tagLoving WivesYou Really Got Me Good!

You Really Got Me Good!


Author's Notes:

No sex in this story.

There are only so many ways to skin a cat for a LW prank story. I hope you enjoy this one.

All characters are over 18 years of age.


Friday March 29th, 2019

It's early morning. My wife's suitcase is open on the bed while she finishes packing as I get ready for work.

"I see you're bringing some sexy dresses. Will you need those for a conference?"

"It's not all lectures you know. I'm sure we will have some dinners and maybe even some dancing." Amelia says from the bathroom.

"I wish I could go but I've got this damn customer meeting today."

"You would be bored anyways. Don't worry. Sam and Greg are there to protect me. And I'll be back Monday for April Fools."

Samantha is Amelia's best friend and coworker, they work in the same department and have attended these types of work conferences before. Greg is Samantha's husband, a tall good looking guy who I've never completely clicked with. I'm not sure about the protecting part. I've spotted Greg scoping Amelia out more than once, and Amelia has always seemed more flirty around him than others. That's the double edge sword of having such a beautiful wife, she's always getting appreciative looks and guys hitting on her. With her slim, spinning class toned, long legged figure I can't blame them. And Amelia has known Sam and Greg for years, even before we met, so they are just comfortable with each other. Samantha is a stunner herself with long dark hair, big doe eyes, and a generously curvy figure, so I'm sure Greg has no reason to look elsewhere.

I just wish Amelia's going away could have started a little more positive between us, but we had to be bullheaded and get into it with eachother the other night.

She and I have different viewpoints when it comes to moral freedoms in our society. I have more "libertine" views, tending to defend things like legalized drugs, prostitution, swinging, and other societal features that usually appear on shows like Vice. Amelia is conservative and takes the opposite viewpoint. The truth is that I'm not saying people "should" use drugs or have open marriages, I'm just saying they "should be allowed to make their own choice" in the matter. For myself I don't use drugs and would never consider infidelity or sharing outside of marriage.

In general I've enjoyed our differing viewpoints as it gives us something to talk about that's deeper than the weather. But the other night we were watching a documentary program discussing prostitution. There were several contrasting viewpoints: the drugs, diseases, and slavery which are sometimes involved; women who have no other way to make a living and would be homeless single mothers otherwise; and some women and men who enjoy being sex workers. As I predicted Amelia tended toward viewing prostitution as an evil vice while I defended the freedom of choice and possible merits. It got a little heated.

Towards the end Amelia stormed to the bedroom saying "I hope our kids don't learn their morals from you!"

Amelia and I have been married for 7 years now, I'll be turning 31 and her 30 this year. We've talked about having kids soon and it's been a running half-joke about my moral compass.


While driving to the office I think about April Fools coming up Monday. This has always been pretty tame between Amelia and I, just little practical jokes. I need to remember to pick up a tube of mustard flavor toothpaste this weekend for my joke on her.

It's a busy workday which goes by quickly. About 2pm Amelia calls to say they've arrived safely and that there will be several meet-and-greet type events so I may not be able to get her on her phone later tonight.

My customer presentation goes well and I feel relieved to get that over with. At 3:30 I get a text from Amelia.

"Bad news, the hotel screwed up and didn't book my room! With the conference there are no rooms available. Luckily Sam and Greg graciously offered to let me stay with them."

I text back. "Won't that be a little tight? I imagine they want a little alone time! :) "

"I imagine so! There is only a king bed so I guess we'll just have to share. ;) Actually there is a pull-out couch too. Hey gotta run. Talk to you later."

I'm not liking this. Thoughts of hard-body Greg strutting around the bedroom in just a towel cracking lame jokes while my scantily clad wife giggles and flips her hair flash through my mind. But it's just momentary. I'm not really the jealous type and Amelia has never given me a reason not to trust her. Besides her best friend will be right there.

A little later I call my buddy Dave. I've been doing my best to support him over this past year as he's just finished a nasty divorce. He caught his wife blatantly cheating on him with her boss making him the laughing stock of her friends and officemates, and she ended up getting the house, alimony, child support, and primary custody of their kids. At least it's all final and he can start to move on with his life. It's his ex's weekend with the kids so he is free to go out after work for dinner and drinks.

I go home to change and then meet Dave at a brewpub at about 7pm. As we're talking and having our first beer I get a text from Amelia.

"Already a little tipsy from all the free drinks. Off to dinner now and some dancing! :) "

Attached is a picture of her in a little black dress looking smoking hot.

"Have fun, be careful!" I text back.

"Okay Dad. :) "

I must look uneasy because Dave looks at me quizzically.

"What's up Brett?"

"Nothing. It's just a text from Amelia. Remember I told you she was going to a work conference this weekend? Well first they messed up her hotel and she has to share a room with her friends. Second she sends me a text with a picture showing her in a hot little dress and saying that she's going dancing."

"Friends plural? I take it her new roommates are not women?"

"Well, one of them is. It's her best friend and her husband. I know it's nothing but he is a good looking guy and I've seen him giving Amelia a look-over sometimes."

"Hey I know I'm jaded, but that's how this shit starts man. First it's some late nights working, then it's a little drink, then a little dance, then a little kiss, and next thing you know they're fucking. That's what happened to me."

I don't want to go down that thought trail right now so I change the subject. We have a few more drinks and some food. Since I don't have anything going on over the weekend and neither does Dave we decide to get together tomorrow.


I get home about 10:30pm and try to call Amelia but it just goes to voicemail. So I get ready for bed and read a bit. Just as I'm about to turn off the light I get a text from her.

"Saw you called but we're still out dancing. I haven't danced so much in forever. And so many cute guys! Now don't get all jealous. ;) Talk to you tomorrow."

WTF I think. I try and call her, no answer. I try to text her and wait a few minutes but there's no response. I lay in bed wide eyed for a while but finally drift off to sleep.

Saturday March 30th

I wake up at 5:30am and want to call Amelia right away, but I figure she had a late night and is probably not going to be awake any time soon. If I recall the conference doesn't kick off until 10am, so I'll try to call her at about 9am. I go to the gym to burn off some steam.

At about 9am I ring my wife.

"Hello?" A groggy voice answers.

"Hi it's me. Late night?"

"Yeah. My head feels like it was hit with a pipe. We didn't get home until after 1am. We're eating breakfast and running a little bit late."

"Hey, I don't mean to sound like a helicopter-husband, but did anything happen last night? You texted me that you were drinking and dancing with a bunch of guys."

"Yes you do sound like an overprotective parent." She chuckled. "I had fun and danced with some guys, had some drinks, that was it. I probably danced more with Greg than anyone else. He's a really good dancer you know."

"Okay, I just don't want some asshole slipping something in your drink."

"Okay Dad. Hey you're the one who is always saying we should loosen up and have more freedom, right? Maybe I'm just spreading my wings."

"Yes I guess I always say people should have a right to make choices. That doesn't mean they need to choose poorly."

"Hey I've gotta go. I'll be busy so I'll text you when I get a chance."

After I hang up I wish our conversation had gone a little better. She's right, I shouldn't give her a hard time over a little harmless fun.


I spend the rest of the morning catching up on chores. Then Dave comes over and we watch a game on TV. He asks me about Amelia's weekend so far and I catch him up. We agree to meet again later tonight for a few beers.

By 6pm I haven't heard from Amelia, I'm not too surprised since she's probably been busy all day. I change clothes and head off to meet Dave.

We decide to watch the evening game at a sports bar. By 9pm I still haven't heard from Amelia which is a little strange. I try to text her. After a bit she texts back.

"We're out dancing again. Had a nice dinner and long talk with Greg and Sam. Guess what, they are trying the open-marriage deal and have been doing a little bit of swinging. I just saw Sam kissing a guy on the dance floor and Greg is chatting up a hot woman at the bar."

I didn't like to hear this!

"You know how I feel about infidelity. I'm concerned. What are you doing?"

"Fine Dad. I'm sitting at the bar talking to a nice guy who's been buying me drinks. Yes I know how you feel about open marriages and swinging, aren't you defending them all the time? You should be supporting Greg and Sam. Don't worry I won't do anything you wouldn't do. I'm turning off my phone, talk to you tomorrow."

I texted Samantha. "Can you please, please keep an eye on Amelia. She is not used to drinking and I don't want her to do something stupid."

I didn't get a response so I just had to hope.

I show Dave and he gives me an "I told you so" look. But he just says I should be careful and find out from Amelia what's going on as soon as possible. Let her know the boundaries, that was one problem Dave and his ex had.

After getting home I had another fitful night of worry.

Sunday March 31st,

It's a repeat morning from Saturday. I call Amelia about 9am.

"Hi Honey." She answers.

"Hi. Hey I'm worried about you."

"Why? Aren't you the one who has always wanted me to expand my horizons, be more wild and fun?"

"I love you the way you are Honey. You're acting strange this weekend. And what you said about Sam and Greg is big news to me."

"I'm just trying to be the more like what you want, spreading my wings, not being such a stick in the mud. It looks like Sam and Greg have decided to do the same and it seems to make them happy."

"Did anything happen last night that I should know about?"

"Now don't get all jealous. I went back to the room like a good girl, by myself."

"Do you want me to come down there? I can be on the next flight."

"No don't be silly. That would cost a fortune and I'll be home tomorrow for April Fools remember?"

"Okay. Just call or text me if you need anything. And if you get in any situation you're uncomfortable with just walk away or get help."

"See you tomorrow, love you, bye."

I feel so impotent with her so far away. There really isn't much I can do.

She mentioned April Fools again. I still have to get that silly toothpaste. I wonder what she has planned for me, if anything.

Somehow I get through a long day and end up meeting Dave again in the evening. We go to see a local band play. By 9pm I notice Amelia hasn't called or texted.

At 10:30pm I still haven't heard from her and I'm a little concerned. I have Samantha's contact info so I try and text her.

"Hi Sam, it's Brett. Is Amelia with you? I haven't heard from her all day."

After a few minutes I get a set of pictures back. The first one shows my wife sitting on Greg's lap, she is leaning into him, wearing a short dress, they are holding drinks and laughing, and she looks drunk. The second one shows her kissing Greg on the cheek with her arms wrapped around his neck and his hand on the top part of her ass. The third shows what appears to be Amelia and Sam kissing, their faces are partially hidden by the angle but it sure looks like they are kissing.

"Start of another crazy night! Don't worry about Amelia, we'll take good care of her!" Sam texts.

Now I'm worried. Amelia has never acted like this around me!

I text back "Have her call me!" No response.

Monday, April 1st

I get home about midnight and try calling and texting both Amelia and Samantha for the next hour with no response. I don't have Greg's number.

Finally about 12:30am I get a text from Amelia.

"I'm a little drunk. We're back at the room. You were right about me being too straight, spreading my wings and crossing lines had been fun so far this weekend and I want to do more! Greg and Sam have agreed to show me. ;) Talk to you tomorrow."


I immediately try to call her, no answer.

I go on the computer to look up the hotel but my head is spinning and I can't remember the name.

Another text shows up, it's a picture. The picture shows an impressive long, thick cock.

"Greg has quite the tool, I hope he knows how to use it! ;) "

Damn it! I think I found the hotel phone number.

Another text. "I could barely fit that monster in my mouth! It's really going to stretch my pussy wide."

My hands are shaking as I dial the hotel.

"How may I direct your call?" The operator says.

"Can you connect me to the room of Samantha Fenning please."

"One moment."

The phone rings.

"Hello is this Brett?" Samantha answers.

"Yes! What the hell is going on?"

"We're just having a bit of adult playtime. Amelia told us you'd always wanted her to loosen up and be more wild."

"Look Sam, let me talk to Amelia! Right now!"

"I'm afraid she is too busy getting that sweet pussy of hers stuffed. And I need to go too because I need to lube her ass before I sit on her face and let her eat Greg's cum from me. Tata!" She hangs up.

I call the hotel back but this time the operator says the phone in their room must be off the hook, would I like to leave a message. No.

I try for the next half hour to call and text them but no response, pacing around the house like an animal in a cage. I feel so trapped, so unable to do anything.

I feel so enraged. As I walk back into the bedroom I see our wedding picture on the wall, I tear it off and throw it across the room. I need to think. The cliche is to get roaring drunk right about now and stay up all night fuming. I don't do that. I need to keep a clear head and make plans. I get on the computer and do some searching on what I need to do.

I end up laying down and falling asleep about 4am having laid out what I need to do in the morning.


As soon as I wake up I try calling again, no reply. I text "Call me as soon as you get this!"

A few minutes later I get a text.

"You sound upset. Don't worry, you can join us soon. My pussy and ass have to take a few days break first though, I can barely walk after the pounding Greg gave me last night! :O :> And I liked eating pussy more than I thought I would! Aren't you happy that we can do those things now that I'm doing the things you say you support? You were right, I was wrong, it is fun to fuck other guy's big fat cocks. See you tonight and we can talk more about it. Bye."

My marriage is over. I don't know how she thought this would be okay, twisting my words into this fucked up perversion of what I meant. I know her flight is supposed to arrive at 5:10pm and she needs to pick up her car at Sam's house probably by 6pm. So I have most of the day to carry out my initial plans.

First I leave a message with my boss that I need to take the day off, and potentially several days. Next I call and cancel all our joint credit cards, there is no balance so this is no big deal, and we still have cards in our own names. At 9am I'm in front of my bank and call the first highly rated divorce lawyer on my list and make an appointment for 11am. I enter the bank and open a new account in only my name and transfer half of our cash assets to the new account.

At 11am I meet with the lawyer and get the divorce process started. He will put a freeze on our brokerage and other accounts for the moment. Since we don't have kids, no debt, and both have good jobs it's pretty straight forward. I am fine splitting things 50/50 and don't really want to cause any trouble for Amelia. I still love her, I just won't be able to deal with her infidelity going forward. Given the lack of complications, and after agreeing to pay an expedite fee, the lawyer says he can have her served tomorrow afternoon. I tell him that's fine and I will call with instructions tomorrow morning.

While some would argue that she cheated so she should be the one to move out, I had some plans underway such that it would be best if I was hard to find. So I packed some bags and moved into Dave's apartment. I went back to the house and left a letter on the counter along with my wedding ring.


By the time you read this I may be in jail and Greg in the hospital. I am full of anger at all three of you but will not be made a cuckold by asshole Greg.

I thought you understood me when I talked about open marriages and infidelity. While it may be okay for some people, and I defend the right of those people to make that personal choice in their own lives, I have never been okay with it for our marriage. I don't know how you misunderstood me to this point. Maybe you never understood my point of view at all. It doesn't really matter now because of what happened this weekend.

I cannot accept what you have done. Our marriage is over.

I've contacted an attorney (listed below), I would suggest you contact one for yourself. I have moved half our bank account into a separate account under my name, canceled our shared credit cards, and put a freeze on all our other assets until we can work out a settlement agreement.

I need some time to process this so I would ask that you not try to contact me until I contact you. I still love you which makes this hurt all the more.



I drive over to Samantha and Greg's house, park around the corner out of sight, and wait.


At 5:56pm a car pulls up and parks in their driveway, out come the three of them laughing and looking cheary. I slip on my thin gloves and take the roll of nickels with me as I make my way along the street out of sight. They all go in the house.

As I approach Greg comes back out but doesn't see me behind a large bush, he goes to the trunk and opens it to get their bags. I come up behind.

"Greg" I say in a flat voice.

Greg turns and sees me, suddenly he smiles and then starts to chuckle.

"Brett you should see the look on your face."

He keeps laughing, I guess he must think it's hilarious making fun of the guy whose wife you just fucked the shit out off last night.

Greg is a tall guy, about 6'5" and I'm only about 5'9". I feel the rage engulf me as I bend my knees and deliver a hard uppercut to his balls with my fist clutching the roll of coins. The smile leaves his face as he leans forward. He doesn't even scream, just gasps and tries to cover his crotch. I deliver a second punch to his jaw and the roll of coins explodes all over the ground. Greg falls into the trunk of the car unconscious. My hand feels like it might be broken.

"Brett!" I hear Samantha shout from the open doorway. I turn and see Amelia come up behind her, "No!"

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