tagRomanceYou Never Even Wrote Ch. 08

You Never Even Wrote Ch. 08






I was just getting off work and heading home to James, I smiled as I pulled away, I loved the sound of that, home to James. It had been the right after our intense love making the day that I bought all that lingerie to apologize to James for not trusting him, that we woke up together and he asked me to move in with him. I didn't even stop to think about it before I said yes; I hated my little apartment anyways, to many memories of the night with Alex.

It took about a week to get everything settled and moved in to his apartment but I found that I liked living with him far more than I'd thought I would before. I had been prepared for the constant fights of who needed to do the dishes and telling him to put the toilet seat down but so far we haven't had any of those problems, aside from the toilet seat occasionally.

And considering it had been 8 months, I wasn't expecting to start having those problems any time soon.

It had been bliss between us, I was getting worried about all the hours he was working lately though. It was like he was working overtime every day, and I didn't understand why, we were doing fine financially, we had even had enough to go on a short vacation a few weeks ago.

I frowned as I pulled up to the apartment trying to figure out what could be driving him to take on all this extra work.

I was walking up the stairs when someone reached out and grabbed my ass from behind.

I whirled around ready to swing when I saw James

grinning just behind me.

"You asshole, you scared me half to death!" I smacked him on the arm.

He just smiled and swooped down to plant a kiss on my lips.

"So, have you got any plans for tonight?" he said as he unlocked the front door and walked inside, distracting me from scolding him anymore.

"No probably just going to do some laundry and catch up on the DVR, why do you have something in mind?"

"I was thinking we could go out to eat, somewhere nice, we haven't done that in a while. You could get all dressed up and wear those sexy heals you just got, whata you think?" he had a twinkle in his eye like he was planning something.

"That sounds like a great idea baby, where should we go?"

"You go work your magic and get ready, I'll figure it out." He was already looking down at his phone presumably to find a place to go so I walked into the bedroom to pick an outfit.

I was about to open the closet when what he said struck me "babe? When did I get sexy new heels?"

"When you got that sexy new dress."

What in the world. "What are you talking about?"

"The one in the closet."

I opened the closet trying to remember when I had made these purchases when I saw it, I really

couldn't have missed it.

All the other clothes were moved to the side so that all you saw when you opened the door was this beautiful green dress. It was the same color as majority of my eyes and it was gorgeous, I had a scoop neck with halter ties at the neck and a plunging back that would stop just above the slope of my ass. I was stunned; it was probably the most expensive thing in the whole closet. I was looking at the mermaid bottom of it when I saw the black stilettoes sitting on top of a box in the middle of the closet as well. I guess I knew what heels and dress he was talking about now.

I rushed out of the room and threw myself into his arms; he staggered back in surprise but managed to keep us both up as he tightened his grip on me.

"I love them, they're so perfect! Thank you so much!" I said between kisses.

"I'm glad, now go get ready; I can't wait to see how they look on you." He kissed me on the forehead and swatted my butt playfully as he walked away.

I skipped happily back into the room to go look at them again, I thought about what I should do with my makeup when I decided I needed a shower after working in the kitchen.

I hopped in and was rinsing my hair when I felt strong hands encompass my waist from behind.

I turned and grabbed the soap; I rubbed it between my hands and started to lather his chest, massaging him as I went.

"Mmm, babe that feels so good"

I worked all over from his chest to his back then down his muscular thighs.

I made my way to the front of his thighs and was rubbing just around where his evident arousal stood waiting for its turn.

I went to move to his shaft when he pulled me up and started kissing me.

He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist as he pinned me to the wall with his torso, effectively lining us up perfectly. He started to kiss my neck while massaging my breasts and squeezing them. He was pinching my nipples distracting me momentarily when he slammed into me.

My head dropped onto his shoulder as I let out a low moan.

I had absolutely no leverage in this position and could do nothing to speed up his snail like pace as he inched his way in and out of me.

I started wiggling trying to get him to go deeper when he slammed into me again.

He went on like this for what seemed like ages before he finally grasped my hips and lifted me up before impaling me again hard, he was pushing me against the wall and pumping in and out of me like a jack hammer.

I was moaning like mad now scratching up and down his back urging him on, he reached down between us and flicked my clit and I was over the edge.

I came right away. I was screaming his name clenching tightly around him when I felt him fill his hot seed into me. He was whispering my name and leaning his head on me resting for a few moments then he stood up and slowly let me down, slipping out of me in the processes.

He set me down and held onto me while I got my balance back and then we cleaned each other off again.

I got out of the shower after that and let him finish up while I set about doing my hair and makeup.

I was doing dark lashes and light yellow and blue lined eye shadow, with some subtle blush and pink gloss I was pretty happy with the results. I piled my hair high on top of my head and curled a few stray strands.

I walked in the bedroom to see James trying to do his tie and I laughed as I went over to help him

"Thanks beautiful, now go get dressed, I'll be in the living room waiting." Boy he was pretty excited to get going.

I smiled up at him, walked over to the closet and pulled out the dress, I discovered there was just no possible way I could wear a bra or panties with it so I slipped it on to see if it looked ok without them. I walked to the mirror and was stunned. I looked amazing, it was like the dress had been hand crafted for me, it hugged me deliciously around the waist and then flared lightly at the bottom making it look like my legs where a mile long. And it wasn't overly tight at my boobs but showed ample cleavage, making them look bigger than they were.

The back was low and stopped just before my ass, the color making my creamy skin glow.

I put on the heels and was amazed that weren't as uncomfortable as I'd expected, then I realized there were some gel inserts in them; trust James to think of every little detail.

I took my self in and thought I looked like a princess tonight. God, this was perfect.

I walked out and looked at James when I heard his gasp.

He stood staring at me like he did when I wore lingerie for him; like I was the most beautiful thing had ever seen.

"You look amazing tonight Chloe, absolutely heart breaking." He bent down and kissed me gently before grabbing my hand and leading me out the door.

We talked on the car ride there but he would give me no hints as to where we were going.

We pulled up to the villa and I looked at him surprised, this was the most posh fancy restaurant in town. It was at least $200 a plate. I was in shock we would go somewhere so nice but didn't question him as we walked to the entrance.

"I've always wanted to go here." I whispered in delight as we walked into the grand doors into the ornately decorated room.

The host asked us for our reservations and the smiled brightly when James told her his name.

"Right this way" she said as if she was in on some big scheme.

I looked to James for an answer but he was purposefully ignoring me as we walked through the maze of tables to the very back.

I noticed two things at once.

The first being that the view from the huge window by the table was perhaps the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen as it over looked the city just as the sunset was melting away and the lights below began to twinkle.

The other being that both our families were there.

My mom and brothers, Andrew was sitting with Kristi, my cousin, and James' mother father and sister.

I looked over at him to ask what was going on when I saw him beside me on one knee

My eyes began to swell with tears as he spoke.

"Chloe, you're so perfect for me, you're everything I didn't know to want, I can't imagine a single day without your adorable smiles, your quick wit and constant sarcasm, the loving look in your eyes. You keep me going. Will you do me that great honour of becoming my wife?"

I was crying in earnest now as I shook my head yes and he slipped the ring n my finger.

"Oh James, yes of course!"

I threw myself into him arms as he stood up and our families as well as the other patrons in the restaurant began to clap and cheer.

I pulled back and looked into his eyes. "I love you so much, this is so perfect."

He kissed me then we sat down with our families.

"So let me see the ring!" his sister said excitedly, I looked down at it for the first time and it brought a fresh batch of tears to my eyes.

It was a huge pearl set in a gold band with two diamonds on each side. It was my dream ring.

"Oh James!" I hugged him and kissed him deeply again. Joy swelling in my heart.

I showed his sister and the rest of our families, they all thought it was beautiful.

We ordered and had a wonderful meal although if you asked me what I had I couldn't possibly tell you; I was so wound up wanting to get James home I could barely think straight. His teasing brushes of his thigh against mine and playing footsies under the table was so not helping.

We finished our food and said goodbye to our families, after I promised to call my mother, his mother and his sister first thing tomorrow so we could start planning and I got huge hugs from all of them, and surprisingly my brothers and cousin all hugged James as well.

We got in the car and James broke more than a few laws to get home. My hand splayed across his groin might have had something to do with that. We got home and before I even had my seatbelt all the way off he was opening my door for me, we walked calmly to the door then as soon as he unlocked it he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder as walked into the house.

"James! Put me down!" I said unconvincingly as I laughed.

"If you say so" he threw me onto the bed and I almost bounced off.

Before I had a second to stand he was dragging me towards him and pulling my halter off, he stood me up and the rest of the dress pooled at my feet.

Leaving my heels on I began to pull he shirt out of his pants as he took off his tie and unbuttoned his shirt. He let the shirt slip from his shoulders as I was unbuttoning his pants, I gave him a coy smile as they too fell to the ground and I saw he was going commando as well.

We slipped his shoes and socks off as he pushed me down on the bed and kissed me passionately.

"I'm so happy you said yes baby, now everything is perfect. I can't wait to spend forever with you."

"James your everything I want, life is wonderful now that I have you."

He slowly pushed himself into my already slick passage.

He was stroking me just right every time he moved, stocking the fire in my belly.

"Oh James yes" I moaned his name as I came in a quiet peaceful orgasm.

He started pumping into me in earnest now; our movements became frenzied as well both approached explosive climaxes. We came at the same time and I could hear him straining as he called my name. I came back down and was aware vaguely of him slipping my heals off as he wrapped me up in his arms and brought the blanket around us.

We drifted off to sleep naked, aside from my ring, was my last thought before darkness.



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