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You Never Know


I was sitting on the bed a couple of pillows behind my head reading one an erotic story I'd printed out from the net, feeling my cock swelling in my pants I unzip my fly and let in out. Rapping my hand around my ever-stiffing dick I start slowly to wank away at my hard throbbing mussel. It was just then that I hear the front door bell ring, knowing Kaz was door stairs watching some TV program or other I carried on reading with my hand getting faster and faster. Lost in the world of your story I was unaware of the footstep coming up the stairs or the bedroom door opening.

"It's 'Dee' she come to see you about…" Karen's voice was cut short as her eyes court sight of my hand rapped around my hard cock. Dee standing beside her never said a word her mouth open and her eyes fixed on my dick. I'm normally a shy man but having two women suddenly walk in on you in the middle of a go wank was not my idea of heaven at that moment in time. Grabbing the pages of the story with both hands I quickly covered my face in attempt to hind my red checks leaving my rapidly shirking cock out for the entire world to see.

"Put it away!" cried my other half only to have her words cut short by Dee "No…. it's a nice looking cock, leave it out." I slowly removed the papers from my face and look at first Kaz the Dee "It is" she said "I wouldn't mind getting my mouth round that." That was all the encouragement my dick needed within a second it was back up to full height. I look again at Karen "go ahead" she said, Dee knelt down next to the bed and slowly slipped her wet mouth around my purple head, locking her full lips around my shaft. What with all the hand action I'd been doing and Dee's hot mouth around my hard dick it was just too much.

The pages of the story went flying my head went back into the pillows and with one cry of "Oh shit!" I shot my hot cum into the back of her mouth. Dee's lips stayed glued to my shaft as it pulsed with every shot of cum. As my orgasm died Dee slowly pulled her mouth from around my cock making sure she stop of a second on the head to suck up the last drops of spunk. As she go up off her knees I could she a small drip of my white cum dripping from the corner of her mouth. With a very wicked look in her eye she turned to Karen "I love the taste," she said. "Not me" Kaz replied, "I love to feel it shot deep into my cunt.

"Well he's your husband he should look after your needs too, I think after he has watched me eat your cunt, he should be hard enough to she to your needs." I sat there with my mouth open, I can't believe what I had just her Dee suggested, she wanted to fuck my wife while I watched. "Right you off the bed and strip" This was Karen giving me orders. No problem with 30 seconds I was standing beside the bed total naked. "Pass me one of his ties from the wardrobe Kaz." I look a Dee "I'm going to tie your hands behind your back, we don't what you playing with yourself … do we!"

With my hands tied I was left to watch as Kaz and Dee got onto the bed and started to undress each other. Karen unbutton Dee's top and reaching around her back unhooked her bra letting free Dee's large breasts. Bending her head down she started to first run her tongue around her right nipple then her left nipple before taking the hard nipple between her teeth and biting down onto it. Dee let a small cry of pain, which turned into a low moan of pleasure. After several minutes of biting first one nipple then the other, Kaz lifted her head stopping to allow Dee to undress her.

Dee made no move to do the same thing to Karen; she just removed every item of her clothing until she lay naked on the bed. "I'm going to make you cum like you have never cum before," Dee said as she moved between my wife's legs and pushed them apart. Running her fingers through Karen's mass of thick brown public hair, she positioned her thumb onto her clit and started to push and twist her thumb. Karen started to moan as Dee worked away on her clit, the moans got louder as Dee twisted her thumb more and more.

Karen's body started to buck and twist on the bed you could she her orgasm building, she wasn't the only one I could fell the spunk rising in my balls as they tightened under my stiff cock Kaz's body suddenly arched high above the bed as Dee quickly and without warning pushed Three fingers into Karen's dripping cunt hole, she cried out loud as her orgasm ripped into her body. Dee removed her fingers and started to lick Karen's wet juices from her hand, leaving Kaz twitting on the bed as her orgasm slowly died. "You said you where going to eat her" I pointed out from my spot, "Oh I will, I will" came Dee's answer.

Having recovered, Karen sat up and grabbing Dee by the shoulders pushed her back onto the bed. Karen lifted her skirt to reveal no pants and a totally shaven pussy. How I didn't shot my lot across the two of them at that point I don't know, to see Dee's shave cunt as almost too much. Karen went straight to work with her tongue licking back and forth across Dee's clit while Dee let out low moans with each pass of her tongue. One by one Karen pushed her fingers into Dee's wet cunt, until Dee's hole had taken them all. With Karen's tongue working hard on her swelling clit and Karen's hand buried up to the wrist inside her Dee was know screaming with pleasure her body twist one way then the other as orgasm after orgasm shoot through her body.

It was many minutes before Karen let up and allowed Dee time to come down. "Bloody untie me" I shouted from the end of the bed, it was Dee who very slowly got to her feet and walking a little unsteady came over and released my hands. I jump over the end of the bed and pushed Karen onto her back, grabbing one leg in each hand I lifted them above her head and rammed my aching cock into her very wet cunt. "Go on fuck her hard, fill her cunt full of spunk" came words of encouragement for Dee (not as I needed any after watching the too of them).

Karen bucked and moaned as I rammed my cock in again and again, I could fell Dee's hand between my legs rubbing my balls from below. It was all to much with a loud cry I let go and my spunk shoot headlong into Kaz's waiting hole wave after wave of hot cum shoot into her cunt. My body had no long twitting from the jets of spunk entering Karen when I was pushed clean out of the way. Dee wanted some room and I was in the way, her goal, Karen's spunk filled dripping cunt, within seconds she had her tongue lapping up ever drop from my wife pussy. I don't know who enjoyed this the most, me watching my spunk been eaten from my wife's cunt, Karen who was getting one hell of a tongue fucking, or Dee who was so much after Karen's dripping cunt that I went flying because I was in the way. Well she did say she was going to eat Karen's cunt and she DID.

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