You Never Know


When Mistress Susan is meeting a new client, she will have me present in her apartment. I am decked out in the usual attire except for the cockcage, but my cock is pulled back by the chain from my cockring into my ass so it's not apparent. My 36D tits are bare. When I am not wearing a bra, I am in a tight black corset. My waist is being constricted more each day since the surgery. The goal is 22 inches. I'm about 25 inches now. A thin chain connects my two nipple rings. My hands are tied and arms pulled over my head. I am suspended from a hook in the ceiling. The 6" stiletto heels just touch the floor. My own blond hair has grown out and is long and styled. My lips are full and shiny with glossy red lipstick. My mouth is filled with a red ball gag. I look like a real woman, bound and helpless. I am used as an example to new clients. They all see me and wonder. Mistress Susan will lower me to my knees and remove the ball gag. I am ordered to suck the client's cock until he cums. Afterwards, Mistress Susan reveals my cock and makes the client understand that the same thing can happen to him. These hourly slaves get really excited with the fantasy and usually become regulars. Their fantasy is my reality.

I still sleep chained at the foot of the bed of either Mistress Susan or her mother. The wake-up ritual consists of me sucking cunt and being used as a toilet before being allowed to make breakfast for my owners. I am fucked by both on a regular basis, although Mistress Susan is rougher and uses larger dildos. I have adapted to her size and learned how to satisfy her with minimum injury to myself. I have also been trained to hold my breath longer because, in her excitement, Mistress Susan has made me pass out many times.

Mistress Susan has a little act she likes to show to guests. I am positioned on the floor on all fours like an animal. My tits hang down and my cock is released from its cage. Mistress Susan sits next to me and grabs my tit with one hand and cock with the other. To the tune of "Old MacDonald Has A Farm" she alternates milking my tit and my cock. I must moo during the song at the appropriate places. I am stroked to ejaculation and then forced to lick up my "milk". Then she attaches a leash to my collar, and I follow along, still on all fours, mooing, as she leads me from the room.

Madame Roget told me that the surgery performed on me was expensive, and I must work to cover the cost. She has begun taking me to small men-only parties. I am placed on my knees in a bathroom with arms behind me and wrists locked to my ankles. A posture collar is locked around my neck and a thick chain run from the collar to a plumbing pipe under a sink. I am available as party entertainment. How would you react if you went into a bathroom and saw what you thought was an attractive blond woman with bare 36D nipple-ringed tits, black corset with garters attached to black mesh nylons, moist red bee-stung lips, bound and chained, kneeling on the floor. Only I am aware of the large dildo shoved up my asshole and locked in place. Written on a sign on the wall above me is "This is Stephanie the Slut. She loves to suck cock. Please use her with our compliments". Most men shove their cocks in my mouth. Some piss in it or even use me as an ashtray. Madame Roget will come in about every 30 minutes or so to refresh my lipstick and make sure I am performing properly. I will be available for use for about three hours at a typical function. I did go to a women's meeting once. The sign was changed to "suck cunt", and my cock was visible. The chain from the cockring was attached to the one from my nipples. The women quickly discovered that jerking on it was an effective way to make me more enthusiastic in my performance. There was a longer line than usual for the ladies room at that party.

I haven't seen "Carol the Cunt" in a long time. There have been two other slaves collected by the Roget's in the past four months. I never saw either of them before. Their initial training and conditioning took place in Mistress Susan's apartment. When they were broken, and accepted their new slave status, they were sent somewhere else. One was male the other female.

It has now been over seven months since my branding. I feel special because I am still here and used as a personal slave while the others have moved on. I no longer think of Mistress Susan as fat or Madame Roget as old. They are simply my owners. I am in awe of them. The Rogets are molding me physically to their specifications. They control my thoughts and I think what they want me to. I don't even hear the audio tapes at night anymore; I am so used to them. I have been feeling the need to be constantly fucked. I need a dildo or cock in my asshole, my whorehole. I need to work for my owners sucking cock and cunt and being fucked. That is what they want. That is what I need.

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