tagIncest/TabooYou. Owe. Me. Ch. 05

You. Owe. Me. Ch. 05


Holding her stepbrother's throbbing cock in her hand, her thumb running over the powerful vein on its underside, Laura knew they were going to have sex.

It wasn't a preference or desire – well, it was that, too; it was more an instinct, a primal knowledge of what was going to happen because it had to happen. The energy between the two of them, the intoxication that soaked the air – it all hummed through her body. She was resonating with sexuality and need.

"And I love you, Laura."

The butterflies still danced in her stomach. He looked up at her with a smile as he stroked her cheek, brushed a strand of hair from her eyes. She rested her forehead against his as she took a deep breath of him.

He kissed her.

"You need a shower," she kissed back.

"So shower me." He nibbled lightly at her ear and she closed her eyes, her fingers playing in his hair. She felt his kisses ebbing down her skin, his lips against her collar bone, his tongue probing the hollow of her neck.

They were as they'd been before, naked from the waist down. Laura was still wearing her pink cut-off from earlier that morning. Chris was in the white t-shirt he'd put on after the locker room.

"Two showers in almost as many hours. You just can't keep clean."

"No thanks to you." The smile in his voice brought her eyes open and she pressed herself down on him, kissing him hard. Having let go of his cock, she now felt its heat against her thigh. It burned; she wanted it to melt inside her.

She broke away, pulling him up from the sheets with her. "Come on, stepbrother, before I fuck you right here."

His ears perked up. "I can wait on that shower then."

She laughed. "No, you can't."

His shoulder blades dug into the door as he used it to brace her. Her arms were cradled tightly between their chests, her hands holding his face. Their mouths hung inches apart. Their breaths came in quick, hungry pants. Shirts still on. Her legs wrapped around his waist. Her moist lips pressing against his cock, sliding up then down its underside. Controlled. Slow. Excruciatingly awesome.

With each downward motion of her body along his, their breaths became ragged and uncontrolled. He could feel her heat at the tip of his cock, her pussy planting its own tiny kisses along his shaft. Each time she moved her hips, her lips just barely engulfed his crown before sliding back down the underside. He grimaced with restraint, eyes closed. Hers were vacant, fluttering, as if in a fugue, lost in some inner recess of her desires.

Their mouths touched and their lips made a half-hearted attempt at a kiss; their energies were preoccupied elsewhere.

But when his eyes opened and he saw her drunken gaze, he pulled her close, kissing her fiercely. His tongue ran across her upper lip. Suddenly her eyes snapped shut and she met his tongue with hers. Both of them moaning, both of them gasping for breath.

"I want you inside me," she panted.

"I know."

"No you don't. Oh god, Chris, no you don't." She was almost whimpering.

The water cascaded over her hair, running down over her face as his tongue dueled with hers. Her top was soaked a deeper pink; in his mind, it made her all the more like candy. And he knew her taste.

Her left leg was wrapped around his, curling higher as they kissed, spreading wider. His cock was sandwiched between their abdomens, and she wasn't sure who's heartbeat she could feel more – hers or his.

She pushed back from him only for a moment so she could peel the pink top from her body. He saw that her nipples were hard, and when she pressed back against him to attack his mouth - their naked bodies separated now only by whatever water trickled between them - his cock twitched. She felt it and moaned lightly against his lips.

"Are you close?" she asked.

He just nodded.

Between kisses: "Too close?"

He shook his head.

She clamped back onto his mouth, her tongue fluttering over the tip of his, but this time her hand traveled down between them to grasp his shaft. She shifted herself forward slightly, and he felt the tip of his cock press against her sex. She moved it back and forth, the water and their juices and her lips and his cock creating a thousand different points of sensation.

She lowered herself and he felt her warmth surround him. Their groans echoed together through the bathroom.

She felt like she had about half of him inside her, but she couldn't be sure. She felt the pressure of it up in her lungs as she struggled to control her breathing. She'd never felt this full. It was wonderful and strange and ecstasy and pain all at once.

It was the first time anything other than fingers had been inside her.

She lowered herself a little further. A sudden shudder rippled through his body. "Shit, too close..."

"Wait," she breathed, her nose rubbing against his. She lifted herself off of him. "Condom."

He just nodded. "Okay."

She kissed him again before leaving the shower. Though no one was home she still grabbed her towel off the rack and wrapped it around herself before hurrying through the door and into her bedroom.

She went straight for her private drawer, the one her father didn't want to know about. She reached into the back.


Laura froze.

"Laura? Chris?"

Laura's eyes dashed to the open bathroom door as she heard the footsteps coming up the stairs. Her mind raced. Shit, shit, shit. She quickly grabbed what she needed from the drawer and started for the bathroom.

"There you are."

Laura looked up. "Becky, you scared the shit out of me." As casually as she could, she closed the door and held onto the knob as if it was propping her up.

Rebecca stood in the doorway wearing the same black turtleneck and blue jeans from before. Her long red hair hung over her shoulders. "I was ringing the doorbell for ten minutes."

"The door was unlocked?" Laura asked, slightly annoyed.

"No, I broke a window and climbed in." Rebecca shrugged. "What? I've let myself in before."

Laura's fingers tapped nervously on the doorknob. "No, it's fine, I'm just...in a hurry. I was going to take a shower."

"Okay, I'll wait downstairs."

"Make yourself at home," Laura said with a forced smile.

As Rebecca turned to leave, they suddenly heard singing from the bathroom.

"I could stay awake, just to heeeeare you breeeeathin'!"

Rebecca stopped and turned back. Laura winced, her nose curling up. She had to smile actually. He was such a bad singer.

Rebecca was staring right at her. Shit. Rebecca's eyes widened.

"Who's that?"



Laura cleared her throat. "No one."

"Sweetie, seriously now," she said, smiling now as her mouth hung agape. "Who's in there?" She came toward the door.

Laura stepped into the doorway to block her. "No one, seriously, it's no one."

"Don't lie to me. Do I know him?"

Laura cleared her throat again, laughing nervously. "Um, I don't think so. Maybe. I don't know."

Rebecca crossed her arms and tilted her head. Laura knew the look. She sighed, relenting. "Okay! Okay. It's...it's this guy from school."

"What guy from school? You never told me about a guy from school."

"I know, I know," Laura said. "Look, it was...it was a crazy semester thing. I thought we were done when school was over. But...you know..."

"Well, what's his name? What's he like?"

"He's good, his name's Joe." Joe? Laura glanced at Rebecca like a child would its parent after confessing that the dog was the one drawing on the wall.

But Rebecca just smiled. "Huh," she said. Then, "Is Chris home?"

Laura forced a laugh. "No! God, no! No, no, no." She glanced at the floor then laughed again. "That'd be weird."

Rebecca smiled excitedly and hugged Laura. "Good for you. You're finally getting laid." For a second Laura didn't react. Then Rebecca held Laura's shoulders, looking her square in the eyes. "You are, right?"


"Getting laid."

"Oh!" Laura laughed loudly. "Pshaw!"


Rebecca's face brightened. "Yeah? How is he?"

A chorus erupted from behind the bathroom door. "I don't wanna close my eyes. I don't wanna faaaaall asleep 'cause I'd miss you, baby..."

Rebecca laughed and shook her head. "Little tone deaf, isn't he?"

"Hey." Laura hit her lightly. "I can make fun of his singing. You can't."

Rebecca put her hands up. "Alright. Well, I'll go watch some TV or something." She grinned. "Take your time."

"How about I call you?" Laura knew the answer already.

"Um, no. I need to meet him."

"I don't think today's the best time."

"Are you kidding? You're taking a shower a with him. He's gonna feel like a million bucks. Besides you didn't tell me about him this whole time. You're overdue one introduction."

Laura listened to her head down the stairs, then remembered something. "Hey!" She ran to the banister. Rebecca looked up at her. "How was the ride home with Simon?"

She shrugged. "It was okay."

Laura's shoulders sagged. "You didn't fight, did you?"

"I'll tell you about it later." She motioned to the bathroom knowingly. "Go take your shower."

Rebecca disappeared into the family room. When Laura heard the TV come on, she hurried back into the bathroom. Chris was still singing. "You're my aaaaaaan-gel!"

"Alright! Steven Tyler! Shut it!"

His head peaked out. "You get lost?"

"No, we have company." She said as she locked the door, then crossed to the other one and locked it as well.

"You serious? Who?"

"Becky." Laura leaned against the door to Chris's room, staring at the ceiling.

Although he was still horny as a bull, his cock had softened considerably. At the mention of Rebecca, he could feel himself getting hard again. "Really? Becky's here?" Then, "The door was unlocked?"

"Yeah. Way to go, mister. And she still is, so keep your voice down."

"She didn't hear me singing?" he said quieter.

"Oh, she did."

Chris was waiting for more. "Okay...so...?"

"I told her you're some guy from college."

Chris just stared at her for a second. "But I was singing."

Laura shrugged. "She believed me."

"Wish I had friends that gullible."

"Hey!" Laura said, stepping over to the shower curtain. She took his hand in hers, playing with his fingers. "You're a prune." She kissed them. "You about done?"

He raised his eyebrows. "Um...I thought we were, uh...you know."

She laughed. "We can't, silly. Becky's downstairs."

"So?" he shrugged. "She already knows you're in here with someone, and I doubt she thinks you're just holding hands with him."

She laced her fingers with his and smiled happily. "But I am."

Chris smiled. She was adorable. "I'm still dirty."

She sighed feigning annoyance, but he saw the glimmer in her eyes. "I suppose we do need to take care of that," she said reluctantly, then pulled his hand to the towel.

Without needing to be told, Chris untucked it. It fell to the floor. And he felt that very familiar feeling returning to his loins.

Keeping her eyes locked with his, she demurely stepped back into the shower, taking hold of his shaft and massaging it. He sucked in air at the feel or her touch and breathed out slowly, controlled. She smiled at him.

"Still ready to pop, huh?"

"Uh-huh." She leaned in and lightly kissed him, their lips barely grazing. "You're beautiful," he said.

She beamed appreciatively. Still holding his cock, she moved around behind him into the water, her free hand sliding over his chest while she began stroking him. She planted soft kisses along the back of his neck and he groaned. She felt one of his hands take hold of hers on his chest. She rubbed her thumb over the slit of his cock, smearing the fresh precum. He breathed steadily, nuzzling back against her.

"God, Laura..."

As she jerked him off, she felt his free hand reach behind and slide down her midriff. A finger slipped between her legs and she let out her own breath as it reached her clit. As much as she wanted him, she didn't want to get too much more worked up. Knowing Becky was in the house had made Laura slightly insecure. She still wanted Chris. But she wanted to wait for them to be alone more.

His finger was trapped between her legs. She could feel it wiggling, trying to get to her. It was making her hotter.

She let go of his hand on his chest and brought hers down to cup his balls, gently playing with them and rolling them in her fingers. He arched his back against her. She stroked him faster.

"Oh fuck, you are so good at this," he moaned. She tilted up and nibbled on his earlobe. He laughed, not because anything was funny; just as a simple release of energy. It all felt so good.

She felt him tensing against her. She felt so empowered beating him off from behind, unable to kiss him or look him in the eye. Simply getting him off. That was her mission. His butt clenched in restraint.

His eyes were closed, so he didn't see her come around in front of him. When she leaned in and kissed his lips lightly, he barely reacted. "Hey," she said softly. "Open your eyes."

He did and Laura saw that familiar intoxication.

Staring into his eyes, she lowered herself to her knees. She ran the tip of her tongue over the underside of the crown, tickling the sensitive ridge before kissing her way down the shaft. At the base, she licked the bottom of his sac, then traced her tongue back up the entire underside before engulfing the tip in her mouth.

He moaned loudly, and Laura knew Rebecca could hear him downstairs. The thought flushed her with heat. She hoped Chris came soon. Otherwise...

She took him from her mouth and sat back on her feet, looking up at him. "Wanna cum?" she asked. He offered a slack-jawed smile and she could tell how hard he was holding on. "Go ahead," she said, then gave him her sweetest, most innocent bat of the eyelashes. "Cum on my face, Chris."

"Fuck Laura fuck fuck fuck." The words poured out of him in no particular sense or order. His hips bucked suddenly and his body shuddered as the cum spurt from his cock and sprayed onto her face. She closed her eyes and held her mouth open, letting the cum land where it wanted. As she continued pumping him, she could feel the heat of his cum on her forehead, cheeks, and mouth. It mixed with water and when she swallowed she tasted that familiar taste.

She didn't especially enjoy the facial, but they were in the shower after all, and she didn't mind it nearly as much as he enjoyed it. Eventually the ribbons got smaller and less powerful until the last drops dribbled over her fingers and the head of his cock. When he was through and all his cock could do was twitch, she took it back in her mouth, licking the cum from the tip then sucking him to the base, feeling him squeeze into her throat.

He suddenly moaned again, loudly. She felt his hands take her head and he thrust forward. From out of no where, a second series of spurts erupted from his cock. She relaxed and swallowed as he held her there, trembling, his hips frozen against her mouth. "Just hold still for a sec," he breathed. He was no longer coming, but he refused to move. The sensations were too powerful.

Finally, he released his grip on her head, and she pulled him from her mouth. Spent and dry - at least for the moment - she held his aching cock in her hand, looking up at him, smiling sweetly. He pulled her up to him and kissed her deeply, tasting himself in her mouth and feeling his cum still on her face.

"Best stepsister ever," he said. She laughed and held herself close to him, his arms wrapped around her securely as they stood in the spray of water from the shower head.


Each movement of the towel was slow and delicate, as if they were drying fine china after dinner. They took their time. She started at the top, fussing with his hair, making it stand straight up, then out to the sides, then fluffing it into a fuzz ball.

She worked down his chest, stepping in close to plant small kisses along the line of his jaw as the towel moved lower to his abdomen. Then, both of them grinning, she dried his crotch, both her hands gently rubbing through the towel, kneading his thighs and gently cupping his balls. Then she threw the towel around his back and pulled him against her, crushing their bodies together as she slowly pulled the towel across his back, side to side. He kissed her forehead. His hands stroked her love handles.

Finally the legs, and he was dry. She smiled at him.

He picked her up into his arms and set her down on the countertop, the mirror behind her. He took the towel from her and draped it over her head like a hood, drying her hair and pecking her cheeks and neck with quick, playful kisses. They tickled and she laughed, trying half-heartedly to keep him at bay.

With the towel around her neck, he pulled her to him for a soft, long kiss. She purred against his lips. "I love you."

He smiled and nuzzled her nose then moved the towel down to her back, pulling her to him in an embrace while rubbing it over her smooth skin. She rested her head against his shoulder, enjoying the soothing backrub. The towel was huge, and she felt small and safe wrapped in his arms. She felt his hands through the towel as they moved over her shoulder blades down to the small of her back and up again. They came over the sides of her shoulders and down her arms. He took her hands through the towel and squeezed then moved under her arms, massaging the edges of her hips and ascending the curves of her torso to her breasts. She smiled with a sigh as he fondled them, the softness of the towel accentuating his touch. When he rolled her nipples between his fingers, she bit her lip and moaned softly.

She leaned back against the mirror, looking at him as his hands moved over her chest. He was standing between her knees and she could see his cock hanging there. Just seeing it made her blood rush a little faster, and she smiled to herself, her eyes looking up into his with a mischievous grin.

"What?" he asked.

She didn't answer. Instead, he watched one of her hands slide overtop her thigh and between her legs. As she began fingering herself, he looked back up and saw that her eyes had never left his.

He brought his hand down to hers, but she stopped it, holding it against her thigh. She shook her head, still grinning.

"Come on," he gently urged.

But she just shook her head again. "You can owe me." She sat up and kissed him, tipping forward into him, her arms sliding around his neck. She was so forceful he began to lose his balance. He stumbled, breaking the kiss, and caught himself. They were both laughing.

"Thank you," he said quietly.

She batted her eyelashes against his cheek.

"So." He resumed toweling her off. "What are we gonna do about Becky?"

She scratched her head in mock thought. "Hmm, what are we going to do?"

He moved the towel between her legs and her eyes fluttered shut briefly. He saw this and hesitated, moving the towel slower and in small circles. Her hand went to stop his again, but this time, without as much conviction. He kept making the circles. Her eyes kept fluttering. He felt his cock stir.

"You can collect right now, you know," he said.

She let out a slow breath and looked at him ruefully. "You're bad."

"And you like it," he said proudly. She giggled, then let out a sharp gasp as the fur of the towel wrapped around her clit just right.

"Nooooo," she moaned, "we have to figure out this...Becky thing..."

"There's a Becky thing? What Becky thing? I don't know about a Becky thing." He grinned.

She laughed and it mixed with another tiny gasp. "Stop, you horny fucking little perv boy."

"Yeah, but I'm a perv boy with a big cock," he said, pressing deeper with the towel, covering more of her moistening sex. Her hips writhed back against the mirror and he had her pinned. She was powerless against him, surrendering to his persistence. And he was getting harder with each rub of the towel.

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