tagLoving WivesYou Should Be Naked More Often Ch. 03

You Should Be Naked More Often Ch. 03


If you'd like please feel free to go back and read part 1 and 2 to help fill in some background information, however you don't need to read them to enjoy this part of the story.


After Karen had been caught by the neighbor doing some naked weeding in the garden we spent several evenings discussing what had happened and why was it that when she finally figured out that she was being watched she still stayed out in the yard naked.

She admitted that the thought of someone seeing her nude was a turn on for her, but that there was no way that she could actually take off her clothes knowing that someone was watching her. She even resisted the idea of purposely getting naked and then taking a chance that some one might see her.

After many nights of discussion Karen finally said that what bothered her most wasn't that she would be seen naked, in fact that part actually excited her, but the fact that she would be purposely exposing herself to someone and that they would know she was doing it was the real concern.

This started several more nights of discussion about how to "accidentally on purpose" let someone see her naked. All of these discussions were ultimately great foreplay for hot sex later in the night but we still couldn't come up with any possibility that would work for her.

We discussed the "pizza delivery guy" or "trying on shoes and boots" type of flashing which seems way to contrived to be accidental. We did talk about several of types of scenarios that could work but when it came right down to it the quick flash of nudity wasn't what worked the best.

Karen finally admitted that she didn't really want to meet someone face to face while she was naked, but that she also was more than willing to be exposed for more than just a quick flash. She had realized that when the neighbor was watching her the longer someone was looking at her with each minute that passed the more turned on she got.

Still nothing seemed to be an agreeable compromise since she didn't yet want to expose herself to our friends or relatives or anyone else especially if it was too close up. At the same time it just isn't that easy to find someone you don't know that could accidentally see your wife naked.

I finally came up with a solution and although she would be deliberately exposing herself Karen agreed that it could work and she would be willing to give it a try as it would still look like her exposure would be accidental and not on purpose.

I had acquired several classic car parts over the years and although I had planned to sell them it was one of those things that I had never gotten around to doing. I figured that if I placed an ad on Craigslist for some of the parts it would get someone we didn't know to come over to our house. Since the garage is not attached to the house anyone that would be coming over to look at car parts would have a clear view of the back yard where Karen could be sunning herself in her micro-mini string bikini, or topless, or nude depending on how brave she was at the time.

I placed the ads and within hours I had several calls and set up appointments for people to come over and look at the parts. I was careful to not set up times where it was too early or too late in the day so it wouldn't be warm enough for her to really be out in the sun.

The first buyer came over and as we went into the garage to look at some of the parts Karen went out and relaxed in her lounge chair in the sun. She had been waiting inside the house and was just wearing her little string bikini. I wasn't sure if she would be brave enough to take off part of it or not, but I would find out when we came out of the garage.

The guy decided that he didn't want any of the parts but like so many people he really enjoyed talking. I finally managed to get him out of the garage and stood in the driveway so my back was to Karen. He just kept talking and I was about to tell him goodbye when he finally looked past me and saw her laying in the sun. He actually stopped talking for a few seconds so I figured that he was getting at least some kind of show.

When he started to tell me another story I just let him ramble on as he wasn't looking at me any longer but eagerly staring past me into the yard. I finally told him that I needed to get going and started to walk away so he said he had changed his mind and wanted to buy some of my parts. Although it was just a way for him to stay around a bit longer it sure looks like it helps to have a nearly nude wife on display to help move the car parts.

We walked back into the garage to get the parts and I could finally see that although Karen was still wearing her bikini she had allowed one breast to slide out so that it was completely exposed to his, and my, view. At that point I just told him to stay where he was and I'd get the parts for him. This gave him an extra few minutes to look at Karen's bared breast as I took as long as possible to collect the parts he wanted.

After I handed him the parts it was evident that he was reluctant to leave but eventually made his way down the driveway to his truck. I quickly went to see how Karen was doing but she'd already gotten off the lounge chair and met me halfway. She was giggling and laughing as she had been watching the whole exchange through her sunglasses and he didn't know that as he was trying to keep staring at her exposed breast she was also watching him at the same time.

I asked her if she was up for some more as there were a couple more people coming by in the next hour or so. She eagerly said yes and when I asked her if she was ready to show a bit more she once again said yes. This time she said she'd already be out sunning laying on her front and then roll over when we went into the garage.

It wasn't long before the next guy came to the driveway and as we walked up to look at the parts he paused and looked into the backyard. I couldn't help but follow his look as we both saw Karen laying in the sunshine. Although she still had on her swimsuit it was only a string on the backside so she was exposing all her bare ass to this guy and it really looked like she was completely nude.

He said something along the lines of "nice" and I once again steered him into the garage to look at the parts. As he was sorting through the parts I was wondering how Karen would be positioned and what she would be wearing when we came back out. I figured that it would be a surprise for both of us, but mostly for him!

He decided on buying a bumper and some other parts and said he had to get his money from the truck. This gave him an opportunity to walk back down the drive way and as he walked he paused for a moment and then kept walking. However, as he went to his truck and all the way back his eyes never left the back yard.

As he came back with the cash I met him just outside the garage and could see that Karen had rolled over onto her back. Although she was still wearing her tiny string bikini bottoms she has taken off the top and was exposing both of her naked breasts to a complete stranger. I stood with my back to Karen and as he paid me the money his gaze was fixed on her tits.

Once again my buyer was reluctant to leave and it seemed that this guy was hoping that he might be invited to stick around but I gave him no indication that there was anything unusual happening, or that I even suspected that behind me Karen was exposing her tits to him.

I finally managed to get him to leave and quickly ran over to the backyard to see how Karen was doing. The sun was hot, and she was glistening from suntan oil and sweat but it was clear that she was even hotter than the sunshine could have made her. She asked if we were done and could we go hop into the shower and then into bed? But I told her that one more guy was coming and that he should be here any minute.

I also asked if she was ready to show off one more time and her response was "I'm not going anywhere until you're done". With that I tugged on the strings that were holding her bottoms together and as I untied them she lifted her hips and let me pull them off of her. I tossed both the bottom and top of her swimsuit into the grass next to her and asked her if she was willing to show off everything this time? Once again she said "I'm not going anywhere" and soon after I heard another truck pull into the driveway.

This was the last appointment that I had set up for the day and he was looking for just one specific part that I had available. I knew when I had talked with him that English wasn't his first language but he was easily understandable when I gave him directions. What I didn't expect was that as he got out of his truck he also had 3 friends with him.

As we walked into the garage I could see that Karen had once again rolled over on her stomach and just like the last time it she looked like she was completely naked, only this time she really was! It seemed to take several minutes before all 4 of them followed me into the garage and there was quite a bit of talk between them that I didn't understand. We finally looked at and discussed the price for the part and he wanted it so he quickly pulled out the cash and paid me and told his friends to carry it to the truck.

They seemed reluctant to pick it up and get moving along as there was some more side talk between them as we moved out of the garage into the driveway. As soon as we exited the garage everyone stopped and looked into the back yard. It seemed that the helpers had lost track of what there were doing as they put down the part and stopped to stare at Karen.

Since everyone stopped I also had to stop and looked over at Karen. She was totally nude and had rolled over on her back so she was completely exposing her naked body to these strangers. She has also managed to drop one foot on the ground so she her legs were slightly spread open and her shaved pussy was openly on display.

This created a flurry of discussion in their own language and although I didn't understand what they were saying their meaning was clear. The really liked what they were seeing and thought that her body was great! After what seemed like a couple of minutes I looked over at them and said "she looks good doesn't she?"

This caused another flurry of comments but all of them were able to at least say yes and a couple of them were able to express more in English. Such as "very hot mama," "she's very pretty," and "I like her." I asked the English speaker what one of the other guys had said and although he didn't want to tell me he finally blurted out "he would like to fuck her". I laughed and said that wasn't going to happen but that they could enjoy looking.

He asked if they could look for "some time more" and I told them to go ahead. I wasn't worried since there was a fence between them and Karen so I went back and closed the garage as I kept watching Karen's 4 voyeurs. I wasn't sure how long to keep this going but I went back and leaned on the fence as they looked at her and kept talking to each other. It was very obvious that they were enjoying the view and all of them had to adjust their pants more than once.

I was hoping that Karen would pick up some tanning oil and rub it on her body and perhaps even masturbate but it wasn't going to happen. I gave them a full 5 minutes to look at Karen laying there nude as I joined in with them enjoying her naked body shining in the sun.

I finally said that's enough and they moved on down the driveway with the part they had bought. As soon as they left I went over to Karen and she still hadn't moved from the position she had been in while exposing herself to them. I thanked her and her response was "don't thank me, just fuck me." So for the first time we had sex in the sunshine in view of anyone that would have been going past our driveway.

Later in the day I told her that I was hoping she was going to rub some oil on her body while we were watching and perhaps even masturbate for us. She told me that she hadn't thought about it, but if she had she would have done it. She also told me that it was a good thing she hadn't thought about it because if she had she might have also asked me, or even all 4 of them, to join her, and enjoy her.

She admitted that knowing that they were watching her, and that she was doing it intentionally, much like she had after she realized the neighbor was looking at her, was extremely exciting for her. She also said that she was so turned on that she would have gladly masturbated to orgasm while they watched, but she just didn't think of it at the time. So, I asked how about another time?

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