You. Owe. Me. Ch. 06


She saw it and started backing away. "Me? You're the one fucking your step-sister!"

"Exactly!" he barked. "Step-sister. Not related. Not blood. Not wrong! So what is your fucking problem!"

He backed her up against the wood siding of the house and hit it with his hands, trapping her between his arms. They were under the overhang of the porch, in the shadows. He hung over her, inches away, breathing hard, his eyes burning through her retinas. Her eyes shifted from his.

He remembered earlier thinking how confident she was. He didn't think that anymore.

"Chris, you're scaring me," she said quietly.

"I don't give a fuck!" Chris literally felt himself seething with hatred for this girl. A hot vein of iron ran through his arms as he strained against the side of the house. Maybe if he pushed hard enough, he could tear down the goddamn wall. "I don't give two shits how scared you are, Becky. You just cost me the most perfect in my life."

She seemed to wince at this but recovered quickly. "You did that when you let me go down on you."

She was right. He knew it. He'd fucked up. And now he was looking for a way to deflect the blame from himself. His psyche wasn't ready to accept that responsibility. He clenched his jaw and there was a moment of silence between them. She had to look away again.

"What's going on, Beck?" he asked, more controlled. But there was still an edge to his voice. "You said it was sex. You said it wasn't even sex, it was nothing."

"I didn't say it was nothing," she bit back quickly. "I never said that."

"You need to hear one thing very clearly," he said. "What we did has now become the biggest mistake I've ever made. Because I love her." And as he said it, he at last realized it was true. "Get your fucking jealousy under control. It might be with the rest of your clothes in Simon's room."

Becky's eyes shot up to his suddenly, and that's when she remembered. She'd been so shocked when she saw the two of them in the hot tub that she'd forgotten she was wearing Simon's shirt. "Chris, it's not.." Her eyes started to water and she looked away.

"No!" Chris punched the wall, scaring her back to his eyes. "Not in front of me," he growled. And with considerable effort, he was finally able to let go of the wall, stepping away from her and going back inside.

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You start to ramble on putting in filler to stretch the story. A good story but be more concise.

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