You Owe Me


This story is written by both Dice Casden and Kristi as part of the D&K Universe


In the backstage area shortly after the January 13, 2006 edition of Friday Night Smackdown on the night where Randy Orton, the substitute for the injured Booker T, defeated Chris Benoit in the Best of Seven Series match making Booker T once again the WWE United States Champion, the former Miss Black America Sharmell is along side her husband and the new WWE United States Champion, Booker T. Sharmell opens a bottle of champagne and the champagne fizzes out of the top of the bottle. Booker grabs to glasses.

Sharmell nods her head and smiles "Yeah! That's what I'm talkin' bout! My baby, the Undisputed United States Champion!" Sharmell says before she kisses Booker on the lips and then hugs him, while he supports himself up with the use of the crutches. Sharmell pours herself a glass and a glass for her husband. Sharmell is dressed in a red beauty pageant-like gown, long black gloves and silver tiara on top of her head.

Booker smiles as he shrugs the US Championship belt off of his shoulder to look at it, "That's right baby, We're back on top, and there's nothing Benoit or Teddy Long can do about it." Booker moves to pour himself a glass of champagne when Randy Orton, the man who pinned Benoit so Booker T could reclaim the US championship, comes walking towards them.

Randy pats Booker on the back and smirks, "Man that gold looks good on you..."

"Thank man, you know, I've felt naked with it," Booker replies with a wide grin on his face. "And we got you to thank for it," Booker adds as he puts an arm around Sharmell while balancing all of his weight on one of the crutches.

Sharmell places her left on hand on her hip and nods "That's right baby..." Sharmell says as she pats her hands against the United States belt "And Chris Benoit, he ain't got nothin' on you baby!" Sharmell says with a laugh toward Booker.

"That's all well and good... but it's now time for that little thing you owe me..." Randy says with a cocky smirk.

Booker looks at him with a concerned look, "Hey man, I know you were substituting for me... but I'm injured... I can't give you a title shot."

Sharmell nods "That's right...that's right..." Sharmell then puts her finger up in the air "And even if you did challenge my man, Booker T...he would still whoop your ass!" Sharmell says placing both hands on her hips as she looks at Randy Orton.

"Whoa... whoa... whoa..." Randy holds up his hands and laughs a little, "I don't want a title shot... I want something else..."

"What's that dawg?" Booker asks with a confused look on his face. Randy smirks a bit, followed by licking his lips as he starts glancing Sharmell.

"I want... her..." Randy replies, as he doesn't hide the fact that he's checking the ebony beauty out.

Booker gets up set and throws down one crutch, "Say what?!" He hops a bit and gets in Randy's face, "That's my wife!"

Randy smirks again, "I know.... and you owe me."

Sharmell puts both of her hands up "Oh no you didn't!" Sharmell yells "Oh hell no!!" Sharmell shakes her head "Just who the hell do ya think you are!?"

Randy smirks, "I think I'm the man who got the US Title for Booker... and the one who told Booker he would owe me for doing that favor for him..."

Booker shakes his head, "Hell no Randy, Ain't no way that's going down..."

Randy chuckles, "It's either that... or I demand a title shot... and take that US title from you and kill off a WCW Legend..."

Sharmell opens her mouth in shock and then looks back at Booker T "Oh! Just who does he thinks he's talkin' to?"

I don't think he knows baby," Booker says as he glares at Randy who is licking his lips as he tilts his head to look at Sharmell's backside. Booker shoves Randy with one arm to get his attention, "Hey! Keep your eyes off my wife, I don't know what you got going on in your head, but there ain't no way you're going to get anything like that from me, sucka!"

Randy smirks, "The clock is ticking Book, I could just go to Teddy Long and get my title shot next week, and with you being on crutches, hitting you with the RKO will be easy, and besides you... both owe me." Randy then locks his eyes with Sharmell, "I could've backed out after she hit me with the crutch a few weeks ago, but I stayed around, and I need something for all the trouble I've been through for you two."

Sharmell leans forward and pokes Randy in the chest with her finger "Now you listen here..." Sharmell begins to rant.

Booker raises his hands, "Whoa baby... he's right... we owe him... big time..." Randy smirks as he sees the expression on Sharmell's face after she hears what Booker just said.

Sharmell turns to Booker with an offended and shocked look on her face "What!? Excuse me! Excuse me..." Sharmell snaps her head

"You hit him with the crutch in match 5 with Benoit and got him DQ... we know he's the only guy who would sub for me, well him and that tapping fool Orlando Jordan... we owe him."

Sharmell looks back at Randy "I suppose you're right baby..."

"I know I am..." Booker says as he looks at Randy, "This is just a one night thing sucka... ain't going to be no retries..."

Randy grins, "All I ask for is one night, and believe me... it'll be memorable for me... and for Sharmell..." Randy looks at Sharmell again and has a lustful gaze in his eyes. Sharmell looks away from Randy with a disgusted look.

Later in the night, at Randy's hotel room at the Philadelphia Marriott in the Center City section of the city, he is opening the door to his room with his room card-key. He grins at Sharmell as he pushes the door open and holds it open, "Ladies first..." Randy smirks as he motions with his right arm for her to enter.

Sharmell walks into the hotel room with her arms folded, once inside she turns around and glares at Randy "Now you listen up...."

Randy closes the door after he enters and slips off his black suit jacket, "All right, I'll listen..." Randy says as he licks his lips as he again looks at her body.

"'re not lookin' at me like that..." Sharmell shakes her head "Oh hell no!"

"Hey..." Randy smirks as he places a hand on her left hip, "Your husband owes me... I'll look at you how I want tonight..."

Sharmell glares at Randy "This betta be quick!"

"Quick, slow, doesn't matter.... because you're going to be with the Legend Killer tonight..." Randy moves his hand from her hip to caress her cheek with the back of his fingers. "Now how about you slip out of your gown."

"Oh...wait just a minute! You don't tell me what to do!"

"Listen, this night is about what I want... I'll tell you what to do and you'll do it..." Randy says as he un-tucks his shirt and begins unbuttoning it. Sharmell places her hands on her hips with a stubborn face and looks away as Randy removes his shirt revealing his nicely muscular, smooth abs and chest. Randy grins and takes advantage of Sharmell not looking at him to step behind her to slowly unzip her gown, followed by slowly pushing it down her body before she could react to him unzipping her gown.

Sharmell glances down as her gown slides off her smooth, brown skinned body. Sharmell sighs "You really want it?"

"You have no idea how much I want it..." Randy replies as he moves his hands over her body as he stands behind her. He tilts his head a bit and places a few kisses on her neck and right shoulder.

Sharmell steps away as shakes her head as she now stands in her light blue matching bra and panties "Wait...if we're gonna do it...we're gonna do it got that?"

Randy grins, "There's only one way to do it... and that's right way..." Randy looks up and down her almost nude body as he begins to unbuckle his belt. Sharmell just looks at Randy as she gets down onto her knees in front of him. She reaches up and finishes unbuckling Randy's belt. She unzips his pants and tugs them down. His pants fall to his ankles and he steps out of them leaving Randy just in his black boxer-briefs. Randy smiles down at her as his cock rises in his boxer-briefs, forming a very impressive sized bulge. Randy licks his lips as he starts to push down his boxers but Sharmell stops him.

"Hold on baby...I'll do it!" Sharmell says with an attitude as she pulls Randy's boxer-briefs down the rest of the way unveiling his stiffening cock. Sharmell shrugs a bit "Not bad for a white boy..." Sharmell says as she raises an eyebrow up at Randy. She then wraps both of her hands around his shaft and begins to move her hands up and down his shaft. Sharmell leans her head down and flicks her tongue against the head of Randy's cock, which really gets his attention.

"Mmmm... that's better than what I hoped it would be..." Randy moans a bit, but it's not noticeable as lifts off Sharmell's tiara and reaches over to set it on top of the hotel room dresser. Sharmell opens her mouth and takes Randy's impressively sized white cock into her warm, mouth. Sharmell wraps her black lips tightly around his shaft and begins to move Randy's cock in and out of her moist mouth.

"Mmmm damn Sharmell... you're really loving that white cock of mine..." Randy moans as he moves one hand through her hair. Randy begins to move his hips to feel more of his cock move past her ebony lips. Sharmell loosen her grip around his cock slightly as she begins to bob her head more quickly on his long, hard shaft. Sharmell works her tongue around his shaft as she sucks, patting her tongue on the underside of his shaft as well.

"Fuck yea... that's it, suck that big white dick..." Randy groans in pleasure as he closes his eyes to just feel what Sharmell is doing to him. He tilts his head back and mumbles, "Love to taste that brown sugar of your pussy... or better yet... fuck it..."

Sharmell lifts her head up slowly from Randy's cock and licks her lips. Sharmell unclasps her bra and slides the bra off of her chest; she then slides down her panties. Sharmell stands up folds her arms; now completely nude "Do you think... you can take Miss Black America?"

Randy grins, "I can handle anything you got... the real question is, can you take on The Legend Killer..." Randy asks as he places both of his hands on her waist to guide her to the large bed behind her.

"Oh you better believe I can!" Sharmell says before she falls back onto the large bed. Sharmell looks up at Randy as he begins to lay down on top of her. Randy rests on top of her for a moment and guides a hand down her body from her breasts to between her legs to rub her pussy. He moves her legs apart followed by easing his large ivory shaft into her dark pussy. Randy begins pumping his cock in and out at a slow rate, rotating his hips to give Sharmell a different feeling with each thrust. Sharmell lays her head down against a pillow as Randy thrusts his cock in and out of her warm black pussy. Sharmell licks her lips as she arches a bit and starts to grind her pussy against his cock following every slow thrust. Randy keeps a hand on Sharmell waist and moves the other through her hair as he lowers his head to kiss, catching Sharmell totally off guard. The speed and intensity of Randy's thrusts slowly begin to increase as he pushes harder into her. Sharmell kisses Randy back and moans into his mouth. She places her hands onto Randy's strong arms as she pushes back against his cock.

Randy smiles down at her as he begins to sweat, "Damn you got a hot tight pussy..." Randy slides a hand underneath her back and rolls over so she's on top of him. Seeing that the switch surprised her, Randy places his hands on her hips and begins to lift her up and down on his shaft.

Sharmell grits her teeth "'re not bad for a white boy." Sharmell moans, placing her hands onto his firm chest. She then begins bounce and rock back and forth on Randy's cock. She tilts her head back with a moan as she comes down onto his stiff cock. Randy has a cocky smirk on his face as he moves his hands so they are behind his head, allowing Sharmell to ride him however she wants to. Occasionally, he thrusts upward to surprise her, but for the most part he just enjoys the show of dark skinned beauty moving up and down, back and forth on his white flesh tower.

Sharmell slams down hard on his cock "Yeah...that's how Miss Black America does it!" she moans. Sharmell begins bouncing quicker on Randy's cock, coming down hard, Flesh smacking against Flesh upon every impact.

"Yeah... that's how the Legend Killer likes it..." Randy replies as he sits up to wrap his arms around her. Randy adds his own strength to assist in Sharmell coming down harder on his cock as he kisses her lustfully, slipping his tongue into her mouth and tapping it against her own. Sharmell presses her tongue against Randy's tongue as she slows down and gently gets off of Randy's cock.

Randy breaks the kiss and grins at her, "I hope you're not getting tired yet..." Randy places a hand on Sharmell's ass and squeezes it, "I still haven't fucked your sweet ass yet..."

Sharmell folds her arms "Well what are you waitin' for?"

"For you to ask for it... and you just did..." Randy laughs as he gets onto his knees and pushes Sharmell so that she's on all fours. He wraps a hand around his cock and slaps it against both of her ass cheeks, "Ready to your hot black ass fucked?" Randy asks as he teases pushing his dick back into her asshole.

Sharmell smiles and looks over her shoulder at Randy as he slams his cock into the tight asshole of the former Miss Black America. Sharmell bites down on her bottom lip as she moans "Mmmmm ohhh...damn...." Randy leans forward and places both of his hands on Sharmell's shoulders as he begins ramming his cock in and out of her ass repeatedly. Randy doesn't bother starting off with a gentle pace so Sharmell can get use to his cock inside of her asshole, instead he uses a rough, savage routine that makes the former Miss Black America jolt forward each time he slams his cock into her sharply.

"Ohhhhhh shit!" Sharmell moans loudly as she jolts back towards Randy's cock, he thrusts back and then pulls her back against his stiff cock again.

"Yeah... you fucking love that white cock don't ya..." Randy moans as he pumps his cock even harder into her ass while pulling her backward. Her ass slaps against his thighs with such force the resulting slapping sounds echo a bit throughout the room.

"Ohhhh.... fuck!" Sharmell moans as she leans her head down. Sharmell begins to cum without warning. Sharmell catches her breath as sweat drips down her face.

Randy grins, "I thought you could handle... the Legend Killer..." Randy pulls his cock out of her asshole and rests it on her ass cheeks while he rubs her shoulders.

Sharmell sits on her knees and cocks her head back in Randy's direction "Oh no! You didn't just say that!"

Randy smirks, "Oh yes I did, I made you cum easily... and look, I'm still stiff and ready for anything..." Randy grips his shaft with his right hand and pumps it slightly.

Sharmell gets off of bed and stands up, she folds her arms over her chest and glares at Randy "Maybe you should just stay stiff! Beside I was thinkin' bout a real man...Booker T!"

Randy stands up at her and puts his hands on her waist to pull her against him, "Yeah, some man... he didn't put up a fight when I cashed in my favor to have you... and you can't leave... I know you want to taste what I got... I can see it in your eyes..." Sharmell shakes her head and looks away from Randy.

Randy moves a hand under her chin and has her look at him, "Come on Sharmell, you know you want it..." Randy kisses her lips softly.

"Fine...but make it quick...I gotta please my man tonight too..."

Randy licks his lips, "Use that hot mouth of yours, and I'll get off faster than you can say Sucka..."

Sharmell looks at Randy "Sucka..." She says sarcastically as she gets back done on to her knees. She opens her mouth and accepts Randy's cock. Her soft lips press against his shaft as she starts bobbing her head on his throbbing cock.

"Ahhh fuck yea... god you got a great fucking mouth.... shit yea..." Randy moans as begins to cum in her mouth. Spurt after spurt of his hot load fills her mouth and Randy gets a big smile on his face when he feels her swallowing his cum. Sharmell tightens her grip and slowly sucks on his cock, milking the last drops of cum from his swelling cock.

"Mmmmm... now I can dig that..." Randy chuckles as he withdraws his shaft from her mouth, "That was better than any title shot..."

Sharmell stands up and licks her lips clean. She folds her arms and looks at Randy "Now you owe my man a favor!"

"And he'll owe me a favor in return..." Randy grins, "And I already know what I'll want when I do whatever favor he wants me too..."


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