You. Owe. Me. Ch. 01


As he continued to work his cock, Laura found herself getting more and more turned on. This was the first real penis she'd ever seen. It was the first one she'd ever touched. Her forwardness was even surprising her. But her recent discovery of self-gratification had unlocked some hidden well of unknown desires. She wanted Chris. She wanted him as badly as she'd ever wanted anything before.

Unseen by him, one of her hands slid down between her and the bed and disappeared into her jeans again. As she rubbed her clit, just as her friend had told her, she matched the pace of his pumping hand. She noticed the tip of his cock was getting redder, and the veins running up the shaft began to bulge. She wondered if that meant he was getting close.

She told him, "Tell me when you're close."

His head was back on the bed and he was staring straight up at the ceiling. His eyes might have been closed. She couldn't tell from her position. All she could see was his rock hard dick between his legs. More liquid appeared at the tip. She reached up and smeared it along his cock's ridge.

He groaned loudly. "I'm close." His breathing was quick and shallow.

Speeding up her fingers on her clit, she moaned slightly, and her other hand slid up his inner thigh, brushing past the base of his cock, and up onto his abdomen. There, she found his free hand and took it in hers. The connection of their hands was like a hundred bolts of lightening coursing through her veins, each of them exploding between her legs.

When she started panting – her precursor to climax – Chris felt her ragged bursts of breath against his balls, and he felt them tighten, his juices boiling up. He looked down at his stepsister and could see she was playing with herself, too, and he squeezed her hand, seconds away from coming.

Laura had gotten so caught up in her own approaching orgasm, she'd had her face buried in the pillow and wasn't even watching Chris. When he squeezed her hand, Laura felt an overwhelming urge take control of her. Before she realized what had happened, she'd pulled herself up, opened her mouth, held out her tongue, and pressed it flat against the tip of his cock, tasting his precum. A shudder swept through his body.

"Holy shit, Laura...!"

He squeezed her hand harder, and just as she moved out of the way, three ribbons of cum shot out of his dick and up onto his chest. She bit down on her quivering bottom lip, eyes glued to his cock as it continued to spurt, but the bulk of it had already been spent. Just as his climax was winding down, hers swept over her.

"Oh, Chris. Oh, god. Oh, Chris. Oh, god. Oh, Chriiis!" Her voice rose in pitch and turned to a melodic moan that crested its peak just as her body did the same. She froze between his legs, eyes closed and fluttering, lips pursed tightly together until finally she relaxed, the hand between her legs coming up to take hold of his shaft and gently stroke it. She did it without any hesitation. Chris wasn't even sure she knew that she was doing it, but her fingers were slick with her own juices and her strokes moved easily over his sensitive member as they both wound down.

They lay there for about five minutes, neither one saying anything. Hands still clasped together. Eyes closed. Just breathing. Reveling in the moment. It was so tranquil. Finally, Chris let out a deep breath. "We must do that again sometime."

She laughed, rolled over and looked up at him. "Or something completely different." She sultry look in her eyes warmed his insides, and he half expected another erection to set in.

But before that could happen, Laura rolled over to reach for the tissues on her dresser and proceeded to clean up the mess of spunk that was still on his chest. He told her he could do that, but she insisted. "You did this for me." She stroked his cheek with her hand, smiling warmly. "Thank you."

She leaned forward, halted, smiled, then leaned the rest of the way in and kissed him again. This time there was more pressure, more force. She smiled again, and this time it was a whisper: "Thank you, Chris."

When he was all cleaned, she pulled his pants up, closed the fly, buttoned them shut, then looked at her watch. "Shit! I forgot. I'm making dinner tonight. I gotta get started."

She jumped off the bed and headed for the door. "What are we eating?" Chris asked.

She was about to answer when she stopped, her playful grin returning. "It's a surprise," she said from the door and then disappeared down the stairs.

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