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You Never Forget How


[Author's Note: Mark Twain said that "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery," so here is my attempt to express my admiration for Harddaysknight by writing a story in his style. Certainly it will not come up to his level, but I've done my best. It's even based on the title of a Beatles song (not one he's already used), but I'm not using the song as the title of my story--readers are invited to see if they can figure it out.]


As always, I came back from California on the Redeye, and I was exhausted by the time I pulled onto our street, around 8 am on Sunday. To my surprise, Sheila's car was parked in front of the house. Sheila was my wife Laurie's best friend, but not someone I approved of.

To put it bluntly, Sheila was a slut--an attractive one, but a slut--and I worried about Laurie spending too much time around her. Sheila was divorced, courtesy of being caught cheating on her husband, and she spent a lot of time at bars and clubs making new friends.

The kitchen was empty and I headed straight upstairs, surprised again to find my wife lying in bed with Sheila sitting next to her.

"Hi, baby," Laurie said weakly. "How was the trip?" She looked tired and pale.

"Are you all right, honey?" I asked, coming over to give her a kiss.

"Don't come too close!" she said, putting up a hand weakly to ward me off. "I've got some kind of nasty flu or something--that's why Sheila's here."

Sheila smiled at me, arching her back almost imperceptibly to push her big tits out. I always wondered whether she even knew she was doing it.

"Hi, Todd--Laurie and I spent part of the evening at Monroe's, but she started feeling really rotten so I brought her back here. Then she seemed feverish and she threw up a couple of times, so I just stayed over to make sure she'd be okay til you got back."

"Thanks, Sheila--I appreciate that. Do you want some coffee or breakfast or something?"

"No, thanks, I've had some coffee. Laurie just got off the phone with the doctor; he can see her in about a half hour, and I'll drive her over there."

I started to protest that I'd take her, but Laurie insisted that Sheila could do it. "You need to sleep, baby--I know you've been up for more than 24 hours."

We agreed that I'd sleep in the guest room for a couple of days, so I wouldn't catch anything from Laurie.

Ten minutes later I watched Sheila support Laurie as they walked out to her car. To my surprise, Sheila drove off towards Markham Ave., though my wife's doctor was in the other direction, back towards the center of town. I was too tired to wonder about it, though--I dove into bed and was fast asleep within minutes.


For the next week I was a loving, supportive husband--but from a distance. According to Laurie, Dr. Simon said that she probably had some kind of flu; nothing serous, but I should avoid any close contact for at least five days or so.

So I called the clothing store where Laurie worked and said she'd be out for several days; I made Laurie's meals and took them to her on a tray; I cleaned up the kitchen; I did the laundry; and I spent the evenings with my wife, watching TV with her from a chair in the bedroom while she lay in bed.

But we didn't get closer than ten feet, and by the weekend I was even hornier than usual. We usually had sex at least twice a week on average, and with my California trip I had been 12 days without any of her sweet loving.

By Friday Laurie was up and around, able to shower and dress and take over the household chores. I arrived home that evening with an armful of roses, to be greeted by a hug and kiss from my cheerful wife.

I wasted no time telling her what I wanted for dessert--but to my dismay she looked down and said, "I'm so sorry, honey, but my period started just this afternoon. Bear with me a few days, okay?"

I considered asking for some oral instead, but decided that I'd be a saint and show her how patient I could be. At least we could touch one another, and that weekend we went to the movies, took a couple of long walks, and snuggled in bed each evening.

By the following Tuesday I figured my luck might have turned. I knocked off work at 4:30 to come home and surprise Laurie with a nice dinner. Instead, I got a couple of surprises myself: a pair of phone messages.

The first was her saying, "hi baby--sorry for the short notice, but we're going to have to do inventory tonight--a whole truckload of dresses came in mislabeled. I'll probably be here until nearly midnight. Sorry! Please just grab a sandwich, and I'll see you when I get done. Also--would you check and see if I left my cell phone on the dresser? I can't find it in my purse. Thanks--love you!"

Damn, I thought. So much for my hopes of a little loving. The second message was from the office of Laurie's gynecologist, Dr. Mahoney. His receptionist was calling to remind her of her appointment the next morning to have her stitches removed. What the hell?

I considered calling Laurie, but her cell phone was right in front of me on the kitchen counter. I could have called the store number, but I decided that she was probably swamped at the moment. Still, I was going to ask her about this the first moment she stepped in the door!

After a dinner of leftovers, flavored by three beers or so, I watched a little baseball and was in bed with the light out by 10 pm. I was awakened some time later by the sound of something sliding across the sheets, and then the delicious sensation of a pair of warm lips around my cock.

Always an alert fellow, he wasted no time coming to life and bringing me awake with him. I lay back in the dark, enjoying Laurie's mouth which seemed more talented and eager than ever. She had me nearly ready to empty my nuts when something made me reach over and turn on the bedside light--maybe just so I could enjoy the sight of what she was doing--and to my astonishment, the pair of lips wrapped around my dick belonged not to my wife but to Sheila!

The light startled her, but it didn't stop her from climbing on top of me, grabbing my joint to guide it into her. She was naked, and those tits were even more impressive without anything concealing them.

"Sheila, what the hell are you doing?" I cried out, pushing her away. I was very aroused, but not so much so that I was going to cheat on Laurie by letting her friend bounce on my dick.

"I've always wanted you, Todd," she cooed, using her hand to maintain cordial relations with my cock. "I know Laurie's working late--she'll never know just this once!"

"Are you nuts?" I jumped out of bed, ignoring the protests of my dick, which was bellowing in my ear, "ah c'mon, what's the harm?"

"I'm not going to have sex with you, Sheila!"

"Please, Todd, I'll make you feel so good!" She pursued me across the room and wrapped herself tightly around me, rubbing those tits across my chest and trapping my hard-on between her thighs.

God knows I was tempted--but I'd never cheated on Laurie and I never would. Fidelity was important to both of us, we had talked about it before we married, and I knew I could trust her just as much as she could trust me.

I was angry! And very aroused, which only made it worse. I pulled back from Sheila, grabbing her arm and turning her away from me.

"Put your clothes on NOW, you slut! You're getting dressed and getting the hell out of here!"

Ignoring Sheila's protests I pushed her into the bathroom, then picked up her clothes and threw them in after her. "If you're not dressed in three minutes, I'll march you out to your car stark naked."

Five minutes later I watched Sheila driving away. Shaking my head, I stumbled back upstairs to bed. I knew she was a horny bitch, but coming on to her best friend's husband? How the hell had she gotten into the house? (And, my dick piped up, did you see what a hot body she had?)

I was just about sound asleep again when the light suddenly went on and I heard Laurie shrieking at me.

"You son-of-a-bitch! Goddam you, how could you--oh!?"

Her voice shifted from rage to total confusion as I rolled over and swung out of bed.

"Laurie, what the hell is going on? Why on earth are you yelling at me?"

Her face was bright red--she looked shocked and bewildered. "I, uh--Todd--I'm sorry, I thought you were, uh ..."

She never did finish the sentence. I waited, and there was a long silence. Finally, I said, "honey, is there something going on I ought to know about?"

She sat in a chair, struggling to look at me. "Honey, it's, uh ..."

I waited some more.

"It's, well, some girls at work were talking crazy and ... and I got it into my head that maybe you were cheating on me." She looked at me timidly, just to see how I was taking this.

Calmly I said, "that's the biggest bunch of bullshit I've ever heard, Laurie. You know I'd never do that to you--and tonight? In our bed? I didn't even know until this afternoon that you'd be out late tonight! What did you think I'd do, run out to the nearest bar and pick someone up? Are you crazy?"

She shook her head, apologizing again and again, but I wasn't buying it. Finally I said, "okay, fine. Something's going on here that you won't tell me about. I'll just find somewhere else to stay until you're ready to tell me the truth."

While she cried and protested I threw some clothes on, pulled a suitcase out of the closet and started to pack. I didn't have any plan beyond finding a motel for a couple of days, but there had been enough "surprises" recently that I wasn't willing to play the dumb hubby any longer.

As I headed for the front door Laurie sobbed, "wait! please, Todd--okay, I'll ... tell you."

I turned and said, "all of it, Laurie--the whole truth, or I'm gone."

She nodded her head tearfully. We went into the kitchen and sat at the table.

"I ... I thought you would be ... in bed with a woman tonight, because ..." Here she started weeping again. "Because I ... I asked Sheila to come over and seduce you!"

"Why on earth would you do such a ridiculous thing, Laurie?"

She couldn't look at me. "I can't tell you, Todd. I ... I did something awful, and if I tell you you'll leave me.

"Please, please don't divorce me!" she sobbed.

"I don't suppose this might have anything to do with the stitches that Dr. Mahoney is going to be removing tomorrow?" I asked dryly.

Laurie stared at me in utter shock, then fell into such convulsive sobbing that it was more than ten minutes before she was calm enough to speak again.

It all came back to Sheila, not surprisingly, who'd been urging Laurie for months to loosen up, have a little fun, go out with her some evening when I was away on one of my business trips. And on Saturday Laurie had gone out with her to Monroe's, where they danced, drank, and ran into a couple of Sheila's "good friends."

By midnight four of them were back at Sheila's place, thoroughly drunk: the two girls and Sheila's buddies Andy and Martin. Sheila whispered to Laurie that "Martin's got the biggest cock you've ever seen," and he'd taken my wife into the extra bedroom and apparently proved it to her, quite energetically.

"And then he ..." she whispered, and stopped.

I was already furious, and in no mood to dance around the rest of it. "He what, you dumb bitch?"

She cowered. "He made me ... you know, get him hard again with my mouth, and then he wanted to ... to ..."

"To what?"

"He made me ... take it in my bottom. But it was too big, and he ... tore me. I screamed, and started to bleed all over the bed, and he just panicked and got the hell out of there. Sheila came in and saw what had happened, and she helped me clean up a little and got me home.

"She stayed all night, and the next morning took me over to Dr. Mahoney, who put in eight stitches and gave me antibiotics. And he, uh, insisted on testing me for STDs. Thank God the tests all came back negative."

I sat back in my chair, just gazing at the stupid cow I was married to, watching her cower in misery. "And that's it?" I asked coldly.

She nodded. "It was horrible, Todd--the worst experience of my life. I'm so sorry!" She looked at me pleadingly. "It was supposed to be just some dancing and flirting. I don't really know what happened."

I banged my fist on the table, making her jump. "What happened is you decided to sample another cock, you whore, a nice big one apparently!"

I thought a moment. "And that's why you set up Sheila to fuck me in our bed, I take it? So that when you caught me you'd have a nice little Get Out of Jail card for yourself?" She nodded without looking up.

I sat and thought, watching her weep. I'd never been so angry at the stupid cunt in all my life, and I was nearly as angry at Sheila, her so-called friend.

"I'm out of here," I said, standing up. "I'll find somewhere else to stay for a few days."

"No, baby, please," she cried, following me to the front door. "I'll never do it again, never, I swear! I've learned my lesson!"

"I'm sure you have, Laurie. But as for whether you get the chance to 'never do it again'--that's up to me." And without letting her reply I slammed the door behind me.


"That stupid bitch!" was all I could tell myself, as I sat in a room at the Best Western, unable to sleep. Eight years of a faithful marriage and she lets her best friend talk her into fucking some stranger? Eight years of refusing even to try anal sex with me, saying it was disgusting, and then she lets this asshole shove his log up her asshole?

My first stop in the morning would have to be to my lawyer to get the divorce started--no sense in wasting time. But then why did the thought of it make me feel so empty?

After about 3 hours sleep, my first stop in the morning was actually to Sheila's apartment. I banged on the door until she came bleary-eyed to open it, and she absolutely blanched when she saw me.

As she sputtered at me I pushed my way into her living room, closed the door behind me and said, "all right, Sheila, we're going to have a little talk."


Laurie tried all day to reach me, but I ignored all her calls and emails. So she was surely relieved to see my car in the driveway when she came home after work. But she didn't find me in the kitchen or the living room, so she came up the stairs hesitantly, calling out, "Todd, honey?" as she walked into our bedroom.

"Hello, Laurie," I grunted, not stopping my steady pounding into Sheila. We were fucking in missionary position, and Sheila was getting pretty close to coming, her moans and cries growing steadily louder.

"Oh My God," Laurie gasped, staring at us.

"We'll probably ... be, uh, done here in a few minutes," I said distractedly. "You can wait downstairs or stay and watch, it's up to you." And with that I turned my full attention back to Sheila, plunging harder into her hot cunt and sticking my tongue back in her mouth. Within another couple of minutes we were both coming, me for the first and her for the second time.

I rolled off her in satisfied exhaustion and we lay side-by-side, my hands idly stroking her terrific tits. Laurie had disappeared, but in a few minutes she returned and stood in the doorway, tears running down her cheeks.

Sadly she said, "I guess I can't say 'how could you?', can I Todd?"

"No Laurie, you can't. You and Sheila planned to get me to fuck her so you'd be off the hook, and I decided that's a perfect solution to our situation. In a little while Sheila's going to give me her ass--turns out she really likes it that way."

"Sheila!" Laurie cried. "I thought you were my friend!"

"I'm sorry," Sheila said, trying and failing to look apologetic. "But if it wasn't for me dragging you out to Monroe's, Todd wouldn't be on the verge of divorcing you. He made it clear that this was the only way he'd ever be willing to forgive you.

"And I don't mind telling you, if the last half-hour was any indication, I'm going to be enjoying the next few weeks."

"Weeks?" Laurie staggered and sat down hard in a chair. "What are you talking about?"

"It's simple, my dear faithful wife," I said. "It's the guest room for you. You've just had those stitches out, and I know your ass won't be available for a couple of weeks at least. So until that time I'm going to be enjoying Sheila's. I figure that by the time you're ready to do it with me, I'll have learned a lot about how to make you enjoy it!"

As I gently pushed on Sheila's head and she slid down to take my soft cock in her mouth, Laurie watched us morosely.

"And then ... and then it'll be just ... you and me, Todd?"

I nodded. "As long as you never pull another dumb-ass stunt like this one, no pun intended."

She shuddered--whether from the memory of Martin's big dick tearing her up or from watching my cock grow hard in Sheila's talented mouth, I don't know which. "Never, Todd--never again. I've learned my lesson, believe me."

"Okay then," I said, pulling away from Sheila's mouth and rolling her up on her hands and knees. Reaching for the KY, I thoroughly lubed up my dick and Sheila's asshole before pressing slowly and gently into her. She was tight and hot, and we both sighed with the pleasure.

Very gradually, following Sheila's instructions, I worked myself up to a steady plunging. To my surprise I noticed that Laurie was still sitting there watching us--she looked very unhappy.

"Baby, I know I deserve this--but really, I don't ... I mean, how can you just fuck another woman like this?"

Smiling broadly I said, "actually, Laurie, it's just like riding a bike--you never forget how."

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Nice little bit of fluff humor

Thoroughly enjoyable humor. Nice closer.

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Humph ...

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Definitely reads like an HDK story

A nice change of pace for you. I've enjoyed all your stories.

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to anon 8/01/17

you are a real stupid shit

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All three of them are pathetic excuses for human beings.

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