tagRomanceYou Never Know Ch. 07

You Never Know Ch. 07


All characters in this story are over the age of 18.

"What are you doing here?" I asked Seth, even though a fluttering in my stomach told me I already knew. "What's going on?" He approached me cautiously, as if afraid I would push him away, and offered the lilies. I took them and waited.

"The divorce isn't final yet," he began, "but things with Victoria are definitely over. We talked for a long time last night – and this morning – and...well, she's still furious at me, and you..." He shrugged apologetically. "Understandably, I guess." He took my hand and led me near the edge of the roof, where someone had left a couple of folding chairs. "Victoria and I still care about each other, but we agreed we're better off friends. The relationship was deteriorating a long time before you and I ever kissed. I had tried to fix it by asking her to marry me, but...clearly, that only made things worse, in the end." He took my hand and grasped it tightly. "When I would go home to her after being with you...it didn't feel like home anymore. I felt like a stranger in my own house. But whenever I'm with you, it's just, like...contentment." Seth lifted my chin and kissed me on the corner of my mouth, his sea glass eyes imploring me to listen to him. I listened, though my head was spinning. "I thought I loved Victoria But I was wrong. I love you. I can see myself spending the rest of my life with you. Can you see it?" he asked.

"Yes," I said faintly. I couldn't wrap my mind around what was happening. I felt like I was having an out-of-body experience. Seth reached into his pocket and I almost stopped breathing.

"Victoria and I weren't right," he said softly, pulling out a little velvet box. "You and me...we're right. I love you. Will you marry me?" He popped open the box to reveal a diamond engagement ring. I pressed my hands to my face and felt dampness on my cheeks. I was crying. To my surprise, I saw tears in Seth's eyes too. I had never seen him cry before. He was looking at me hopefully and I realized I hadn't answered him yet.

"Well?" he asked. "What do you say?"

"Yes, nothing would make me happier," I told him quickly, on the verge of blubbering. I threw my arms around him and sniffled into his shoulder. "Of course, Seth, I will marry you." He embraced me tightly then pulled back to place the ring on my left hand. I stared down at it, still not entirely sure this was all really happening. It sparkled in the sunlight. "It's so beautiful, Seth." I kissed him with all the passion I could muster.

"Not nearly as beautiful as you," he muttered as our lips parted, wiping away my tears with his fingers.

"Can I come hug you yet?" Jen yelled from the other side of the roof. I had nearly forgotten she was there.

"Yes!" Seth shouted back. Jen catapulted over and nearly knocked me down. She threw an arm around Seth too.

"I'm so happy for you guys!" she said tearfully.

"Oh no, don't you start crying too!" I laughed.

"I'll try not to!" she wailed. "Okay, okay, squeezing you can't be good for Baby." She backed away and Seth left an arm around my shoulders.

"Did you know?" I asked Jen suspiciously. A flash of guilt came over her face.

"Maybe." I shot an accusatory look at Seth

"She helped me pick out the ring," he admitted. I passed a hand across my eyes.

"How did I not know?" They smiled.

"We're good at keeping secrets," she said teasingly, glancing at Seth. I shivered slightly and he held me closer.

"It's getting cold out here. Let's head inside," he suggested. He helped me up and we headed back downstairs. I felt like I was sleepwalking. I couldn't take my eyes off Seth, wondering how I had gotten so lucky. Jen claimed she had errands to run as soon as we were back inside the apartment, winking at me when Seth's back was turned. I mouthed thank you to her and Seth and I slipped into my bedroom as soon as she was gone.

"I can't believe you proposed to me while I was still in my pajamas," I said, looking down at my oversized tee, flannel pants, and hot pink slippers.

"I tried to get Jen to put you in a dress, but she thought it would be too suspicious," he replied, coming up behind me and wrapping his arms around me as best as he could. I leaned back slightly against him and gazed happily at my left hand.

"It's okay," I assured Seth. "I don't care. We're getting married." He slid his hands up over my stomach and rested them on my breasts, massaging slowly. A spark of arousal alit within me.

"Yes, we are," Seth said softly, nuzzling my neck and running just his fingertips over my chest, flicking at my nipples. I gasped at the pleasure of it. He turned me around and met my lips with his, sliding his tongue into my mouth. I eagerly reciprocated, reaching up to hold his head in place as I deepened the kiss. We half-walked, half-stumbled over to the bed while Seth tugged my shirt over my head and slid my pants down my hips. Having sex while pregnant had felt weird and awkward at first, but we were both reasonably comfortable with it by now. Seth kissed his way down my swollen belly and lifted my legs over his shoulders in order to access my core. I was unable to masturbate with my stomach in the way, and I flinched sensitively, unused to the sensation, when he slipped in two fingers and started to thrust them in and out.

"Easy, easy," he muttered, coaxing more moisture from inside me. I felt as if I was on the verge of exploding already. My eyes fluttered closed and my hand buried itself in Seth's hair as he bent to lick me out. I half-screamed and arched my back as une petite-mort came over me. Seth didn't let up; he pulled his fingers out and left me empty for only a moment before pushing his tongue inside. He thrust with it as he would later with his cock, encouraging me to come again. Sweat poured down my face and trickled into my cleavage and over my hard nipples as my chest heaved with every labored breath. He licked up and down the length of my slit, hitting my clitoris with every stroke of the tongue, making me writhe on the sheets. He used his fingers to open me wider and I moaned as the cool air came into contact with my burning hot insides.

"Seth...Seth..." I whimpered frantically, straining towards another orgasm. I gripped the sheets with my fists and twisted them. Seth nursed my inner thighs to give me a break, but I didn't want a break. I needed to come again. I pulled him back to the apex between my legs and though I couldn't see him, I felt like I could hear him smirking. He returned agreeably, slipping three fingers inside this time and curling them up towards my G-spot while simultaneously stroking my clit with his calloused thumb. I felt like I would pass out, the pleasure was so intense. Seth replaced his thumb with his tongue and sucked my clit into his mouth. That was it. I burst. I trembled all over, moaned and shook, enjoying the strongest orgasm of my life. Seth continued to lick me throughout, gently, softly, allowing me to float down. I heaved an enormous sigh when it was over, but Seth wasn't done with me yet. He tore off his shirt and pushed his jeans away, kicking them off the edge of the bed. He then made his way up the bed and positioned himself behind me, spooning me, and pulled my left leg back to rest on his.

We had to adjust ourselves a few times, but once we had it right Seth pushed ferociously up into me, knocking the air out of my lungs. His cock was rock-hard. I hissed as he bottomed out. Somehow I felt fuller than I ever had before. I reached a hand back to pull him closer, and if I had been looking at him, I would have seen his eyes roll back into his head.

"Hold onto me," he whispered hoarsely, and began a series of short, hard thrusts while I held on to his hip. He started to reach a hand around but I grasped it in my own to stop him.

"I can't handle it," I panted. "Too sensitive." My clit felt almost bruised from all of the attention he had given it just moments before. It was a pleasurable pain, but I knew I couldn't take anymore. Seth left his hand in mine as we rocked to completion. It wasn't going to take me long and I knew from Seth's labored breaths that he was close already too. Our sweat-soaked bodies slid against each other as if lubricated. I turned my head and found Seth's lips and he pounded deep into me one last time, holding still as a statue, our mouths locked, as we both came. He groaned softly and I felt him soften a bit inside me, but he didn't pull out. We lay in that comfortable embrace, breathing heavily, until his come started to leak down my thighs.

"Is it disgusting to sleep on these sheets now?" he asked, sounding more exhausted than he did after a night of drumming. I shifted, feeling the damp cloth underneath me. He slipped out of me and I gasped quietly, the sensation was so pleasurable.

"Yes, but I can't be bothered about it right now," I told him dreamily, turning over with difficulty so my stomach protruded into the air. I felt so satisfied...satiated. Seth was asleep in two seconds and it didn't take me long to follow.

NB: Before I get a barrage of comments about how immoral/illegal it is to get engaged while still going through a divorce, nope, you can definitely get engaged to someone while separated from your current spouse. Engagement basically means nothing, in the legal sense.

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