tagBDSMYou Never Know

You Never Know


You never know what might be getting yourself into when you meet strange older men in a bar.

They say curiosity killed the cat. Well, curiosity has not killed this little kitten yet, but rather has take her to a whole new world where she has explored, learned and discovered feelings of complete pleasure, one right after the other. Discovered a world that she never knew would make her feel such ecstasy. To become one mans cumslut, cockwhore, you never know what might happen when you talk with strange older men in a bar.

I should have known what was coming after when I was leaving the small little hotel after being with Dan for the first time. Even with first time jitters I left him feeling as if something amazing had just happened. It was like nothing I had felt before from start to stop. His kisses were gentle yet strong. His touch was the same way. His tongue, how it pleasured me as I watched him taste and take in my cunt. His cock was hard thick and long, and right from the beginning I was turned on from the sight of it and wanted to lick and suck it. To feel it penetrate my sweet wet pussy lips, what joy it brought me the first time he slipped that hard cock inside me. Dan seemed to know right from the start where to go and what would bring me to a point of cumming again and again. He just seemed to have that sense of what would pleasure my sweet cunt the most. Everything that night was new to me even the way he looked at me, it was so intense, I have never had anyone look at me like the way he looked at me that night. Whether I was just lying there or cumming the way he looked at me made the night more intense and hot. Not to mention how he took control and led the way and placed me in positions where he wanted me to be. Some times you never know what you are getting into when you meet a strange older man at a hotel.

After the first meeting at the small hotel, we continued to chat online and chat about how hot the first time was. We chatted more of what we liked sexually liked and what some of the acts that we would enjoy doing with each other. I believe online is where we the talk about being a cumslut began. I will be honest, I wasn't sure what to think of the idea of being Dan's cumslut (it was a new idea to me), but I didn't let that stop me from continuing. The way he looked at me had me hooked (also the way he fucked my tight wet little cunt hooked me too) With in those conversations talk of how he took control came up and how the thought of being tied up or handcuffs was a turn on. I guess he listened because our next meeting surpassed anything I could have fantasized about.

I remember getting to the same hotel that our first meeting was at. I knocked at the door to the room where Dan had told me to go. AT the door I was nervous but very excited. Dan opened the door and invited me in. As he closed the door he took control right from the start. He grabbed me and kissed me and then pushed me up against the wall and kissed me hard and deep. I remember my hair clip hit up against the wall, I pulled it out so I could let my hair down. Dan kept kissing me deep hard with his tongue playing with mine. He pulled my hips into his where I could feel the hard bulge in his pants. Feeling that cock made me want more and I started to pull his shirt out of his tight wranglers.(god I love those wranglers) As I did that he unbutton my black jacket and pulled if off exposing my black and blue bustier. He then reached down and started pulling up my skirt, showing my black thigh highs. I was pressed up against that wall for sometime. It was a bliss feeling that cold wall on my back. After sometime Dan took me over to the middle of the room and turned my back to him. I didn't realize what would happen next as he reached back behind him on the dresser to grab something and before I new it I hear the click of hard steal handcuffs wrapped around my wrists. Dan took control that night.

I remember the one thing that made me start to feel like his cumslut was earlier that night up against the wall I had tried to reach and play with his cock but he wouldn't let me, but now with the cuffs and a blindfold on he then with his pants down pushed my head down to his cock where he took his hard thick cock and shoved it deep in my mouth. I had never been forced feed a cock like that before, He went so deep that it almost choked me, but the feeling of his hard cock being forced into my mouth was very erotic to me. I loved it from the start. After Dan had me suck his cock for a little he stood me up and shoved me down onto the bed, With my face down in the bed and my ass up in the air with my skirt up around my waist, I felt very exposed and vulnerable (as if I was about to be raped). I could not see what was going but just sounds from Dan moving around. Lying there on the bed waiting to be taken my cunt got wetter and wetter. It was so exciting and so intense that I didn't know what was about to happen to me but I new I couldn't wait. I felt emotions that night that I had never felt before. It was exhilarating. That is when Dan first started calling me his cumslut, his cumwhore.I wasn't so sure of what to think of it. It turned me on , but also made me wonder if that is all he thought of me was just another woman to fuck to use for a time then throw away. But I was so turned on that I let him continue to use me I was so turned on and wet. One other thing I love about Dan is his cum. God I love to see him cum. And that night with my hands tied up I sucked that man till all his juices shot right out of him all over me, into my mouth and on my lips and in my hair. I was such a mess but I loved every last drop. I was truly his cumslut now with his cum dripping from my mouth and hair.

I look forward to sucking Dan's cock. He has such a wonderful cock. It fits me perfectly, the length and thickness, makes me want to beg for it. Whether it is in my mouth or in my cunt. I can never get enough of his cock. I truly am his cumslut and I love it. I love being used by Dan and my goal is to please him and to do what he says. If he says I can't cum yet, then I can't..If he says to cum I will cum for him.

One last thing that makes me Dan's cumslut has everything to do with my ass. I have never been the type that has been into anal. But even that I have turned over to Dan. I trust him and know that he will take it slow and be patient as we work on getting my ass ready for him to fuck it. He talk's about being able to fuck my ass, and god I have never been turned on by that till I became Dans Cumslut.

I was asked to write this short letter by Dan. So he could ready how I feel about being his cumslut. Well, I hope that through this letter I have been able to express how I feel and if I haven't let me try now. To be Dan's cumslut,cockwhore makes me feel way I have never been before. With him I can truly experience acts of pleasure I have never had before. To be able to have his cock shoved into my mouth is a privilege not a chore to me.

I guess I would say there is no other man that I would like to be a cumslut for. And Dan (SIR) makes me want to be a better cumslut

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