I be such a Slut?" you wonder, but your head still lowers into my lap and as your hand strokes my big cock your lips part letting me into your warm mouth. A sharp intake of breath is the only acknowledgment you get for your actions but still you feel pride in that one response. You want to please me, make me cum. Slowly you raise up and each time your cheeks cave in as you suck. I moan and you redouble your efforts, your head bobbing up and down in my lap. Slowly you start to notice me pulling your skirt up around your waist. Taking me in your hand you glance over your now exposed ass and see a truck right beside us. "Master?" you question, and your answer is my hand in your hair pulling you back down on my turgid rod.

"Suck me Pet. I'll worry about everything else." Oddly you find comfort in the words. Your world narrows to Master's cock in your mouth and hands. "Touch your pussy Pet. Give our friend a show." There is no thought, you just reach between your legs and spread your labia not caring who sees how wet you are. There is only the Master, and his hard shaft in your lips. But, the shear naughtiness of this moment heightens your excitement. The fact that you are on display sucking a cock, so wrong, and playing with yourself at the same time is so deviant, so dirty, it turns you because of that.

Your desire is rising. That insatiable, darkness inside you starts to glow again. You can feel its warm embrace welling inside you like an old friend and you know that this will only end like every other time. You will do whatever it takes to feed that beast inside you. You will do as Master commands because only he knows how to tame her, even if only for a short time. So, you suck... and you play... and

You Need!

On your knees, a cock in our mouth, your hand on your pussy, an orgasm grows inside you. your eyes look up at me, but your mouth stubbornly refuses to release its meal. I see you pleading for release and then the disappointment when you hear me deny your release. "You must keep playing though Slut!" but how can you continue so close to an orgasm. Your hand is buried in you now and your head keeps moving in my lap. Your breathing becomes ragged and I know you are close. Your hips fuck up and down as that edge closes on you. You moan and make sounds around me but still hold off. "Stop playing Slut!" almost not hearing through the haze that clouds your every thought your hand is a blur and the sounds of it sank in your excited pussy fill the car. "Stop! Slut!" and this time the is compliance even before thought.

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