tagRomanceYou Never Even Wrote Ch. 01

You Never Even Wrote Ch. 01


Alright this is my first story I've ever written so please let me know what you think; all constructive criticism is very welcome. Oh and I am the sloppiest typer ever so sorry in advanced for any weird typos, I tried to get them all. Also sorry but this first chapter isn't much about sex as it is building the story, I promise the next chapter will have plenty though ;)


"Chloe, dear god is that you?"

My first thought was what the hell is that supposed to mean? Sure I wasn't all dolled up but I didn't look that bad. I let all the nasty things I'd been thinking of saying to that slip away when I realized who the question had come from, I knew him for somewhere, I know I did.

"I'm sorry but who are you-... James?!... James!"

No freaking way! I hadn't seen him in years.

"Wow" was all James said as his eyes grazed me up and down.

"What?" I asked feeling more than a little self conscious at his suddenly intense gaze.

"Nothing... you've just... uh..." he seemed to search for the words, "you've changed a lot since I last saw you."

"Yea, people tend to do that over the period of 9 years" I teased. I noticed his stare kept going to my cleavage so I leaned forward a bit and gave him a better look. Damn! He was hot. I guess I wasn't so bad myself about 5'11'' not quite on the heavy side, just curvaceous and a C cup, brown hair with blonde streaks and I've been told by many that I have the coolest tie-dyed looking eyes anyone's ever seen.

He seemed to be thinking very hard about something but then looked a bit embarrassed when he asked "So... then you're what, eighteen now?"

Ha! He was interested, I knew it! "Not quite..." I saw a small flicker of disappointment flash across his face. Until I added " I turned nineteen a few months ago" he was beaming as I said this last part. Suddenly his face was one of annoyance as we both heard "James, baby oh, there you are!"

I turned to see a woman about three times my weight, no small feat being I was 180lbs, stalk towards us, she came up to me and immediately introduced herself, seemingly oblivious to the fact that there was a thick tension between James and I. she also seemed to be unworried bout the fact that I was talking to her boyfriend. Probably because she could see the age difference of ten years and didn't think there would be anything like that between us. God was she wrong.

James had been in my life for as long as I could remember. My cousin Travis lived with us and was like a brother to me, and James was his best friend. When I was little it started as pure curiosity, James was always nice to me even when the rest of the older kids weren't, he stood up for me, like the big brother mine wouldn't be. As I got older, James was my ultimate crush, every diary I owned from about first grade on was about James. Then suddenly in when I was ten, James moved, said he had to go where he could get work and promised to keep in touch. I cried for days after he left, he was my best friend. And he never did get in contact with me, I was more than a little disappointed but as time passed I learned not to get so sad when I didn't get any letters or calls from him. He was twenty when he left and it made sense he wouldn't remember the stupid promise he made to his friends annoying little ten year old cousin. At least that's what I told myself so I could make myself dislike him instead of miss him, it didn't work though. I hit puberty and every guy I got anywhere with just made me wonder 'how would this feel with James?' I even deluded myself into thinking id scene him once or twice, and dreamt of him multiple times. But I realized looking him that I must have misread everything that had just happened because he had a girl. Her name turned out to be Krisie and she said James and she had been together for almost three months now; they met at the airport when James was coming home and had lived together since. All of this and more I learned over lunch because she absolutely insisted that I join them and I found that I genuinely liked her, she wasn't pretty, or even very bright but she was happy and laughed along even when she obviously didn't get the joke, she was pleasant to be around. James however seemed to have as little too do with her as possible, and every time I looked into his eyes it was like he was pleading me to understand something. Finally I figured out what it was. She was telling me how different their relationship was while he went to get drinks and it dawned on me that she was his meal ticket. He had nothing when he came back to Santa Rosa and so she was his provider, and while that I could grasp and even be ok with as she seemed ok with it all, maybe even like she understood it, I didn't get was why he was still with her, she had mentioned that he had gotten a good job last month surely he could afford to leave. She had to get to work so she left and suggested James and I catch up some more, we exchanged numbers and she left. We walked aimlessly around downtown silent for a bit but then I asked him if I was right about her being his meal ticket, he said I was.

Before I even had to ask him he answered my question like he could read my mind.

'I'm still with her because while I don't feel any sexual attraction to her she's a good person and I don't want to hurt her."

"Don't you ever wonder what will happen when you meet someone though?" I asked him trying to feign indifference

He didn't buy it

Chuckling he asked why why I was so interested.

I opened my mouth to lie but instead I told him" because I've been in love with you forever"

He stepped closer to me and I could feel his breath on my lips as he kissed me tenderly right on the sidewalk in the plain view of the public.

He looked at me thoughtfully then cursed under his breath "I'm sorry Chloe, it's been wonderful to see you again but I can't be with you like this, you're still just a kid to me"

"James I'm perfectly legal, I can't believe you would even call me a kid! It's not like I'm that ten year old kid I had been when you left" then I suddenly remembered how he never tried to keep in touch like he said he would. "Not like you cared about her anyways right?' I stormed away from him and didn't answer when I saw his name show up on my caller id for a week, he must have gotten my number from Krisie.

I was going into the bowling alley with my family like I did every Wednesday when I heard that all too familiar voice talking to Travis. "Yea I'm really here to stay, can't wait to be part of the team again" he then looked at me and winked. That ass! He really had the nerve to try to come back into my family like him leaving was nothing! Unfortunately, my family was just fine with that. I ignored him fervently acting for all the world like he didn't exist. Every time I saw him I would go home and masturbate like crazy to the thought of him fucking me silly, it was getting to be crazy though. My sexual urges were getting worse every day and I could hardly keep from moaning when I saw him, I wanted him so damn bad. But I was still too mad at him. This continued for several weeks until one night after bowling my family had all left after we walked out to the parking Garage together as usual. Only one other car remained to which I paid no attention. I was too busy trying to start my car, it was making horrible screeching noises every time I tried to turn the key and suddenly something loud popped and the entire inside of the car filled with smoke. I frantically tried to open the door but couldn't see a thing and it was locked so I couldn't just pull the easy to find handle. Before I knew what was happening I was being pulled from the car and I could see James just faintly before I passed out from the smoke. I woke up in an unfamiliar bed with the sound of light snoring to my right. I looked over and saw James sitting in a chair besides me in the hospital. He was sleeping and heavily by the looks of it, like he really needed it so left him alone and was just about to press the button for the nurse to find out what happened when krisie walked in. she looked relieved to see me.

"oh thank god you're ok!" she told me as she rushed to hug me" James has been worried sick"

"What the hell happened to me?" I tried to ask as politely as I could

"well I'm not so sure about all the technicalities of this but something was wrong in your car like someone had tampered with it... oh honey somebody tried to hurt you, apparently it wasn't supposed to go off until you were driving but it wasn't done right so instead something caught on fire and the smoke poured rather quickly through the vents in your car. Luck for you James was there late that night"

As I took all this in I also noticed the sad way krisie was looking at James "how long have I been out?" I asked her

"About a day, just long enough for him to freak out and worry that he didn't get to you fast enough"

Looking at him I realized how mean I had been to him the past few weeks. I'd have to apologize when he woke up, but how could I do that with krisie in the room.

"Uh krisie do you think I could have a minute with him" I asked her hoping she wouldn't be suspicious.

"Sure thing, I was just coming to give him the key to his storage locker anyways, his new apartment doesn't fit everything" she set a key down on the night stand and turned to leave but I stopped her

"Wait, what? New apartment, he moved out?"

She just looked at me sadly and told me that she knew about the kiss, and we talked about it like it was nothing, she wasn't even mad which surprised me. She said he had asked for her help in finding a new place and getting all his things moved out, it was all very civil.

" I knew he was just staying with me while he worked and saved up to get a new place, I'll miss him but he's got someone else on the mind now" she looked at me pointedly

"he told me I was still just a kid, he couldn't want anything with me" I was sticking to him telling me I was a kid like he had committed a war crime but the more I thought about it the more I realized I may have over reacted. I knew I had when krisie told me" the only thing he meant by that was that you were still little Chloe in his mind and he needed time to get past that before you two could be anything more"

I'm and idiot. "thank you for everything krisie" I said trying to get her to leave before I started crying

"No problem Chloe, I really do like you, call me if you ever need anything, or if you just want to talk ok"

That was it. I just smiled and nodded as she walked out; as soon as she was out of the room I burst into tears. As I curled up into a ball on the bed and let all my sorrow over how I'd been treating him out, I suddenly felt soothing hands on my back, without looking up I knew who it was.

"I'm so sorry James" I choked out in between sobs " I've been horrible to you, I didn't mean to be, I just didn't want to know that you still thought of me as a kid when you're the only thing I've wanted for so long."

He sat on the bed and pulled me onto his lap "sh I'm not mad at you Chloe, I know I feel something for you too, I just have to get used to the idea of you not being the little girl I used to know, I still can't believe you're all grown up"

"I can wait as long as you need until you see me for who I am know not who I was then"

As I sat up and looked at him I realized how very close we were to each other. Before I knew what I was doing my hand came to the back of his neck and pulled him towards me. My breath caught in my throat when he put his lips to mine.

The kiss was slow and passionate and it kept building until the there was a cough at the door

The doctor looked uncomfortable as he walked in and James straightened us out but kept me sitting securely in his lap. This was great for me as I could feel his erection pressed against the bottom of my thigh. I was asked a few questions about how I was feeling and if I was having trouble breathing and when the doctor was satisfied I was ok I signed some papers and was released. James said he had taken care of all the police questions for now but that they wanted an official statement from me when I was well enough to come in and he asked me if I wanted him to drive me there. I figured I should get it out of the way as soon as I could so we drove down to the station.

The police were fairly easy to deal with they wanted to know if there was an reason anyone would want to hurt me and I told them no so they said it was plausible that my attack was random, still they were going to do a bit more looking into it and see what they could find out. We were out in about two hours. James drove me back to my apartment and asked me if I would join him for dinner that night. We agreed on a time and parted with a sweet but much too short goodbye kiss and I unlocked the door with shaky hands.

I was finally going on a date with James.

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