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You Never Know


For the university janitorial staff, the end of the spring semester was the payoff for months of dwelling as phantoms among the rich students whose trash they collected, whose dirt they scrubbed off dormitory floors, whose ivy they trimmed. Once the students had filled their cars and storage units to bursting, items they didn't care to drag home were tossed in the trash or left abandoned in the halls: clothes, furniture, books, electronics. You just never know what you might find.

As the crowds flowed out of the red-bricked dorms, heading to summer vacation and poolside relaxation, this jumbled scene was left behind for us, the janitors.

Emily loved picking through the piles of other peoples junk. The hard bodied, petite junior had chosen this seemingly unattractive task as her summer job every year since she was a freshman. The finds this year were not too bad: a designer belt that cinched snugly around her trim waist, several textbooks to sell back to the bookstore, and two twenty dollar bills that were wedged inside a desk drawer. After sorting through the trash piles on three floors of the sophomore girls' dorm, Emily's feet ached, her back was stiff and several chestnut curls had escaped her braid and were clinging to the sweat on her forehead and the back of her neck. Just a couple more dorm rooms to check out before she could head to her apartment and a steamy, muscle-relaxing bubble bath, she told herself.

Room 214-C was relatively empty, yielding only an old Cosmopolitan Magazine, a few stray bobby pins on the sink edge and a cardboard box shoved to the back of a high shelf in the closet. She discarded the smaller items and jimmied the box open, hoping for an expensive pair of shoes or, as one of the other janitors had found, someone's forgotten pot stash.

She blushed at the bright pink item that lay inside and guiltily sneaked a glance into the hall. No, she was completely alone with someone's abandoned vibrator. Having never owned one herself, Emily removed it from its plastic packaging and stared at it curiously. It was made of a glittery, jelly-like material and was ridged with life-like veins. The faux phallus was as long as her forearm, Emily noted as she squeezed the toy in her hand. She thought of her ex-boyfriend as she caressed the shaft, running her thumb around the ridge underneath the head. "He sure was a bastard," she sighed, "but he had a beautiful cock." But this cock was gorgeous too. Maybe it was fatigue or maybe it was the fact that she hadn't had some decent sex in almost three months, but just stroking this thick, pink rod was awakening a pleasant throbbing between her legs.

She couldn't ignore the exquisite tingling sensation when the seam of her jeans pressed against her mound, but could she masturbate here, at work? Almost every night she writhed on her bed, rubbing her blood filled clit to a nearly body trembling orgasm, but she'd never dreamed of touching herself in public. She slid the switch on the base of the vibrator to ON and much to her delighted surprise, the batteries were still charged. She rolled the vibrator along her clothed thighs as she quickly unzipped her pants while hurriedly pulling her jeans and thong down to her ankles. Emily slowly glided her middle finger between her warm, fleshy pussy lips. Her breath quickened as she felt that even her inner thighs were sticky with her wetness. With the still buzzing sex toy in her right hand, her left hand explored underneath her shirt and into the flesh-filled, lacy cup of her bra. The breast weighed heavy in her hand as Emily squeezed a hardened nipple, eliciting a slight twinge of pleasurable pain.

No longer able to resist, she eased the head of the jelly cock into herself. Closing her eyes as she leaned back against a desk, she gave her pussy the full length of the super sized vibrator and rocked her thumb against the sensitive nub of her swollen clit. Emily clenched her muscles and slid the cock in and out of herself, imagining that she could actually feel every sculpted vein teasing her opening as every nerve in her body was affected by the finger frantically circling her clit.

"My God, that's hot."

Emily's eyes flew open to see her redheaded co-worker Liz standing in the doorway.

Liz smiled mischievously. "Need some help?" Without waiting for an answer, she closed the door and strode over to Emily. Though she had never thought herself an exhibitionist, Emily's heart pounded at the idea that Liz had been watching her pleasure herself. The redhead pulled off her shirt, revealing small, yet well defined breasts that were splashed with a light splattering of Angel kisses throughout.

"Keep fucking yourself," Liz breathed in Emily's ear while cupping her buttock. "I want to finger your ass." Emily bent forward, steadying herself on the desk while twisting the vibrator in her pussy. Liz gradually worked her right index finger into Emily's puckered hole then reached around with her other hand to stroke Emily's protruding button.

Emily moaned with lust and impatience. "Make me come!"

Liz sped up her fingers, rolling and rubbing Emily's clit and thrusting into her ass. Their slick fingers met again and again as Emily rapidly pumped the fat dildo into the depths of her pussy. Emily could feel Liz's stiff nipples on her back and her breath panting heavily as the redhead pressed into her. Her whole body tightened, pushing back against Liz's form and fingers. The wrenching release started in Emily's belly and radiated through her legs as she screamed and creamed and came with roughness and wanton abandon. She groaned as the tremors of pleasure coursed through her cunt and curled her toes. The thrusting and rubbing combined with the buzzing until their shared climax refused to be denied any longer.

Emily struggled to catch her breath as Liz smiled that conspiratorial smile again. "You just never know what we might find, do we, Emily?"

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