tagRomanceYou Never Even Wrote Ch. 05

You Never Even Wrote Ch. 05


A shrill ringing sound pierced through my peaceful sleep and I took me a few seconds to realize it was a phone ringing. I reached for it and picked up. "Hello?"

"Hey sweetie, you guys still coming over for dinner tonight?"

"Crap, yea mom, we'll be there. I gotta tell you something ok, but don't freak I'm fine"

"Oh god what happened now? Are you sure you're ok? Is James?"

"Chill mom, yes we're both fine but Alex ended up sneaking into my apartment, the police have him now though so things should settle down"

"Oh sweetheart did he hurt you? What happened?"

"I think that's something you'll probably need to hear in person, it just seems wrong saying it over the phone"

"Oh no! Chloe did he-"she stopped and I heard her sobbing on the other end of the line

"Mom nothing to bad happened ok? He tried some stuff, probably what you're thinking but the cops and James got there and stopped him before he got too far ok? We'll talk more when I get over there, but don't worry I'm fine now."

"Ok honey; please be careful, you seem to be a magnet for danger lately"

I laughed"ok mom I'll be nice and safe today"

"Bye Chloe"

"Bye mom, see you at dinner" I hung up and set the phone down

"Your cute when you talk to your mom, kind of like your scared you're going to break her"

"yea well it's not so much that" I said to James who was playing with a lock of my hair twisting it around his finger" it's just that my relationship with her is fragile"

"Why is that love?"

"She's still bitter over the fact that I stuck to my promise and moved out literally on my 18th birthday" I answered while trying to ignore how much just this close proximity to him was turning me on.

"Why didn't you stay a little longer then? Was it so bad there?"

"Mostly just reminders of my dad, I miss him every day and even after nine years I still mourn him every day but I just couldn't stand the way the whole house was almost constantly blanketed by his memory. That and her new boyfriend is a selfish pervy asshole" I added in

He chuckled that deep throaty chuckle of his that I love so much. "Yea I didn't like the guy when I met him either, I think I'm going to clock him next time I see him check you out" I just shivered and made a gaging noise "ewwwwwyyyyy"

"God your cute" James said to me as he kissed the tip of my nose. "No your cute" I said planting little kisses all over his face. I cuddled closer to him and felt his stiff cock pressing against me.

I wordlessly sunk under the covers. He raised his eyebrows at me questioningly but I just kept going until I was all the way under the covers and could see his cock standing erect and just begging for kisses.

His chest started to move quicker as my breath got hot on his member. I placed on quick kiss right on the tip and he instantly moaned. I took one hand and rubbed up and down his shaft while I used my tongue to swirl around his head and took him into my mouth just to suction myself off of him with a little 'pop'

"Oh Chloe...please" I giggled remembering how he made me say what I wanted

"Please what James? I need to know what you want" I said in my most innocent voice.

He chuckled at my turning it back around on him and said "pretty please suck my cock Chloe?"

"Oh well when you ask so nicely..." I sucked him all the way into my mouth and started tensing my throat around him, milking him

"Ooohhh yess, oh that's it Chloe, just like that baby." he encouraged me. I was working his cock with all I had when suddenly I was being pulled up to the top of the bed and he was on top of me, he reached his hand down quickly to make sure I was wet enough and when he found my dripping wet cunt he pushed into me gently, starting a slow, leisurely pace.

"I haven't gotten to really take my time and make love to you baby, I want you to know how much you mean to me" he said as he pumped into me and looked deep into my eyes. I was whispering his name over and over again, seemingly forgetting every other word I knew and he brought his lips down to mine for the gentlest loving kiss, we continued like this for what felt like forever and I was engulfed by the most peaceful orgasm I'd ever had. He came not long after me and we lay there together, with him still inside of me for a long time before we got up and showered.

When we got to my mom's house most of my family was already there. A few eye brows were raised about me and James walking in together but nobody had the chance to say anything because as soon as my mom saw me she rushed to hug us both then demanded that tell her what happened.

After I was finished recounting the story my family sat there stony faced and just absorbing it all. My mom's boyfriend mike was the first one to talk.

"Well you know you really should have been more careful Chloe, and then none of this would have happened"

All heads snapped to him

"Are you fucking mental" my brother Todd was the first to answer him

He looked like he hadn't expected anyone to disagree with him " no but your sister just keeps prancing around as if she has no effect on men then gets upset when they show her interest, maybe she should grow up. And if you're going to leave someone in love with you, you should expect them to retaliate"

By now I had found my voice "you bastard, I do not prance around, earning attraction then throwing it in men's faces! I hardly get paid any attraction in the first place!" James gave me a 'yea right' look at that but his face quickly changed to a dark mean expression when he turned to mike.

"I'm going to give you five seconds to take that back you son of a bitch" he said while staring daggers at him. You'd think a scary ripped mad guy would make you back down when you obviously haven't worked on any part of your body but a beer gut in a very long time but no; mike just had to keep going

"It's not my fault your girlfriend is a little slut" he said stupidly "I mean if you were smart you would have dumped her after you fucke-"

He was cut off by James lunging forward and punching him in the jaw. There was a sickening crunch when his fist connected with its target. Mike went to fight back but James easily caught his fist and twisted his had backwards. He used his leverage to make mike sink to his knee, as he was down he was twisting his body oddly trying to ease some of the pressure from his wrist. James used his other hand to yank his head up so mike was looking at him

"you listen here you piece of shit, you're going to stay the hell away from Chloe and Marie" he looked to my mom to make sure that was what she wanted before continuing, she nodded her approval "and all the rest of my family. You're going to go in your old room and pack your shit and you're going to be gone before this day is over and so help me god if you ever come back I will kill you"

"or we will" my brother Todd said, now standing up alongside my other brothers.

He looked like he was going to argue then thought better of it. "Fine" he looked at my mom "sees who else will want your sorry ass"

This time it was my brother tony

"You're lucky we didn't kick you out a long time ago you son of a bitch, now leave before we are forced to throw you out on your sorry ass. You were insanely luck to get to spend time with a woman as wonderful as my, mother, now you're through so stay the hell away from her"

Mike just turned and went to his old room to pack.

I looked at my brothers and James and thought I was so lucky to have such an amazing caring family.

I heard sniffling and turned around; my mom was sitting with her head in her hands sobbing quietly. I put my arms around her and held her telling her it was going to be ok, I had mistakenly thought she was sad but what she said surprised me.

"I know, I'm just so glad he's finally gone, I haven't been this happy in a very long time" her eyes were shining with genuine elation as she looked up at all of us "I love you guys so much!"

We all shuffled in for a group hug and James was right beside me. I pulled his aside and embraced him. "Thank you darling, that was wonderful."

"You're welcome love; I would do anything to make you happy."

We said our goodbyes to my family after making sure that my brothers were going to stay with my mom for the next few days and insure that mike didn't decide to come back anytime soon. We had all decided to do diner another night.

He drove home quickly and ran more red lights than I care to think about, although my hand rubbing the bulge in his crotch may have been responsible for that.

When we got home it was obvious neither of us wanted to fool round first, we were both ready. I threw my shirt off as I walked in the door and was shimmying out of my jeans by the time I walked into the bedroom. I heard James' gasp of appreciation from closer behind me than I expected and suddenly his hands were on me, holding me against him as his other hand snaked down my stomach, going under my panties.

"Your so wet for me baby" he whispered in my ear as he stroked slowly up and sown my soaking slit.

He slowly dipped his fingers inside of me pulling out a strangled moan from my lips.

"Oh god, James I can't wait, please." He didn't need any more encouragement than that.

He pushed me towards the bed and bent me over so I was on my hands and knees, I felt him position himself behind me, his thick cock resting against my pussy.

He leaned down and whispered very harshly "I could be sweet, I could make love to you and look into your eyes while I take you, and I could be gentle. I promise, I plan on doing that, but not right now. Right now I'm going to use this beautiful body of yours, and I'm going to use it hard."

As if to emphasize this point he shoved inside of me hard and as fast as he could go in one quick thrust. I gasped and he stilled

"Are you ok Chloe?" He asked his voice heavy with concern.

"I'm fine, more than fine, o god please don't stop" I slurred my words out trying to get them to him as soon as possible, trying to keep him inside of me.

Once he was satisfied that I was as desperate for this as he was he pulled out and then back in hard and fast. He was hitting the vey back of me and then pulling out to the very hilt over and over again.

It was pure heaven, having him inside of me thrusting while I clenched around his thick member. I was continuously moaning, and as I felt my orgasm build I screamed so load that I was sure the whole neighborhood had heard me. It was just that good with him.

He wasn't done yet though he waited until my orgasm was receded then roughly flipped me over on the bed and dragged me to the edge. My pussy was perfectly level with him as he stood on the floor looking down at me.

"You're so damn hot, I just want to stay here forever" he pushed into me again but then pulled right out. He did this several times before I found my voice

"Fuck, now James. Right now."

"Oh but it's so fun to torture you" he chuckled

I grabbed ahold of him and flipped him quickly so he was lying on the bed and was over him, I made him scoot up so I could straddle him. I lowered myself onto him and thought about teasing him as he had done to me but I just couldn't wait that long.

I rode him with reckless abandon, toughing myself where he wasn't to help myself get off, I was rubbing my clit when suddenly he took my hand away and grabbed my hips. He was thrusting to meet me as I was coming down to him, it was all too much and I came violently.

"Oh fuck James you feel so good. Oh yes harder, harder." I was screaming at the top of my lungs. He sat up and the angle change made me scream out in pleasure. I raked my nails down his back but that only seemed to fuel him further.

My next orgasm hit me like a ton of bricks, one second I was in bed with James and the next I was floating in utter bliss , I think I may have been screaming but I was so far gone I couldn't tell.

Wave after wave of intense pleasure crashed down on me and as I was coming down I could feel that James's own orgasm had been triggered by mine. I slumped down on him and felt him pull the blankets over our intertwined and exhausted bodies before I drifted off to a deep sleep.

I woke up in the morning to my phone ringing. It was my boss asking why I hadn't come into work the past few days. Shit. I'd forgotten to call him with everything that was going on lately. I slipped out of bed so I didn't wake James, he looked so peaceful. I pulled on a robe of his and stepped outside.

I explained everything that had happened and my boss was very sympathetic.

"Don't worry about a thing, all your time off will be paid vacation, are you sure you're ok now though, how much more time off will you need?" he seemed genuinely concerned and I was so happy that I wasn't fired that I decided not to push his kindness much further.

"I'm absolutely fine now, I can come in as soon as you need me, and it's not trouble at all." I told him.

"Well it will be pretty subdued here tonight, we may need you for the lunch rush tomorrow, could you come in then, say 11?"

Absolutely sir, thank you for being so kind about all of this."

"I'll see you then dear, it's no trouble at all, take care."

We hung up and I went back inside to see that James was still sleeping and decided I would cook a nice breakfast for him to wake up to.

I was frying eggs and sausages when I heard vibrating behind me, I turned and saw James's phone on the counter, and it was lit up saying he had a text.

I was just about to ignore t when I saw that the name on it was jenny. I didn't know any Jennies, so I let my curiosity get the best of me, I read the message, and then re-read it about five times.

It said "hey hon can't wait to see you again, love you xoxo."

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