You Owe Me


I had just wrapped a towel around myself when I thought I heard a light knock at my door. After working a 12-hour shift, the last thing I wanted was company. I had raced home, stripped and jumped into a hot shower. All I wanted now was to open a bottle of shiraz, throw a frozen pizza in the oven and snuggle under my favorite blanket in front of the fire.

I heard it again, slightly louder. I dragged the towel down my body to dry myself off as much as possible, dropped it in the hamper and grabbed my robe. I cinched it around myself as I walked towards the front door and looked out the peephole. My cheeks immediately went hot as I saw who was standing there. I glanced at myself in the hall mirror. My face was rosy from just being scrubbed clean and damp tendrils of hair falling from my loose bun framed my face. I took a deep breath and opened the door.

"Hi Bill," I greeted my super-hot neighbor.

"Hi Nanc," he drawled, looking me up and down. "Good to see you."

"Nice to see you, too," I smiled, dragging one hand up to my bustline, holding the robe tightly closed.

"Did you just finish a 12-hour shift?" he asked.

"Yes," I nodded, wondering why he was at my door with a pizza and a bottle of red wine. It was like he had read my mind. Fuck, that was a scary thought.

I was starving and pretty damn close to drooling, over the pizza and over him. His thick thighs were encased in skin tight dark denim. His massive hands dwarfed the items he was holding. He was wearing a flannel in my favorite shade of blue and his perfectly shaped bald head was covered by a black knit hat. My already damp pussy grew wetter and my nipples threatened to poke holes in my cotton robe.

"I figured as much. You've been gone before me and home after me all week," he said. "Please tell me you're beginning a 3-day weekend."

"I am," I admitted.

"I see you come and go with groceries often enough that I know you're a fan of eggplant so that's what I ordered. Have dinner with me?" His voice had a slightly pleading tone as if he knew I was about to say no.

"Bill..." I began.

"You owe me," he teased.

"I offered to pay you," I reminded him, looking towards my purse on the bench in my entryway.

"And how will you do that when you don't have your wallet?" he wondered.

"I...wait, what?!?" I asked, letting go of the door and reaching for my purse. The zipper was open and even before I started digging inside, I knew by the weight that something was amiss. It was lighter than usual.

Bill had planted himself in the doorway, leaning against the jamb, his outstretched boot keeping the door from closing. He looked so damn tempting with his pizza and wine and that megawatt smile that was always planted on the most handsome face I had ever laid eyes on.

"Do you have my wallet, Bill?" I asked him.

"Yup," he grinned even wider.

"If you return it, I will gladly pay you for the oil change," I told him.

"You know Nanc, I gotta your hero, I'm insulted. Shouldn't I be able to choose my own reward?" he mused.

I sighed, dropping my purse back on the bench, my hands instinctively going to my hips. I was clearly going to lose this battle.

"The way I see it, you have only two options here. You can let me in before the pizza gets cold and share dinner with me. Or, you can continue to stand there with your robe gaping open and strip search me until you find your wallet," he smirked.

I gasped, looking down. I was showing so much cleavage, I was almost showing nipple. I yanked my robe together, my entire body flushing under his intense gaze. Those damn green eyes of his that always seemed to sparkle. Mine were green but dull. Everything about me was dull compared to him.

"You know where the kitchen is," I snapped as I turned my back on him and headed into my bedroom to change. As I shut the door, I heard him practically howling with laughter.

I pressed my back to the door, trying to get my bearings. He was in my condo. My hot neighbor who had lived below me for the past 16 months was in my personal space. There was not one surface in my home that I had not dreamed of him taking me on. The kitchen counter, the dining room table, the couch, the plush rug in front of the fireplace...

That vision had been one of my favorites. The glow of the fire lighting up our bodies as we came together, as he came down over me, filling me with his meaty cock and making me cum. I knew it would be meaty. His tight jeans provided a perfect outline.

I had dreamed of him every time I plunged my dildo deep inside my pussy and rubbed my clit until I flew apart in a million pieces, moaning his name. I always held my breath after, wondering if he had heard me, if he could possibly know what I was doing.

I turned to look at my bed, my mind drifting to my thoughts of him there. I had envisioned him bending me over the side as he thrust into me from behind, of me laying on my back and him pulling me toward the end as he stood and powered into me, my ankles resting on his shoulders as he filled me to the core, rubbing my clit between his fingers, demanding that I cum on his cock. And then my sprawled in the middle as he came down over me, completely covering me, his fingers digging into my hair as his tongue fucked into my mouth just as fast as his cock would fuck into my tight, dripping pussy.

"Nanc," Bill called from the other side of the door, startling me. "You are coming back, right?"

"Y...yes," I piped up, snapping myself out of my trance. "Be right there!"

I flung my robe off as I walked toward my dresser. I pulled every drawer open, trying to quickly decide what to wear. Without much time before he came looking for me again, I tugged a cami over my head, covered it with my oldest, softest sweatshirt and then dragged on a pair of basic black yoga pants. Like it or not, this would have to do. I pinched my cheeks and put on some lip gloss before heading to the door. As I grabbed the handle, I realized my hand was shaking and I rested my forehead against the door, breathing in and out, trying to calm myself. With one last deep breath, I yanked it open and came face-to-face with Bill who handed me a glass of wine.

"Uh, thanks," I grasped it, took a huge gulp and immediately started coughing.

"Whoa...slow down, sweets," he said, his hand going around me to rub my back. His huge palm soothed me and burned me at the same time. I could feel his heat through my layers and my entire body came alive. He had taken off his flannel and his massive chest was encased in a tight black long sleeve t-shirt. I couldn't look away but I knew he was waiting for me to respond.

"I'm...I'm okay, thanks," I assured him.

"You sure?" he asked, moving his hand to cup my elbow.

I looked down at his fingers as I nodded. They were so thick and so long. What would they feel like, what would they look like on my naked skin? I raised the glass to my lips and took a quick sip, needing some liquid courage in order to propel one foot in front of the other and walk away. And that's when I saw it, the end of some gauze that disappeared up his arm.

"What the...?" I turned and sat my wine on the mantel before facing him again and grabbing his wrist. I tried to push his sleeve further up his forearm but it was impossible with the bandaging and his muscle. "What did you do?"

"It's nothing," he dismissed my concern and turned my hand, lacing his fingers with mine. "You're cold and probably still damp and I know you must be exhausted..." He reached behind me and flipped the switch for the fireplace. He snagged my wine glass and tugged me toward the couch. "Sit and I'll grab the pizza and bottle of wine."

"Bill, no," I stopped in my tracks. "Let me see your arm."

"Nanc, it's fine," he insisted.

I pulled my hand from his and crossed my arms over my chest, tapping my foot impatiently.

"I forgot that you're a pediatric nurse," he grinned, setting my wine down on the coffee table.

"What's that supposed to mean?" I almost barked. "Do you think I'm not qualified to take care of you?"

"You want to take care of me, baby? Want me to tell you what I need?" he flirted, his hands reaching for my hips.

I raised my hands to his pecs, keeping him at arm's length.

"I meant your stance," he explained. "It's very intimidating. Does that work on the kids?"

He reached for my one hand and bent down to nuzzle my fingers with his lips. I inhaled sharply. I heard it and I knew damn well that he had. His eyebrow raised as he looked at me with those eyes, those fuck-me emerald eyes. My right hand dug into his chest and I swear I felt his heartbeat. Was I having an effect on him, too?

"Please..." I practically purred.

"Please what? Please you? You have no idea how badly I want to, sweets," he moaned and pulled my thumb between his lips. He nipped it as he watched me, his eyes and his mouth causing my pussy to ooze. I couldn't take my eyes off him, off us. His eyes challenged mine as he sucked on me, torturing me.

"I owe you," I whimpered, "and I want to look at you."

"Hmm..." he smiled as he gently dropped my hand, "never let it be said that I didn't give a lady what she wanted."

He reached his arm over his shoulder and with one sharp tug, jerked his shirt over his head. My hand flew to my mouth as I took in the sight of him. He was so sculpted, like a work of art. I had never seen a chest the size of his, not even in the movies. He was perfection. His broad shoulders led to biceps bulging with muscle. A cross tattoo on his left arm covered him to his elbow. It was that elbow where the gauze ended. The gauze that was beginning to unravel and soaked with dried blood.

"Bill..." I stepped into him and lifted his arm. As I began to unwrap it, his right arm snaked around my waist, pulling me up against him.

"It's fine, Nanc," he repeated.

"I'll be the judge of that," I snapped. "Now tell me what you did."

His free arm dropped from my waist to the top of my butt and he rubbed in circles, keeping me close.

"I cut it on a muffler this morning and cleaned it out really well with antiseptic that we have at the shop and then..." his voice trailed off as the gauze un-spiraled, revealing his forearm to my gaze.

"And then...then what?" I prompted him.

"I reached for the coffee pot that we keep up on a shelf and when I pulled it down, the glass exploded. I guess it was old and had probably been knocked around enough times by us brutes and it just picked that exact moment to explode into a million little pieces," he shrugged.

Explode into a million little pieces? That's what I was about to do if he kept standing so close to me and touching my butt. I could feel his breath on my scalp, my forehead.

"Did you already have it wrapped when the pot exploded?" I asked.

"Yes, so I'm pretty sure no glass got into the wound. I rinsed it, cleaned it and then wrapped it again. When I got home and showered, I did it a third time. It hardly hurts and I'm sure it looks a lot worse than it is, but thank you for your concern," he leaned forward, nuzzling my hair. "Now about you want me to eat shirtless?"

I side-stepped his embrace, grabbed his palm and dragged him into my bedroom.

"Wow Nanc, you definitely surprise me. I thought for sure I'd have to do all the coaxing," he teased as he followed close behind me.

I went right into the bathroom and flipped on the light. I reached over to close the lid on the toilet seat.

"Sit," I ordered.

"Yes, ma'am," he responded, plopping himself on the seat, his hands reaching for the back of my knees and pulling me towards him. My hands flew to his shoulders as he looked up at me from where his chin rested, right near my belly button.

I looked down at him, trying my best not to melt into a puddle at his feet. His shoulders were so strong beneath my small hands. He was so hot under my touch and I saw myself stroking him, seeking the heat of his body. His hands went up my thighs as he watched me, his eyes piercing my soul as his palms traveled quickly to my ass. He squeezed me hard and my hands went to his skull, holding him tight against me.

"Let me take you to bed, baby. I promise I'll make you feel so damn good," he moaned against me.

"Bill..." I forced myself to step back. When he tried to tug me back, I reached behind me and pulled his hands off my ass. I don't know which was more difficult...removing my hands from him or removing his from me.

"You're right," I told him as I moved to the medicine cabinet and started pulling out my arsenal of medical supplies. "It doesn't look too bad except for the spot just below your elbow. We'll start with peroxide..."

He stood and came behind me, resting his arms on either side of me on the sink, trapping me as he pressed himself against my ass. I could feel his hot cock through the thin material of my pants. I swear it was pulsing and throbbing. He dropped his chin to my shoulder.

"Nanc, look at us," he whispered.

I met his gaze in the mirror. It startled me to see how well we fit and I gasped at the sight of us, breathing deep.

"I've wanted you since the moment I met you 16 months ago. Let me show you how much, let me show you how well we fit," he groaned as he pushed himself harder against me. I swear his was like he always knew what I was thinking.

I lifted his injured arm, hauling it in front of me, directly over the sink.

"Focus, Bill," I told him.

I dropped tweezers in the sink and turned the warm water on. I opened the bottle of peroxide, pouring it gingerly over his arm. He didn't even flinch. I watched it bubble a bit and searched for signs of infection, shards of glass. I combed through the questionable looking areas gently with the tweezer in hand.

Bill turned his lips to my neck, grazing me with his mouth, his right hand lifting to my hip, squeezing me in his paw. God, his hands were huge. They made me feel so small. I never felt small, there was nothing about me that was small.

I reached to the cabinet over the toilet to snag a clean hand towel. As I went on tiptoe, my sweatshirt rose and so did his hand, his super-hot palm warming me through my threadbare cami. It felt like we were skin-to-skin. I couldn't wait until we were skin-to-skin. Was it inevitable? Could I really be entangled with him?

I shook out the towel and patted him dry. I had always been attracted to him but why was I letting him get so close to me? I had ignored his flirting and charming greetings for so long and now he was in my home, my own personal space and I was just letting him touch me. It had been almost forever for me but I had also never been into casual sex.

"All done now?" he asked.

"No," I told him. "Next comes the Neosporin and then clean dressing."

"You don't have to..." Bill sighed.

"Yes, I do," I insisted, concentrating on the task in front of me.

"Are you a perfectionist?" he teased.

"When it comes to someone's health? Yes," I answered him. "Now be still while I finish this. Why don't you tell me where you found my wallet?"

"Outside my door," he laughed. "You must have dropped it when you came down the stairs this morning. I heard you leave at 6:30 and I left 10 minutes later. When I opened my door, it was lying on my mat. I only opened it to search for ID. No one would have had a chance to tamper with it. No one else in the building is up and out that early."

"You keep tabs on all the neighbors or just me?" I asked.

"Just you," he rubbed my side and I instinctively shifted.

"'re ticklish," he chuckled, digging deeper. "That's very good to know."

"Stop!" I pleaded and was surprised when he listened.

"I can't believe I went all day without realizing it was missing," I shook my head at my own stupidity.

"Does that mean you didn't eat all day?" his hand moved to my tummy, resting lightly.

"No, we can swipe our badge in the cafeteria and settle up the end of the month," I explained. "Besides, I'm not in danger of starving. I have plenty of reserves."

"In all the right places," Bill murmured, dropping his mouth to my neck. He brushed his lips back and forth from my neck to my jawline before settling on my ear. He kissed my lobe before pulling it between his teeth.

I stood upright, pressing myself back against him. His little move came at the exact moment I finished with the bandage.

"Thank you, baby," he pulled back just enough to breathe into my ear, "now watch us."

I gave the mirror my undivided attention, watching him nuzzle me. His right hand wrapped around me completely, holding me tight. His cock was like hot steel against my ass. I could feel the weight of him between my cheeks. I moaned as his tongue dipped into my ear, retreating to lick the ridge before he closed his mouth tight around my earlobe and sucked hard. It was my turn to grip the counter on either side of me.

My neck fell back onto his shoulder and his hand moved from my tummy up my chest. He opened his palm over my left breast, lightly cupping me, his thumb grazing my nipple, raking over me through my worn layers. I cried out and he retreated, squeezing my entire breast, pressing my hardened nipple into his palm, soothing the tightened tip.

"Bill," I muttered, now in a complete fog, "shouldn't we slow down?"

"Maybe, sweets," he kissed my temple before turning me in his arms. "I want to savor every inch of you and I haven't even kissed you."

His right hand went back around my waist, keeping me secure against him. I immediately missed the warmth of his hardness against my ass. His injured arm raised, his hand cupping my neck and tilting my mouth up to meet his. I briefly saw the fire in his eyes before he lowered his mouth to mine, almost stealing my breath. If he hadn't been holding me up, I would have fallen.

His lips consumed mine but softly, almost like making love. He had meant it when he said savor because that's what it felt like when he sipped at my lips. I don't ever remember feeling so cherished. My hands raised to his biceps, digging in and holding on for dear life. He moaned at my touch and snaked his tongue inside my mouth, tracing the roof of my mouth before dueling with mine. And still, he was gentle.

I raised my arms around his neck and shoved my tongue against his, challenging him to a battle, seeking more of him. His free hand dipped into my pants, sliding down to grab one bare cheek. He squeezed me hard, lifting me into his groin as he ground against me.

Nothing had ever felt so good, so right. We had exchanged more than pleasantries when we shared a few beers with some neighbors at their holiday party, ran into one another at the bar across the street, when I let him and his nephew change my oil so his nephew could get some volunteer hours and learn his uncle's craft... I knew what I was doing. I was replaying all of those moments in my head to justify giving in so fast.

His thumb traced my jawline as his fingers cupped my neck, matching my tongue stroke for stroke, retreating only to suck the tip hard between his lips. His other fingers dug into my ass and knowing how easily I bruised, I knew he was leaving his mark on me. The idea thrilled me, made me wetter than I thought possible and I whimpered.

"Nanc," Bill pulled back slowly. "Was I too rough? Did I hurt you?"

"No, no Bill," I shook my head, already missing his mouth.

He kept my head tilted, searching my eyes. His thumb brushed my lip, soothing me and I wondered if he had marked me there. His right hand slowly released my buttock and crept back up towards my waist.

"Now I owe you. I brought you dinner. I should feed you," he told me as his hands took mine from his neck and he began to tug me through my bedroom, back into the living room.

Was I crazy? How could I have suggested slowing down? I had waited my whole 37 years to feel the passion and hunger that he stirred inside of me. I needed to feel all of him.

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